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yulianus yaps
yulianus yaps 2 months ago

Great China

Oshawott Joe
Oshawott Joe 2 months ago

Investigate the origin of coronavirus in the USA please WHO

Vit Lee
Vit Lee 2 months ago

The USA: he was definitely bought

Hell Boy
Hell Boy 2 months ago

Now that is transparency!😌

james 74
james 74 2 months ago

Next investigate those 5 US ARMY that got sick when Wuhan ARMY GAME and investigate FORT DETRICK bioweapon lab in US.

Bobby Chang
Bobby Chang 2 months ago

Get to the root of it factually and scientifically. Keep the noise of media outlets and politicians out.

Break 333
Break 333 2 months ago

WHO USA first stop betray Africa
WHO USA first stop betray Asia and Europe
WHO USA first stop betray the world
WHO USA first stop the war in world . *

paddy kelly
paddy kelly 2 months ago

Horse stable door gone,, come to mind

theodore lambert
theodore lambert 2 months ago

Finally, after more than one year, the CCP cult had granted their request to investigate this China Wuhan Coronavirus. Maybe a lot of you wondering why it took them more than a year. That is what we call red tape from the CCP cult. Pretty sure they are hiding something

Ask Kathim
Ask Kathim 2 months ago

The WHO is a joke .

DeathBySnuuuSnuuu 2 months ago

WHO thank their bosses in Beijing

Bong M
Bong M 2 months ago


David Winehouse
David Winehouse 2 months ago

Corona came from china

David Winehouse
David Winehouse 2 months ago

Who is just chinese mouthpiece

Randy Bracken
Randy Bracken 2 months ago

Subordinate rats congratulating their rat-boss on "guarding the cheese".

Adaman 2 months ago

Yes! The WHO officials thank China for allowing source research after more than 1 year! LOL. I love you CGTN. Your propaganda is beautiful.

Nobody Anon
Nobody Anon 2 months ago


Alan Tse
Alan Tse 2 months ago

Honestly if you want to find the covid source, just go to the US and investigate the "mysterious vaping illness"

Koxinga 2 months ago

The Times of UK is reporting this Irish guy is being paid by the CCP.

Jon Kino
Jon Kino 2 months ago

i fathom to understand why WHO is going to China.
The answer to the virus lies in USA, in Fort Detrick and in the White House.
WHO, stop wasting everyone's time and go directly to the source.

f7902 dh
f7902 dh 2 months ago

Investigate US and UK!

Chong Chóng Tre
Chong Chóng Tre 2 months ago

We have nothing to blame WHO, they are doing it great.
People should blame themselves for making Covid-19 worse.
Remember last year after the Lunar New Year? Idiots were laughing at China and it's neighbors for having the first Covid-19 records and making memes out of it. Now, they're doomed.
And a load of conspiracies such as "blah blah communist hides the covid cases, blah blah communist kills covid patients"

Desmond Pun
Desmond Pun 2 months ago

Some people speculate that the Covid-19 epidemic in China might be attributable to the 2019 Military World Games.

Røv da
Røv da 2 months ago


TN T 2 months ago


Q Anon
Q Anon 2 months ago

The same organization who lied about the pandemic is now pleasing his boss (CCP)

David Chin
David Chin 2 months ago

America evacuated 5 American soldiers with febrile illness from Wuhan in October 2019
Their government must have known something, why so urgent ?
Why don’t they they allow WHO investigate those vaping illnesses around Fort Detrick?

True North Strong and Free

They allowed you in after they made sure everything has been cleaned up! Good luck working with no evidence!

Minn 2 months ago

WHO is welcome to China and we from Hong Kong are so blessed to be supported by our motherland. 👍👍👍

Man Bis
Man Bis 2 months ago

China is the best country

Sim Shawn
Sim Shawn 2 months ago

A year ago, the Chinese government did not allow who to enter China for inquiries, but only after a year? I think all the evidence is destroyed!

Sim Shawn
Sim Shawn 2 months ago

A year ago, the Chinese government did not allow who to enter China for inquiries, but only after a year? I think all the evidence is destroyed!

Sim Shawn
Sim Shawn 2 months ago


Sim Shawn
Sim Shawn 2 months ago


Sim Shawn
Sim Shawn 2 months ago


Bo Hansen
Bo Hansen 2 months ago

Smoke and mirror. This was just a symbolic act. WHO has only seen what they are allowed to see

Chua SC
Chua SC 2 months ago

Investigate USA to be fair especially whether the virus was brought to China in October 2019 during the Wuhan Military Game

Jag Singh
Jag Singh 2 months ago

For the pandemic, suspicious cases happened much earlier in countries other than China. For example, there is a report saying that it was found with all symptoms of the virus in Jul of 2019 in US but was treated as flu. Here are links and The difference is: China acted and verified the virus but other countries did not act but treated it as a normal flu. At this point, we should thank China for their initiative. Just like Aids, US firstly reported it, but we can not say it originated from US.

RL 2 months ago

WHO especially thanked China for the bribes. Meanwhile China also thanked WHO, for rejecting travel bans on Chinese in 2020, causing the global pandemic.

Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts 2 months ago

Don’t trust the CCP or WHO

JS Tan
JS Tan 2 months ago

Why didn't Italy ,France, US and few other western countries tell WHO and the World that they had unplannable illness of people suffering severe illness stronger than winter Flu. Those "New Flu " happen before winter time. surely they should have taken action rather then sweeping it under the carpet simply because they could not don't know why and don't persist to investigating like Chinese scientists and Doctors did. WHO Must insist to demand US to allow them to investigate based on strong evidence from people suffering severe illness similar to Covid 19 before Winter. CDC cover it and do not take question citing it " threat to national securities" to answer it !. Even Trump knew it and said they started development of vaccine in 13-January-2020.

Hüseme Erbolat
Hüseme Erbolat 2 months ago

YERLERİN VE GÖKLERİN VE HERŞEYİN SAHİBİ YÜCE ALLAH çin doğu Türkistan kardeş lerimizi zülmeden zalim bir terör ve işgalci devleti çin yok olmaya mahkumdur ALLAHIN İZNİYLE zalimler için yaşasın cehennem

Mister Big
Mister Big 2 months ago

Can I find this news on FoxNews or BBC?

Glorious Running Potato

the who is garage and has the CCP up there asses

Loksheng Da
Loksheng Da 2 months ago

Who will not succeed in finding the origin of corona if it's too timid to demand America to allow it to conduct investigation on American soil

Pla Yer
Pla Yer 2 months ago


Sam Tat
Sam Tat 2 months ago

This is the way all countries should respect and share to every countries. Not like some of those countries that believe, listen their one big boss country said and blame China. All entire the worlds citizens just want peaceful that all need.

Oliver Sparks
Oliver Sparks 2 months ago

Love suck it up

SilverPlaqueVII [Jelo G. Cantos]


Zhang Yang
Zhang Yang 2 months ago

Why not investigate the USA?The virus may have originated in the USA!! #END USA PROPANGAND🔥🇺🇲🔥🤫

alfred chan
alfred chan 2 months ago

In the name of science, WHO must investigate all possible leads in it's effort to elucidate the origin of Covid 19! This should include cases in Germany, Italy, Spain (sewage samples) reported in western media that occurred prior to the first reported Covid infection in China. In addition and most importantly, to investigate all issues surrounding the closure of the bio lab at Fort Detrick in the spring or summer of 2019 due to serious deficiencies/breach in bio containment measures as well as the many reported cases of severe respiratory cases around that time that were attributed to vaping. Those deaths were also stated by the Head of CDC as being misdiagnosed as flu. WHO should be transparent to the world wrt it's thoughts and direction on these issues. The world should not be convinced of any conclusion from the WHO investigation team if the above are not addressed.

Shaving Pvt. Ryan
Shaving Pvt. Ryan 2 months ago

After 10 years of researching this virus in a secret-lab in Wuhan, it's quite respectable that China shared the research with the WHO.

Nilesh Bhattacharya
Nilesh Bhattacharya 2 months ago

We'll done China for welcoming who for coronavirus investigate. What about USA?
Coronavirus birthplace 🙄.

CAliforniALA 2 months ago

Sinovac: Brazil results show Chinese vaccine 50.4% effective

Cat Patch- 17 years old.

Don't forget to investigate US, too.

SENATOR AGRAPA 2 months ago

Stop your baloney
I am your next fake president..china my footstool

Cute and Funny Earthlings

for the anti china, and china haters out there, there are nothing to see here so move along or you will have a mental meldown, crying out of your mind and have seizures


When will the U.S. allow WHO to go and investigate?

Krunoslav Stifter
Krunoslav Stifter 2 months ago

Does anyone not already initiated buys into this malarkey?

Dwoopie 2 months ago

great work giving china a year to coverup there shit... i don`t even know why these idiots are going there what are they hoping to find other then what china wants them to find...

CAliforniALA 2 months ago

Wuhan virus came from Wuhan china Phoo XI killed 2 million people

Suicide Booth
Suicide Booth 2 months ago

Socialists just can't help trying to control the truth with propaganda. Stick to the panda videos and let the world make up its own mind about your abhorrent ideology.

Ashwanie Singh
Ashwanie Singh 2 months ago

China was telling the truth,is won't be surprised if this Virus started in US,EU,UK or India.The malicious gossip spread about China by these Countries is insecurity.China handled everything with Decorum,finesse and dignity.It's something most Countries don't have.

duong dara
duong dara 2 months ago

Great job

Dips 2 months ago

If WHO says China purposely behind Covid spread
Trump: see I told u

If WHO says China not guilty
Trump: See I told u WHO is sold to China


Timothy Pharmd
Timothy Pharmd 2 months ago

Thank you 🙏 China & WHO.

Jef Chen
Jef Chen 2 months ago

FREE 🕊️ YOUR HEART 💔 from the grips of your anger 😤 bitterness. The ANSWER to anyone & everyone is ALWAYS LOVE 💗
Don't fall victim to conspiracies 🐍 that stirs up division. Hate & violence & war is never the answer. Because the #TRUTH 💡 is that we are all brothers & sisters 🤗Amen ✝️

BRUCE LEE 🐉 was asked if he considered himself Chinese or American. Do you know what his wise answer was?? (1971 interview)

The world is ONLY trying to keep China ACCOUNTABLE. So am I 🙏
China broke 🙅‍♀️ their promise 🤝 of two systems in Hong Kong (1997-2047). Everyone knows it 🌍 The whole world sees it.
Please China, don't lose face! 😔 TRUST is easy to lose, hard to build...

If China was HONORING two systems in the first place, there WOULDN'T be any protests. There would be PEACE☮️! The Hong Kong people have 🗣 cried out. Now the world 😭 cries with HK. Please China, don't lose face. I love China 🙏 I want China to be a good character in the world community and show that they can keep their word [integrity]. I am Chinese ✞

Hong Kong was supposed to be a symbol of China's☀️bright future. Not a reflection of its past🔫(1989). Oppression 🤐 is never 🙊 stability...
No country is perfect! It's OK to criticize China where they are wrong. Please do... That is why we have 🗣 freedom of speech 🗣. Chinese citizens are forced CCP propoganda 🐍. They have no other alternative than the CCP's narrative. They have no election or voice 😔 #FREECHINA 🙏 and be GENUINE instead of fragile.

Darkness is scared of the light. (John 3:20)✝️
Those who do 👿EVIL likes to hide 🤫🙊🤐 [censorship]
Those who do 😇GOOD is not afraid for the world 🌍 to see 👁️👁️ [transparency]
💡 Show us inside the camps??
💡 Hear from the students??

*95% of the responses I get, resort to insults 🤷
But insults only describes the person 👈 spewing it (Ecclesiastes 10:12)✝️
I would love to talk to anyone, but let's be REAL please 🙇jjtd

ptremulis 2 months ago

Revisionist narrative.

xsoireg 2 months ago


Indian 2 months ago

Devil China🇨🇳 last warning stop ur unusual activities on 🇮🇳 Indian L.A.C boundaries & also on 🇹🇼 Taiwan & 🇧🇹 Bhutan boundaries & free 🇭🇰Hong Kong ,Tibet soon or get ready to face world real Tigers i.e Indian Armed Forces 🇮🇳💂‍. Jai hind🇮🇳🙏.

Forget-me-Not 2 months ago

America will be next stop.

hari jha
hari jha 2 months ago

WHO - Wuhan Health Organization
Tedros hands were always in xinpigs pants 🩲🩲🩲
China lied people died 😢😥😭🦇😷


We in China would like to thank WHO for covering up for Beijing, and spreading COVID from Wuhan last year.

tony allen
tony allen 2 months ago

Dr Ryan looks as bent as Tedros thanking the CCP after them killing millions of innocent people worldwide WTF.

Nobel Man
Nobel Man 2 months ago

China has taken the rightful position in the world. Capitol hill is in frame!!

Cloudy Beijing
Cloudy Beijing 2 months ago

Good joke

kawaii t
kawaii t 2 months ago

China is a great country and nation👍

I Can't Breathe
I Can't Breathe 2 months ago

Covid19 technology was from USA

Yaur Yaur
Yaur Yaur 2 months ago

The whole world is appreciative of China for helping every single country in the world, the US and UK in particular, with donations of PPEs and sharing of medical expertise.

Patricia Witt
Patricia Witt 2 months ago

🤦‍♀️ good grief

billy nguyen
billy nguyen 2 months ago

WHO is embarasing


China and Chinese people welcomed WHO scientists and experts to investigate into the origin
While USA has left the WHO since they know the leakage of the virus in Maryland's Fort Detrick Lab has close relationships with the coronavirus pandemic