Kmart In-Store Music \u0026 Commericals: Christmas 1991



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Description Kmart In-Store Music \u0026 Commericals: Christmas 1991

Kmart In-Store Music \u0026 Commericals: Christmas 1991

Kmart In-Store Music \u0026 Commericals: Christmas 1991

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Robert St Don
Robert St Don 2 months ago

I liked there music They played Elvis Presley. The king .

Martin Moore
Martin Moore 2 months ago

Merry Christmas.

Doog Boy
Doog Boy 2 months ago

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!

Peter Voss
Peter Voss 2 months ago

I like the long pauses between tracks as if someone's changing the album or clearing a jam in the 8-track machine. :)

Peter Voss
Peter Voss 2 months ago

Dec 2020 - Only two stores left in Michigan, per the online KMart Store Locator. I lived a mile from store #1 in Garden City, MI

you ya tube tak
you ya tube tak 2 months ago

the cutest lil no globe

Ada B
Ada B 2 months ago

Do have have the Christmas tape from 1988 or thereabouts? I'll never forget cleaning dirty diapers out of the ladies apparel fitting rooms while listening to that ha'penny song a few thousand times. I'd love to hear it again!

Madelyn Leytem
Madelyn Leytem 2 months ago

At this minute there are only 49 K-Mart's left. :( #BringBackKmart

JIMMI BLUE 2 months ago

Hey. I really miss your original black and white Kmart 1974 Christmas video! It was great while it lasted...

Jacob Blanck
Jacob Blanck 2 months ago


It's COVID this year. Is listening to all of this music make you happy at this time of the year (like you pretend it's no COVID and you still have a world you care about throughout the upcoming holidays)? Let yours truly know!

Happy Thanksgivin' and a terrific Merry Early Christmas!


I want that GameBoy I was hoping to get all my friends have a gameboy I want it for christmas Mom its to keep me calm buy me that gameboy its 89 bucks

radio1342 2 months ago

A Christmas staple when I worked at Kmart - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. Every year they played it!

Vonnie Sweeney
Vonnie Sweeney 2 months ago

Audio in order:
KMRT Radio ad
This Christmas by The Jets
Ladies & Girls' Clothes ad
Men & Boys' Clothes ad
Winter Wonderland by Elvis [Audio is broken]
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Perry Como
"I'm Going to Disneyland" ad
Snowflake by Jim Reeves [Audio is broken]
Sleigh Ride by The Boston Pops Orchestra
Hosiery ad
Shoes ad
It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas by Bing Crosby
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
Welcome to Kmart ad
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town by The Beach Boys
Jingle Bells by The Canadian Brass ft John Grady
Infant & Toddler Clothing ad
Christmas trees ad
(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays by The Carpenters
"The Real Thing" Coca Cola ad
Jolly Old St. Nicholas by Chet Atkins
Christmas is for Children by Glen Campbell
Jewelry ad
Toys ad
Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms
Flying Home for Christmas by Living Voices
Pharmacy ad
KMRT Radio ad
Winter Wonderland by Air Supply
Home decor ad
No smoking ad
Up on the Housetop by Eddy Arnold
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry
White Christmas by Anne Murray
Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Arthur Fiedler
Kodak Film and Kmart Developing ad
Only One Night of the Year by Ronnie Milsap
A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
Layaway ad
Sporting Gear ad
Sleigh Ride by The Carpenters
Frosty the Snowman/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Henry Mancini & His Orchestra
Welcome to Kmart ad
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
Winter Wonderland by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass
Kmart Gift Certificates ad
Santa’s Beard by The Beach Boys
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by Steve Wariner
Disneyland Sweepstakes ad
Jingle Bells by Jim Reeves
Joy to the World/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Barry Manilow

Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson 2 months ago

My dad was a school teacher and worked part time for Kmart for 34 years also.
They were a great store in the 70s and 80s. They treated him well and we would go get dinner with him on Friday night at the K grill in the back of the store. Good memories and customer service in those days.

vitalApocalypse [VA]
vitalApocalypse [VA] 2 months ago

happy holidays everyone

Sondra Graham
Sondra Graham 2 months ago

Oh the memories....... the over worked hours for near 25 years at our Kmart.... I remember this...

erinnelikewoah 2 months ago

this is so great!!

Metropolis 2026
Metropolis 2026 2 months ago

Unfortunately Kmart got political and I stopped shopping there for over 15 years. Dick's Sporting has done the same thing!!! I stopped shopping their too. Stupid decisions. Kmart, you were a STORE! You should have stayed away from the PC 💩.

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

ICEE at the snack bar anyone???


The K mart in BRIDGEHAMPTON Long Island NY is still open and now the only one left on Long Island. Only time will tell what happens...but I can’t see it being open to long. As it’s about 2 hrs out of the city of New York AND I cant see running trucks that far for one store. But it’s said it’s the and was the best store on the island

Sūpāburasshu Ninja
Sūpāburasshu Ninja 2 months ago

Currently working at a kmart. Its closing soon

Sofia Bravo
Sofia Bravo 2 months ago

Did anyone have a Kmart that had a brunch diner? I grew up in California and the town of Citrus Heights in the late 90s I recall going to Kmart on the weekends around 11 am and my parents would have pancakes 🥞 there with me it was a wonderful treat because it wasn’t often. I can still remember seeing the old people filling up the place...the cheesy pastel geometric 90s decor... then several years later it shutdown and it was an empty vessel of a once upon a dine...then Kmart closed in last year of many innocent memories...

blessOTMA 2 months ago

Wow,This takes me back. Thanks!

observer of madness
observer of madness 2 months ago

I worked for Kmart for thirty years. I remember some of these tapes, and eventually satellite broadcasts. So thank you for posting this. I guess that Ray Coniff song about falling asleep counting our blessings, have been played in Kmart stores since the early 60s. I must admit, however, I absolutely despise that song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song. The yuletide equivalent to 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and who the hell wants a bunch of birds for Christmas.

Jim Shoemaker
Jim Shoemaker 2 months ago

It would be awesome if you would make the snowfall animation from the 1974 in-store music video available for download. It's better than watching the yule log on TV. :) Then we could watch the animation and play the mp3 available from and UMG can't do anything about it.

wildboy26mn 2 months ago

My first Job was Kmart in 1992,,, I really loved it. We had the Kmart radio network, it played the same songs over and over but it didn't have the ads or commercials... any blue lights or specials, we had to get on the mic to announce them.

Connie Webster
Connie Webster 2 months ago

a jingle went Kmart is your favorite store where your dollar buys you more. miss. Kmart

Becki Green
Becki Green 2 months ago

Sucks your Kmart Christmas music was taken down, I was going to play it today.
Edit, I see your comment about where to find it.

Martin Moore
Martin Moore 2 months ago


Nice jingle music at the very beginning.

K-Mart Radio, KMRT.

All the in-store music, all the time.

The original musicradio station.

Darren DiPinto
Darren DiPinto 2 months ago

Missing Kmart in Newburyport ma. This brings back all the memories

Pohnsen 2 months ago

This music is so much better then listening to 'last Christmas' by anyone who sings it! And how can you beat hearing a Great guitar player like Chet Atkins on 'Jolly old St Nicholas' at 32 minutes?

Todd Stewart
Todd Stewart 2 months ago

I actually remember this one

E. McNeil
E. McNeil 2 months ago

aww, shoit - that KMart Christmas.In-Store 1974 was DOPE, brah.....I cannot believe they pulled it! I was spinning those tracks 3-5 nights weekly.......THANKS for having it available, Drop7. I stay subscribed. Keep up the good work.

Vivian Feggans
Vivian Feggans 2 months ago

A small slice of heaven on the earth. That is what I feel when I listen to this nostalgia. Remember the priceless KMart layaway. :(

Mr. Robertson
Mr. Robertson 2 months ago

We still have a kmart where I live, however they treat their employee's soo bad everyone leaves. ...sad.

Endymion766 2 months ago

K-Mart is a zombie company now. The stores that are left are so ghetto and disorganized they must be run by apathetic losers. There's no passion left in the ownership and have no intention of trying to save the remnants or make some kind of comeback. But it used to be a really amazing and fun place. I miss those K-Marts that were always bright and shiny with lots of friendly helpful people.

Mr. Robertson
Mr. Robertson 2 months ago

Hey,what happened to your kmart site for Christmas 1974. ..
I like playing it.

Carl Carpenter
Carl Carpenter 2 months ago

awsome love to see more of these recordings if any from 80s

Gregory May
Gregory May 2 months ago

drop7, I noticed your 1974 version was blocked.... can you put it in a drop box and let me download it?!

Patricia Lutz
Patricia Lutz 2 months ago

this is very enjoyable, but I must say I did enjoy your black and white video I wish it was still up but I understand that there are certain restrictions that are placed on videos, but thank you for what you have posted, it's very enjoyable 😊

David Manning
David Manning 2 months ago

This is no good so loaded with commercials. What happened to the black and white version it was perfect!

Chad Sell
Chad Sell 2 months ago

These old KMart soundtracks are great. What happened to the one from 1974? I listened to it a few times a week or so ago and now it won’t load. Bummer!

Gabychan13 2 months ago

I love that version of Santa Claus is Coming to town that's playing at 56:26

vcrcooking 2 months ago

I think the first Jingle was sung by Jam Creative in Dallas. They sang lots of radio station idents.

twinsonic65 2 months ago

drop7, It seems that UMG has made a copyright claim and strike of your Kmart In-Store Music & Commercials: Christmas 1974. Should have made a recording......thanks for the memories.

figure8designs 2 months ago

@drop7 Wish your Black and white Kmart holiday video was still up, It's the best one!

Travel 2 months ago

bah humbug to universal, who just took the other one down. At least this is still here

Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak 2 months ago

Do cvs

onefatstratcat 2 months ago

This is a bit hipper than the 1974 tracks :)

BigFred 2294
BigFred 2294 2 months ago

Every year buying school clothes at K-Mart and driving my mom crazy by constantly running off to check out the toys and VHS movies.

dandelion ducks
dandelion ducks 2 months ago

Not as good as the 60s and 70s one... but still better than now. 😁

Vincent Vargas
Vincent Vargas 2 months ago


ted37846 2 months ago

One Mistake Kmart made is when they had all of the stores do away with a fabrics and crafts department because all across America they handed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales right over to Wal Mart, Joann Fabrics and crafts and other stores that still sell Yarn and other craft materials. If they would put the yarn and crafts department back in the stores they would have a chance to compete and make a comeback.

Call Me Kitten
Call Me Kitten 2 months ago

Thank you for putting this out. Brings back memories of Christmas shopping with my mom. The excitement of buying extra pillows and blankets for relatives coming for the holidays. I'm going to listen to this while I craft. The commercials are a great bonus too!

boomboom08060 2 months ago


Jack Son
Jack Son 2 months ago

Hurry up, son. We need to get to Kmart to get that new Super Nintendo you were asking for! While we're there, you can get a sandwich from K Cafe, and I'll look over their hardware items! We'll all meet up back at checkout in an hour! Have fun.

Smart Fart
Smart Fart 2 months ago

It's impossible to enjoy this with the yt ads.

Highway Man T
Highway Man T 2 months ago

They could never compete with Wal Mart. Very sad

S R 2 months ago

Sadly, I don't think the nostalgia we all have for this store will save it from its crappy merchandise of late.

David Bouffard
David Bouffard 2 months ago

Shop Kmart now and save this great chain!

MugenGlider82 2 months ago

thanks for sharing!

mysailorboy2 2 months ago

me and my sister shopping love you ate baby

Ed Reynolds
Ed Reynolds 2 months ago

Kmart Radio. I remember that. They even had commercials that probably were paid for by their sad to see K-mart now. They'll be history come 2018.

amazingabby25 2 months ago

What’s the first song????? I can’t find it anywhere,

peterson88keyz 2 months ago

I remember that white van with the open door when I was a kid, some nice old man in a coat had some candy...

Cynthia Murphy
Cynthia Murphy 2 months ago

They closed our last Kmart within walking distance of where I live in Dayton, Ohio, a few months ago. I always liked Kmart. When I was a teen back in the early 70s with a part-time job, I could put clothes in the layaway and was always able to find everybody in my family a decent Christmas gift. I really think they had better quality things than Walmart does now. And I loved the Kmart subs and blue light specials, lol.

Carbonite Gamorrean
Carbonite Gamorrean 2 months ago

So cool, I think I was 18

Joshua Nathan
Joshua Nathan 2 months ago

A few cars in the parking lot are at least as 1993.

SKMC69 2 months ago

Funny you should mention Jim Reeves. The Kmart in my town was next door to the Jim Reeves Museum...until a few years ago when they "accidentally" tore it down. The K Mart closed just this past September.

Zed C
Zed C 2 months ago

only comment my ass

marukochan13 2 months ago

Someone should make a vaporwave mix out of this.