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Cherry Wallis
Cherry Wallis 2 months ago

Whoops, I didn’t explain what this video was meant to be very well! 😅

This is a gift inspiration video to give you guys ideas for anyone that loves all things magical! Rather than a full review and unboxing of each item.

Sorry I didn’t explain that very well in the video, however with that in mind - if you would like to know any more about the items there are links in the description to everything for you!

And if you do want me to show you anything else in more detail in future videos, let me know! ⚡️

Donya Ghorbani
Donya Ghorbani 2 months ago


Lisa 2 months ago

Is the Harry Potter app potter more?

Lisa 2 months ago

Sadly I have only read the cursed child

Sinthia Ahmed
Sinthia Ahmed 2 months ago

6:32 Cherry Wallis in America it is called Spot It

lake_bear123 2 months ago


Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe Buffay 2 months ago

I call dobble spot it and I have that Harry Potter one.

Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor 2 months ago

The hermionie doll i collect them i have cho chang , the original herionie ,harry potter and hagrid . I love that ravenclaw crown it is so beautiful how meny years have you been collecting harry potter things?

Kirtida Sanghani
Kirtida Sanghani 2 months ago


Kaitlyn Elizabeth
Kaitlyn Elizabeth 2 months ago

I would die if I got the Hogwarts trunk full of Harry Potter stuff for my birthday or Christmas😩😩

Izzys Hp obsession
Izzys Hp obsession 2 months ago

me: makes a basket in noble collection and it comes up to £300
my £10: no way you heard what mcgonigal said you dont even have enoup- what an idiot

Jonty Gwynne
Jonty Gwynne 2 months ago

i love how cherry did the price in 3 different currencys

Rebel momma
Rebel momma 2 months ago

Love when Cherry says, "Treat Yourself"

Diloish_075 Yilmaz
Diloish_075 Yilmaz 2 months ago

Please do it more saying the Europe price’s because I really have the issue of not knowing the price for me 🤍

Talula E
Talula E 2 months ago

I love to get the presents for Christmas

Laurie Sysum
Laurie Sysum 2 months ago


Emilia No wag
Emilia No wag 2 months ago

i use to live close to boods when i lived in london

Pqstiche 2 months ago


Bloxy Luna
Bloxy Luna 2 months ago

I have the illustrated edition of the philosophers stone book and it’s really cool

Lily Wadhams
Lily Wadhams 2 months ago

I’m a hufflepuff

Alaina Smith
Alaina Smith 2 months ago

can u maybe do stuff that is also in the US?

Pól OConnor-Pryor
Pól OConnor-Pryor 2 months ago


Elise Versteeg
Elise Versteeg 2 months ago

when i clicked on 'join gold' it said it wasn't available in my country :(

Michael Langdon
Michael Langdon 2 months ago

My favorite Halloween candy is Butterfinger

Paigey PProductions
Paigey PProductions 2 months ago

🎄⚡️ EVERYTHING is on my Christmas wishlist now!

pim1234 2 months ago

Love your facial expressions ! Always make me smile ...

pim1234 2 months ago

Do you know how much money you spent on Harry stuff upto now ? Must be a fortune !

Ksenia Durm
Ksenia Durm 2 months ago


Rebecka Björk
Rebecka Björk 2 months ago


vxnilla_donut 2 months ago

I’m pretty sure everyone here is a muggle born..

Izzy Rain
Izzy Rain 2 months ago

I’m so excited for Christmas! I finally convinced my parents to get me the mirror of erised!

Alex Wingblad
Alex Wingblad 2 months ago

Where I live dibble is called spot it

Sophia Salebe
Sophia Salebe 2 months ago

Cherrys spirit animal is a niffler she is to obsessed with them because she is one

Marco Linnebjerg
Marco Linnebjerg 2 months ago

I am a gryffinder to

Shannon Fitzgerald
Shannon Fitzgerald 2 months ago

Hi Cherry! Could you do one for this year ? Thanks!

scott lunn
scott lunn 2 months ago

what house are you in? I am a Ravenclaw!

jilene Jensen
jilene Jensen 2 months ago

Or the train Fans

Weekly Marauders
Weekly Marauders 2 months ago

Our topic in English is the Wizarding World, my dream has come true lol

Weekly Marauders
Weekly Marauders 2 months ago

My Xmas Wishlist:

~ move in with cherry
~ or own her collection

Weekly Marauders
Weekly Marauders 2 months ago

There’s loads of Harry Potter stuff I want, but they are quite expensive:/

Shaji T K
Shaji T K 2 months ago

Let's help cherry reach 1 million subscribers !!?

SPEW McDonnell
SPEW McDonnell 2 months ago


Tilly_Butterfly Lav
Tilly_Butterfly Lav 2 months ago

Omg I have the lipsticks they are amazing but they don’t come of but other than that they are great and the colours are deep red, hot pink and dark purple 🦉🦉ps love u Cherry 🍒

Chatty Miss Maisie
Chatty Miss Maisie 2 months ago

🎄⚡️ All of this stuff I now want!

Sandra Hincapié
Sandra Hincapié 2 months ago

The best thing about cherry is that she says the cost in different counries

Ocean Busch
Ocean Busch 2 months ago

I would look in the mirror and see me at Hogwarts ❤️🥺😭

The Aisha Biscuit
The Aisha Biscuit 2 months ago

Ms. Wallis I really like you necklace (time twirler) where did you get it?

Elizabeth 2 months ago

I adopted a giant purple pygmy puff named Pinki!

Evie Howe
Evie Howe 2 months ago

I would love to have a HP collection like Vherry, but I kinda ‘fade’ out of the fandom. I’ve always loved it but sometimes I’m obsessed over times I’m just like yeah I like it but whatsoever

Josie Mole
Josie Mole 2 months ago

I have the scented bubble bath you can get a box with them a Luna sleepmask a snitch bathbomb and hedwig hand cream I got it for my birthday

GamingWolf 2 months ago

Thanks you to say in europe euro's bc i am duch and i love Harry potter

Giulia Lupin
Giulia Lupin 2 months ago

When your name begins with G so you can wear a Ginny or George jumper without feeling weird 😂

Riley Still
Riley Still 2 months ago


Neil Jacques
Neil Jacques 2 months ago

i got the night bus lego set for my birthday.i built it and its great

Anest James
Anest James 2 months ago

You can get a skelly grow water bottle quite cheap and really cute from the same place

The happy Fan of
The happy Fan of 2 months ago


Chloe DiPierdomenico
Chloe DiPierdomenico 2 months ago

OMG 😮 this is amazing

Abbie Black
Abbie Black 2 months ago


Line Jensen
Line Jensen 2 months ago


Sharna Peal
Sharna Peal 2 months ago

Just me waching in August 😂⚡🌲

Row Boat
Row Boat 2 months ago

🎄⚡I have the lego clock tower. Love it. My kids love to play with it too.

Alex Kyte
Alex Kyte 2 months ago

you should definetly try dobble its a really good game
plus it sounds a bit like dobby

Louise Monaghan
Louise Monaghan 2 months ago


Kelly Swift
Kelly Swift 2 months ago

Forget about us Australia

Despoina Polyxr
Despoina Polyxr 2 months ago

BTW ur T-shirt reminds me of Stranger Things!😍😅😂😂

Eden 2 months ago

i have the mirror of erised. Its really beautiful and i have it in my library <3 :)

Monisha Begum
Monisha Begum 2 months ago

Whose birthday is on 26 December .

Monisha Begum
Monisha Begum 2 months ago

No one :
Not even niffler:

Cherry:gOld fOilinG

Animation Girl
Animation Girl 2 months ago

So last year I got the illustrated Harry Potter books and also a wand from the Noble collection that lights up when you wave with it

Neela Sharma
Neela Sharma 2 months ago

Love fluffy things

Neela Sharma
Neela Sharma 2 months ago

I love the Pygmy puff in purple and the hermione granger bag may treat myself to a Pygmy puff during lockdown

Neela Sharma
Neela Sharma 2 months ago

I want to go see Harry Potter and the cursed child once this virus is over with love all the gift ideas 💡 there’s always going to be criticism as a you tuber just ignore them I really loved your video very informative and handy

Neela Sharma
Neela Sharma 2 months ago

You explained yourself very well no need to be so apologetic you were very clear 🙄

Neela Sharma
Neela Sharma 2 months ago

I really wanted the Harry Potter glittery blue jumper but they were running out very fast so I managed to get the glittery maroon Christmas jumper in extra extra small so a size down. In the future we’re planning to move so that’s when I will get the hermione granger handbag I already saw this on the noble collection site

Mini Shaw
Mini Shaw 2 months ago

(No tree and thunderbolt as I'm seeing on laptop) Just one thing I would not let anyone but is that garbage cursed child about
Now it's not Christmas but one of my friends has a birthday and I was looking for a gift guide and saw this
Btw I was already subscribed to you before looking for this

Edit : I really liked your shirt because I can imagine moi niffler wearing it 😁😁

Kayla Belle
Kayla Belle 2 months ago

I live in America. How can I get my hands on one of these jumpers???

Mae Flower
Mae Flower 2 months ago

🌲⚡getting ready for birthday and Christmas 2020 x

someteaandtoast 2 months ago


Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 2 months ago

Hey cherry

Rylan Taylor
Rylan Taylor 2 months ago

I can just get Ron’s sweater and say it means my name Rylan 😂

Oak & Elm
Oak & Elm 2 months ago

I bought the train for myself lol I love it so much! BUT my one year old 100% thinks it's a toy lol the struggle is real

Carrie Price
Carrie Price 2 months ago


Jake Mullis
Jake Mullis 2 months ago


Freja Hylander
Freja Hylander 2 months ago

Where the fred and georges jumpers availeble in the shop? Love your videos ❤️

Farida Elmalt
Farida Elmalt 2 months ago

Who agrees that Q could’ve been GREAT for QUDDITCH !!! ❤️💙💚💛

Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan 2 months ago

can you please do amazon Harry Potter haul

Hy's World
Hy's World 2 months ago

Maan this stuff is expensive

Ella Constas
Ella Constas 2 months ago

Hi Cherry
I am from Australia and you were saying the most common currencies but it would be awesome if you could start saying the Australian currencies because I know a few Harry Potter lovers in Australia

Love your videos

Cup-. -
Cup-. - 2 months ago


Olivia._.L 2 months ago

why is youtube recommending this to me in May, 2020?...

Hannah Foulis wills
Hannah Foulis wills 2 months ago

🎄 ⚡️

Jeannie LeBeau
Jeannie LeBeau 2 months ago

From Your Great Aunt Tessy
(Ron’s Dress Robes)

Random minutes Of the day

I have a dark arts box with black glitter nail polish , 2 sheet masks of death eaters, triangle lipstick , and a makeup bag but I can’t remember the rest

I also have the snitch face pallet

Bryce Reinke
Bryce Reinke 2 months ago


hahayourfunny94 2 months ago

The one thing about the pygmy puffs as cute as they are is I don't fully understand why Noble Collection made them when the Wizarding World already has their own version that is literally everywhere. Like I get NC's looks more like the one you saw for .5 seconds in the movie but it is just a bit confusing in my opinion. Like I love my little purple puff that I got on Diagon Alley are they going to slowly replace them?

Cristian Patrick
Cristian Patrick 2 months ago

I have the same book

Cristian Patrick
Cristian Patrick 2 months ago

have you ever came to the US before if you haven't I think you should really visit it it's a very fun place to go to I personally live here but I think you should maybe visit the United States is really awesome as a lot of cool features about it it is the Red White and blue country

TheRiordane 2 months ago

The mirror is way too tiny for 65 euro... wtf noble collection.

Joachim Lape
Joachim Lape 2 months ago

I have all the things you mentioned here i rewatched it to check thank you for introducing them to me!❤

Arthur Beadell
Arthur Beadell 2 months ago

the 75 dislikes are muggles who don't have access to these magical items

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