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Linda Hunter
Linda Hunter 2 months ago

I have no idea what she is saying.

Linda Hunter
Linda Hunter 2 months ago

can"t hear her.

Laura Martin
Laura Martin 2 months ago

It works....... i have done it.... tasted delicious, no food poisoning....... doing it again this Christmas......

anastasia46 2 months ago

who wants to eat a turkey that has been kept warm for 8 hours ???

DELICIOUSCHEESE999 2 months ago

Whaaaaaat let's keep my poultry at bacterial danger zone for as long as possible?

This is a recipe for food poisoning

Ricopolico 2 months ago

Fuck this bullshit - look at the rapt attention of those onlooker sausage creatures. This skank finally has an audience, praise dee Lawrd!

Sully 2 months ago

Isn't keeping the oven on all night expensive?

mark mccall
mark mccall 2 months ago

Put it in at Midnight mass and then take it out in the morning. How is that "12 hours in the oven?"
Can anyone give a slightly clearer idea of how long it will actually take for a 25-28lb turkey? I'm close to chickening out!!! Help!!!

SeikiBrian 2 months ago

Anyone care to guess where her mic is?

Ron Cooke
Ron Cooke 2 months ago

oh you have switch on the light today