GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *



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Information GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

Title : GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

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Frames GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

Description GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

GIORGIO ARMANI ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / * + $5000 Giveaway!! *

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Rose memo
Rose memo 2 months ago

I was just about to buy this ooo i would have been so disappointing btw its $ 560 Australian dollars on sale for $400 😭 ........ thank God I found your video. Honestly its like worth $150 max 😂

Michelle 2 months ago

she looks like Rebecca Ferguson

Akniet Anuarbekova
Akniet Anuarbekova 2 months ago

Omg this british accent😍

annapopovic 2 months ago

What an annoying voice.

Misty Aka mista
Misty Aka mista 2 months ago

I love your accent by the way♥️

Misty Aka mista
Misty Aka mista 2 months ago

I didn’t get into the contest in time ugh makes me so sad 😞 I’ve had a horrible past month and I love makeup so much.

M N 2 months ago

Is the giveaway international

ladyche85 2 months ago

your advent calander didn't save anyone a huge amount of money it was full of tat

Mireille Mireille
Mireille Mireille 2 months ago

I'm addicted to parfumes so I'd love this calendar

Maddie Keating
Maddie Keating 2 months ago

i will never be able to afford this calender lol

Michelle Isabel Duggan

I would love it if you did swatches of the products.

Camillia Brooke
Camillia Brooke 2 months ago

Thanks Eltoria, loved the video! ❤️😊

Annette from Ca
Annette from Ca 2 months ago

Doesn't work for American products

Jules Collins
Jules Collins 2 months ago

Should have done Christian Dior .

Wendy Tart
Wendy Tart 2 months ago

Not worth the price!! To many sample sizes that you can get for free!

Rita King
Rita King 2 months ago

I didn’t like it! I’m disappointed

Abeeha Ch
Abeeha Ch 2 months ago


carrie 2 months ago

Literally my fav thing to do is watch your advent videos haha ❤️

Heather & Kaylee Mosher

For the price it was too small.

Toni Wright
Toni Wright 2 months ago

That box is not worth the money at all! They should have put a full perfume in there and more make up.

Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 2 months ago

I love advent calendars, they’re exciting! Following on Insta as @ashleybabbby

Mama Midnight
Mama Midnight 2 months ago

It's cute but I wouldn't have spent 200 on it.

Vanity Noedel
Vanity Noedel 2 months ago

You absolutely 100% got your moneys worth plus some
Full size prices
Fragrances almost $100 (there’s about $5-$8 worth of product in each one you got)
Lip products almost $40
Eye products around $30
So again. Definitely got what you paid and some.

Vanity Noedel
Vanity Noedel 2 months ago

There’s actually A LOT of men’s cologne in here. And you said you needed a description but every single mini fragrance has it’s name on the bottle so that confused the shit out of me. They also have all the info online. You totally should have looked prior to making the videoz

Vanity Noedel
Vanity Noedel 2 months ago

The first one is a cologne not a perfume

popSy m
popSy m 2 months ago

I hope I still have time to enter and can the prize be in £

Katie Mcgovern
Katie Mcgovern 2 months ago

This isn’t worth the money I don’t think 🤔

Sumbul Amir
Sumbul Amir 2 months ago

Such lovely advent. Done with saving items to my list

Iva Kožnjak
Iva Kožnjak 2 months ago

Yep, not worth it

sum j
sum j 2 months ago

why is everything so small

frances h
frances h 2 months ago

That’s a pretty box
But I agree that the sizes should be biggee

It'sOnly Me
It'sOnly Me 2 months ago

Disappointing with all the minis. Will definitely give it a miss. 😕😕😕

_DRrats_ 2 months ago

The calendar is dissaponting but It was great that you reviewed it :)

Matthew Wakeman
Matthew Wakeman 2 months ago

Very disappointing from Armani. Definitely not worth the £200 price tag.

Pearlescent Pink Jewellery

Subbed and following cause I'm obsessed with calendar unboxing nowadays

Soraya Gonzalez
Soraya Gonzalez 2 months ago


Jeni Petkova
Jeni Petkova 2 months ago

So nice :)

Noora Hassan
Noora Hassan 2 months ago

May i just say that lisptick shade looks BOSS on you ❤️ x

Britt Nicole
Britt Nicole 2 months ago

Travel deluxe and samples are different. Samples are even smaller. I don't mind travel size items. 💞

Lyka Pare
Lyka Pare 2 months ago

Marry Christmas 🎄
Hope to win the giveaway ❤️🙏

Hallie C
Hallie C 2 months ago

The lip colors and lipsticks love them if they were full would love them even more actually wouldn't mind the perfumes and yes i do like the eye colors

minttu suklaa
minttu suklaa 2 months ago

Arf I hate this brand ! Too much bling bling, no class at all !

Byesha Bee
Byesha Bee 2 months ago

If you already have Shoptagr are you still eligible to win?
Will you be reviewing the fragrance shop calendar?

tuula kallio
tuula kallio 2 months ago

This definitely is NOT worth the money. Total disappointment. Too many mini products inside. 😕

Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta 2 months ago

I feel this advent calendar was disappointing. I didn't think this is worth the money.

Michelle2010x 2 months ago

Wow, not worth £200 very disappointed

rAiNiEpUn007 2 months ago

Armani always disappoints..

Didi Ema
Didi Ema 2 months ago

Too many small sized products

Lovely Jennnay
Lovely Jennnay 2 months ago

Omg love this intro !!!!!! 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍

cazqab 2 months ago

Wouldn’t buy it , really not worth the money

Ashley Judd Beran
Ashley Judd Beran 2 months ago

this advent calendar is super worth it!😍

Zoey Charles
Zoey Charles 2 months ago

Tbf im not a fan of this advent calender the last door was such a let down and dont like the mini lipsticks x

Seeking Eudaimonia
Seeking Eudaimonia 2 months ago

Okay, but the most frustrating thing in the perfume world, is tiny sample bottles that don’t have a sprayer!
I never end up using them because they don’t have a sprayer

Robb Branche
Robb Branche 2 months ago

ADVENT ADDICT!! This calendar has a very good lip shade selection, they definitely spent some time selecting the colors, however, I would expect full size lip products and not so many. Perfumes can be expensive so maybe travel sizes are Ok, but I agree with Eloria, This brand, Giorgio Armani, should have made a statement on the last door. Thank you Eltoria, my girls have no idea how much you help them enjoy December!!!

Danielle 2 months ago

The second perfume the Armani Code is a 90 dollar US scent. My mom got it in a box of stuff she ordered by mistake and she kept it because it smells so good. I think its a mens scent. The bottles actually look the same but yours is obviously tiny!

Bristy Types
Bristy Types 2 months ago

Unboxing starts at 4:15

Pebbles Sal
Pebbles Sal 2 months ago

Disappointing !!!!!!!!!

abby leadbetter
abby leadbetter 2 months ago

Nice video😍 very small products for £8 on some of them, even for a high fashion brand. Can’t wait to hear the winners!!

Angie Weston
Angie Weston 2 months ago

Idk I love the parfum

Sharran Dawson
Sharran Dawson 2 months ago

How disappointing . One for me to avoid I think , love the review though x

Bhola Singh
Bhola Singh 2 months ago

Great unboxing Eltora 👌

Shelley Jacobs
Shelley Jacobs 2 months ago

Nice video,can't say the same for the advent calendar 🤔 a more expensive version of the Sephora calander...nuff said

Jenny Lynch
Jenny Lynch 2 months ago

Booooo Armani!! Booooo!!

Tina Holm
Tina Holm 2 months ago

I love shoptagr

RILEY O 2 months ago

Personally don’t find this calendar worth the money 😃 maybe I’ve been living with a northern tight arse for too long and it’s rubbed off one me! 😅

Amuula 99
Amuula 99 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing much❤️

Ve Be
Ve Be 2 months ago

This Advent Calendar was definitely not with the price you paid for it. Armani could have at least had mostly full-sized items. Very disappointing. Thanks for the link to Shoptagr. I have created the account and hope to win the giveaway :) IG: @vebe418

Laura Pardoe
Laura Pardoe 2 months ago

I dont know why but she dont seem herself

Caroline O Shaughnessy

I love watching your videos, this one is out of my price range, I can live through you doing it 😂

Sheriann Rowley
Sheriann Rowley 2 months ago

Si is my favourite perfume, just wish was able to buy it 🥰 hopefully I win give away so can buy some & test things for my YouTube & get more confidence like you. I forgot I didn't have shoptager on my new phone 🙈 just got it again. And added more bits 🤭 ig sheriannrowley

Tara Spandrzyk
Tara Spandrzyk 2 months ago

I’m so glad you reviewed this one...not sure it’s worth the price tag xx

mguilles 2 months ago

Wowwww 😪😪😪😪 so disapointing.

Emel Davidson
Emel Davidson 2 months ago

Totally disappointed with this calendar.. so many perfumes! What’s with that?? Loved the unboxing though 😍

ChannElla 2 months ago

Can't afford it but it's fun to watch🤣
And I think it should be full size for price🤷‍♀️

J 2 months ago

Wasn't the biggest fan of this calendar because I feel like most of the price is paying for the brand BUT I'm also the fool who would probably buy an overpriced Hermes advent calendar if they ever released one. lol

Sparkles 2 months ago

For the price I'd want way more full size products. You are literally just paying for the designer name tag🤷‍♀️

Gillian Kelly
Gillian Kelly 2 months ago

Lovely products, the lip colours are beautiful. But the price seems a bit high for so many minis x

Gillian Kelly
Gillian Kelly 2 months ago

Lovely products, the lip colours are beautiful. But the price seems a bit high for so many minis x

janice mcleod
janice mcleod 2 months ago

this advent calendar is full of sample sizes....

Magdalena Stadnicka
Magdalena Stadnicka 2 months ago

I generally love the callendar but the tiny lip colour was very annoying. Perfume si was overkill i mean two reds mascara large lovely. I hate when they give samples sizes. Generally nice but very expensive. For 200£ i think i could get few big perfumes so im not sure if its worth it 😂

Katana Chakour
Katana Chakour 2 months ago

I added shoptagr and OMGOSH, IT SAVES ME SO MUCH MONEY,!! AHH I LOVE IT! I dont think this calendar is worth the price, the products were rather small, defo think tthey should make full product sizez, my opinion tohugh, thank you for the chance win,

Magdalena Stadnicka
Magdalena Stadnicka 2 months ago

Yeah! I was waiting so long to see ur new video! 🥰🥰🥰

Sandy Drew Serrano
Sandy Drew Serrano 2 months ago

If they are to put small items in one box in would have been better.

Chris 2 months ago

Major fail!

loreena lever
loreena lever 2 months ago

This whole calendar was disappointing. Not for me. I love that you are so honest.

Bethan Hancox
Bethan Hancox 2 months ago

Love some of the products in this one - it’s a bit expensive though 😂

Lindsay Murphy
Lindsay Murphy 2 months ago

Personally I'd be fuming if i wasted my money on that. Definitely not worth 200 for sample bottles!!

Peeshaah 2 months ago

4:19 🥰

Aayushi Naik
Aayushi Naik 2 months ago

It was definitely not worth the money ☹️

Margaret Thomas
Margaret Thomas 2 months ago

Why don't you swatch the lipsticks?

Margaret Thomas
Margaret Thomas 2 months ago

The black bottle perfume is called CODE it's written on the bottle 😂😂😂

Chioma Nwagboso
Chioma Nwagboso 2 months ago

I've followed all the rules.i would really love to win the giveaway.please consider me for the giveaway.i'm a loyal subscriber all the way from lagos nigeria.pls,pls, consider me.xoxo

sofie andersen
sofie andersen 2 months ago

In Denmark we really can't bay any makeup, only the perfume at least what I know of, and would just tell what 3 of those small bottles are priced here. 3 small perfume is around 600kr (danish kroner.) That's is around 72GBP so I guess and I would say its worth the moneys 🤷‍♀️

Enver-Anja Yüret-maser

This is a amazing calender 😍😍

Melissa Jane
Melissa Jane 2 months ago

I think you got ripped off!!!!

Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown 2 months ago

lovely colours in this one x

23dejanira 2 months ago

In last year was very similar. I was disappointed and I promised to myself not to buy this year

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

I didn't really like this one🤔

Fat, Foxy & Fearless
Fat, Foxy & Fearless 2 months ago

Hmmm not worth the money to be fair 🤷🏼‍♀️

Gwyneth Glas-Brown
Gwyneth Glas-Brown 2 months ago

Emmm the bottles were very mini but itsvery expensive Love si perfume but still think its not worth the price tag .