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Bo Platt
Bo Platt 2 months ago

Sonny 🙏🏻🎄

bluenote824 jones
bluenote824 jones 2 months ago

I miss tony but this is nice

bluenote824 jones
bluenote824 jones 2 months ago


Adelaida Miclat
Adelaida Miclat 2 months ago

Sad but very beautiful song.

Marcia Conner
Marcia Conner 2 months ago

Another beautiful job Sonny! There is absolutely nobody better than the original Platters, no matter who is singing lead.  This rendition  brings tears to m eyes. Thank you guys

jean-marie Basset
jean-marie Basset 2 months ago

Les violons dispensables

Ashley Coleman
Ashley Coleman 2 months ago

This song is dreamy, yet so sad. It makes me think of loved ones who did not make it to see their next Christmas. Although they have passed on, memories of them will remain in my heart, always.

Byron Stevens
Byron Stevens 2 months ago

The sounds of the holidays. Baby I love it.

Griffith 2 months ago


Steven Cantor
Steven Cantor 2 months ago

The great Sonny Turner singing lead.

Charlotte Hartman
Charlotte Hartman 2 months ago

Lovely beautiful