Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation


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Information Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

Title : Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

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Frames Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

Description Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

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James Lewis
James Lewis 2 months ago

Crypto currency= non-existent assets, binary electrical impulses. Stupid.!

James Lewis
James Lewis 2 months ago

And yet welfare recipients are still overweight. Huh.

Steve Light
Steve Light 2 months ago

Admit to God you are a sinner, ask Him for forgiveness, believe Jesus death on the cross paid the full penalty for your sins and your soul will be saved 😄Gods judgement is near !✝️

RedFox1 2 months ago

All part of the new world order plan. The Georgia guild stones says it all.

James Lewis
James Lewis 2 months ago

Koolaid and cyanide maybe an option.

James Lewis
James Lewis 2 months ago

Well..let them eat cake.

mram 77
mram 77 2 months ago

Just because someone gets food stamps doesn’t mean they are starving Americans. I personally know people who cheat the system because it’s too easy. Not to be cold but all are obese including kids and drive new cars. Ain’t nobody starving in the US. Fraud everywhere. This administration makes it too easy on purpose.

Judy Austin
Judy Austin 2 months ago

If the starving left is in power, the so-called lefty history books will say that this was capitalist Trump's fault.

Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace 2 months ago

Who can make war with the Beast?

Eisen J Eisen
Eisen J Eisen 2 months ago

The people appointed the wrong leaders to guide them through life??????????

D.N. TE'KANNON 2 months ago

You do your country a great service in pointing out the weak points. Do a video on why America's internet system's are so easily to penetrate by foreign adversaries. The Eastern grid was hacked by a group of kids and has cost America billions. Why aren't your tech giants getting the best products to your own country? Second; the corn crop is down. Obviously, as so many crops went under this spring, in my country on the far side of the world from you, all the abricot crop was lost---again---to early frost. Isn't it getting pretty obvious we have to invent new ways of farming? I'm an inventor: grow the crops in circles with an 'umbrella' in the center with heating and cooling and hydrolic systems to bring the whole crop up a meter or two with the floods. You could open the 'umbrella' when the hail comes, or when it freezes, add heat, or when it is too hot, add cool air. Lastly, the corn: Isn't it obvious we all need to plant gardens? We've got to keep up with climate that changes. We are experiencing day after day of rains, unheard of until now, but that's the new climate. Adapt or die. You in America often have backyards. Gardens can be grown in a corner of the yard. Why not corn as well?

Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert 2 months ago

Milton Friedman once said; "If there are any Shortages or Price Hikes" then you can bet your bottom Dollar that the Government caused this

L Morris
L Morris 2 months ago

Didn’t Jerome Powell say they would let inflation “run hot?” The latest spending bill(s) failed to create inflation, so they had to manufacture inflation by causing these shortages.

Lenny Anders
Lenny Anders 2 months ago

After 50 years America had finally reached energy independence under President Trump and only 4 months for gas lines to appear under potato head Joey B.

Mike Lyon
Mike Lyon 2 months ago

Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes

Fabio Leon Osorio
Fabio Leon Osorio 2 months ago

The Disney world is gone!

indigenousOne 808
indigenousOne 808 2 months ago

Start a garden no excuse

Dovid T
Dovid T 2 months ago

COSTCO GOT COFFINS ON SALE, and thank the almighty marijuana is legal LoL

BOB P 2 months ago

A loaf of bread will cost a days wages

money is evil
money is evil 2 months ago

Revolution in their minds the children start to march
Against the world in which they have to live
And all the hate that's in their hearts
They're tired of being pushed around
And told just what to do
They'll fight the world until they've won
And love comes flowing through, yeah

Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear?
Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear, yeah

So you children of the world
Listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in
Spread the words today
Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
Or you children of today are children of the grave, yeah

beer guy
beer guy 2 months ago


Youngy Hasard
Youngy Hasard 2 months ago

Toujours , avec plaisir que je vous écoute . Mais , c'est l horreur qui nous attend. Quand je constate des Bisounours ou des gens qui ont des œillets partent en vacances.

Drone Wild
Drone Wild 2 months ago

be years before it gets really bad...... people have said we are crashing since the is at a snails pace........ calm down

vincentyeo88 2 months ago

If you enjoy seeing the whole world's economy collapsing, you will enjoy seeing this epic video by the Epic Doomsday Economist.

dogdays 2 months ago

its a good thing, the corn shortage should sort out the obesity epidemic

Copper Backpack
Copper Backpack 2 months ago

Uhhhhh most of these people DONT UNDERSTAND is how much they can lie and keep the music going! This thing should have crashed months ago! They don’t care! They will lie FOREVER and the PPT will keep buying!

Annie Alexander
Annie Alexander 2 months ago

I think I saw mild panic shopping yesterday. Hopefully the gas shortage won't last very long. I had to climb in the freezer to get milk.

hmug tv
hmug tv 2 months ago

fear sells.

branned 2 months ago

Dems Printing Press is causing this inflation....go figure!

Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone 2 months ago

Americans when 1 Mass Shooting per day for over a decade : sleep

Americans when corn and gasoline go from $2.30 to $4.30 : INSATIABLE URGE TO COMMIT MASS SHOOTING

N Esq
N Esq 2 months ago

Luckily corn makes me gassy

John Ryman
John Ryman 2 months ago

...and still there are demo's defending the dumb demos who are taking everyone down with them..............

Mike S
Mike S 2 months ago

To much ads in their videos

Richard Coupon Guy
Richard Coupon Guy 2 months ago

You don't have years, ww3 is imminent, the mark is being enforced now, if you don't know what comes next God help you.

barsoom43 2 months ago

Votes have consequences.. This country was lost in Nov 2012.. Nov 2016 just gave some of us more time to get ready.. Before this is all over, millions of people are going to die of starvation, disease and gun shot.. As has happened in other countries, pedestrians will walk past the dead in the streets.. BTW, the police are under no legal obligation to protect you.. You're on your own.. Good luck.

lrmorrison999 2 months ago

I participated in gas shortages in the 1970’s during the Arab oil embargo. Lines were multiple blocks long awaiting a delivery tanker. Prices were very high and you were limited to 10 gallons. There were days I could not get to work. A Honda 90 might become a good investment in today’s situation! 😳🤢

Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor 2 months ago

Down here in Florida, fresh corn on the cob (yellow, white, mixed) is 4 for $1. Florida grows so much of it's own produce that it's hard to see a fresh food shortage. We do have shortages in cat food though. I order online, and see that the limits on certain products is common.

jake snake
jake snake 2 months ago

I wonder why Donald Trump is featured along side Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin??

Patrick Ireland
Patrick Ireland 2 months ago

We are not affected by any of these matters, there are no corn shortages in the Philippines where we grow our own corn.

Prospector James Marshall

Listen closely.... do you hear the war drums? Its so close I can smell it. War is on the horizon

Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 2 months ago

UCLA to offer Suicide Course.

Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 2 months ago

Biden to wake up Sunday.

Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 2 months ago

Cockroach Summit to unionize global vermin hoards by July 4, 2021.

Scott 2 months ago

This all started way before Biden became president. Come on boomer

Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 2 months ago

Toothpick price tripled in May. Wooden popsicle stick heist in New Jersey, Long Beach warehouses.

Seraphim L
Seraphim L 2 months ago

American is waking up to the real american dreams. From Third World to First: The Singapore Story. From First world to third, the america story. The worst is yet to come in imperial america. This is the biggining of the end of america imperlism.

Prepper coops
Prepper coops 2 months ago

It is not the collapse which worries me, moreover, the Satanic solution that will be offered from Klaus mob at the WEF great reset.

Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 2 months ago

Watch the silent film called SOYLENT GREEN.

Real Libertarian
Real Libertarian 2 months ago

They are trying to bring the Anti Christ. Wake up and find Jesus.

Nurse Manning
Nurse Manning 2 months ago

I could use a good starvation. I low key want to start a business where your 400 lb butt volunteers to fit camp and you basically enter basic training for fat people until you are at your goal weight

NK 2 months ago

the politicians lie every day. most of my friends won't admit how bad it is begeinning. Inflation is everywere. Real estate sky high, food, lumber, transportation, fuel. With printing more money just makes it worse until we have a new world order and no more American dollar. That is when the American dream finally ends. There is still hope, but we have to fight for fiscal responsibility and core conservative values that keeps federal government small and empowers states and local communities.!!!!!!!

The End
The End 2 months ago

If you run out of food just eat the homeless, no one will miss them.

Dylan 2 months ago

Take care of your family. god bless.

great me
great me 2 months ago

This is the results of central bank greediness is now collapsing the global economy!... KARMA is Real!!! 😠

jamesers99 2 months ago

Don't panic. It's just the end of the world.

Chonky Cheeks
Chonky Cheeks 2 months ago

By design.

Izzycentric 2 months ago

Pay attention to the clearance sections in your local Walmart. I found 72 hour emergency food boxes for $5 a piece. They're usually $40.

Debbie VanBrunning
Debbie VanBrunning 2 months ago

We are living in the time of the seals, Revelation 6: pestilence, famines, wars, and martyrdom. Isaiah 60: 1, 2.

Eagle775 2 months ago

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.


Thatwas thier plan altogether. Oh you for got to add to the video automation, so with atomatons coming in to play, the whole system will have a complete collpase.
in fact, politicians care not . when wehit 30 trillion, that will make the collapse complete. Oh and remember gold and silver are artificially manipulated as well. Buy the time all is said and done, we will have a UBI. or worse.

Art of Hookie
Art of Hookie 2 months ago

All you need to survive is 1000 rolls of toilet paper and one can of corn. You can recycle the corn out of your corn hole, rinse, recycle repeat.

Quanah Hurtt
Quanah Hurtt 2 months ago

Jimmy Carter?
You are gonna wish it was going to be that good.
Biden is going to make us wish Carter WAS still president.
The 70's and 80's were a cake walk compared to what's about to run up and hit us in the mouth.

Albionic American
Albionic American 2 months ago

Get a grip, people. Americans lived through the 1970's just fine.

Witness Protection
Witness Protection 2 months ago

Corn prices may be up but you should see my loneliness. I am a single male and will buy you corn. Looking for a female girlfriend.

Edward Franco
Edward Franco 2 months ago

Don't worry that everybody's going to have it onion soup for breakfast lunch and dinner you got it now be good children and eat your onion soup

Jason 2 months ago

Barge traffic is now at a standstill on the Mississippi River in North America. The I40 Bridge is closed and the coast guard stopped all maritime traffic.

Damien S
Damien S 2 months ago

speed is cheaper than food

Mac Jones is AJ McCarrons 2.0

Forget figuring out ways to eat more. Better train your body how to fast and live without for days if need be. Eating too much is why you are here in the first place.

Kirk Carico sr
Kirk Carico sr 2 months ago

Don’t worry bout us Bucko u just keep kissing da Queens Azz

Kirk Carico sr
Kirk Carico sr 2 months ago

Cut da crap I’m scared already can I come out the closet yet or should I go hide in the Attic my Luck I would fall through Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 2 months ago

Reality Check: Year-to-Year April 2021 ShadowStats Alternate CPI (1980 Base) Inflation jumped to a thirteen-year high of 12.1%, up from 10.4% in March 2021, 9.4% in February 2021 and against 9.1% in January 2021. The ShadowStats Alternate CPI-U estimate restates current headline inflation so as to reverse the government’s inflation-reducing gimmicks of the last four decades, which were designed specifically to reduce/ understate annual Cost of Living Adjustments.

Ebay Addicts
Ebay Addicts 2 months ago

Nice work 🎆

Nuka Cola
Nuka Cola 2 months ago

I have said they we're going to steal the middle class wealth. By printing money. Over 4 years ago and people called me crazy crazy like a fox.

Brian Hall
Brian Hall 2 months ago

Get ready everybody to go on your diet it's time for one of the biggest obese Nations to go on a diet no more Taco Bell and McDonald's time to get fit💪🇺🇸

ANTHONY BRAVO 2 months ago

Dang Epic Economist getting hard core day by day-yikes....

Joni Freels
Joni Freels 2 months ago

Welcome to the Communist State of America. Hope all you dems that voted Biden are getting what you voted for. I voted Trump.

Metha Ya Kagoni
Metha Ya Kagoni 2 months ago

Recently,I invested in both stock and crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing much more better than stocks!


This was already happening way befor 5 months .

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 2 months ago

Corn has lectins in it that are not good for our health if we cut down on eating corn we will live healthier and longer. Also a degree of calorie restriction helps in this regard as well.

Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer 2 months ago

"Bye bye Miss American Pie. Took my Chevy to levy but the levy was dry." 🎶

Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 2 months ago

Luke 21:
36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Spartaculus Jones
Spartaculus Jones 2 months ago

I'm less distressed about food prices than that I have been on food stamps for twelve damn years. In the last two years my monthly food stamp allowance has jumped from $156 to $234 without my even formally asking for it. Does the government know something ?

Second edition
Second edition 2 months ago

people used more gas standing in lines than they bought

Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer 2 months ago

High fructose corn syrup.....hydrogenated corn oil...

Richard Bulles
Richard Bulles 2 months ago

Ramen Soup sales are going to climb greatly! Fast Food is expensive these days. Making your own sandwiches with deli meats is expensive. Beef is expensive. Chicken is expensive due to shortages. The cheap options are going to be in high demand which will increase the cost on those items as well.

Second edition
Second edition 2 months ago

The price of toothpicks are up 500%

Second edition
Second edition 2 months ago

there is almost none facing starvation. The bums in LA get 3 free meals every day and they eat better than me

Song777 2 months ago

Those who are prepared (food, water, medical supplies, medicines, generators gas/solar, precious metals etc.) will fair better than those who don't take heed.

Roger Aloisi
Roger Aloisi 2 months ago

Revolution is just three meals away

lovelyrobles 2 months ago

Corn is life🌽 just like water.💧

CQE 2 months ago

Get out of the system ASAP.... DEFI.... BTC, ETH

Mike Hankins
Mike Hankins 2 months ago

Warning ! Bitcon ! Don't do it ! It costs you 3 months of utilities per transaction unsustainable ! End of line. Jump, Jump, Jump ! 750,000 Kw per transaction look it up lamos. Negative yields ? What that 750, bucts a month for 3 months. What is that ? Per transaction ? Hell no ! Kick. It down road fast. That's $2250 per. Bitcon, Kw transaction fee right. Wrong ! thats not cash in that's cash out. By by now ! Gotta run. Good luck on that. Forget that eth sheet to its centralized ! Still $250, per for eth ? By by now. Good luck on that too. That's not a currency that's a carbon tax or interest rate scam ? Shit coins ? That's a no go. Xr what ? Bah ha ha ha ha. Cant even buy the stuff on crypto sites ? WTF ?

evolve p
evolve p 2 months ago

yalls should look into fasting and eating once a day

Who Knows
Who Knows 2 months ago

They.will call me a horder and that pisses
While folks were partying and getting tvs and cars and blowing money i bought mylar and bulk foods
Im poor and i did more for myself than folks making 30 grand and up
Prolly confiscate my shit to.feed a bunch
Of lazy loosers

Michele Stellar
Michele Stellar 2 months ago

People for God's sake it is not the corn you eat from a can or frozen, nor on the cob. It is a dry corn that is used as an animal feed or ground and used as a flour, pressed to make corn oil and processed into corn syrup. This is the corn that much of our food supply is dependent on. I cannot believe how little people know about the food they consume. Because of ignorance and complacency perhaps hunger pangs may be a bigger health concern than the Chinese disease.

moon water ranch
moon water ranch 2 months ago

So, feed store tomorrow stock up on dent corn barley and rabbit food

Timothy Shipley
Timothy Shipley 2 months ago

I had a feeling that this was coming. I was telling people last year that we would soon have gasoline shortages.