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Denise Fields
Denise Fields 2 months ago

Aaron Neville very nice Christmas song

Denise Fields
Denise Fields 2 months ago

Aaron Neville's don't think anything will break even though it's been said many times many ways Merry Christmas to you I really enjoyed listening to this Christmas song I'm not the biggest fan. Mystery novels that this particular song Touch My Heart

Tom KI6ASP 2 months ago

Thank you, Mr Neville

The Grove I will Live

Still got it. Auto-tune eat your heart out

Rosa Herrera
Rosa Herrera 2 months ago

I love Christmas music sounds so beautiful 🌲❀

MOvalle 2 months ago

Each year, Iook forward to the day after Thanksgiving so I can start playing my Christmas music. Aaron's Christmas CD is at the top of my favorites. His song 'Tell it like it is' is my favorite song of all time. Just love his music!

κΆŒν”„λ‘œ 2 months ago

λͺ©μ†Œλ¦¬ 죽인닀 크~~

Isaac Candelaria
Isaac Candelaria 2 months ago

Aaron Neville is doing a wonderful job.
But the piano player is just all over the place and is not complimenting Aaron Neville at all.
So sad

shirley reid
shirley reid 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Aaron to u & your family and friends. You have beautiful touching voice, love it

Jim Spicer
Jim Spicer 2 months ago

The man has an awesome voice...too much vibrato going on though...His natural sound would be so smooth without it......

AM Lilik Agung
AM Lilik Agung 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Aaron.... thanks for your amazing voice

grace peynado
grace peynado 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Aaron. Be happy, be safe.

Jackie Thompkins
Jackie Thompkins 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Aaron thanks for this beautifully done Xmas song,

Senique Pearl
Senique Pearl 2 months ago

Best singer EVER!! Love this man FOREVER!!

Andrea Marchese
Andrea Marchese 2 months ago

Iconic voice and very unique. Truely amazing

terry moorman
terry moorman 2 months ago

one of a kind voice.........................

Shun Sato
Shun Sato 2 months ago


J'mar DDM
J'mar DDM 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Aaron! My grandma sent me here to listen to a song with her. I'm definitely a new fan. LOVE your studio set up too!

Petra Meier
Petra Meier 2 months ago

wonderful 😍😍✌🀘

Rush DigitaL
Rush DigitaL 2 months ago

Christmas Swag

Carol Bourgoin
Carol Bourgoin 2 months ago

Such a soulful voice.Β  Glad to hear this voice again.

lito gronado
lito gronado 2 months ago

Mimisan 2 months ago

Hey, Mr. Aaron. Just wanted to say, I'm so glad I grew up and found out who you really were. I love your voice! I just knew you as J's dad who I used to see washing that Bronco outside on V. St all the time while I walked my crazy little beagle puppy up and down Camp St. back in the mid 80s. Take care.

Jo-Jo Moceri drums
Jo-Jo Moceri drums 2 months ago

Amazing is all you can say, what a voice!

Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis 2 months ago

Wow-awesome. Please post some more of his music. Yes.

Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell 2 months ago

Is that Cyrus Chestnut on piano?

L F 2 months ago

Who's that Piano player tho!?

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee 2 months ago

I love his voice

Jay Corona
Jay Corona 2 months ago


pernfilman 2 months ago

Nothing beats Neville.

Angelina Gies
Angelina Gies 2 months ago

Ohhh! I love his singing voice, very smooth and soothing to listen to. Especially to this song!

ar57smith 2 months ago

thanks for the joy u have given us in songs, I love u, thank God for u . may God forever shower u with his blessing an grace your biggest fan

Cynthia's Channel
Cynthia's Channel 2 months ago

Beautiful as always

Philo Hooke
Philo Hooke 2 months ago

Absolutely love it!

Kathryn America
Kathryn America 2 months ago

Love you Aaron.

Margaret Prince
Margaret Prince 2 months ago

Beautiful as always.

creativechrissy01 2 months ago

Great sound ! Thanks for sharing this ! Exquisite.

TORA ZZ 2 months ago

Mary ChristmasIII

Satchmo McStuffins
Satchmo McStuffins 2 months ago

Would have been better acapella...he's still got those pipes!

lilkayla561 2 months ago

Man he is still the best

Christos .Katsikadakos

The Voice. Forever. XOXO. Stormy. Veny

Christos .Katsikadakos

Awesome. Thank God for your. Parents

sweetpeanc31 2 months ago

It was very beautiful. But Aaron's singing is always beautiful. I love his voice. It is the type of voice that just makes you melt. Love ya Aaron!

Susan Ridley
Susan Ridley 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song by one of my favorite performers... What could be better? In one take?! Shouldn't you be wonderful you are!!!

Betty Davis
Betty Davis 2 months ago

anytime I can hear your beautiful and smooth voice is great!

Hopenjoy1963 2 months ago

Love, love, love this! Geez, they just dont get no bettr than this! love ya, Aaron!

RegSoFresh 2 months ago

my idol

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