"One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family


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Information "One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

Title : "One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

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Frames "One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

Description "One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

"One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

"One Day More" - lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

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Anthony Venn-Brown OAM

you are so clever. thanks again

Suki Jay
Suki Jay 2 months ago

I want to be a member of this family!!!

spliff1001 2 months ago


Sam Khan
Sam Khan 2 months ago

Bluddy amazing, thoroughly enjoyed that 👏 👌 😀 👍

graeme011 2 months ago

An epic production! Well done!

gloryhornet 2 months ago

Wearing a Watford shirt, makes me like you all even more. 🐝

Linda Coaley
Linda Coaley 2 months ago

Mrs Marsh, you are beautiful

Carmen Torraca
Carmen Torraca 2 months ago

"They can't work Skype, we're broken-hearted." 🤣

Laura Manzano
Laura Manzano 2 months ago

You are all awesome!!

César Augusto Déz
César Augusto Déz 2 months ago


Di Thompson
Di Thompson 2 months ago

love you guys.

Gina Lou
Gina Lou 2 months ago

Just revisited after we went into hard lockdown again. Still making me laugh

Kriss Graham
Kriss Graham 2 months ago

You guys are simply amazing.

Nick Reynolds
Nick Reynolds 2 months ago

Very good!!!

Edith Mahecha Guarin
Edith Mahecha Guarin 2 months ago

Jajaja, no entendí nada porque mi idioma es el español, pero creo que entiendo la esencia . 👋👋👋

Graham Mcneil
Graham Mcneil 2 months ago

Jeez great message...and they all have Great singing voices. Well done The Marsh Family.

Bill H
Bill H 2 months ago

The little girl has some pipes!

Adrian Dunevein
Adrian Dunevein 2 months ago

Fantastic Work!

WildBerry 2 months ago

Fantastic song and excellent singers all! ❤️

혜인 송
혜인 송 2 months ago


Lea Niilend Rebane
Lea Niilend Rebane 2 months ago

You guys are flipping awesome! This is the first clip I saw of you back when the pandemic started and I keep going back to it as it is just soooo good. I have watched so many of your lockdown clips now - what talent! It's been wonderful to see the kids grow. From the amazing talent of the mother down (yeah, ok dad's good too) it's truly a pleasure to watch all your creations. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope you're making heaps from this!
Love from Australia xxxx

Greg T
Greg T 2 months ago

One of my favorite things on the internet!

Sara Trembath
Sara Trembath 2 months ago

You're all fabulous! Thomas's comic delivery is especially funny in this video.

Michael Enright
Michael Enright 2 months ago

Ha ha ha ha what a scream! Wonder who dreamt up the words!

FlashOfLight 2 months ago

Very competitive with the professionally made Broadway parody - One Day More with Trump / James Corden. Excellent job!

led belly
led belly 2 months ago

Out-parodying Weird Al Yankovic! Brilliant

Moto Bro
Moto Bro 2 months ago

I love how they didn’t edit out the fighting of the kids at the start

Karis Berry
Karis Berry 2 months ago

I would pay good money to watch your family in a show, so talented and funny, please go on tour your brilliant 🤩 x x

Petri Utriainen
Petri Utriainen 2 months ago

Thank you! Songs and singing unify people. You've shown that! We'll survive this pandemic. Greetings from Finland!

Wendy sinclair
Wendy sinclair 2 months ago

That one was funny😂

Max Valentine
Max Valentine 2 months ago

This is deadly 😂😂😂😂

Cindy TP
Cindy TP 2 months ago



Simon Seren Bach Designs

Got to do an album you really have !

Georgina Phillips
Georgina Phillips 2 months ago

This song was MAGNIFICENT!!! Lyrics, singing, drinking, the whole bit. Well done, all of you!

Mike 2 months ago

This is hilarious. I love how it starts off with the kids arguing then they breAk into a great parody

frietzbee 2 months ago

Can't belive, one year later I'm still in lockdown.

Andrés Pereira
Andrés Pereira 2 months ago

Guys, you're so amazing! I have lots of fun watching your videos!!! Keep it up! And thank you for sharing!

ninneque 2 months ago


Daniela Wohlan
Daniela Wohlan 2 months ago

That's a good idea and so funny. I think laughing is the best medicine.

stan txt !!
stan txt !! 2 months ago

A masterpiece.

JootjeJ 2 months ago

Still one of my favourites, but I love seeing how much you guys have grown and how much more professional you as a family have become in the last year.

Sri Mersing
Sri Mersing 2 months ago

Found you guys by accident. Laughing so loud until i teared up.. funny af! 😂

Ray Pickering
Ray Pickering 2 months ago


Jane Mills-Bishop
Jane Mills-Bishop 2 months ago

This family is awesome 🙋‍♀️🎉🙋‍♀️one day mooooooreeeeee


The dad could play javertttt

Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 2 months ago

The beginning is just as good as the song!!! She's a bully🤣🤣🤣

Hunter n Miles
Hunter n Miles 2 months ago

Great job. Love this.

Kay O
Kay O 2 months ago

Fantastic! What a talented family.

AllThingsThemeParkTV 2 months ago


badewannenmeister 2 months ago

Wow, you are my new heroes! Well done kids and parents! If online schooling has results like this, we shouldn´t be worried!:-)

Caro Hendo
Caro Hendo 2 months ago

You guys made my day😂

Judith Gentile
Judith Gentile 2 months ago


Rain9Quinn 2 months ago

Brilliant! Les Miz—definitely appropriate 🤣 God i loved that musical but u gave me the same (very similar) chills. Bravo/-va x6 from Boston

Song Parodies
Song Parodies 2 months ago

One of the best videos on youtube. What an amazing family.

Phillip Newhouse
Phillip Newhouse 2 months ago

Brilliant! And it is my favourite musical!

M L 2 months ago

What a great family! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Anthony Marsh
Anthony Marsh 2 months ago

Loved the song. Omg we might be related,your as fun and bonkers as my lot are.

AyEwan 2 months ago


Fran Hutchison
Fran Hutchison 2 months ago

OMG I love these. I hope they continue. I am in a 3rd Lock down here in Toronto Ontario Canada and watching these make me laugh. I hope they don't stop doing these.

Alan Millward
Alan Millward 2 months ago

Wow! wow! wow! wow!!!!!!!!

Deni Evans
Deni Evans 2 months ago

Excellent! Thank you x

Louise Allen
Louise Allen 2 months ago

Totally brilliant! 😊⭐️

All Saints Canterbury

have you made an EP or an album yet?

Chuchie Mondejar
Chuchie Mondejar 2 months ago

Kids has very promising voices. Just like their parents. nice job!

Angelika Fischer-Munsch

Simply hilarious 👍🏻

Matthew Donovan
Matthew Donovan 2 months ago

Brilliant. Well done guys

Anita 2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic, loved it, 👏👏👏👏👏 bravo

Jemima 2 months ago

This is absolutely brilliant

Archie Metcalfe-Megginson

One year today since lockdown started over 100,000 deaths from this shocking virus 🦠 #NHS #Covid19

George Ledyard
George Ledyard 2 months ago

What a lucky bunch of kids growing up in your family.

natabrains 2 months ago

I love it, but their neighbors must hate them

Death Eater
Death Eater 2 months ago

What wonderful performance!

Iam1random1 2 months ago

You are bloody fabulous and how am I just now discovering ya’ll !? Thanks for bringing me some joy ❤️😍

write2judie 2 months ago

Your family's creative, joyful musical parodies have been lifting my Covid-worn spirits tremendously. I only wish that I had discovered you earlier. Thank you for sharing your songs with the world.

Leslie Ann Beck
Leslie Ann Beck 2 months ago

Wow. This is brilliant!

The Lion and The Eagle

BRAVO! Brothers really have a flair for Broadway!!! way to go Marsh Family!

Wendi Beal
Wendi Beal 2 months ago

A huge thankyou to the Marsh Family for putting smiles on people's faces and lightening their lives.

Rob Furber
Rob Furber 2 months ago

Wonder what "The KIDS" will think of all this in 20 years time. Great to be able to post these 'outlets' - well done Team Marsh!!

jb c
jb c 2 months ago

I stopped it when the F word was used by the father.... sad

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind 2 months ago

So good! ❤️

Wenona Tweeddale
Wenona Tweeddale 2 months ago

I enjoy this video. The beginning with the quarreling is superb

Petra B.
Petra B. 2 months ago

Thank you from America-- humor, vocal talent and creativity, the full package!

Paula Carraher
Paula Carraher 2 months ago

Thank you.

Candy Warmuth
Candy Warmuth 2 months ago

I love this. The original too. Well done.

Grandma S
Grandma S 2 months ago

I love this version with the family spat at the beginning. It reminds us of the wonder that these amazing voices are from just ordinary kids.

burrowsgod 2 months ago

what a weird video.

Sokka's Boomerang
Sokka's Boomerang 2 months ago

i knew the oldest kid would get the enjolras part

lmengel 2 months ago

WONDERFUL!! Well done!! Shared to FB from northern Michigan USA! xx

Holden Caufield
Holden Caufield 2 months ago

I cried more than with any of the other (original) versions.

Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary 2 months ago

What good fun! I love that they all enjoyed themselves, great family! Thanks for sharing! 💚

András Korn
András Korn 2 months ago

I've been binge watching your videos and love them. :) In this particular one, Ella stands out especially with the expressive faces she makes. :) Excellent work, all of you; keep it up, you have a reputation to live up to now. :) Greetings from Central Europe!

Herbert Blumberg
Herbert Blumberg 2 months ago

Well done! Thank you! (Seems I can still type even with tears of laughter streaming down my face.)

Marcia 2 months ago

You're all awesome!
Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

bakacsiga 2 months ago

This is brilliant! I was enamored with Les Mis since I was a kid, and this rendition of One day more is my new favourite. (I wish every adaptation had this perfect harmony that you guys bring to it)
The lyrics are hilarious and relatable :D
I will share this with all of my friends, and go watch all of your creative videos.
(I am very angry about the guardian practically stealing this from you and getting aaalll the views.)
This should be about you, you are all brilliant, and I wish I had such an awesome way of coping with Miss 'Rona wreaking havoc out there.

Danuta Gabrys
Danuta Gabrys 2 months ago

Thanks from Poland!

Heidi Basch
Heidi Basch 2 months ago

One year later, i see this, you are great.👍👍👍

Nick Hewlett
Nick Hewlett 2 months ago

F' in....
Brilliant 😂.
. Thank-you.
Thee Marsh.
Family 👪 🐬

Chloe Jane Prince
Chloe Jane Prince 2 months ago


Pokejedi 2 months ago

I wish I could like this video a billion times. Not kidding.

Michael N
Michael N 2 months ago