Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD



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Information Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

Title : Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

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Frames Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

Description Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

Scrooged (5/10) Movie CLIP - Taxi Ride From Hell (1988) HD

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Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur

David Johanson was in Car 54, Where are you?, playing Gunther Toody with Joihn McGinley. When he sing, him nickname is Buster Poindexter

russell davis
russell davis 2 months ago

Interesting he goes back to 1955 in a van Marty mc fly goes back to 1955 in the dorelyn back to the future

TheJeenbeen 2 months ago

IDk... Why but this ghost scared me.. As a child

Mr Wilfred Myers
Mr Wilfred Myers 2 months ago

Or that is where you Threw up.

King Infinite
King Infinite 2 months ago

I like how Frank’s shown on every North American poster holding a cigar and the cab driver smokes more than he does. I’ve seen this movie 3x and I can’t think of one scene where Bill Murray even holds a cigar let alone is seen smoking one. Which is ironic considering how much of a big shot the character is and the fact that it was the 1980s

Dylan Thrillmour
Dylan Thrillmour 2 months ago

When I first watched this my mum told me that this was Benicia Del Toro’s first film, and for years I maintained it was him driving the taxi 🚕.

romulusnr 2 months ago

1:35 "The question is not WHERE, executive, but WHEN."

romulusnr 2 months ago

Buster Poindexter of "Hot Hot Hot" and "Zat You Santy Claus?" fame

Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor 2 months ago

At 0:52 😂😂😂 I like how he looked at us with the cigar smoke coming outta his ears!!!

HanSolo4216 2 months ago

I don't know but he's really funny

Nathanil Saenz
Nathanil Saenz 2 months ago

Is that Benicio Del Toro?

Nargosa 2 months ago

I remember watching this scene. It terrified me as a child.

Thelawduck 2 months ago

he looks like rusty cage bruh

naughtz85 2 months ago

Missed out the best part when he tries to walk through the door!

Devin Mcclure
Devin Mcclure 2 months ago

Watching this movie on acid is crazy lol

Andrew Crockett
Andrew Crockett 2 months ago

Buster Poindexter

Dubbzvs Paul
Dubbzvs Paul 2 months ago

Favorite X-mas movie had to seen this at least 20x

Jordan Peters
Jordan Peters 2 months ago

“Check the records pal, I did some stuff.”

gapjunction11 2 months ago

Is that Bobcat Goldthwait at 0:56?

Donna Quixote
Donna Quixote 2 months ago

I think it's funny how usually the Ghost of Christmas Past is presented as an ethereal, androgynous or childlike figure, and in this movie they went for a cigar-smoking taxi driver. Then, the Ghost of Christmas Present is usually a big jovial guy but in this movie it's a fairy-like lady who likes to play it rough. :D

Michelle Bottone
Michelle Bottone 2 months ago

This movie never gets old. Bill Murray is a genius. Do they give him a script or just ideas to run with?

John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago

David Johansen looks like Benicio Del Torro

sivedan 2 months ago

What can't they make movies like that today ?? All this CGI and new technology, and the movies today are actually worse then before....

sivedan 2 months ago

A solid classic !!!

William Shaw
William Shaw 2 months ago

Sam Kinison was going to play this role, but Bill Murray intervened because he was friends with David Johanson. At the time, David was going by the stage name "Buster Poindexter", performing as a cabaret singer. His biggest hit was a cover of "Hot, Hot, Hot," which charted around the time the movie was made. Bill Murray appeared in the music video.

Ethan st1
Ethan st1 2 months ago

Wrong way jerk 😄

CannibalWHORE22 2 months ago

I used to think the taxi driver was played by Bencio Del Toro had no clue it was David Johansen from New York Dolls fame

Jessica Jayes
Jessica Jayes 2 months ago

I love how later when Frank gets it and Claire has to get to him. She hails a taxi and says "Can you get me to the IBC building?" The ghost says "Which floor?"

SunBunz 2 months ago

I always wondered if The Ghost of Christmas Past is come kind of elf from hell. lol A Helf?

Terena S. House
Terena S. House 2 months ago

(1988) &...still watching on December 24th 2019. This the funniest 😆 scene in Scrooged. Taxi Driver snatches the Liquor & kept driving wild. 😆🌈♥️💯⭐

ROTTEN MXGGOT 2 months ago

I low-key have a crush on him he's hot suwuwjwu

Gregorio Gould
Gregorio Gould 2 months ago

Amazingly well crafted movie !

Lemon Head Man
Lemon Head Man 2 months ago

The music is so Simpsons like. Thank you Danny Elfman

kuei12 2 months ago

Johansen was the only good thing about this awful movie.

Interferon 2 months ago

Adam Carolla, the early years.

Julio Alonso Carlos Martínez

1:58 isn’t that Peter Parker’s and MJ’s neighborhood from Spider-Man (2002)?

Billy Ray
Billy Ray 2 months ago

The dude looks like Lampwick in Pinnochio

Dorkmax 2 months ago

Johnny Knoxville had a weird start

Nick Daugherty
Nick Daugherty 2 months ago

A taxi driver with cigar on his licensee weird huh

A1sausie 2 months ago

Danny Elfman

Caress Wheeler
Caress Wheeler 2 months ago

This is one of my favorite movies and its the same age as me 31 years old☺

Whimsy 2 months ago

You know, these ghosts would logically be the same ones in the Charles Dickens novel.

Taxi driver, sugar plum kink-fairy and tall, cloaked demon-weirdo and all.

Wonder if they were always like this with their personalities, or adapted to modern culture as time went on.

I'm curious because I'm writing characters who have been around since the beginning of Earth, who have also adapted to modern culture... :/

Eric Santana
Eric Santana 2 months ago

This looks like something Tim Burton would direct. Not Richard Donner.

CazzSDMF 2 months ago

He's feeling HOT HOT HOT

TheWonderStraw 2 months ago

you see I'm a ghost....

.... and me soul on fire feeling hot hot hot

Mr. M
Mr. M 2 months ago

I genuinely think David Johansen should have won and Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Ghost of Christmas Past. The dude isn't even a full time actor, he's a musician.. and here he is NAILING the performance of a wise-cracking old decrepit ghost from New York who seems to get a kick out of everything bizarre. Phenomenal performance!!

Captain Rex
Captain Rex 2 months ago

He looks like Benicio Del Toro

Angela Crewe
Angela Crewe 2 months ago

The taxi driver is the front singer in the Band the new York dolls

Andy Wood
Andy Wood 2 months ago

hottest movie character in hollywood history?

Andrew Donaldson
Andrew Donaldson 2 months ago

Who’s that cove😂😂

celeboria 2 months ago

"Let's face it, Frank. Garden slugs got more out of life than you."

Conner-Man Radio
Conner-Man Radio 2 months ago

Is it weird that I’m still watching this film in January.

Joel Robitaille
Joel Robitaille 2 months ago


ejl423 2 months ago

How did the guy playing the ghost not get bigger roles after this? He was amazing and hilarious!

EQOAnostalgia 2 months ago

You should have taken the bus Frankie boy!

Chewable Jim
Chewable Jim 2 months ago

Between this and the crazy taxi scene in Conspiracy Theory, I think Richard Donner has a fear of taxi cabs.

Daniel J. Scotti
Daniel J. Scotti 2 months ago

ahahhaha david johansen lookin like tom waits here

WarBerJr02 2 months ago

No image... No video... just audio...

Yiazamat0137 2 months ago

Is that Benicio Del Toro?😂😂

Christopher Howell
Christopher Howell 2 months ago

1:02 Cabbie Ghost: "Oh, thanks pal!" (laughing)

Love that hilarious scene

drolgh8 2 months ago

It's the "See people rockin' see people dancin' feelin' hot-hot-hot" guy!!!!

Chiles Russell-Taylor

Bill Murray From Ghostbusters!

Vladimir Kool-Aid
Vladimir Kool-Aid 2 months ago

Poor taxi driver...Jet Boy stole his baby.

A1sausie 2 months ago


Caden Morris
Caden Morris 2 months ago

"That's exactly what Attila The Hun said! But when he saw his mother... Niagara Falls baby"

Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 2 months ago

Hey hey, come on over, have some fun with Crazy Taxi!

SynthJohn 2 months ago

GO BACK TO JERSEY YOU MORON HA HA!! David Johansen is a legend!!

Christie Wilson
Christie Wilson 2 months ago

1:04 his laughing man hahaha

jonathan bryant
jonathan bryant 2 months ago

I'll take that pal ha ha ha ha

MegaFafnir 2 months ago

You can tell how much the ghost enjoys his job XD

Ryan McGlade
Ryan McGlade 2 months ago

"You see I'm the ghost..."


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Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 2 months ago

Bet this guy is working for Uber that's for sure

Ryan McGlade
Ryan McGlade 2 months ago

Ghost of Christmas Past: Where are we, you mean when are we!

George Pierson
George Pierson 2 months ago

Frank: I need my phone.
Ghost of Christmas Past: Who you gonna call?
Frank: "blinks".

Aidan Mercer
Aidan Mercer 2 months ago

1:16 this reminds me of back to the future

James 2010
James 2010 2 months ago

I heard this is how they really drive in New York.

Ready Player Two
Ready Player Two 2 months ago


Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe 2 months ago

"I love that bit...."

Ready Player Two
Ready Player Two 2 months ago

0:24 You see, I'm the Ghost!

brooklyn jb
brooklyn jb 2 months ago

bill murray is one of the most underrated actors ever lol and thats a fucked

George Rollieti
George Rollieti 2 months ago

Niagara falls frankie.

Shane Jackson
Shane Jackson 2 months ago


MaSSa Power
MaSSa Power 2 months ago

From the NEW YORK DOLLS to a movie Cab Driver... what a GUY....... Merry FKN X-MAS EVE :p

D V 2 months ago

funny thing is that some NY cab drivers do drive like that

Chris Hoyle
Chris Hoyle 2 months ago

The Taxicab Driver is the lead singer of the New York Dolls and a Great friend of Murray's/ He played this part amazingly

John Quidam
John Quidam 2 months ago

Does anyone see a sight gag? The cab the ghost is driving is
a Chicago model, and the others are from New York.

cellofingers 2 months ago

Great casting who played the taxi driver?

Nieghorn 2 months ago

Should have had the next couple of minutes, explaining how he took Attila the Hun to see his "muddah" ... just before Clip 6/10.

Roger Smith
Roger Smith 2 months ago

IMHO, the best line of Christmas Past is "Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls." Unfortunately it's omitted from this clip

plasticaholic 2 months ago

That is the funniest

Dadko 2 months ago

Let me guess... Danny Elfman composed the soundtrack?

baxter4130 2 months ago

love the laugh when he steals the guys drink! haha

SermanRoy 2 months ago

This is my favourite ghost. Heheheheeee....:-)))))

Kerri Stuart
Kerri Stuart 2 months ago


Daniel Hulse
Daniel Hulse 2 months ago

GO BACK TO JERSEY, YOU MORON! Best line of the ghost of christmas past.