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I actually fr remember going on that ferry in lower Manhattan 3-4 years ago which was my middle school field trip when I was in the 7th and 8th grade and back 5-6 years ago I also went there with my summer youth camp trip LMAOOO

Mackandal 2 months ago

Thank you AK for showing us how to travel to the Empire Outlet!

celticfire64 2 months ago

Around 37:00 the bimbo with the bad red hair dye job should stop being a jerk to get child sitting in the Pram

Marlee December Vlogs

I was looking for masks and shocked to see so many people out until I looked at the title again and saw June 2019 in parentheses.

Ellis C. Foley jr
Ellis C. Foley jr 2 months ago

I've watched a lot of video's of NYC. and few other Staten Island Ferry's runs this was by far the best one. your camera sense is excellant. On board the Ferry i got the feeling I was there in person. your leaving the camera alone giving the viewer time to take it all in, was superb.!. I could almost smell the salt air, and the tour of EO was great. big place!. you've got a fan for life. keep them coming please. Im a senior retired on fixed income can't take vacations except through your eyes and efforts thank you so much. it is greatly appreciated. and best of all thanks for sharing. Cheers from New England!.

Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 2 months ago


Dorothy Merrell
Dorothy Merrell 2 months ago

Thank you so much for for the Staten Island Ferry ride it was very enjoyable.

Howard Wayne
Howard Wayne 2 months ago

Another winner action kid . we all travel with you. Greetings from calf.

RIOT SQUAD FILMS 2 months ago

Let me know if you want to do another video in staten island. I know some really cool spots

Ann Charles
Ann Charles 2 months ago

I could have sworn I saw a guy wearing a mask at 42:24 … I back tracked … my bad. …. ActionKid … BIG THANK YOU FROM BARBADOS. I`VE LEARNED MORE ABOUT NYC FROM YOUR VIDEOS THAN I DID WHEN I WENT THERE ON AN EDUCATIONAL TOUR. THANK YOU.

Lyricist Anonymous
Lyricist Anonymous 2 months ago

Thanks for posting this Action Kid🙌🏾I love riding on the ferry! 💛S/O to Wutang👐🏾🐝🐝

John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago

Nice video. No social distancing. The good ole days.

Arrow Crusher
Arrow Crusher 2 months ago

Astoria queens love Action Kid. 111

Arrow Crusher
Arrow Crusher 2 months ago

Action kid if I met you in real life time I would probably get you caught up in a 3-5. We love you We see you. We will always protect you. Hoover crips

Arrow Crusher
Arrow Crusher 2 months ago

Straight up awesome video action kid... only the people that live around here know the complete truth and accuracy of this video

Jay Smith
Jay Smith 2 months ago

My legs are tired from all that walking.

Tech Explores NYC
Tech Explores NYC 2 months ago

I was there in November 2019 and it was still abysmally empty, despite a bunch of more chains are entering there like shake shack. But if you like to escape of the craziness of NYC within 30 minutes this is probably one of your ticket. Also check out the promenade nearby with a 9/11 memorial installation called postcards.

Nakita Tillis
Nakita Tillis 2 months ago

I've always wanted to visit New York....guess that won't happen. Nothing will be the same....😖😢

Samsung TU8000
Samsung TU8000 2 months ago

can you drive through the queens midtown tunnel?

Licensed and insured
Licensed and insured 2 months ago

I hope that outlet survives now after this corona pandemic. ☹️

Stephanie Stearns
Stephanie Stearns 2 months ago

The best deal in NY I've found so far!

Jacqueline Gangas
Jacqueline Gangas 2 months ago

AK !! ... I remember my days on Staten Island !! June-summer 2019🙏😊🙂💝

patricia spadea
patricia spadea 2 months ago


robin212212 2 months ago

You can tell who the native new yorkers versus the tourist are by where they sit on the ferry; the natives all go to the middle of the ferry, lower level whereas the tourists all run to the top of the ferry for the views.

Art Maker
Art Maker 2 months ago

I want to go there 😞

PoV Tube
PoV Tube 2 months ago

Something new for a change

Jane Carroll
Jane Carroll 2 months ago

It's been over 50 years since I rode that ferry....thanks!

Skymarshall Marz
Skymarshall Marz 2 months ago cant stop him from giving us some of the best footage of NY and surrounding areas, around.

Joe Dazey
Joe Dazey 2 months ago

Also to note, there are concessions at the SI ferry which includes food, beverages and even beer!

maximvs degeneratvs
maximvs degeneratvs 2 months ago

I can't believe that I've developed a "Corona instinct". When I saw all those people without a mask I immediately felt uncomfortable. And angry. Anyway, thanks AK !

Thea Wil
Thea Wil 2 months ago

So peaceful and nice! Great....Thank you

Rosanne Runfola
Rosanne Runfola 2 months ago

These outlets didn't exist the last time I visited Staten Island. Things have changed. Thanks for sharing your video.

Taiwan4K 2 months ago

Hey are you currently in Taipei? I also do walking video, would be cool to say hi to you in person! Great content, subbed. Would love to hear what you think about mine as a beginner. Thanks!

Robin 2 months ago

Huge ferry must hold 1,000 ppl .?

Robin 2 months ago

A Ferry ride 😊 Thank you. (Back when ppl had a hole face)

Arnaldo Júnior Jiménez Vargas

Gone with the pandemic wind...

American Law Dawg
American Law Dawg 2 months ago

Where's the social distancing? Said posted 4 hours ago foo

cats- cool
cats- cool 2 months ago

I love the " tulip " looking chairs!

samir rami
samir rami 2 months ago

well done

Daniel 2 months ago

Hey ActionKid! I'm too lazy to actually record things myself, so would it be OK if I took up to several minutes of footage from some of your TW videos? I'll be sure to credit you.
Thank you!
Also, that ferry looks amazing!

StarScream 2 months ago

I miss my hometown.

marie 2 months ago

Thanks I hope this situation of COV finish soon.

tim faracy
tim faracy 2 months ago

Staten Island terminal greatly changed and improved from many decades ago when it was just awaiting room with stone walls like a gym.

Mitsos Ts
Mitsos Ts 2 months ago

Ι was kind of shocked, until I saw "June 2019". 😂

Ride with Gae
Ride with Gae 2 months ago

Great video, as always

vita 2 months ago

Wonder why it took almost a year to post this one... nice ride.

Patrik Chatrnuch
Patrik Chatrnuch 2 months ago

damm, thats the ferry that hit that pier in 2003

David B Dornburg
David B Dornburg 2 months ago

Makes ya wonder how many of those folks you happened to walk by that day, are no longer with us due to COVID-19.
What a difference a stupid little microbe can make in the lives of so many. 😶

Jeahav Valentin
Jeahav Valentin 2 months ago

You're truly the best like always buddy

Hope Aure
Hope Aure 2 months ago

Good morning.. Thank you for the videos.. Great job as always 😊

B29 C29
B29 C29 2 months ago

I'd like to be OVER the sea... B [France]

real yute
real yute 2 months ago

Home sweet home i miss nyc 😩😕

Travel World & My Vlogs

It's our old days when we were walking and moving on the road and enjoy and live those days but now it's empty and everything is closed.. 😥😥
God help us we need to live life free to this pandemic 🙏🙏
Actionkid your good videos I like it 👏👏

Lesley B
Lesley B 2 months ago

i love the Staten Island Ferry! I always recommend to people when visiting NYC.

Brian Bees
Brian Bees 2 months ago

ActionKid, I’ve learned more about New York from your videos than from any of my visits there. Thanks for your videos, and I look forward to each one!

Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma 2 months ago

can you do a ferry video during these current times?

Kryshanda Bethel The Queen of Motivation

By time I’m done with all of your videos I’ll be a new Yorker for sure !! Lol 😂 thanks for them keep them coming !

rolo6932 2 months ago

I love all your videos! Thank you, you are awesome!

Danroyd's Barbados Travel Vlogs

Thanks for showing another video of NY. Keep the vids coming

Karthikeyan A
Karthikeyan A 2 months ago