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Theodora Kimmel
Theodora Kimmel 2 months ago

When I was a child, it was so painful to go around and hear everyone saying merry christmas and know that I would never be allowed to participate , that I could never fully appreciate it or be included unless I stopped being Jewish in its purest and most authentic sense. I was proud and terrified of my religious affiliation. Proud because of what we had survived, but terrified by the fact the whole world was so different, and everything so much easier and happier for Christians, including the non-religious ones. I was jealous, I was humiliated, I was embarrassed. "I don't celebrate that," I would say, and was infuriated when my aunt and uncle and cousins would make fun of Judaism and celebrate Christmas. I wasn't real when I did that one time with them. It makes me nauseated to even think about. I wasn't me anymore. All over school they had christmas everything, and they all laughed and were excited and felt included and special. All I could do was watch. I wanted so badly to keep things separate. I am Jewish and you are Christian. I thought that was the idea, and I wanted to keep things special for myself. This is for you and that is for me. As a Jew, Christmas for me is difficult in part because of its German affiliation, and in part because I do not want to water down my Judaism. If I tell people, "Merry Christmas," it hurts. I don't feel like myself and I don't actually get to celebrate and enjoy what they have, and never would. Even if I tried, I'd be one step away at least, and the struggles of my ancestors to hold onto Judaism would be lost. It is special not to celebrate christmas, and I want people to know that. I shouldn't have to lie and pretend that it is ok with me. When people tell me "Merry Christmas," I disappear, like the Jews have always faced.People don't see me, they talk to an idea of me, and usually I just cower and say what it is they want to hear because people are so angry. In this country I should be able to be myself, tell people who I really am, and not be punished for it. I don't celebrate Christmas, and won't be having one. If I tell you Merry Christmas, its because I've willing become an ornament, or a decoration of some kind. It is not that I don't want you to have a Merry Christmas, its that I don't want to have to exchange niceties so you can have your party the way you want. I'm not here for that. Sometimes when the salvation army would ring their bell and I would donate, they'd say, "Merry Christmas" and I'd get up all of my courage and say, "and Happy Channukkah," back. They'd all the take breath and say, "of course, Happy Channukkah." Why is this so hard for people to conceive of? You say Merry Christmas for a full month or more before the holiday comes, so why not for Channukah too? We should acknowledge the celebration of HOLY days as well as holidays so that we recognize each other and who we really are. We should celebrate one another as we actually are. Do you want me to say, "Merry Christmas?" Why? It makes me want to puke. I feel so left out. I feel like a phony and fraud. I don't want to do it. Please don't tell me, "Merry Christmas, " because its just a painful reminder of how I won't be having one and how the Christians get everything they want. I don't particularly like, "happy holidays," because I've become like a living greeting card. What holidays are these? Ones that I am obligated to participate in so that I can be a good American? But why?

Deer 2 months ago

I'm an Arab and we say "Merry Christmas" here...if u said "happy holidays" it'll just be what holiday do u mean pal? Is it eid up adha or eid ul fitr or the new year or what?!

Peter Chung
Peter Chung 2 months ago

You can say happy holidays, merry christmas!

Harley Hartley
Harley Hartley 2 months ago

I'm a completely gay non-binary woke feminist sjw libtard and I think we should say merry christmas

Rocco Letterio
Rocco Letterio 2 months ago

So your telling me that it is racist to say merry Christmas, a religious holiday celebrated by those of the Christian faith..... the only religion holiday that is celebrated on December 25...... now to say happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukah whatever it dosnt matter to me, but now your telling me that it is racist to practice my religion, ya that’s a big no no.

Vic 2.0
Vic 2.0 2 months ago

Well it's Christmastime, so yeah, "Merry Christmas". I don't say "Happy Holidays" around any other holiday, why would I do it for this one?

Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Mike Salgado
Mike Salgado 2 months ago

If Merry Christmas offends you..

Merry Christmas

Randy Sherman
Randy Sherman 2 months ago

When its Christmas we say merry Christmas on Easter my family says happy holidays

timmy 2 months ago

I'll be shouting " Merry Christmas" to every one

Mind Blown
Mind Blown 2 months ago

1:04 Most people choose to say Merry Christmas. Some people say Happy Holidays. But, " Don't Care " Is the thing that I hear every day 😂.

Chill face
Chill face 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and a happy new year just say that and every one would be ok with it

Brett Ellingson
Brett Ellingson 2 months ago

Not a real controversy.

Christin Harmon
Christin Harmon 2 months ago

Obama said Merry Christmas ALL THE TIME! More than Trump did.

Christin Harmon
Christin Harmon 2 months ago

Nobody ever made it an issue but Republicans

ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴘᴀᴛʜ

Merry Christmas biiiaaach

Ed Camp
Ed Camp 2 months ago

Whit me it's MERRY CHRISTMAS is the joy with Jesus's birth!!!

Cypress Walnuts
Cypress Walnuts 2 months ago

why is Christmas the only holliday that cant be said? not everyone celebrates St Patricks Day, Easter, Thanksgiving but they arent "offensive" to say to people. I think people need to understand that the word "offended" is a cover up for saying "forbidden".
Merry Christmas

Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Inglês com Fé
Inglês com Fé 2 months ago

I´m sure slamic countries won´t change their traditions only not to offend you. I´ll miss President Trump. Merry Christmas everybody!

manuel moreno
manuel moreno 2 months ago

If you dont celebrate Jesus Christ then don't participate but stop ruining our traditions

Rafael Villamor
Rafael Villamor 2 months ago

Liberals ang GLOBLIST are so allergic of Jesus Christ because they worship SATAN!

John cletus
John cletus 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Thomas Crowston
Thomas Crowston 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Britain

Genesis 1 :1
Genesis 1 :1 2 months ago

Have the guts to stand up for your rights and say Merry Christmas...!

Genesis 1 :1
Genesis 1 :1 2 months ago

Have the guts to stand up for your rights and say Merry Christmas...!

Keith Brown
Keith Brown 2 months ago

Christ. Get it? Christmas. Bunch of idiots. Say what you want. The only people who care are the ones who are do touchy feely it makes me sick. Worry about world Peace, new energy sources, taking care of our veterans, you know, things liberals think are a waste. Bunch of snowflakes, crybaby's, wannabes.

Auhm M
Auhm M 2 months ago

In the uk we say merry Christmas as do other religions. Stop being so pc about it

Charles HIll
Charles HIll 2 months ago

That's a question the BBC should ask Britain, not America. Merry CHRISTmas, or if you prefer, Happy Birthday Jesus!

J. Dino.Supreme
J. Dino.Supreme 2 months ago

Merry Christmas NOT Happy Holidays!!!


We have to say Merry Christmas !💞🎄 🎅😍😉😆🎅🎄💞
Happy Holidays?😨 Come on ! Who started to say Happy Holidays ?😱
It's just like summer vacation. Holiday is Madonna's song.
💕🎄🎅Maro from Japan with Love🎅🎄 💕

Dilon Dremel
Dilon Dremel 2 months ago

Okay if some human actually cares about this is need to grow up. Happy Holidays

Joseph Lange
Joseph Lange 2 months ago

It's called "freedom of speech." You should learn it sometime

Nick 2 months ago

If someone actually started bitching because I said merry Christmas, I would give them the biggest F U I have. No literally they need to go fuck them self.

Nick 2 months ago

I'm on the don't care side. Anyone who actually takes this seriously needs to grow up.

The Joker
The Joker 2 months ago

It’s merry Christmas, stop freaking out people!

Just Trish
Just Trish 2 months ago

Merry Christmas x infinity......xx

On Your Face
On Your Face 2 months ago

USA is backwards, saying merry Christmas is a problem there...

Middle East much!

magpiemaniac 2 months ago

I’m baffled by the stunned silence when I wish the cashier Merry Christmas. They act like they don’t know what to do and just stand there in open-mounted disbelief that someone dared to say the forbidden phrase. 🤣

the real pro bro
the real pro bro 2 months ago

Christmas is not only an American tradition

Bootes Void
Bootes Void 2 months ago

Who cares? People can say whatever they want but to me happy holidays sounds better because merry Christmas is what you say on Xmas day and it sounds more like what my grandma says

Samuel Gaskell
Samuel Gaskell 2 months ago

Meanwhile people are starving in Africa while we debate this shit

n o y.
n o y. 2 months ago

soon Christmas I am from Christian Indonesia Please pray for us.

Melvin The Magnificent

only thing I like about Trump "Merry Christmas"

Galiley Kwong
Galiley Kwong 2 months ago

Happy Honda Days.

Wehe He
Wehe He 2 months ago

Without Christ there is no Christmas. Jesus Christ is the one and only reason for the season.

George Playz Roblox
George Playz Roblox 2 months ago

Honestly he is right we don’t have Christmas just for presents which is what most people think.Christmas is about god and Christians not other religions and if other religions thinks it’s offensive.

Ed Camp
Ed Camp 2 months ago


Charlie Bronson
Charlie Bronson 2 months ago

I use to always say merry Christmas, but now I say happy holidays just to piss the right people off, and that is how I get my Christmas joy.

Confederate Ball
Confederate Ball 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to all and fuck being politically correct.

Spencer Coonway
Spencer Coonway 2 months ago

We shouldn’t be inclusive of religions like Islam who don’t even have a holiday around Christmas.

Cajunran Patriot
Cajunran Patriot 2 months ago

People of other cultures doesn't want to hear merry Christmas but are willing to make billions off of our CHRISTMAS holiday by having sales in their stores. While shopping , avoid stores who are having holiday sales and go only to stores who are having Christmas sales. If you don't like us Christians CHRISTMAS day then don't be a hypocrite by making money off our day. I have co workers who claim to be atheist but sure willing to collect that 2000 dollar CHRISTMAS bonus check.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months ago

In the 🇵🇭 we don't have this problem since Merry Christmas is ALLOWED in the 🇵🇭.

Simple fungus
Simple fungus 2 months ago

People get offended just because of two words

Vano Sasuntsi
Vano Sasuntsi 2 months ago

Roses are yellow
Violets are bluish
If it weren't for Christmas
We'd all be Jewish ( Benny Hill 1979)

Rabids Minions
Rabids Minions 2 months ago

Happy Holidays is generic and can be applied for all holidays. Happy Holiday for Jan 1 2019.

Wehe He
Wehe He 2 months ago

Happy holidays is an atheist way of of saying Merry Christmas. With out Jesus which is Christ, there would be no reason for the season.

Randy Clark
Randy Clark 2 months ago

I say happy holidays, if someone gets offended that I won't say merry Xmas, I tell them, " I'm sorry, what I meant to say was, fuck off you crazy Jesus freak".... Happy holidays to all you religious nuts.

Awesome Dude
Awesome Dude 2 months ago

Although I may disagree with Trump on many things, this is one thing I agree with him, just say Merry Christmas, it is no big deal. I am an Atheist and I say it all the time. When you don’t celebrate a holiday, no biggie to say the holidays greetings. Why would I get offended? I have friends who are not chinese that would say Happy Chinese New Year to me during Chinese New Year and similarly, when I have friends who celebrate Hari Raya or Deepavali. I say the respective greetings to them. I am not American btw. Singaporean

Wommies 2 months ago

It’s Merry Christmas it’s my god given right to say that always will be fuck what these liberal dumbasses say

Folk 2 months ago

BBC up yours

phun intended

Rick King
Rick King 2 months ago

Take your far left agenda and f*** yourself. Christmas is the only holiday that matters.

ShineSpriteGamer 2 months ago

WHO TF CARES. Say either one.

Nataniel Guzy
Nataniel Guzy 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Benjamin Mendez
Benjamin Mendez 2 months ago

Merry Christmas haha I hope this pisses you Liberals off

it's like the same but different

It’s merry christmas 🎄 if you don’t like it , tough shit, deal with it. Go find a box of Kleenex and go to town

Rpatricklee 2 months ago

But do they know that Christmas traditions are based off Pagan rituals centuries before summer or fall Christ would have been born?

Inglês com Fé
Inglês com Fé 2 months ago

Merry Christmas because on this day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. You may not like, but facts don´t really care about your feelings. You´re free to ignore it and we are free to celebrate it!

Stew The woodcarving Druid

Blessed Yule unless you want to celebrate something else. That’s why I say happy holidays.

Suhas Naik
Suhas Naik 2 months ago

Why why why?

Christmas is Christan festival, Christian festival.

You want all festival holidays around the - Diwali, Ramzan, Holi, Baisakhi, IPL - to be named Holidays.

So stupid.

Merry Christmas!

Ashante Hernández
Ashante Hernández 2 months ago

I don't celebrate Christmas, because its a Pagan holiday , but I do feel like Trump is over doing this tremendously, especially for his daughter , son in law and grandkids that are Jewish who celebrate Hanukkah.

SnowyThePyroBear 2 months ago

I mean, I’ll say Merry Christmas to friends and family who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to those I don’t know or most likely don’t celebrate.

gamewatcher557 2 months ago

Who cares?

Balockay Bumblebeetuna

Some folks don't realize... You don't have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas

Balockay Bumblebeetuna

Just say Merry Christmas and happy holidays.. all inclusive while holding your values

Isaac Park
Isaac Park 2 months ago

It’s Merry Christmas you idiot lefties, what’s the point of saying “Happy Holidays” during Christmas times when any other holidays you can say the same thing? There’s no reason to celebrate Christmas, if you take away the “Christmas” part. But hell, I like having vacation in winter, I want to keep my Christmas

Сєрбскїй Хрїстїанъ

America isn't Multi-cultural.
Rather it's Multi-ethnic.
That means we should respect other, but put our own on first place.
And not be like hellshit-hole EU where most societies are secular- meaning that their own tradition is less important than minorities'.

Adlano Bounna
Adlano Bounna 2 months ago


GBOY69GAY 2 months ago

I have never wished Happy Holidays to anyone. I wish always Merry Christmas when I use English language during Christmas season time. I agree 100% with President Trump with this issue. Donald Trump is the best US president since Ronald Reagan and I love his common sense and honest way to tell truth. It is Christmas and it shall stay Christmas in future too. I personally dislike pretending hypocritical multicultural propaganda talk like "Happy Holidays" wishes during Christmas season time. If some people don´t like Christmas and Christmas wishes they can freely move out of our cultural areas. We have not any reason to be ashamed of our own culture and cultural traditions. Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland, and Happy New Year 2018!

tube you
tube you 2 months ago

Happy holiday #intolerance

Jeff Kardos Jr.
Jeff Kardos Jr. 2 months ago

Happy Christmas?

genericusername1 2 months ago

My country is crazy Christian and "Season's Greetings" is the #1 greeting

Sumbody Real
Sumbody Real 2 months ago

freedom to say whatever you want. that's what America is all about. words can't be banned or changed here. people have the right to say hate speech. but I also have the right to tell you to shut the hell up! that's what makes us better then Canada and europe

Éamonn Síoċáin
Éamonn Síoċáin 2 months ago

Nolliag Shona!

Peter Marengo
Peter Marengo 2 months ago

Part of Trump's lies and brainwashing! It's absolutely amazing how many stupid, ignorant sheople actually believe that they were somehow unable to say, "Merry Christmas" before he took office. SMH. Wake up! You're being had! As a Christian I find this so embarrassing.

Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 months ago

Happy holidays to all deluded adults that need a santa saviour claus.

Fel Ani
Fel Ani 2 months ago

Hey BBC, Americans should say whatever the fuck they want without ever checking with you first, so fuck you and Merry Christmas.

mhaas315 2 months ago

Lol as an American who hates Trump this all happened because of the far left libs along with the far right conservitives hate each other and drug us all down with them making issues out of nothing. Its funny the whole time this was happening witch has been more intence over the past ten years, capitialism and greed has destoryed Thanks giving by intrudicing shopping on thanks giving insteed of the day after on Black Friday! So an educated person would realize that saying Marry Christmas is not disrespecful to other religions or a way of showing dominance or using it to convert people, but is just a loving greeting you say if your celibrate christmas and if you don't and someone says it to you you know as an educated person that's its just a greeting and its polite to respond in kind!

Reverend Jynxed
Reverend Jynxed 2 months ago

Fuck you, we'll say what we want. Merry Christmas.

Zero Pain Zeus
Zero Pain Zeus 2 months ago


Akrinnatus 2 months ago

Hmm BBC don't like Jesus. 😆😆😆 BBC hate Christians and have hired some nasty folk down the years.

acesilverhaze88 2 months ago

how about merry fuck you and fuck off do you think they would like that

acesilverhaze88 2 months ago

why should we have to worry about others

Jack Spencer
Jack Spencer 2 months ago


Black dragon Kalameet

Merry Christmas, obviously. Fail to see why that's a question that arose.

Seraphim Barça
Seraphim Barça 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Nic Herring
Nic Herring 2 months ago

few people really care. the sentiment is there either way.
America has free speech and if someone wished me a happy Eid I thank them for such well wishes.

zgmfBuzzard 105
zgmfBuzzard 105 2 months ago

i personally dont care what ppl say x)

imran4006 2 months ago

Birth date of Trump must be declared as Christmas instead of 25th December which was anyways fixed and determined by the Pope. Trump is actually the 'Holy Ghost' manifest in blood and mutton.

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