My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!


Lauren Johnson

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Information My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

Title : My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

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Frames My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

Description My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

My Fall Sewing Plans + Fabric \u0026 Yarn Haul!

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Christin K.
Christin K. 2 months ago

Im just learning to sew. Your projects are so beautiful! I’d love to see more beginner sewing suggestions. That gal meets glam dress is my dream- I can’t wait to see what you do.

Lost My Thread
Lost My Thread 2 months ago

I've never heard of Apolline Patterns, but that Justine Dress looks beautiful! I'm going to be checking out more of their designs, for sure. I look forward to seeing all of these projects made up!

PeteJustPete 2 months ago

I hope you share the making of your dress with the zimmerman fabric!

Grace R.
Grace R. 2 months ago

What is fabric, double gauze used for?

Vincent Shiflett
Vincent Shiflett 2 months ago

I’m Karen and I can’t wait to see your finished pieces and I love the corduroy too !

shampoo 2 months ago


cath Colwell
cath Colwell 2 months ago

wow - luv this - thanks

P G 2 months ago

The Zimmerman fabric is so incredibly beautiful! I can't wait to see the dress you make with it. I may need to do a Mood Fabrics haul one day when I've improved my skills and can do the fabric justice..and when I've saved up for the customs charge too as I'm in the U.K 😅

Pauline Bzk
Pauline Bzk 2 months ago

Love all the fabrics, by the way thanks to you I disposerez Merely Susan and I will buy some fabrics they look so romantic 🤗

Michele Swarts
Michele Swarts 2 months ago

Love how you plan out your wardrobe for each season. I've been following you for a while now as it takes me back to the years where I was passionate about sewing.

Rachel Olivia
Rachel Olivia 2 months ago

Can't wait to see all these projects, they are so inspiring. I'm going to have to look into some of the Merely Susan fabrics, I just start looking, SO pretty. I've been thinking blush and rose too for some of my fall colors since I don't look good in more traditional fall colors. I've been eyeing Quince and Co yarns, I've never yet bought from them, and I really need to stash bust first, but oh there are some really pretty ones, I liked the sweetwater shade of Crane, but I'm liking the rose you have, it looks prettier than their photo, that was the shade frisco right? I also like Dye for Yarn and Dye for Wool on etsy. I have some yarn, haven't used it yet, but just love their color and fiber selection.

Wendy H
Wendy H 2 months ago

Beautiful fabrics Lauren. The corduroy fabric would be lovely in the dress. Would really suit you. Can't wait to see your up and coming videos. 🌸🌺

Felicity Johnson
Felicity Johnson 2 months ago

I can't wait to see everything you make this season!!

Catherine Peloton
Catherine Peloton 2 months ago

Congratulation ! All your projects are beautiful. Thank you for the images of the inspiring fabrics and the sweaters too.Have a good day.

Tayt & Thrifting
Tayt & Thrifting 2 months ago

I adore the color of the rose colored fabric. 😍 It’s one of my main colors for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

Moyra Louise
Moyra Louise 2 months ago

A smock dress with the corduroy would be gorgeous 😊 I follow Rosary Apparel here in Australia, Janelle there made something similar, really beautiful outcome

Kathleen Gradberg
Kathleen Gradberg 2 months ago

I just finished a caftan type top for a friend using the same gauze fabric you have in a mustard color. If you haven't washed yours yet, it shrinks a lot! I was supposed to add sleeves to the top I made but didn't have enough fabric after washing. I also looked at the houndstooth check you purchased, almost bought some. Spent today making a newsboy cap out of brown herringbone wool. Not quite finished but hope it looks ok on me, I may be too old for it but have always wanted one.

Sewlimitless 2 months ago

Those fabrics you showed are very nice. I don't knit, but that first yarn you showed (rose color) is gorgeous! I'll be working on sewing some pants for my first fall projects.

Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson 2 months ago

You should look at the Gibson Girl Blouse from Folkwear Patterns! I've never made it but I've been eyeing it for a while. It's more Edwardian than Victorian but I think it might still fit the look you're going for.

Heather Lana
Heather Lana 2 months ago

What pattern are you using for your peter pan collar blouse? Or do you have any recommendations? I am in love with that idea and I have the perfect double gauze fabric for it that I got a thriftshop!

tzeni Kafaraki
tzeni Kafaraki 2 months ago

Beautiful colors, the fabrics and the yarn!!!

Katrina Cheshire
Katrina Cheshire 2 months ago

SO beautiful! I can't wait to see what you make from all of these gorgeous fabrics! 😍 I just picked up Mccalls pattern M8008 at Joann's pattern sale - it might be a good choice for the victorian blouse you want to make! 😊

Sachi’s Studio
Sachi’s Studio 2 months ago

I didn’t know Joann carried double gauze and corduroy. Such beautiful fabrics! Thank you for showing us your haul:) I’m off to Joann now…

Bunnies and Roses
Bunnies and Roses 2 months ago

I think the smock style dress would look great with boots and be really warm and you would wear it more than you think because you could just grab it and go. You said you are going to work, Are you a piano teacher? , I also have a lot of hobbies, I like to embroider and I like paper crafts and felt crafts that my grandmother taught me and I love Earl Grey tea and Lemon Ginger tea. Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects. All of them look super!

ArmindaHeart 2 months ago

Yay! Upcoming projects! Can’t wait 😊

Tran T nguyen
Tran T nguyen 2 months ago

I bought the same toothhound fabric! I'm gonna make a nice pleated pants for the fall/winter.

Bluebonnet101 2 months ago

I love the houndstooth. I think I may make some totes this fall. Haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to do yet. I love this time of year and all the cozy fabrics. Have a great weekend 🙂

Vanessa Chain
Vanessa Chain 2 months ago

Such a beautiful color palette! I love corduroy 🧡💗

MsBubu 2 months ago

That dusty pink mohair yarn is beautiful

Sadie Engels
Sadie Engels 2 months ago

I've been making corduroy tote bags with a gingham cotton lining and a little embroidery on the front! It's so cute (not to toot my own horn) I think I even use the same rust cord as you, Kaufman? Their new cord line is nice!

Oh, if you do decide to wax a jacket, if you haven't done it before, it's an absolute pain, I'd recommend buying a tinned wax for that usage. I've waxed a couple coats with melted beeswax, a brush, and a hairdryer... first of all it takes forever and is likely to be uneven, secondly the waterproofing doesn't last very long so you have to wax it about every 2-3 months to maintain that. I had a thicker cotton coat and the wax bled through to the lining. You can also buy prepared waxed cotton which is quite beautiful (and even)! It's more spendy, but after having been there and done that, I'd say don't be there and do that if you can help it! Stick to waxing wraps, not coats lol!