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Information Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

Title : Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

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Frames Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

Description Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

Dawn kisses Tim! | The Office Christmas Special | BBC Comedy Greats

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johno4521 2 months ago

The feel good factor of the Xmas specials rounded off the 2 series beautifully. Imagine if they hadn't been commissioned...

Hashtag14 2 months ago

Brents ‘definitely’ after she says to call him is over looked I think, it showed that deep down he knew really that he wasn’t actually looked at in the way he said he was as a boss but this moment someone genuinely really likes him n he’s so excited about it

dcthomp 2 months ago

I hated Keith until this episode, loved that he was DJ and just sat there nodding with his vinyl.

Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 2 months ago

If only Gervais had left it here.

Adam Budd
Adam Budd 2 months ago

Well I definitely had a tear

Gregor Collins
Gregor Collins 2 months ago

One of the greatest endings to a TV series ever. Hits me in the gut every time.

Rob Parker
Rob Parker 2 months ago

Somewhere on Youtube is a clip of the UK office without any comments about which is better, US v UK. It's like Peter Gabriel's vs Phil Coliins' Genesis all over again.

theantinwofish 2 months ago

One of my favourite sitcom scenes of all time, the perfect way to finish the office.

dangerous dave
dangerous dave 2 months ago

Bet Tim was up the crack of dawn

Smith Pups
Smith Pups 2 months ago

American office is absolutely timeless, but I swear the office UK hits deeper

Controlled Pairs
Controlled Pairs 2 months ago


Jake Smith
Jake Smith 2 months ago

@1:00 Brent had this coming the whole time. You should know when people don't want you around. It was just sad watching him turn up to the office time and again after he was fired.

Easystreet 2 months ago

The best UK TV show ever made and it’s not even close.

donkbotiousmaximus 2 months ago

The greatest love story of all time :)

Khasab 2 months ago

Am I the only one who hates the stupid 'cards' that are now put on the end of videos. They block the last bit of videos they block names or any other info you might want to see and aprt from that, they are generally a nasty, totally unnecessary intrusion. Why did anyone think they would be a good idea, to be force fed idiot ads for other videos when your watching the end of something!!
Can we not all get a barrage of complaints about them going in the hope they might eventually be stopped!!

John McMahon
John McMahon 2 months ago

The perfect finale for Dawn and Tim!

BoredOnYouTube 2 months ago

After seeing Dawn (even though the love interest is supposed to be a “plain” character) I don’t get why they thought Pam Beesley was even close to comparison, Dawn is beautiful !

Ms. Blaileen
Ms. Blaileen 2 months ago

I love how after Brent’s date leaves in the taxi after a surprisingly great experience, he looks briefly at the camera but doesn’t gloat...before heading back inside to the party. He kind of wanted to keep the moment for himself, showing that Brent isn’t all about maintaining appearances or showing off, as he has been throughout the series. Very telling scene.

Dee Lee
Dee Lee 2 months ago

Who chose the music...just perfect

Zach Free
Zach Free 2 months ago

British have the besr comedy and satire in the world, they can pretty much laugh about anything. Love you, David. Genius.

Remember White
Remember White 2 months ago

Tim woke up at the crack of Dawn the next morning

harryc26 2 months ago

The greatest scene of anything ever. I would give my left nut to erase my memory and see this for the first time again.

robby rensenbrink
robby rensenbrink 2 months ago

One of the greatest moments of television I have watched. Just magnificent.

Rob Tatum
Rob Tatum 2 months ago

Pure magic this gervais is a genius

David Dolan
David Dolan 2 months ago

This is something they got right over there. The main man stayed throughout the run. Why NBC let Steve walk will always be a mystery.

Fred Server
Fred Server 2 months ago

Watch Dawn too, full of trepidation and excitement but subtley.

Alicia 2 months ago

The hesitation as she goes to kiss him gets me every time. So realistic, how you would really kiss your best friend, not knowing what would happen. Especially in public with your coworkers present. Perfection.

Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood 2 months ago

1:18 is that the man from the training day episode?

Cameron Steven
Cameron Steven 2 months ago

David looked so happy at the end

K B 2 months ago

Only recently found out the beautiful Dawn is Jasper Carrots daughter. She was also in Wonder Woman. Made to look older and frumpy in that film.

Mirror16 2 months ago

The was the perfect end to a great series

Rainstorm R
Rainstorm R 2 months ago

whats the name of the song that's playing ?

Ricardo Mon Vonalot
Ricardo Mon Vonalot 2 months ago

The most satisfying moment of this is when Brent tells Finch where to go. That was perfect.

Arturo Millán
Arturo Millán 2 months ago

The two best bits the series worked up to. David standing up to the bully, and Dawn finally getting together with Tim.

María Rojas
María Rojas 2 months ago

Cuando descubrí esta serie, secuestré los DVD de la biblioteca pública durante tres meses, más o menos, hasta que me la reclamaron porque había otra gente que la quería ver. Y esta escena la repetí no sé cuántas veces. Me encanta el humor! Y el amor! si hasta ví enteros los making off. Me encanta el humor de Ricky Gervais.

Barry Porteous
Barry Porteous 2 months ago

Don't forget your jacket, Tim!!

Ian Grimshaw
Ian Grimshaw 2 months ago

If you haven't been there, and had that happend to you, and a kiss is the most erotic thing, far better than an orgasm; then this is for you.........thank you Jane

LA X 2 months ago


VE_: 2 months ago

This for me is the proper ending to Brent. I disregard the film. This showed him finally connect with someone who appreciated him for who he was, and he seemed more at ease around her. He also stood up to Finch. Then suddenly a film comes out and Brent is acting as if none of this ever happened, he''s back to being the attention seeking and weak man from before.

I feel these last moments in the series were perfect and gave closure in a more profound way. He seemed to grow in these few scenes and you knew that he'd be ok going forward. This is one character that didn't need revisiting imo.

Bigmacbricky 2 months ago

Dawn walking in the background is epic.

Moreish 2 months ago

Love this

trainergirl 2 months ago

Without doubt that was the very best 1 minute of the whole series :-)

arch1e 2 months ago

Perfect ending. And you realise too what great actors they all are... Ricky Gervais especially.

TheHulk7070 2 months ago

Gervais and merchant really know how to cap off a series perfectly. Great choice of song too. Office and extras are two of the best British comedy dramas ever created in my opinion.

Hazza Nezza
Hazza Nezza 2 months ago

I'm happy this is the ending, other shows would have Tim and Dawn get married and have 32 children. Perfect way to end the show.

Hold My Bleach
Hold My Bleach 2 months ago

Knowing me, I would have let out a subtle drunk fart literally seconds before she approaches and kisses me.

piggypiggy pig
piggypiggy pig 2 months ago

At the very end we see the real winners and losers.

laminage 2 months ago

I will say Daid was very lucky he was invited since he no longer worked at The Firm. Alot of folks wouldn't have done that. Also Fans were upset that they saw Tim & Kiss on the back of The Office Special DVD. I still remember freaking out when I saw Dawn with a Wedding Ring and A Baby.

Paul O'Hara
Paul O'Hara 2 months ago

Tim went out the back with her and Brent followed him out as Gareth watched on.

Sophie McKenzie
Sophie McKenzie 2 months ago

Such an amazing scene

Harry Drake
Harry Drake 2 months ago

Just pretend the Brent Movie never happened.

Kevin Kibble
Kevin Kibble 2 months ago

Careful, she's got a fiance

ParkEnder18 2 months ago

Well Leeds are doing well to be fair to Brent

SecretAlfaFan 2 months ago

1:50 onwards is the best television moment in history

Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman 2 months ago

It's quite easy to fall in love with somebody you wrok with and both of you know it but are not able to do anything about it. It's part of life and at times it's cruel. At other times it's beautiful.

Nathon Alexavier
Nathon Alexavier 2 months ago

I love how Neil didn’t say anything after as he knew David was also standing up to him too and that he couldn’t do shit cuz he wasn’t his boss anymore. Checkmate

Mudskipper 007
Mudskipper 007 2 months ago

Loved how the f##k off was clearly directed at both of them...

ysgol3 2 months ago

I notice Brent's bird didn't last long.

But he's such a monster, who the hell could possibly expect her to.

ysgol3 2 months ago

I love the depth of love Dawn shows Tim merely by the way she takes and holds his hand.

RuddsReels 2 months ago

Brent's date at the start of this video is the same actress who played the cleaner in one episode of Men Behaving Badly, I believe.

rob harvey
rob harvey 2 months ago

1.34 Where are they now eh?

Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor 2 months ago

How did Brent manage to pull her in the first place haha

The Man In The Long Black Coat

You can’t really see David’s genuine expression because they decided to put more videos from BBC Comedy Greats over the top of it. 🙄

R GSNR 2 months ago

an episode that there was a hope for all of them even brent

Henry Gaervell
Henry Gaervell 2 months ago

The thumbs down are from Eric Hitchmough who dosn't agree with public displays of affection in the workplace

David Taylor
David Taylor 2 months ago

I really want to see a video of how Tim and Dawn prepared that scene

Christopher Kearns
Christopher Kearns 2 months ago

Brilliant end to a brilliant tv show.... actually shouted "Yes" wen brent to bully boy to "f### off"

rick182 2 months ago

And there you have it... Neal Goodwins laughter finally confirms he was a prick

Mark 2 months ago

What a great finale. God bless them.

letsseeif 2 months ago

Only the people who invented the English language could have got this 'clip' so right.

Eightiesboy 2 months ago

Anyone still watching whilst furloughed? 'I came here to purposely trigger a crying fit, to try and release my anxiety.

Drew Greene
Drew Greene 2 months ago

Good shit

ParkEnder18 2 months ago

Well Leeds are doing well to be fair to Brent

Martin Earl
Martin Earl 2 months ago

What an utterly fantastic ending.

Sanket Shah
Sanket Shah 2 months ago

I am not crying. You are crying .

Ross Dawson
Ross Dawson 2 months ago

Brings a tear to the eye every time

Stephen Kissane
Stephen Kissane 2 months ago

I wonder what she said to Lee, it could be you didn't buy me crayons

Ethan S
Ethan S 2 months ago

I was touched that Tim finally ended up together with Dawn here. How romantic. 💗💓💘😃😍🥰😀🙂🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎑☃️🌿🎋🎍🎄🎁

Stef James
Stef James 2 months ago

Best part is Brent wasn’t expecting a kiss and was stoked to get one! Sad but so bittersweet!

Leigh Lewis
Leigh Lewis 2 months ago

One of the best moments in any tv show

DMJ 2 months ago

I always like to think Tim and Dawn have now got married and brought up kids

Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh 2 months ago

i was so waiting for this kiss.. the love between dawn and tim is so raw and beautiful.. the highlight of this show..

Karilyn Geoghegan
Karilyn Geoghegan 2 months ago

I don’t know what it is about this scene. I have to watch it once or twice a year. I get chills every time. The acting and writing could not have been more beautiful.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

Never seen this. is it a play?

Sunlight70 2 months ago

Who else is smiling like a loon?

John Wu
John Wu 2 months ago

Finchy killed by David Brent and then by a black goat in The VVitch

Vincent Grimmly
Vincent Grimmly 2 months ago

The camera zoomed into Dawn too soon. The audience should have been able to notice her in the background before the camera focused on her

Liam 'Lewy' Shepherd
Liam 'Lewy' Shepherd 2 months ago

This defines the difference between UK and US. We're naturally self-depriving. We're not blind, we don't expect anything, we don't assume it, we earn it. In even in this scenario nothing is perfect. But it's real. That's what is important with comedy in the UK. In the US everything is inspirational how you can be on top regardless. Nothing wrong with that, it's fantastic. In the UK though, it's about the small things that mean so much. This is what ironically makes it perfect. 2 series and 2 Christmas specials. Quality, not quantity.

Tripledonkey 2 months ago

Magical, humanist and heart melting finale. The kiss was the best! And even David finds happiness - was genuinely made up for him the way he smiled after putting his date in the taxi and she signaled him to call her. So sweet.

William Peck
William Peck 2 months ago


Ralph Tomkinson
Ralph Tomkinson 2 months ago

This was the perfect ending to the perfect show

Liam 'Lewy' Shepherd
Liam 'Lewy' Shepherd 2 months ago

Reading through these comments, I don't understand why people are using the fact that the US version ran for 9 series means it was more successful, or better. The reason US shows run for longer is because it's usually the network that owns them, pressures them into squeezing every bit of life out until they no longer have adequate viewing figures. Whereas in the UK some of the most successful sitcoms will only run for 2 or 3 series because the producers have more control and with the beauty of the BBC the network isn't as desperate for viewing figures for advertising purposes, instead they're primarily looking for positive feedback alongside other metrics.

For example; The Office, Gavin & Stacey, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, The Young Ones, The Royale Family.

Quality, not quantity.

Robert Brynat
Robert Brynat 2 months ago

One of the best scenes of any comedy series

Filip Zawistowski
Filip Zawistowski 2 months ago

Redemption :)

Stephen Tierney
Stephen Tierney 2 months ago

Perfect song for that aswell

MultiCamOrange 2 months ago


ChrisHFal 2 months ago

Greatest sit com ever.


still the greatest show ever

TheSvenysven 2 months ago

I cried the 1st this was in the beeb. 6 pals oiled round to mine for pool beers and this, and yep I cried

Mike Wish
Mike Wish 2 months ago

Pure television magic.