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Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson 2 months ago

Have a shot every time Jess says anyway 😂😂

TRAVEL SRI LANKA 2 months ago

Awesome travel vlog my friend. Very Long video. I enjoyed your video so much.. It is really cool & interesting video.
Warm Greetings from Sri Lanka. SL. I did you my full support through subscribing, clicking bell button, thumbs up your video & giving you special comment as well.
Please stay connected each other with future videos as well for grow up our channels my friend.

Travel Waffles
Travel Waffles 2 months ago

Thanks for this, love a New York vlog :)

From The Ash
From The Ash 2 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration! After seeing your video, we decided to vlog our trip to NYC too!
Watch here:

Niamh x
Niamh x 2 months ago

Which hotel were u staying in?

Claire Taylor
Claire Taylor 2 months ago

Where abouts was the ihop ?

Colin Lynch
Colin Lynch 2 months ago

Hi you two, what a great vlog, were going to New York in November for the first time, very informative, we loved it, you're a great couple, with brilliant sense of humour. Take care.😊

sabah 2 months ago

Really love this vlog thank you!! Planning to go in September. Please can you let me know how you saved up for this with other bill's, rent etc. Also details of your hotel? How many days would you reccomend staying in NY? Is food expensive? How much spending money do you think a couple would need?
Sorry for the question overload but I am in a grad job and paying Bill's like you, so it would be great to have a bit of an overview in terms of spending and stuff 💕🥰

Maria A
Maria A 2 months ago

what is the pizza place at 1:02:32 called? looks sooo good

Chloe-Mai Parfitt
Chloe-Mai Parfitt 2 months ago

i’m going to new york at the end of january, flying on the same flight out you did with delta, which i didn’t realise either! slightly concerned which what you said about the food as a vegetarian with a nut allergy! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ella Oreo
Ella Oreo 2 months ago

This vlog makes me want to go back to NY, it’s such a magical place 😍

Rachel14F1 2 months ago

We are going to New York in May 2020 and this Vlog will definitely help us plan our trip! Would you be able to make a list of places to eat which you visited? Would be much appreciated!

Katie Smith
Katie Smith 2 months ago

Great video 😊 This is the same hotel I stayed in March. It’s functional ,cheaper then other hotels, nothing special but great as a base point.

lucy hodkinson
lucy hodkinson 2 months ago

Loved this vlog!! New york haul please 😍 Merry Christmas! Xx

Joseph Delgado
Joseph Delgado 2 months ago

Why is there one dislike lol

Beth May
Beth May 2 months ago

Awh I’m so pleased you enjoyed Juniors and the cheesecake ! So lovely to watch this as it brings back so many good memories from my trip in the summer 🥰

Alex Daisyy
Alex Daisyy 2 months ago

I love your cross body bag! Goes so well with everything

NicD 2 months ago

I love your flogs and it looks like you had a fantastic time. You repeat yourself a lot though 😆

Emily 2 months ago

Urgh, my parter has a nut allergy and it honestly baffles me how aeroplanes even still serve or have any nut based meals! So dangerous :(

Lily Bailey
Lily Bailey 2 months ago

Can’t wait to watch this vlog!! I go to New York next week 😆 so excited!
If you have food intolerances or allergies and are vegetarian you are supposed to let them know before the flight and they bring a meal on that is suitable :) otherwise they operate on first come first serve with everything else ... I had it before where the vegetarian meal ran out :( and was told to guarantee anything you should order beforehand!

Cara 2 months ago

Wooo long vlog👏🏼👏🏼