Can Jupiter Ever Become a Star?


Anton Petrov

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Can Jupiter Ever Become a Star?

Can Jupiter Ever Become a Star?

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Jijo George
Jijo George 2 months ago

🌕 🌎

Josh Brown
Josh Brown 2 months ago

What is up with your voice, in this post?

Rabi Chkraborty
Rabi Chkraborty 2 months ago

Please send me in comment what is name of this game

Rabi Chkraborty
Rabi Chkraborty 2 months ago

What is Name of this game

Rabi Chkraborty
Rabi Chkraborty 2 months ago

What is name

Mars 2 months ago

Oh damn,im scared

Purnima Gomes
Purnima Gomes 2 months ago


Woeilin eng
Woeilin eng 2 months ago


Otis Redmond
Otis Redmond 2 months ago


Thung67 b
Thung67 b 2 months ago

There's a black couch I know of that can make you a star.

shadow chan
shadow chan 2 months ago

When 38 it looks like Saturn

Dean Nicholls
Dean Nicholls 2 months ago

how can Jupiter talk!?!?!

Tanish Satish
Tanish Satish 2 months ago


audio kees
audio kees 2 months ago

But how dangerous is it when men put old satelites into the sun to get rid of it, is that dangerous to put strange elements in or as we say everything is made of the same, it does not harm? Can I do blow up our sun when put strange gasses in it?.

t72AR 2 months ago

Jupiter, What the hell?

GOD 2 months ago

Do u want me too?

Thomas 2 months ago

Why doesn't anyone imagine if Saturn became a star

Suyapa Borjas
Suyapa Borjas 2 months ago



Bryan Dorsett
Bryan Dorsett 2 months ago

A white dwarf combined with Jupiter would give us our star#2

Locomotive Train Station

It would look cool but it would damage the solar system

Yasoda Singh
Yasoda Singh 2 months ago

Ur destroy

Yasoda Singh
Yasoda Singh 2 months ago


Rizal 2 months ago

fun fact: if you throw 90 jupiters into eachother it would make a brown dwarf
''a failed star that are a huge disappointment to their moms'' - kurzgesagt

Wotah 2 months ago

u can

James Hudson
James Hudson 2 months ago

venus is a star: the morning star!

James Hudson
James Hudson 2 months ago

i think you're going at this the wrong way. don't try to change the astrophysics. work on the name. just use the ancient chinese name: Suì Star. star is just a term. astrophyiscists don't own it!

PolyEarth 2 months ago

Nobody respects me like jupiter :(

Anita Deb
Anita Deb 2 months ago

Sir please name the software . I want it

David Timmins
David Timmins 2 months ago

F annoying. Just get to the number required.

21Vadimka25 2 months ago

I'm know you Russian

Tres 2b
Tres 2b 2 months ago


Rich Merowitz
Rich Merowitz 2 months ago

Ah, Jupiter with your massive gravity.
Sucking matter into thee
Over eons yet to come
Will you become another sun

Enzogta 2 months ago

to the guys who wants the game is called universe sandbox 2

Daniel Carreer
Daniel Carreer 2 months ago


Michael Rumble
Michael Rumble 2 months ago

What would happen if we sent a nuclear bomb to Jupiter?

Noah E
Noah E 2 months ago

Using Universe Sandbox in the wrong way, done right.

Caden Phan But i’m a wannabe youtuber

If it gets a little bigger yes

Linguist Tom
Linguist Tom 2 months ago

You could click Simulation-No Fragments

Carlos Silv
Carlos Silv 2 months ago


Thorium 2 months ago

Well it wasn't a star, but you did make a pretty planet.

Saturn 2 months ago


Sanjiv Sujeebun
Sanjiv Sujeebun 2 months ago

Nope. It just doesnt have enough mass.. It should have been at least 80 times more massive..

Taposh Adhikary
Taposh Adhikary 2 months ago

ভিভো ভি নাইন হান্ড্রেড নদীয়া নবদ্বীপ ফকিং ইনশাল্লাহ হাই

Wade Smith
Wade Smith 2 months ago

A red Dwarf in Jupiter's position would only increase the light on the Earth by about 1 watt per meter squared, which would still cause some global warming, but probably would take decades or centuries to add up to even one degree Celsius temperature change. Basically, it wouldn't even be as bright as the full moon at night. This is due to the Inverse Squared Law of forces. When Jupiter is at it's closest approach to Earth, using round numbers, that's 4 astronomical units, and when it's farthest away is about 6 astronomical units, so Earth wouldn't experience any warming at all across a few months time period. You'd need to run the model out a couple hundred years to find the new equilibrium temperature of the Earth, which would probably only be about 0.25C warmer, or about one quarter of one degree Celsius.

Wade Smith
Wade Smith 2 months ago

During the Red Giant phase of the Sun, Jupiter might capture lost mass from the Sun, so it's not necessarily impossible to happen, but ridiculously unlikely.

Jay Mercha
Jay Mercha 2 months ago

Only god and Anton play w/ the universe.

Omarea Grigsby
Omarea Grigsby 2 months ago

What the app called

Old Man Jenkins
Old Man Jenkins 2 months ago

i remember you

AO MING WWR NMS 2 months ago

Scp 2399 screaming in pain

Nate Dempsey
Nate Dempsey 2 months ago

78 ew add 1 and take away ten


plss name game

Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas 2 months ago

i was under the impression that technically jupiter is already a star, it radiates more energy than it absorbs?

Kaylee Colvin
Kaylee Colvin 2 months ago

Well that depends, this is a game, it could take 1 Jupiter for all we know. But i know you can't use a game to tell universal facts.

HappyPlays 2 months ago

can the sun become a planet

Maximilian Vasilev
Maximilian Vasilev 2 months ago

90X Jupiters mass is a brown dwarf

Orion belt Inc
Orion belt Inc 2 months ago

How does this look so good

Itz speed
Itz speed 2 months ago


Le Xuan Lan
Le Xuan Lan 2 months ago

is this a game?

Ashish Baghel
Ashish Baghel 2 months ago

If you collied 10 jupiters it makes jupiter a star

lSweaty_ 2 months ago

which app did u use to make this video

💤quasi-bruh the lazy star💤

Rip jupiter is a failed star 😭✋

Yuttana Jittabut
Yuttana Jittabut 2 months ago

i fink yes has a mas become a star

Xinh Tuyet
Xinh Tuyet 2 months ago

Jupiter you are a brown dwarf

Ginny Jolly
Ginny Jolly 2 months ago

I wonder how many people were told —like I was as a child in the 1970's— that the sun was a failed star? That it formed but didn't ignite. So it looks like it would need way more matter than even the sun has!

So then what did the solar system mass look like that would become the Solar System?

Hayden Esper
Hayden Esper 2 months ago

If you have 90 Jupiters if you can find a 90 Jupiters or you get a sty

#099#ScarOP 2 months ago

Jupiter is a failed star.

Rabbi Dongallo
Rabbi Dongallo 2 months ago


Malory Braden
Malory Braden 2 months ago

19 Jupiters would become a brown Dorf 50 Jupiters would make a main sequence 100 Jupiters would make a giant 1 thousand Jupiters would make a hypergiant

Ervin playz 2
Ervin playz 2 2 months ago

Copy + Paste

A-A-Ron Browser
A-A-Ron Browser 2 months ago

These are such cool videos! Great work Anton

Martin Olsen
Martin Olsen 2 months ago


Yoeri Silver
Yoeri Silver 2 months ago

Ayy this is solar sandbox

Arnas Bliudzius
Arnas Bliudzius 2 months ago

Simple. You can just change the jupiters temperature to 10000 °C

Nou Cha
Nou Cha 2 months ago

Please in my pocket galaxy

Ktoś Coś
Ktoś Coś 2 months ago

It was a long time ago, but from what I associate Jupiter lacks some mass, to become a brown dwarf or something

roland seri
roland seri 2 months ago

wa da wa da mat

Ganymede 2 months ago

Papa vill become sun an me become planet

Blåbær 2 months ago

My friend says: Jupiter is Star

Rep0007 2 months ago

True, Jupiter is too small to self-ignite into a stable, self-sustaining star. BUT -- if you set off a 50 megaton H-bomb down deep in the hydrogen-metal layers, thousands of miles down -- enormous containment pressure for the explosion, and highly compressed fusion fuel surrounding it -- the whole planetary core of hydrogen metal DETONATES at lightspeed like a FLASHBULB going off! Self ignition -- hard, needs mass. Detonation -- easy, just get a large fusion bomb down there far enough. Scary thought.

Steve 2 months ago

How many humans do you need to drop at Jupiter to create a star bigger than UY scuti

rumsum-aumsum-raiven 2 months ago

what is this name game

Danny Armstrong
Danny Armstrong 2 months ago

Yes, you can.. just light a match...

shadow chan
shadow chan 2 months ago

If Jupiter is ten times bigger than earth it could!

Thaer Ali
Thaer Ali 2 months ago


Fuzzypickles 2 months ago

I turned Saturn into a star, and made it green and made planets orbit it.

Greg Bickal
Greg Bickal 2 months ago

Jupiter just needs a TikTok account and shake her booty and she will be a bigger star than Bella Poarch

Aleksa Z
Aleksa Z 2 months ago

No, short answer is no, i knew that before i seen this video 🤣

Tyler Sauro
Tyler Sauro 2 months ago

78.5 Jupiter masses is the lowest real star you can get in Universe Sandbox. Any lower and it's a brown dwarf.

Alp The Co-Pilot
Alp The Co-Pilot 2 months ago

its game

Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes 2 months ago


Ezekiel 2 months ago

Now we asking the real questions

V'rass 2 months ago

But given Jupiter is almost all hydrogen would not detonating a nuke inside it cause a runaway reaction in the atmosphere that might cause the whole thing to convert into a star if the nuke were powerful enough? Sort of like what the developers of the bomb were worried would happen with our own atmosphere though to a much lesser extent.

Chad Tallo
Chad Tallo 2 months ago

What if the sun turned into a star?

zing xiu
zing xiu 2 months ago

78? 90 jupiter all in one will be a failed star so thats not possible for 78

Fen Yuan
Fen Yuan 2 months ago

You will need 80 Jupiters to make it a star

Christine Ervin
Christine Ervin 2 months ago

Jupiter already was a star.

John Wang
John Wang 2 months ago

We could star lift the material needed from the Sun itself. This would also prolong the life of the Sun.

Robber Barron
Robber Barron 2 months ago

No, ef u!