LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133


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Information LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

Title : LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

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Frames LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

Description LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

LIVE: 2022 Charity Cross Stitch PATTERN REVEAL! - FlossTube #133

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EPATTERNJS - Cross-stitch patterns

Thank you for your video! 👀 Look for more free patterns in my profile. ✅

Nina Gillenwater
Nina Gillenwater 2 months ago

Thank You, Kimberly!!!

happyfacefries 2 months ago

I love all these new ones! Especially the "modern" ones. I don't have a ton of money right now so I'm afraid they won't keep coming in, but when I do, I will be purchasing many of these.

Vikki Van Veldhuizen
Vikki Van Veldhuizen 2 months ago

If I may be so bold…. The cross stitch pattern that you accidentally did two of, I have a suggestion. Sunflower Seeds. Finish the project with mounting it on a cute background or whatever; and then auction it off for the Make A Wish Foundation. I am sure there are people who would bid on it because you made it. Just a thought. Thanks for all you do.

Patty Penn
Patty Penn 2 months ago

As I said in my review email--this is the BEST stitch quarterly by far!!!!! LOVE IT!

Stitchin' Shea
Stitchin' Shea 2 months ago

I'm so excited that you're carrying more Satsuma Street. I had to get the seasons the minute I saw them. I'm currently working on her Taurus Zodiac & plan on stitching all of them.

Myrna Jones
Myrna Jones 2 months ago

Thanks for the great video. I love everything you are working on.

Regina Holloway
Regina Holloway 2 months ago

Will FQS be doing a SAL with Lori Holt’s new Stitchy Barn???? I hope so!!!

Leigh Helvie
Leigh Helvie 2 months ago

Would All The Trimmings look good on white?

Mandielee demke
Mandielee demke 2 months ago

I know in one of the prior videos you talked about your quilted bag you have stitchography in but where did you get it or the pattern to make one ?

Jacqueline Boyd
Jacqueline Boyd 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. Enjoyed as usual

Melanie Call
Melanie Call 2 months ago

If your extra Sunflower seeds need a home …. I’ll share my address 😊. I loooooove it! 🌻

Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson 2 months ago

What is the size is Snow Balls for Sale cross stitch?

Kristin McCollough
Kristin McCollough 2 months ago

Thank you! Love to see your work - it’s inspiring! 🧡

Allison Norris
Allison Norris 2 months ago


Katie Brown
Katie Brown 2 months ago

I really like the new Stitch Quarterly! This is my 3rd one since being a subscriber and I'm always impressed, you can really tell all the hard work that goes into each one. Thanks for all the wonderful things you guys do for us! 💙

Sandra McInnis
Sandra McInnis 2 months ago

HEARTFELT IS GORGEOUS! Can't wait. I did the Serendipity cross stitch and LOVED it. Was looking forward to seeing what you would have for next year and you have exceeded my expectations! Thanks!

Pat Andrews
Pat Andrews 2 months ago

I’ve loved doing the Make a Wish stitches. Will there be a DMC floss pack?

Mandielee demke
Mandielee demke 2 months ago

So excited ! We are a make a wish recipient ! We’re I. The process of getting our sons wish granted I love love love that y’all do this each year !

Happybidr 2 months ago

I’ve never mentioned this before but I really love the table that you work on during the show. I loved the choices in floss for the first pattern. I’ve never used Classic but I might try it this time.

Sheri King
Sheri King 2 months ago

Dmc makes a glow in the dark floss

Janada Chingwa
Janada Chingwa 2 months ago

Charity Cross Stitch for 2022 looks great. The cross stitch for October looks like fun and the 14th of October is my birthday. Enjoyed the video very much. Stay safe. Walk in Peace.

Kathy B.
Kathy B. 2 months ago

love the more classic and more simplistic finish... YAY!!

MadamCello 2 months ago

I was wondering if the Wichelt aida color Tumbleweed would work for the Autumn Beauties mystery stitch along

robinselby1 2 months ago

Always in for your Make A Wish charts and any accessories you do for it as well! I love that you do this each year! Love all your flosstubes💕❤️💕

Kim Rae
Kim Rae 2 months ago

Kimberly, I have an idea for your 2nd Sunflower Seeds project that you stitched! You and your team can finish it in a unique way ( make it a FT video,) and then auction it off with all proceeds going to Make a Wish. Happy stitching everyone! Kimberley

Cindy M
Cindy M 2 months ago

I ❣️❣️❣️ the #HeartfeltSAL!!!

Tami Pugh
Tami Pugh 2 months ago

I purchased some of Lori Holts 10 count from you all. What I don’t know is how many strands of DMC I need to use. Can I use 4 strands?

Sue Jameson
Sue Jameson 2 months ago

What gorgeous projects. I’m on stocking number 2 of All the trimmings as I watch. I did wonder if it was possible to make the pattern any bigger to print out.? I had to enlarge mine by 50 percent to bring it up to “ normal size”. Love it. My first stitch along I might be able to keep up with.

Cathy 2 months ago

Thank you, Kimberly!! I love watching you and seeing a bunch of new cross-stitch patterns and the new quilt patterns too!! Thank you and your team for everything you do!!😍

Jan Maag
Jan Maag 2 months ago

Is the Autumn Beauties sew along easy for a first time cross stitcher? Enjoying all your videos. Thanks.

Debbie Weigle
Debbie Weigle 2 months ago

Wow!! So much new stuff and things I want to stitch. I have the Stella 2 but would love the new Go light. Just have to see if it's something I could afford. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

judith hughes
judith hughes 2 months ago

could you tell me when is granita cross stitch out on pdf. And also where can i get the home cross stitch that was on the shelves behind kimberly a couple of weeks ago. thank you.

Nora Harnett
Nora Harnett 2 months ago

I really appreciate when you say… “I want to make this pattern, but it probably won’t happened until 2022” you’re honest with your limitations and how much you can accomplish.

Loretta Henderson
Loretta Henderson 2 months ago

Awesome video Kimberly and staff…best wishes for your second eye surgery ❤️🔆❤️

Holley Downs
Holley Downs 2 months ago

Oh my, I love all of your projects..

Susan Genry
Susan Genry 2 months ago

Oh I am so glad you are offering quilt barn in 14 aida

GIL3969 2 months ago

I just LOVE your videos!! I really enjoy watching you and. look forward to them! So glad I found you on you tube!!!❤️
Question- what light/ magnifier do you recommend to use when cross stitching. In my 50’s and I wear progressive lenses !

Barbara Wallin
Barbara Wallin 2 months ago

I love the Make-A-Wish pattern! So darling. Also stitching the All the Trimmings with you. The colors of floss on the charcoal fabric look beautiful. ❤️

Sandra Carrillo
Sandra Carrillo 2 months ago

Happy that you are well after the surgery. Was the Stella light the promo you referred to? I received a call and am not sure if I missed the promo. Thank you!

Marsha Carlsen
Marsha Carlsen 2 months ago

What is the weight of the Stella Go lamp?

Sue Birdsall
Sue Birdsall 2 months ago

I hope I didn’t miss out on the Aurifloss box for the new Make A Wish project! I noticed the pre-sale was sold out but I asked to be notified. I love this project and love donating to it! I love your patterns and that you have all the things for a project! Thank

Joan Morton
Joan Morton 2 months ago

Kimberly, what are the NPI pink flosses you used?

Kathy Lara
Kathy Lara 2 months ago

Enjoy all your Floss Tube episodes. Made my day when you said it is OK to buy patterns now and finish them at a later time.

Barb Family
Barb Family 2 months ago

The Stella GO light doesn't come with the base? Super expensive for a light and to pay separate for the base with a total of $400.

Katie McNatt
Katie McNatt 2 months ago

Prayers for the left eye surgery, Kimberly! I hope you are amazed at how well you can see once both eyes are done. Another great week! Sorry I missed live.

Louise Harrington
Louise Harrington 2 months ago

Do you have the autumn beauty bundled? I can’t find it.

Debbie C
Debbie C 2 months ago

DMC have glow in the dark floss, I have it.

Christine Estes
Christine Estes 2 months ago

I don’t see HeartFelt on the blog. Can you post a link for it?

Mary Sewitsky
Mary Sewitsky 2 months ago

Two s company has adorable things.m

Diana Longhenry
Diana Longhenry 2 months ago

Do you offer the xstitch pattern for the piece behind you “Harvest Ghords Acorns …”?

Christine Estes
Christine Estes 2 months ago

Ooh I can’t wait to stitch Autumn Beauties!!

Knella W.
Knella W. 2 months ago

I couldn’t find the “Stitch” pattern on the website that is stitched on the plaid bag. Can you help? 😁

dallastaylor 547
dallastaylor 547 2 months ago

This year I'm going to donate twice as much but it will be to a local charity. I go between two charities each year. They do incredible life saving work. Just wanted you to know that I am paying for the patterns but prefer to give locally. Thank you oooodles for all you do!!!!