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Title : Westminster Chorus - Smile [Virtual Choir]

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Westminster Chorus - Smile [Virtual Choir]

Westminster Chorus - Smile [Virtual Choir]

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Lewis Miller
Lewis Miller 2 months ago

Gorgeous, guys! Is that Tickner as pianist? Tawni Miller

Cyriel Hoogsteder HoHoHo

"Darn ya" : goosebumps

David Perez
David Perez 2 months ago

GOOOOOOOOOSEBUMPS!!!! Y’all are amazing!! Wish to be part of you guys some day when all this nonsense Pandemic settles

Nancy Bishop
Nancy Bishop 2 months ago

Thanks for the wonderful feeling of seeing all those smiles along with the beautiful voices

Keith Pennington
Keith Pennington 2 months ago

Fabulous! And the Ringmasters did it with 4 guys

Kim Catalanotto
Kim Catalanotto 2 months ago

Go Zack!!!!

Greg Stickler
Greg Stickler 2 months ago

Where is nff bari

Bonnie Rhoads
Bonnie Rhoads 2 months ago

Made me cry, so needed to hear this, thank you gentlemen

Jason Parker
Jason Parker 2 months ago


Paul Chism
Paul Chism 2 months ago

WOW!!!! I remember when The New Tradition did this, and I can still see the characters as they sing. Flash forward "a few years" and though it was probaly not intentional, some of the most awesome chord worshiping ever. Loved the tag - the extra was a great "ownership" thing - but I must say one thing...the ending chord was extraordinary. I listen with Dolby 7.1 SurroundSound headphones, and my dog usually is in my lap. Well, the final chord made him get up and run about the place...I'M DEAD SERIOUS. I counted three octaves, so I know he heard something above that. Maybe it was because I had the volume cranked??? Maybe!!! Great job guys!

josh d
josh d 2 months ago

Is some of the members missing because I see people’s names I don’t see in the video

Leandro Bernardes
Leandro Bernardes 2 months ago

thanks for making me feel alive.

Geri Powell
Geri Powell 2 months ago

Amazing! A genuine “Thank you” to you all.

htarceno Thomas
htarceno Thomas 2 months ago

this makes me smile... and cry

Ralph Muehlenbruch
Ralph Muehlenbruch 2 months ago

You guys NEVER disappoint!!!

The Valley Villagers Choir

Gorgeous! Love it! Hope you'll check out our latest virtual choir video. Would any of you like to sing on our videos? www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnq9d3A1gOs

peterawilliams 2 months ago

Bravo excellent could hear all the words and sang along to great more of this please

mike acord
mike acord 2 months ago

Thanks to all of you! So beautiful! And what a wonderful message for all of us to hear at this time. Very fine job mixing. I will listen to this many more times. Bravo!

Chris Adams
Chris Adams 2 months ago

A smile came to my face when I saw Jackson, Joey, and Jake singing, and the tag made me tear up. I've loved this song for ages and to finally hear a beautifully mastered and sung by this chorus brought a huge smile to my face. Fantastic job guys, can't wait to hear more!

Heather Dreith
Heather Dreith 2 months ago


Bruddah Sam
Bruddah Sam 2 months ago

Alright guys.....this was crazy! CRAZY AMAZING that is! Honestly, you guys left me speechless again in my video (like always) haha.... GREAT JOB !

Tung Tran
Tung Tran 2 months ago

I love this chorus!! Seeing them in person is always a great moment and memory to have.

Seth Levinson
Seth Levinson 2 months ago

yay, yay, yay! Huge appreciation to Westminster Chorus for sharing the love

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson 2 months ago

Wow! Best rendition ever -- of one of the best songs ever! Thank you Charlie Chaplin and YOU (Westminster).

Appassionato !
Appassionato ! 2 months ago

This has been a most encouraging message during difficult times. Thank you for this lovely song that is so beautifully sung!

Conner Rock
Conner Rock 2 months ago

I’m very impressed by the balancing here. Like it’s not too heavy in the lead section and the bari’s and Tenors come through very nicely

camanawana 2 months ago

This Chorus never ceases to amaze me. Pure Excellence at every Opportunity.....

JennyBeeAMDG 2 months ago

Justin and the Lads still bringin' It home! Well done, Lads!

Niyn 2 months ago

Love this song and love you guys

TDvorak99 2 months ago


xAmboSx 2 months ago

Wonderful guys :) as always :D

you're just mad
you're just mad 2 months ago

I love and miss you guys.

Henry Montgomery
Henry Montgomery 2 months ago


GeriBru 2 months ago


tactileslut 2 months ago

Given how little each performer could have had in his ears before the mix, this is a-fucking-mazing. Then again, you always have been.

liberty tree
liberty tree 2 months ago

One of my favorite songs ever. So nice to hear it. This was written by Charlie Chaplin, amazing talent!

Gary Stone
Gary Stone 2 months ago

Nice job gents! Kudos to Jake & Joey for all your work; you're doing great stuff behind the scenes to make all this happen.

John Bartash
John Bartash 2 months ago

Thank You, if there was ever a time we needed this, you guys are assume

Stuart May
Stuart May 2 months ago

Really needed this at this time in life, thank you

Cbann_ 2 months ago

even did the ringmasters tag!! holy schmoly this was good!

Jesse Kern
Jesse Kern 2 months ago


Jonathan Niemi
Jonathan Niemi 2 months ago

Needed this today, thanks guys ♥️

Silvi Honey
Silvi Honey 2 months ago


Scott Ashley
Scott Ashley 2 months ago

Wait, they're singing 'Smile', and I have tears in my eyes!

josh d
josh d 2 months ago

Good Lord that was just fantastic

Jane Marcotte
Jane Marcotte 2 months ago

Your chorus blows me away everytime I hear you! I love this music and the style of this music! Keep singing!

Caleb Ogle
Caleb Ogle 2 months ago

The audio mix on this is insane