Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !


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Information Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

Title : Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

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Frames Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

Description Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

Custom Brownie Box using 1 Base Recipe !

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Vilma Martinez
Vilma Martinez 2 months ago

A must try!

Jo Paopao
Jo Paopao 2 months ago

How long can it last? Thanks!

AMaZing Cravingz!
AMaZing Cravingz! 2 months ago

Just want to make it clear, the brownie mixture yields two 8x8 pans?..
Thank you for sharing..

Ashee Bibi
Ashee Bibi 2 months ago

This is perfectly good, thanks for sharing.

groveslv 2 months ago

It look's delicious but there aren't enny capacities
👉👈so I dont know how much of the Ingredients I need to use. 😁If you can just tell me how much I must use of the delicious looking brownies that would be very helpful.

MORENO Patricia
MORENO Patricia 2 months ago

How much you sell that?

Melina Lourenco
Melina Lourenco 2 months ago

do you wana know how much torture it is to watch these videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


like whyyyyyyyy?????? i just wish i can grab this out of the screen and JUST EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone on Earth
Someone on Earth 2 months ago

OMG I made the brookies/ cookie brownies and they tasted A-MA-ZING!!!!! Would totally recommend❤❤10/10

CUTE KIDS 2 months ago

Your so talented

john christina claira

Hi can I use Brown sugar for fudge brownie

Jewel V: THE MUST 2 months ago

Thank you for the idea mam I would love to try this for my food orders in new year😘

Ap ple
Ap ple 2 months ago

Hi...can i use espresso powder instead of coffee?

iLASHES 2 months ago

This is how many people who want this for

Nargis Ahmedi
Nargis Ahmedi 2 months ago

can someone tell me what is that black sheet called and where can I buy it?

Natures lover 29
Natures lover 29 2 months ago

Gonna try your delicious recipe😋

Riddle Me
Riddle Me 2 months ago

I wanna make this for Holiday. If I'll use cocoa powder how much should I use?

Creative Faith By Shelby Grace

These look soooo good. The only thing I would recommend is baking the peanut butter brownies last and separate. This is to eliminate the chance of peanut allergy flare ups.

Nina Buenaventura
Nina Buenaventura 2 months ago

I tried making these and they came out so liquidey 🥺 anyone here who knows how to fix this :(

Mira Al Shoum
Mira Al Shoum 2 months ago

mctorny 2 months ago

Love it when you remove edges of all the goodies you make!

Wanetta Hudson
Wanetta Hudson 2 months ago

I am going to make these brownies they look so good

Afreen Abdu
Afreen Abdu 2 months ago

Emma: if you have some Nutella some strawberrys in your fridge maybe some Oreos use whateveryou like
Me: if I had Nutella or Oreos I would be eating it

Sandra Rudey
Sandra Rudey 2 months ago

What a Beautiful idea!!!

Tiramisu Desu
Tiramisu Desu 2 months ago

I could picture single me gobbling a whole box of these. :3

Baker Beshie
Baker Beshie 2 months ago

Looks so delicious!

divya bamhore
divya bamhore 2 months ago

This is so good 😍😍loved it ❤️
Please let me know can I half or double the recipe

Dian Nabila
Dian Nabila 2 months ago

Can I change the sugar with palm sugar ?

Vaanga! Kelunga!
Vaanga! Kelunga! 2 months ago

I HAVE A DOUBT!! someone pls reply!
ive been following emmas recipes fr a month now,.nd from the little tiinyy weeney bit of knowledge of baking that i acquired..

Falguni Mehta
Falguni Mehta 2 months ago

Hi,wt is substitute of eggs?

Theresia Nangolo
Theresia Nangolo 2 months ago

Hey Emma, thanks for sharing your amazing recipe. About the Philadelphia cream cheese, is it possible to substitute it with another kind of cream cheese If I can’t find the one you requested, if so, which one do you recommend ? 😊 Much love for your channel.

Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink 2 months ago

Seems like a great gift for the upcoming holidays! Thanks for the fun ideas. :)

charlene butler
charlene butler 2 months ago

Can you do cookies like you did the brownies too.

Saloni Chaubal
Saloni Chaubal 2 months ago

Thank you sooo much for this Emma!!! I tried these today....they tasted amazing and everyone simply loved them!!!🤗♥️

Dr.Ayesha Nizamuddin Arkeri

I'm just so happy with ur channel coz ur recepies don't fail either doubled or halved..... so just love u channel 🤩🤩 will surely love to meet u and have dishes at ur setup if u own any ❤❤

sombrè bakers
sombrè bakers 2 months ago

Hey Emma! Tried this recipe today for bookies, but failed... Don't know why.? The cookie dough went all the way into the middle of the brownie which kept the brownie uncooked :( should I place the cookie dough after half of the time is passed?) I really wanted to make them.... Pleased help

Giggl3z Heart
Giggl3z Heart 2 months ago

This is amazing !! You should make a brownie & cake popsicle boxes next !!!! pleaseeeeeeeee !!!

Reetu Jain
Reetu Jain 2 months ago

Wow, great recipe but please share egg substitute, because i m vegetarian.pls ans me

Tiya Ginu
Tiya Ginu 2 months ago

I don't know why but she kinda reminds me of sue heck from the middle. She is just so cheerful

kajol mondal
kajol mondal 2 months ago

Please tell me baking temperature and time.

PEPSI 2 months ago

I cant wait to try this out. Brownies has been my husband's favorite

Suci Amalia Ulfah
Suci Amalia Ulfah 2 months ago

Indonesian translation please, I like this video

Ritu Gupta
Ritu Gupta 2 months ago

Plz give recipe without egg

Sheila Jung
Sheila Jung 2 months ago

Can I change oven way with steam?

Ldn H.
Ldn H. 2 months ago

This is something I would maybe try out this weekend but What's the size of the pan used?

Food Kitchen Lab
Food Kitchen Lab 2 months ago

Your recipes are amazing 👍👍

Biji Nair
Biji Nair 2 months ago

How can we make an eggless version of this?

Chef G
Chef G 2 months ago

Emma, came across your channel today and want to tell you that from now on, for any confectionery or baking recipe I'm going search your channel....

Rachana Agarawal
Rachana Agarawal 2 months ago

There looks delecious....
Mouth watering... Bt can u please tell me.. in the batter of brownie wht can I use instead of eggs 🥺

Rachana Agarawal
Rachana Agarawal 2 months ago

Wht should I take instead of egg😅🙄

Rea Landicho
Rea Landicho 2 months ago

hi im new here,, can i have the recipe pls..thanks

Neeta sheth
Neeta sheth 2 months ago

For Eggless version 😌

T A 2 months ago

where are your boxes from please

MARWA 2 months ago

Thankyouuuu i made it😋

shruthi shetty
shruthi shetty 2 months ago

Plz teach us eggless brownie box plz

mamy home
mamy home 2 months ago


Jabber H. Abdulghaffar

The exact measure of toping of cookies, peanut, cream hceese?

Saima Saqib
Saima Saqib 2 months ago

2 cup sugar is not too much for this recipe?

Spicy 2 months ago

Your recipe is very easy!!!!

مطبخ صافي
مطبخ صافي 2 months ago

Wonderful recipe

Lydia Verallo
Lydia Verallo 2 months ago

Hi ms emma?? Is that milk powder for the cookie toppings i doubt is not mention in your descrption box. Thnx you and have a good day !! 😃

Aysha Abdu
Aysha Abdu 2 months ago

Can I reduce the sugar to 1 and half ?
Because I don’t like overly sweet brownies

Bonda Sebelas
Bonda Sebelas 2 months ago

Would like to try this recipe..if it turns out as beautiful as yours, i would like to make a video in my language ...tq

shahina uddin
shahina uddin 2 months ago

These look delicious! When I made them everybody loved it! Just wondering what size tray did you bake it in?

Joyce Jose
Joyce Jose 2 months ago

Thanks for the wonderful recipe mlm

Kerstein J Lavado
Kerstein J Lavado 2 months ago

Recipe please

rifa iqbal
rifa iqbal 2 months ago

😋😋 my jaw dropped 😍😍😍😍

MGAL 2 months ago

I tried this recipe today and it was so fudgy and delicious

aanchal madan
aanchal madan 2 months ago

If I want to bake the entier brownie which tray should I use plz help me

Uc Bakes
Uc Bakes 2 months ago

Made these today absolutely delicious... thank you Emma❤️. Trying out the vanilla cake soonest

Victoria4691 2 months ago

This will be my treat!

Arabic Kitchen
Arabic Kitchen 2 months ago

very nice thank you but can we use only one pan for baking

Sunflower 2 months ago

Don't forget peanut

Susana Alcantara
Susana Alcantara 2 months ago

Eres maravillosa, saludos desde la Ciudad de México CDMX. 👏

Compel Red
Compel Red 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this. My family is going to LOVE me. They are tired of my super dark chocolate brownies. Lol

Heather Yoeli
Heather Yoeli 2 months ago

I might make this but I will half the fudge brownie recipe and just do the brookies and I will leave the leftover brownie batter plain without cookie dough on top. Also, I will use chocolate chunks

ThatsSoRache 2 months ago

You are SO beautiful!!!

Sabana Patel
Sabana Patel 2 months ago

Wow Emma, my brownies turned out great! I did the chocolate chip and cookie dough brownies.

Shen Says! 🙂
Shen Says! 🙂 2 months ago

Awesome idea, thank youuu! 👍👍❤️❤️

Kunjan Trivedi
Kunjan Trivedi 2 months ago

Instead of egg what we will use

Fernanda Muñoz
Fernanda Muñoz 2 months ago

A cuantos grados y cuanto tiempo???

Kayla Kasmara
Kayla Kasmara 2 months ago

Is it 1 tablespoon of egg whites or 3/4 tablespoons for the cream cheese brownie and can we use brown sugar instead of white sugar for the brownie?

nova listin
nova listin 2 months ago

Wow. Thanks a bunch Emma for this inspirational recipe. 👍

Tris Prihartini
Tris Prihartini 2 months ago

Languat indonesia ..🙏

Mark ballad
Mark ballad 2 months ago

fansy food wow

Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed 2 months ago

Pan Size?

angela vlog
angela vlog 2 months ago

All of her recipe is so good i trade them all and is so good ang she is so cute and beautiful i love emma

User Daffa
User Daffa 2 months ago

Emma, is the brownie recipe in description for two 7" tin?

tabby cute
tabby cute 2 months ago

Okay i will go to my pantry kitchen 😍😍😍as in now hihihi

i am what i am
i am what i am 2 months ago

Can i ask the coasting of the brownies mam?

Siddhi Mody Kapoor
Siddhi Mody Kapoor 2 months ago

Awesome recipe...... What is the alternative to avoid eggs.......we don't use egg. Please suggest.

Enilce Rangel
Enilce Rangel 2 months ago

Eu fico muito triste, quando tem um canal com coisas tão bonitas que aparentam esta gostoso e não tem uma tradução, nem uma legenda pras pessoas que não sabem inglês.
Queria tanto entender pra fazer!

Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain 2 months ago

I am in love with you 😍❤️😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Sweety cho
Sweety cho 2 months ago

She's so cuttttteeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Miko mae Mendoza
Miko mae Mendoza 2 months ago

My batter is a little runny . I followed your recipe and ingredients :/. Is it because i use mixer?

Miko mae Mendoza
Miko mae Mendoza 2 months ago

Costing pls

That Wonderful Girl
That Wonderful Girl 2 months ago

I really cant match ur description box n ur vdo ...they are nt same

Farida Godhrawala
Farida Godhrawala 2 months ago

Tried this recipe they turned out amazing.

Nsiac Nigeria
Nsiac Nigeria 2 months ago

They look so delicious that I want to eat the whole selection.

Leena Ashra
Leena Ashra 2 months ago

Hi. Please tell me the egg substitute

Nadia khan
Nadia khan 2 months ago

Dear emma...can i use vegetable shortening instead of butter?