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My Style My Home
My Style My Home 2 months ago

Turned out beautifully nice job. The styling of your racks very nice and all decor is so pretty. Tfs

Kris Curtin
Kris Curtin 2 months ago

Beautiful Cass! I hope you get your B-day wish of 10,000! You have great style, so I think you'll get your wish!

Mary Pedersen
Mary Pedersen 2 months ago

Love the hanging rods and the way you decorated them! Also the top of the fridge. You do such a great job decorating. Love your style!

Cherie Chapman
Cherie Chapman 2 months ago

Love your decor. Where did you get the small wood tray with legs you used in your kitchen for dish soap?

Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson 2 months ago

Can you tell me what the galvanized round bucket is actually called that you have on your coffee table decor ? I know it’s from Magnolia! I’ve seen it on the website before, I think!

Serendipity Design
Serendipity Design 2 months ago

I just love love the way you decorate !! I enjoy your channel .. Keep up the great work !!

Hey It's Mandy
Hey It's Mandy 2 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Everything about this video is precious, you continue to inspire me Cass πŸ’—

Consider it all joy
Consider it all joy 2 months ago

Everything is beautiful😍 My favorite area is the rod and hooks decor !😍😍😍love it soooo much! I have a tiny kitchen (no wall space πŸ˜ͺ) so I wouldn't be able to do somthing like thisπŸ˜” you make it look amazing! love all your summer decor inspo videos!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€

TiaLalis 2 months ago

Just subscribed. I love your channel

Valente1954 2 months ago

Hi Cass! Glad to see others on YouTube decorating the tops of their refrigerators. I’ve done it forever but I also decorate above my cabinets so maybe it just came natural to me!πŸ˜‚ Loved all the pieces you used. Beautiful!

Maria carvalho
Maria carvalho 2 months ago

OKEY ,MARIA ALICE DE CARVALHO, DE PORTUGAL, πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜,02/05/2021/.

Beth Darnell
Beth Darnell 2 months ago

I love all the items on the rods. ❀️

joann jenkins
joann jenkins 2 months ago

I love your show you do the things I love Rodriguez

Love it all ❀ may I ask where did you get the rods and hooks?

Diane Johnson
Diane Johnson 2 months ago

Your summer decorating of your home is so professional!!!! I just love your color scheme!!! I love your videos. It gives me so much inspiration!!!

Rochelle Hoke
Rochelle Hoke 2 months ago

Hi Cass. Your home has come together so nicely. It just flows and all works so well together. Just beautiful.

Anely Guerrero
Anely Guerrero 2 months ago

Where is your wax melt warmer that you have in entry way from ??

Mary Ann Sosa
Mary Ann Sosa 2 months ago

Everything looks great...

Carleen Kribbet
Carleen Kribbet 2 months ago

I love how to decorated the top of the fridge.

Deb Neils
Deb Neils 2 months ago

It looks great and refreshing!!! I love the little stand that you put the RD on at your sink. I love RD still and a touch of it is perfect but having lots of other wooden , steel etc pieces mixed in is a beautiful look. πŸ’— Thank you for sharing . ... l forgot that your glass and wood canister set is my favorite thing . πŸ₯°

Lauren Sawyer
Lauren Sawyer 2 months ago

Cass, your home looks gorgeous! Your kitchen is so warm & inviting and I'm loving your collection of vintage gadgets!

Penny Santana
Penny Santana 2 months ago

What a comfortable feeling that carries over into your kitchen with the beautiful warm tones. I really love the amount of warmth your kitchen wall has turned out.
Very beautiful Cass, very homey and cozy warmth in your home is perfect.
Stay safe and God bless πŸ™πŸ’ž

omar belkacemi
omar belkacemi 2 months ago


Ellen Castilow
Ellen Castilow 2 months ago

Had to watch this several times your decor was beautiful.

carmen lohr
carmen lohr 2 months ago

Everything looks great good job πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Leticia Meza
Leticia Meza 2 months ago

Beautiful home! Nice to see your kitchen colors different from all the white kitchens I see all the time.

Yolanda Marshall
Yolanda Marshall 2 months ago

Love those canisters and decor on the rods! Tfs

Ivette Valentin
Ivette Valentin 2 months ago

Great job!!! I love how everything ties in together, you have an awesome flow to your decor πŸͺ΄πŸ’•

Mehri T
Mehri T 2 months ago

Everything looks so beautiful I ilovet thanks for sharing.

Ivelisse Taveras
Ivelisse Taveras 2 months ago

Muchas gracias por compartir, me encantó las barras con las tablas y los utensilios 😊

Diana Hannagan
Diana Hannagan 2 months ago

love how your kitchen came our loved your series. Happy birthday Cass watching this on your birthday.

Jewlie Beans
Jewlie Beans 2 months ago

Love your channel I have been watching your videos back to back since I've found you! Love your style!

Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller 2 months ago

Great job, Cass! As usual everything looks amazing! So inspiring!

Cecilia Carrillo
Cecilia Carrillo 2 months ago

Once again great job with your decorating! I love all the wood elements you use. My favorite are your kitchen rods.

Elvia Lucero
Elvia Lucero 2 months ago

Love the way you decorate your kitchen looks perfect 😍

Donna R
Donna R 2 months ago

Love! 😍

Angie Harris
Angie Harris 2 months ago

You are quite the decorator!

Kimberly Coleman
Kimberly Coleman 2 months ago

Hey Cass! Another awesome decorate with me video, Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Faye Gibson
Faye Gibson 2 months ago

Love it all! ❀️❀️❀️

Avelina Sanchezby the

Love the accessories in your kitchen they came out very nice

Michelle Salazar
Michelle Salazar 2 months ago

I have not even gotten to the decorating portion Cass and I LOVE LOVE YOUR makeup! Beautiful πŸ₯°πŸ€—

Emma Poe
Emma Poe 2 months ago

You are so sweet cass, I truly appreciate and wish you blessings so that you can have all the subscribers that you want, Those glass containers are so sweet!Everything look beautiful thank you

Karyann Dearing
Karyann Dearing 2 months ago

Beautiful Cass I love the wooden cutting board wall. Luv karyann

Stacey Wright
Stacey Wright 2 months ago

My son will be 26 on may 30!

Jennie Arana
Jennie Arana 2 months ago

Love your kitchen redo 😍 Thanks for some ideas for my kitchen

Patricia Caughey
Patricia Caughey 2 months ago

Enjoyed this video and looks fab.

jamie griffith
jamie griffith 2 months ago

Those ruffled dish towels are adorable πŸ₯°

RoxysVida 2 months ago

Hi CassπŸ™‚.. Everything turned out Beautiful as alwaysπŸ€—πŸͺ΄..Have a great weekendπŸ™‚

Kim Ruiz
Kim Ruiz 2 months ago

Just love the way all 3 videos came out the decor is amazing, wish I was your neighbor.

M S 2 months ago

Your home looks sooo cozy and straight out of a magazine!!!❀❀❀

Alexis Verrett
Alexis Verrett 2 months ago


Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera 2 months ago

Great job , love your decor 😍

lorraine gavagan
lorraine gavagan 2 months ago

I love your home 🏑 and how you decorated it for Spring & Summer πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒΊ Thanks

Holly Ashton
Holly Ashton 2 months ago

Great decorating, love everything

Kathy Cunningham
Kathy Cunningham 2 months ago

Hi Cass
You decorate so so pretty. It’s every piece has a certain spot and place for it to be. Love the way it all comes together. Awesome job!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a fantastic and blessed day.

Jennifer Estep
Jennifer Estep 2 months ago

Everything looks Beautiful πŸ’—πŸ’—

Kim Hamburger
Kim Hamburger 2 months ago

Looks great.

Chris Gogreve
Chris Gogreve 2 months ago

Love your house!!! It came out beautiful!

Irma Guzman
Irma Guzman 2 months ago

Where are your rods from? I'm looking in to doing this too, I see you decorate them every season and I love how they always look

Linda Baca
Linda Baca 2 months ago

everything looks super cute and I am the same way about everything has to be upright! Great tip! Be blessed.

Hannah Nicolle Vlogs
Hannah Nicolle Vlogs 2 months ago

Love your home decor 😍 really enjoyed this Vlog

Tami Bullock
Tami Bullock 2 months ago

Really enjoyed your video Cass. Everything in your home looks beautiful.

Kathy R
Kathy R 2 months ago

Always Love watching you redo your kitchen wall.. Great series for summer.

Connie Kellenberger
Connie Kellenberger 2 months ago

Girl keep up good work ! You home is so cozy .

Irma Guzman
Irma Guzman 2 months ago

Hey Cass here watching, very excited for this video

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