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Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News

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Information Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News

Title :  Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News
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Frames Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News

Description Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News

Comments Long Covid: When coronavirus symptoms don't go away | DW News

Anthony Egan
Is there a correlation between SRM and Covit...ie respiratory dis-ease. That's Solar
Radiation Management...spraying billions of tons of Nanoparticles in the atmosphere, consistently since 2010.

Comment from : Anthony Egan

It’s called the WUHAN corona virus. Lest we forget.
Comment from : D P

Legit Paircaptcha
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Comment from : Legit Paircaptcha

M Taylor
I tested positive on the 28th of January mine was like a bad cold. But I'm still having symptoms from it.
Comment from : M Taylor

Elizabeth V
To anyone dealing with COVID long-haul symptoms, I highly recommend researching POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Most American doctors know very little about POTS - and in other countries, it's even worse. POTS is a condition that patients need to be very active in their own care. If you sit around waiting for a doctor to figure it out, you could be sick for years or even decades. But there's help out there! The research is growing tremendously in just the last 5 years. Facebook POTS groups are a wealth of information. My two daughters and I have been dealing with POTS for a very long time.
Comment from : Elizabeth V

Elizabeth V
Für jeden, der an COVID-Langzeitsymptomen leidet, empfehle ich, sich über POTS zu informieren. POTS ist Posturalem Tachykardiesyndrom, eine multisystemische Erkrankung. Die meisten amerikanischen Hausärzte und Fachärzte wissen wenig über POTS, aber in anderen Ländern geht es oft viel schlimmer. Mit POTS, müssen die Patienten mit ihrer eigenen Pflege sehr aktiv werden. Patienten warten oft Jahre oder sogar Jahrzehnte auf eine Diagnose. Aber es gibt Hilfe und auch Hoffnung. Es gibt sogar Fachärzte, die sich nur auf POTS spezialisiert haben. Die Forschung ist gerade in den letzten fünf Jahren enorm gewachsen. Facebook-POTS-Gruppen haben so viele Informationen, und es gibt sogar eine deutsche Gruppe. Meine beiden Töchter und ich haben POTS seit frühester Kindheit.

Es tut mir leid im Voraus für mein schlechtes Deutsch. Deutsch ist sehr schwer für mich und dieses Thema ist zu kompliziert für mich. Aber ich finde das sehr wichtig, und ich möchte nicht, dass jemand so leidet, wie meine Töchter und ich es getan haben.

Comment from : Elizabeth V

Laila McPherson-Popal
People have been suffering from ME/CFS for years the symptoms of long coved are very similar.
Comment from : Laila McPherson-Popal

Ansha hussen
Comment from : Ansha hussen

mari escamilla
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Comment from : mari escamilla

Was there no speaker with an even stronger German accent available? :D
Comment from : ichwillyoutub

Brenda Ramirez
Somebody passed away yesterday in my work for corona virus it’s very sad 😢
Comment from : Brenda Ramirez

Saima Irfan Nasiri
I still go through post covid problems
Comment from : Saima Irfan Nasiri

Eric Diaz
I caught it bad a month ago but still have a lingering cough, occasional dizziness and fatigue.
Comment from : Eric Diaz

Marie Kamerdula
My doctor denied putting me on short term disability due to lasting symptoms. She didn’t believe it is real I guess. Ohio isn’t the best educated on facts....
Comment from : Marie Kamerdula

Kathe Barnett
My son suffers with long covid a year now he has good days and bad. With symptoms that are very strange and at times debilitating and he us only 42
Comment from : Kathe Barnett

Annavita Soto
Some of my relatives were found dead in their beds in their homes from covid their oxygen must of dropped fast they probley felt sleepy it's scary, I think every home should have a oxygen reader so people can get help when they see that they have a dangerous oxygen level
Comment from : Annavita Soto

jasmine yuen
It was so scary of the video
Comment from : jasmine yuen

Wild Otter
I have to rest after i take a shower . I slept for 14-15 hrs . Doctors know nothing !
Comment from : Wild Otter

How can "it", go away? They're putting "it", in us with the vaccine.
Comment from : POET CERA

Jelena Celovec
I have tinitus after virus covid 19. Its so hard..and pain in legs,knees..😢😢😢😢
Comment from : Jelena Celovec

Lady Stark
I'm having neuro problems but no findings on my MRI and ct scan.It's been months. I am tired of getting tests. Doctors still don't know the cause. I'm having numbness, tingling, nerve pain, muscle twitching. I don't know what to do anymore.
Comment from : Lady Stark

Iss Burri
Who else has the lung/chest pain and aching..fun stuff
Comment from : Iss Burri

YouTube sucks S
Comment from : YouTube sucks S

Gearldin Duncan
Drinks peppermint tea Woodworm tea Moringa powder
Comment from : Gearldin Duncan

Gearldin Duncan
Marengo tea gives you lots of energy Bill vitamins back up in your body
Comment from : Gearldin Duncan

Gearldin Duncan
Seems like the patients who got hit with Coronavirus in March Are long haulers Clean your blood with herbs Dandelion tea
Comment from : Gearldin Duncan

Elaine Gibson
NO mention of brain injury seems to affect 1 in 3, same symptoms as post concussion syndrome
Comment from : Elaine Gibson

Klodi Ana
The question is not about recognising that long covid exists, but rather how to approach a plan of recovery. Being passed from doctor to doctor, without considering a holistic approach is more exhausting than long covid and would put off a lot of people from seeking further help.
Comment from : Klodi Ana

Lalkaji Bishwakarma
Covid 19 lung infection will easily can cure follow the following. What ever you are talking about its beyond you ability. Don't try for nothing contact the most experience its their job not doctors they can't wake up.
Comment from : Lalkaji Bishwakarma

Lalkaji Bishwakarma
Coronavirus related sickness
First control the fever and headache or any kinds of fever use amoxicillin 500mg and paracetamol together. Fever will go down within an hour. If not increase the amoxicillin 750mg together with paracetamol. Please remember alone amoxicillin or paracetamol do nothing..
Take this medicine 3 time a day continue 5 days otherwise it might come back.
If you have coughing, pnuemonia lung infection, throat infection and diffcult to breathing take PIRITON(CHLORPHENAMINE MALEATE) tablet 20mg once time a day if the case serious , otherwise take 10mg once time a day with full glass of water. Piriton tablet will works like window cleaner, it clean our lung and deactivate any kinds of new virus including coronavirus. Its so powerful can deactivate virus within an hour you must be surprise. It can protect your lung 100 percent.
This tablet has unicque type of immune system so many doctors, specialist practitioner do not have idea so they never used. God has given this medicine for human being. This is one of the best medicine for above use ever produce Our ancester has given us on gift and we forget to use it.
YOU might say how do you know it has the immune system. Any kinds of infection to cure and deactivate virus only possible if the medicine do have immune system so its strong to cure infection where ever in our body. Its a simple medicine any one adult person can use it. Be safe yourself and save the others using the above method.
Thank you

Comment from : Lalkaji Bishwakarma

Martin Wiekens
They just want too scare people , no one talks about a normal flu anymore, if you get a cold or fever or something else, everything is corona 🤔,
Comment from : Martin Wiekens

Aga Lavery
There is interesting studies in Dominika Republic where few doctors found giving their patience L-Lysine 2x 2000 mg a day for first few days ( found in yogurts , yellow cheese and papaya fruit) amino acid for Covid patience help them to recover quicker. I found about this researching treatment for my cold sore. L - Lysin is opposite to L-Arginine which people who are doing sport or eating vegetable has the most this so it is maybe why a lot of a fit and vegan / vegetarian woman get long Covid. Their immune system is very strong and it’s going into cyclone mode destroying healthy cells.

I got huge palpitations for 4 /6 months after having Covid , my GP gave me antidepressant for panning attacks but I figure out that it was Iron deficiency as COVID makes huge inflammation in a body by using the iron from your reserves. My ferritin level was showing 3 times more than I usually , I am usually on border level of aneamia. Luck of iron in blood-makes your body has less oxygen , so your heart will suffer producing palpitations , and brain will get fogs , the other organs can suffer too as less oxygen makes your blood more icidic and vulnerable to infections. A lot of woman are on the border of aneamia after child birth or who has heavy periods maybe that’s the explanation for some other symptoms of long a COVID in woman? Why doctors don’t do full biochemistry of blood , including vitamins and minerals and amino icids in those patience in long Covid and than compare the studies? It’s common sense!

I took Iron, Vitamin C , Magnesium for Blood and heart plus Vit B complex for energy with extra Vit B3 , Vit D3 , Gingko Biloba for brain and thinning blood, Aloe Vera for inflammation, L- lysine at the begging , no coffee or tea! Plenty real yogurt for guts , eggs as you need to replace lost proteins, onions and mushrooms for immune system and take it easy, don’t stress , not rush with exercises ! Walk every day few meters more. You will get every week better!

Comment from : Aga Lavery

Rain Shiva
Only got mildly sick from covid but now, months later, the aftermath is going to kill me. Covid gave me a big lung abcess, inflammation and a fatal scarring disease, I have 3 to 5 years left to live. Can't even make the best of these last years due to extreme fatigue, too weak to do anything. Thank you covid 😞
Comment from : Rain Shiva

foreskin bob
Spread love not fear
Comment from : foreskin bob

Darius Henry
I fking hate this fish smell.
Comment from : Darius Henry

Lucy Sammut
I’m 49 had COVID in October I had a rush on my back and in the same time it was on fire which I m still going through it every now and than a very dry throat and coughing . Can’t sleep the whole night I’m waking up around 1am and that’s all I sleep ... and they are all driving me crazy .. It’s been 3 months now and I can’t imagine going more months with these problems
Comment from : Lucy Sammut

Canu Gizabit
Now let's just see how many jump on this bandwagon 🙄
Comment from : Canu Gizabit

Solomon Divocovich
More lousy cheap productions with lousy actors the only thing lingering is the smell of verbal diarrhoea in the air everyday.
Comment from : Solomon Divocovich

i had covid June / July. since then i have had a stroke and more recently pneumonia plus all the fatigue and loss of appetite. i struggle daily with enough energy for my job ( bosses dont understand or care even though i caught it at work)
Comment from : wiilys

Divya Prakash
That's scary...👀👀
Comment from : Divya Prakash

Alison Toms
Comment from : Alison Toms

charz pak
Do they have radiation? Paralysis. Since its human made as a bioweapon. So are the vaccines
Comment from : charz pak

Arno. Nym
Anyone with similar experience here?:

I had sudden pressure/burning/pain on the upper chest and shortness of breath with compulsion to clear mucus.But no cough and negative Test. for 5 months now, and it's getting slowly better.


Comment from : Arno. Nym

Jennifer Macisak
Yes, I'm 37 and actually have all the co-morbid conditions like hypertension, hepatitis c, diabetes, severe vitamin deficiency,etc. I actually did not get severe covid symptoms when I contracted it Thanksgiving weekend..no real upper respiratory, except sore throat& a mild cough for few days. But SEVERE muscle/body aches,fatigue, headache headache, and GI issues. Now it's into January and I'm exhausted..literally..no energy for anything. Its It's terrible.
Comment from : Jennifer Macisak

felvin perez
Fear mongering topic again.. Part of the hive mind...
Comment from : felvin perez

Susan Marie
I have 37 years old, I was very sick in February 2020 with fever, cold, muscle pain, headaches, difficulties to breath, vertigo, ringing in my ears and a strong pain in my throat. Went to the Doctor that said was a faringite. Still today almost one year, I still have pain and some spots in my throat, ringing in my ears and now palpitations. When will this stop? Why my boyfriend and daughter never had covid? How can I know if I am contagious? There are a lot of questions without answers .
Comment from : Susan Marie

Ofc they dno what to do with you, you're a hypochondriac and anything they say will further your psychosomatic symptoms. This relates to most healthy individuals who are afraid of being ill, I would know trust me
Comment from : schmiki686

Comment from : Therese

screen heads
I’ve had it for going on 7-8 weeks, I’m 30 years old and super healthy but can’t shake it
Comment from : screen heads

trevor francis
once u contract a virus u cant get rid ov it, but if u have'nt contracted an virus and get the vaccine then your cured,
Comment from : trevor francis

I'm 37. My first COVID symptoms started 7 weeks ago and I am still extremely fatigued. Some days things like preparing a meal or doing a phone call already exhaust me so much that the next day I have to spend in bed. I still can't taste or smell anything and I have horrible brain fog. I had CFS and Hashimoto's before getting COVID but now it is much worse. I just hope that I will be able to lead a normal life soon again.
Comment from : Lisa

the 10th
I had COVID in March, very mild symptoms for only 2 days, but I'm still feeling aftereffects now and my body just feels different than before.
Comment from : the 10th

Adam Afaneh
I first fell ill from covid on the 17 December 2020
It all started out as a red painful bloodshot eye. Then I got a half hour fever . Aches and pains .
Then chills
Then I felt perfect for about a week . And then shortness of breath started . That's when I got tested and tested positive for covid . Shortness of breath was absolutely terryfying after about another week all my symptoms went away but to this day I still have shortness of breath but not as bad as before. I am on the road to recovery. May God be with those who are dying from this awful disease

Comment from : Adam Afaneh

Kay Manickam
I had positif aswell.my sysmptom was fever heahache elbow pain cant eat..earlier..a few days later cant taste and smell..i isolate and drink hot water with tumeric helps me
Comment from : Kay Manickam

DeeRoze Martinez
Comment from : DeeRoze Martinez

Tonie Petroski
The fever and lost of smell and taste was quick for me... but after 14days i developed a mild on and off cough and acid reflux comes and go. 16 days now after my initial 14th day count since i started having fever for only 2 days. 1 week of having no sense of taste and smell. I am still cautious even though they say you get a short immunity after having covid19.
Comment from : Tonie Petroski

Eugenia Owusu
I have found that for me drinking green tea has made a huge difference and stops me feeling really weak, fatigued and breathless.

I make a small pot of green tea with one tea bag enough to get 2 to 3 cups in the morning and another small pot in the afternoon/evening each time with only one tea bag and enough water to for 2 to 3 cups of tea from the one teabag .

If you try this, make sure you only leave the teabag in the boiled water for 1 minute maximum and squeeze it to get all the goodness in there before throwing the tea bag away. I do this at least twice a day.

If you feel nauseus or a bit weak after the green tea, please make sure you only have it after you have eaten something but if you're fine drinking it on an empty stomach you can also do that.

I live in London and had covid and pneumonia in April....8 months on the green tea, and avoiding milk and tmi warning (too much information coming up)...spitting and getting as much mucus out as I can into the sink along with the green tea is the only way I feel normal again. When I skip this for a few days, I start to get really weak again.... I think the green tea helps break up the mucus or something and that may be the reason why it helps with the weakness and breathlessness.
Hope this helps someone 😊👍👍

Comment from : Eugenia Owusu

Device Solutions
Home workout, I.e jump ups push ups and abs training six pack which allows you to torture your internal body with heavy breath out
Comment from : Device Solutions

Device Solutions
To be free from covid-19 you need to take God as your doctor
Comment from : Device Solutions

Comment from : ELMER PACHECO

Irma Soiza
I was diagnosed positive for covid 7th November still suffering from headaches muscle aches and pains fatigue deppresion from not being able to lead the life i used to !!!
Had most symptoms dry cough temp body aches loss taste x smell diarrhoea the lot very tired and deppresed had pneumonia traces on my lung very short of breath 😞

Comment from : Irma Soiza

Angel Tarin
Smoke weed it works
Comment from : Angel Tarin

Columbus Christopher
Same for me l use to walk up to 15 kms with my dog. Now if l go up 5 floors l feel like dying l cant sprint 100 mts completely out of air. And no smell no taste. Everything smells car fumes.
The best part l had mild fever only one night no other symptoms and tested negative. This is mind boggling...

Comment from : Columbus Christopher

Ron McCune
Putting 2+2 together and getting 4 is easy. Too bad our governments and medical professions hasn't that ability to figure out how to put 2+2 together as they search for answers to our medical problems! Here we are, a million people and more dead and millions more suffering as the people of the world and their nation's economies are suffering through a coronavirus epidemic, a simple known fact has yet to be investigated thoroughly as the cure for all our problems with the coronavirus. The umbilicord of a birthing mother has all the ingredients needed to create a human being as well as having many ingredients that can be used by others that are ill to overcome their illnesses! Read an article on the site scitechdaily.com and on their Jan. 5, 2021 issue of their postings in their Health News section is an article about the ONGOING investigation of the benefits of new birthing moms umbilical cords. Here we are a year into this epidemic and stem cells are yet to be used to treat people sickened by the coronavirus as people are dying every second from it! Here we are testing the thought when we should be administering the idea for the cure! What is wrong with you people? Can't you see you have the cure in your hands as you watch your loved ones die and suffer? Can't you just inject everyone that has coronavirus with stem cells from umbilical cord especially those that are seriously ill? Why not immediately try to do that to see what happens? Many of those that you refuse to inject with stem cells are going to die if you don't try something so why not try stem cells immediately! Why wait for our super slow poke government of ours and our slow to get our cure medical community to get their intelligence up to par with the facts of the matter which is that umbilical stem cells cure some illnesses and just DEMAND that YOUR doctor IMMEDIATELY inject umbilical stem cells into your loved ones because YOU are the ONLY ones who are going to be able to save your loved ones from the inadequacies of our governments and our medical community to be able to do what needs to be done! I believe you can DEMAND that your doctor administer umbilical cord stem cells now without getting any special permission to do so so DEMAND that your doctor do so or get another doctor to do it if your doctor won't! All the deaths and sufferings of all kinds need not ever happened if we just let our moms give us our cure for the coronavirus with their discarded, disposed umbilicord cord that holds our cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up everybody and realize the cure is before your eyes! Why let anyone else die or suffer? YOU GOT THE POWER TO STOP THE CORONAVIRUS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Ron McCune

Lisa Schuster
Is it all women, like chronic fatigue? Great.
Comment from : Lisa Schuster

Jeffrey Schwarz
Been two months since Covid. Fatigue some days and okay on others. Still have a slight cough sometimes and bumps in my veins doctor says are calcium. Often in a fog and difficulty remembering things in long term memory. Been on Eliquis the whole time and felt it helped me a lot. This is one horrible illness and fed up with people who don't take it seriously. The stupidity of some people is mind blowing and if this was deadlier there would be millions more dead. Live in an elevator building where people go up and down unmasked. Tired of telling them to put a mask on. This virus is no joke. Let's get the vaccine already.
Comment from : Jeffrey Schwarz

exploring with donald
I liked the spooky music also I'm not spooked about this virus I don't have it so i'm not spooked or scared of it lol
Comment from : exploring with donald

exploring with donald
one question how do you get out of bed to use the bathroom ?
Comment from : exploring with donald

CybeRpunk MonK
Anyone with a low-grade fever for more than two months?
Comment from : CybeRpunk MonK

Kevin McCawley
8-12 weeks? Try 11 months
Comment from : Kevin McCawley

J.C. Schutte
Seems i had Covid-19 since my baby days. Because all daily activities was and is one massive effort. 😰
Comment from : J.C. Schutte

Mohomad M Irshard
very informative
Comment from : Mohomad M Irshard

Revelation777 A
I week after recuperating from covid I got this strong pain on my back ..still there after several weeks and cough that won't go away..If I do exercise I get lots of breath. I don't feel well . The doctor said he don't know what's wrong with me. Also my throat burns . I have always been very healthy. During covid positive my only symptom was lots of taste. Is horrible to feel these syntoms after covid.😭
Comment from : Revelation777 A

Captain Teabag
Hopefully now that this has a jazzy new fashionable title, this post virus type ‘illness’ can be investigated properly, as for years and years people have been suffering from this through either CFS/fibromyalgia/Epstein Barr etc, and have been dismissed as either lazy or ‘making it up’, either for attention to or get time off work.

I’ve only had a mild version of this since my childhood (35ish years), so as long as I am meticulous with my lifestyle (at least 8 hours of sleep a night, excellent diet, lots of exercise (but not too much), never, ever drink alcohol), I can keep it at bay, but if something stressful happens to me, which is pretty much unavoidable in life, I’ll be ill immediately.

I used to work with a lady who had it far worse than me and she was ridiculed and bullied to the point that she was so ill she never came back to work. I was the only one who stood up for her, and consequently I was stabbed in the back repeatedly and forced to leave eventually.

Comment from : Captain Teabag

Love Be with you
I still have breathing problems since July :(
Comment from : Love Be with you

AM General Building
after having few weeks off from running to recover from COVID I feel extremely tired and sometimes feel very weak and noes has been blocked since first had the virus, also breathless time to time. Didn’t think is life threatening but let’s see how it goes
Comment from : AM General Building

She's right. The first two days felt like I was hit by a truck. I stayed in bed for those two days. Even coffee didn't wake me up.

One of my husband's friend had covid he has chest pain and difficulty in breathing and he still has it after 2-3 months and he told that he thought he will not survive.
Comment from : B2809

Rina Du Plessis
People who are responsible ...covid need to be punished
Comment from : Rina Du Plessis

Bob Brown
See also Survivor Corps Facebook Group...over 125,000 members in America
Comment from : Bob Brown

Maria Perez
Today is my 19 day with COVID. I still am struggling with all my symptoms. How can this be possible?
Comment from : Maria Perez

Medical Scribe
This is why we need to roll back the strict regulations on pain management physicians. Millions will need access to opioid pain medication and other stimulant meds. Both opioids and stimulants like Percocet and Adderall are meticulously effective in treating fatigue and dyspnea.
Comment from : Medical Scribe

Martin's Nii
Hey friends, this is to announce to the general public that there is a new herbal doctor named Dr. Clinton who has cured so many people of this sickness. It has been placed on all social media platforms. Many testimonies are flowing in about his marvelous Work,,,,, he is curing people with Roots and Herbs, according to eye witness, my aunty who had been struggling with her Herpes-herbal has been finally cured completely few months back.Distance is not a Barrier, it's high time we stand up and fight all these Deadly diseases. If you need his help, you can reach him Via Email doctorclinton123@gmail.com

Share to your friends and love one's, together we shall fight against all Diseases/Viruses..

Comment from : Martin's Nii

anthony sanchez
What are you pose to do go to work or stay home and lose ya job doctors won't give me work note smh
Comment from : anthony sanchez

tell them the truth
When Covid lingers...Take God given
Vitamins....Vitamin C high dose will get you better faster...

Comment from : tell them the truth

Lily Sunshine
Algorithms pattern throughout the body? Circulation system? Brain damage can also remove taste. What combination of cross pollination of virus symptoms is the virus accomplishing to dominate the organ systems? What about hormones ratios?
Comment from : Lily Sunshine

Ken Gartner
FYI, look into the symptoms for electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and MCS. These symptoms match most of what is reported as 'long covid' and hauntingly familiar. Personally, I do not think the virus is directly responsible, but instead the person's immune system. Consider turning off all wifi/cell in the home and turning off the electrical breakers in the bedroom at night and see if the symptoms abate much.
Comment from : Ken Gartner

Jaycee LS
Gift of a communist country to the world.
Comment from : Jaycee LS

Darren Hodgkiss
The useless kenneth routinely suspect because improvement daily ban absent a ill fir. stereotyped, learned spring
Comment from : Darren Hodgkiss

Simon Colombo
Welcome to the world of ME/CFS.
Comment from : Simon Colombo

Long covid should be a disability
Comment from : LOLBTLOLBT

W Thomas
Comment from : W Thomas

Maria Dominguez
I had a moderate case of Covid a month ago. I still can only go on short walks because I feel short of breath or like I can't take a deep breath.
Comment from : Maria Dominguez

X1area51 II
I just got covid. Been on bed 7days now. I can breath fine but body is so weak
Comment from : X1area51 II

Lynette Lima
“Brain fog” isn’t a medical condition. It’s a term used for certain symptoms that can affect your ability to think. You may feel confused or disorganized or find it hard to focus or put your thoughts into words.

Pregnant women can experience this as well as stressful situations.

Comment from : Lynette Lima

I know a friend online who has this. He really doesn't recommend experiencing it.
Comment from : Elaini

Ash M
It attacks your olfactory nerve which is your sense of smell. This nerve Is in your brain. Do The math. This is post viral encephalitis and inflammation. People are going to find this is just like a shingles—it is a virus that reactivates
Comment from : Ash M

Just Trying 2BMe
These symptoms sound like old age symptoms. Does COVID-19 age the body?
Comment from : Just Trying 2BMe

This is what happens when you have pedigree, we in my country get sick and that’s not a big of a deal, a very bad cold, couple days coughing fever and that’s it.
Comment from : ladygabby1

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