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George Michael Last Inteview | George Michael 'ın Son Röportajı

George Michael Last Inteview | George Michael 'ın Son Röportajı

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G G 2 months ago

Confucius say … man who bend over get an ass full of trouble

Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl 2 months ago

Did he pass of Aids or HIV?

ace of base
ace of base 2 months ago

Love and will keep you loving,You are My idol RIP

Vigo Chestor
Vigo Chestor 2 months ago

: """"""" (((((

Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 2 months ago

Good morning, George, and a very happy birthday - you are now 53 years young. Yes, only the good die young. As a believer in reincarnation, where art thou young lad (or girl)? Great memories, George!😁😀😁!!

Aris Vrionis
Aris Vrionis 2 months ago


#Luchitoshowenvivo VÁSQUEZ👏🏻👏🏻

Mirela Lupsac
Mirela Lupsac 2 months ago


Anna De Cara
Anna De Cara 2 months ago


J H 2 months ago

Have some respect. Show some compassion the like of which George Michael had for everyone.

Susan Eves
Susan Eves 2 months ago

Happy birthday George 25th June 2021

Rose Oakes
Rose Oakes 2 months ago

It's hard to believe that George Michael been gone for almost 4 in a half years I miss you, you will never be forgotten Rip 😭😭😭😭😭

Ana Sueiras
Ana Sueiras 2 months ago

He was the greatest. Missed greatly. He was so unique.

Hank Hill
Hank Hill 2 months ago

The good die young, while douchebags live forever. If there is a God, i wish he took Trump or Biden instead of George.

Wagner Cintra Guanaes

I don't believe that pic is him.

Sam A
Sam A 2 months ago

Amazing Amazing Amazing
We miss u Gorge
Rest in peace . 🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸

Petra Leban
Petra Leban 2 months ago


D S 2 months ago

COVID was here for a very long time............

Christian Delvaux
Christian Delvaux 2 months ago

He was a great musician and artist 💫🌌

Christipher Meadows
Christipher Meadows 2 months ago

Looks a right clip

Nathalie Loubignes
Nathalie Loubignes 2 months ago

Repose en Paix...🌹

Patrick den Engelse
Patrick den Engelse 2 months ago

George, together with Freddie and Michael, thank you for the memories and the great songs. You are an legend!!! RiP!

Deanna Jolly
Deanna Jolly 2 months ago

We'll forever love George Michael. He was an extraordinary talented, beautiful in a million.
We're still listening to the incredible voice and music George Michael left for us. He was great. The world misses him dearly. ❤️

Encarnacion Lucas Almenara

Mi gran amor imposible desde jovencita😢😢😢🖤🖤🖤🖤

Teral Miles
Teral Miles 2 months ago

When you grow up with an artist and they’re suddenly gone, it’s a strange feeling. Almost as if you think they’re going to be in your life forever. Thank God his music will continue to live.


Who ever took that photo of George shame on you ,taking advantage of him at his weakest when he wasn't well, seeing 💸💸💸💸💶💶💷💷💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰signs to your 🏧 machine,and 1 day later he was found dead,why couldn't you leave him alone,and let people remember him the way he use to look,at least he's remembered for his beautiful music,r,I,p George god bless you,👍✌🌈💙🐦💟✌ you may be gone but your not forgotten 💙🌈🐦😘


Thank u George for ur music ,I hope your at peace now,god bless you 💟😘

Birgit Ulsahs
Birgit Ulsahs 2 months ago

So krank und depressiv konnte er nicht weiter leben

Birgit Ulsahs
Birgit Ulsahs 2 months ago

Heftig so eine äusserliche Änderung krass

PAULO PAES 2 months ago

RIP Michael!

Night Breed
Night Breed 2 months ago

Such a great man, loved him and im not gay! RiP you were and always will be loved

Manuel Garcês
Manuel Garcês 2 months ago

Grande Senhor um Cavalheiro por vezes esquecido. Um dos melhores cantores da história. Será sempre Eterno e respeitado. As suas canções São inesquecíveis!

Abigail Solebapa
Abigail Solebapa 2 months ago

Triste 💖

Manuel Carvalho
Manuel Carvalho 2 months ago

GEN MUSIC 2 months ago

Beautifull Michael Forever ♥

Ben Sheppard
Ben Sheppard 2 months ago

Lovely man rip

J.D Truths
J.D Truths 2 months ago

I know a secret : )

Dee Rene
Dee Rene 2 months ago


Jeffrey Kaufmann
Jeffrey Kaufmann 2 months ago

Why is his face so fat?

ƊƲƊЄ ԼƠƔЄ 2 months ago

Does He had some weight issues in his later yrs ? Coz In his early 50s he looks like he is in his mid 60s. Nevertheless he was the one of the best looking men I've ever seen.
REST IN PEACE Beautiful Soul...💐

Targetta 2 months ago

George Michael was a kind man with a big heart. He was an amazing artist, he will never be forgotten.

Irina Vladimirova
Irina Vladimirova 2 months ago

😥💖😘 🇺🇦

Monique Gazaix
Monique Gazaix 2 months ago

Mon georgounet repose en paix avec ta douce maman et ta soeurette ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

nicolas pezzangora
nicolas pezzangora 2 months ago

....the picture of Dorian Gray.....

pearl sky
pearl sky 2 months ago

He changed so much in the end

David Ralph
David Ralph 2 months ago

He literally dug his grave with a fork and spoon.

Damien Robinson
Damien Robinson 2 months ago

Body holding alot of water.
If you believe in God than you believe in the bible and George it state's. Those men that have sex with men will be given ALL of God's wrath.
Do i believe in that, SHIT NO and i ain't gay.
Bless you Micheal for your part in my life through your music

Juan Carlos Laviana Díaz

George: contigo se fue mi alegría de vivir y el mundo se ha quedado sin el mejor compositor e intérprete del siglo XX y XXI. Me importa un pito lo que digan los demás, y te echo de menos y te querré siempre. Toda tuya Belén D. España. 🇪🇸.

Marc Eibel
Marc Eibel 2 months ago


SINDY MILAN 2 months ago

This man is a part of my life. Grew up, lived, loved, cried, made new friends listinig to his music. And like me so many . A good hearted person who deserves all the respect .

Gloria Reyes
Gloria Reyes 2 months ago

Descanse Paz 💜😔

Afke Barelds
Afke Barelds 2 months ago


Philip Ancell
Philip Ancell 2 months ago

We miss you greatly Yog!! 💕 ♥️ 💔

Eslie Taylor
Eslie Taylor 2 months ago

Rip loved his music.

Pamela H ehhh
Pamela H ehhh 2 months ago

He was an incredible talent 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Hair is geormetry
Hair is geormetry 2 months ago

That goddamn picture at the end is not George! For fucks sake will people stop posting it! That’s an alternate and a Brit lady has verified proof that he wasn’t overweight on December 9th 2016. So stupid

des carroll
des carroll 2 months ago

Vermin tabloid newspapers destroyed this man......

azf ad
azf ad 2 months ago

My best singer . Love 💕💕💕

Matthew Lovell
Matthew Lovell 2 months ago

There can be no doubt that George Michael was born with musical gifts & talents.
Not only the way he would write a song but he had an amazing ability to write ear catchy & heart filling tunes that accompany the songs which, when you hear them makes you want to turn up the volume & dance a little jig wherever you are!
Careless Whisper, Freedom & Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go are my favourite songs by George Michael although I like most of his other songs too!

fredgien 2 months ago

Who misses him in 2021?

Nepsens 2 months ago

Why so many gay humans do drugs?

Debra Milligan
Debra Milligan 2 months ago

Just watched the Netflix show on his life. I really loved him. RIP

henry 63
henry 63 2 months ago

Riposa in pace George...🇮🇹

Lisa Tedeschi
Lisa Tedeschi 2 months ago


Meditate on This
Meditate on This 2 months ago

His “gay” life style caught up e him, didn’t it!

Javier Tena gay
Javier Tena gay 2 months ago


mrmuh2000 2 months ago

Astonishing, just how his appearance change before he died, that was the kinda guy that any woman would swoon over, and probably even check herself 10 times on how she looks before she goes out on a date with him, I mean he was that good looking.

🎧 Extreme Thusith & Music 🏆

GM ...What a charismatic Artsit

Anna De Cara
Anna De Cara 2 months ago


Elegant Rose
Elegant Rose 2 months ago

Steroids make ppl that swollen it must been his health not saying wht.. But OMG what beautiful person so missed 🙏😭😔😥😢

Birgit Ulsahs
Birgit Ulsahs 2 months ago

Thank you for the nice Musik 🎶 for ever

Birgit Ulsahs
Birgit Ulsahs 2 months ago

Kein Lebrn mehr in sich gehabt

Gerard Mackay
Gerard Mackay 2 months ago

Last interview? That was December 2011. Did he really never speak publicly again for 5 years?

Quark, Strangeness & Charm .

Take this down now please. He was beautiful and this last stills would have hurt him. Let him be !please

rod hall
rod hall 2 months ago

Poor George, so talented yet so tortured! Perhaps it's a blessing that he was lost to us at such an age, I pray that he is at peace and happy now.

sara tarrant
sara tarrant 2 months ago

Awww bless 🙌him rip George

ppuntd 2 months ago

Growing up in my teens, he made the world better to live in with his great talent in music and entertainment. First Wham! with Andrew Ridgely, Dee C.Lee, Pepsi&Shirlie, then solo. His great songs, persona and voice are Wham! and his solo legacy and will live on. Respect for such a talent and blessed that i was present in that timeline. Always greatful, a fan for life and beyond.

Boomerang P1000
Boomerang P1000 2 months ago

strange for his last interview he is so slim and on the pic he is so fat....?

Roger Gibson
Roger Gibson 2 months ago

Sadly the man has left us, but his music will live on thank you and rest in peace

user JGWER
user JGWER 2 months ago

Этот мужчина не Джорджчерты лица не его

N 2 months ago

Thank you George for getting me through some dark times. When I listen to your music it helps me is to be lived. Xxx

Van's Best Friend
Van's Best Friend 2 months ago

A beautiful person, inside and out. Funny, witty, and genuine. I'll always miss him...

Diecast Neighborhood
Diecast Neighborhood 2 months ago

For a teenager grew up in the 80's, George and Andrew were all the girls n guys could ever dreamed of, to emulate clothing and the hair yes the hair was so cool. Still remember radio stations somehow would play Wham right at lunch time. The time when we could escape with as much friends we could stuff in our beater $500 cars to grab some lunch from the drive thru fast food. Careless Whisper was playing..... I so missed those innocent n carefree days...

Jayne kittycat
Jayne kittycat 2 months ago


Liya Li
Liya Li 2 months ago

Лучший легендарный ♥️♥️♥️

Vilma Causer
Vilma Causer 2 months ago


Océanie Bleue
Océanie Bleue 2 months ago

Please R.I.P dear George Micheal
You are special man & singer 🎤🎧🎼You are part of my life & my generation ‘80!!! I never was touch by anyone music more than yours
🙏🏻💐🌈🎼❤️❣️❣️❣️🇨🇦Our thoughts go to your dear family 😇

tanny4u2 2 months ago

I just cried🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲.. loved him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stony P
Stony P 2 months ago

Terribly sad ending for a beautiful human who gave so much joy for 30 years

Burt Purvis
Burt Purvis 2 months ago

So sad, such a legend and real nice guy, such a talent. We miss you.

Syailendra Daniel
Syailendra Daniel 2 months ago

Repose en paix monsieur George
Merci pour tes belles chansons

Any Colour You Like
Any Colour You Like 2 months ago

the thing is, all material things decay. it's the non material things that stay forever. these are the things that really matter - the non material things.

Robert Acquarulo
Robert Acquarulo 2 months ago

God bless you guess. It is funny how u can miss someone u never met.

Iris Galixia
Iris Galixia 2 months ago

You are missed RIP George sleep in peace love you

Egyptian Pharaoh
Egyptian Pharaoh 2 months ago

Rip, 💔😢💐

SB9P4 2 months ago

HIV? Well, GOD is the only way to avoid bad news,bad results. GOD!

Danielle 2 months ago

I Love And Miss Him So Much 💔💔💔

paul clark
paul clark 2 months ago