Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch



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Information Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Title : Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Frames Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Description Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Toadrio 2 months ago

Get ready as the sequel to the latest Mario 3D platformer Super Mario Odyssey™, "Super Mario Odyssey 2™" is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system!

Coming 2021.

びーすけ 2 months ago


Luigi Della Ragione
Luigi Della Ragione 2 months ago

Is fake
E finto

RealAimStars 2 months ago

I know it’s fake but it’s still a awsome trailer

Firestardude 2 months ago

And now! Another episode of:

zeeke Salt
zeeke Salt 2 months ago


Mike Manza
Mike Manza 2 months ago

Is this fan made or not

jackieboy b
jackieboy b 2 months ago

Good job this is so good 👍

M8 PLANT 2 months ago

Sfm version in this video

Player Infinito
Player Infinito 2 months ago

Es lo mas falso que e visto en mi vida
Ingles: Is Fake

Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş 2 months ago

I wish this was real :(

Ruth Barkley
Ruth Barkley 2 months ago


Mr. Wilbur
Mr. Wilbur 2 months ago

just say its fan made for once

Mr. Wilbur
Mr. Wilbur 2 months ago

dude shut up

you loh
you loh 2 months ago

Fake as fuckk lol

student Jonathan Nelson

The beginning was a taken animation

Cory Perrone
Cory Perrone 2 months ago

Sure that's real

Akar Rashu
Akar Rashu 2 months ago

Yoo this is awesome but I now this is fake

Oliver Sayers
Oliver Sayers 2 months ago

really wish this was real

Jamie 2 months ago

0:35 great frame rate

Hoàng Mario
Hoàng Mario 2 months ago

I hope that this story is Mario rescues Rosalina, isn't Peach

Super Gabriel e Tobias Tobiel

Fake very very Very Very Very fake

MarielFigueroa 2 months ago

I LOVE how people are being snarky about this being fan made when there’s no disclaimer in the description box. But go off. 🙄

Frazon 2 months ago

Props to this guy it seems legit even though I know it isn’t

Alex 2 months ago

I disliked it because of the graphics, and it was fanmade. I used to love super Mario Odyssey but this is next level trash. It looks realistic and all but... I have a sense of deja vu this is copyrighted, we don't even see Cappy in this. And, does he even have permission to do this? Like, its laggy, it acts bad. It has copyed pieces in mods.

This person should have done better...

Me in future: Please tell nintendo you did this.

Vortex Films
Vortex Films 2 months ago

If it's not from Nintendo's channel it's not real

janice riggs
janice riggs 2 months ago


RLFNAFLover 1983
RLFNAFLover 1983 2 months ago

Bowsers fury is idiot



Elsa Suarez
Elsa Suarez 2 months ago

fake fake fake ultra fake

Alessandro Magno
Alessandro Magno 2 months ago

Super fake

Light Blade
Light Blade 2 months ago

most of the clips are videos from various Youtubers that tried out mods and other gameclips from other Mario games

Desmond Ruhling
Desmond Ruhling 2 months ago

Legend says if you want to read about a bunch of 9 year old spamming faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake then enter “Newest First”

Tahir Hussain
Tahir Hussain 2 months ago


stuff with fnaf plush

This is that one vide mario castle crashers the browser and browser jr part

Da DUo
Da DUo 2 months ago

Is that actually real

zuzy Zee
zuzy Zee 2 months ago

i wish this was real in nintendo switch

KING_JC 2 months ago

Polly from super Mario maker two

Ryan Loncar
Ryan Loncar 2 months ago

It’s so Obviously fake

Dennis gamers
Dennis gamers 2 months ago

Tudo mimtira

rain 2 months ago


Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Everything 2 months ago

bruh I thought this was new

skeletonyuth77 2 months ago

try to make a better fake trailer this one sucks ass

ells & things gaming
ells & things gaming 2 months ago

This is fake I literally know it's just a mod for super Mario odyssey

Mary Ann Long
Mary Ann Long 2 months ago

I seen this video before Toadrio

Mase Mase
Mase Mase 2 months ago

I think it will be 2025

Sylar Kekin
Sylar Kekin 2 months ago

Genial, saldrá el Msrio Verde :D

Theressa Garcia
Theressa Garcia 2 months ago

Is fake the map is super Mario 64 realist

PowerHaus 2 months ago

this is the music used if anyone was wondering:

Chav Xoch
Chav Xoch 2 months ago

Wow Nintendo really put no effort into that intro

Suhadisgood 2 months ago

Nintendo didn’t say anything about making super number 2

cesar mejia martinez
cesar mejia martinez 2 months ago


StormDuck 3
StormDuck 3 2 months ago

this is so fake

josip plecp
josip plecp 2 months ago

Its just mod

Aiga Akaba
Aiga Akaba 2 months ago

There’s no Cappy?!

snivygamer45 oof
snivygamer45 oof 2 months ago

I can tell this is fake lmao

Bosco Sasminta
Bosco Sasminta 2 months ago


Sr_ Shadow272
Sr_ Shadow272 2 months ago

good concept

CooperGal24 2 months ago

This isn't just fake, but this guy used someone else's Fan Mario Animation! I know that scene anywhere! It's from NDY's Castle Crashers SMF short!
So yeah, not only is Toadrio made a fake trailer, but used someone else's hard work on top of it! How low can you be, Dude?

G.X.I. GAMES 2 months ago

I hate these kids who think everything is real only because there is an OFFICIAL in the title, then they get crazy and keep talking and pissing, like: "Ah, brother! Look at that! LEFT the trailer for Mario Odisey 2, how amazing !! "

Layara Leao
Layara Leao 2 months ago

fauso super fauso

Outlaw_ Lynk
Outlaw_ Lynk 2 months ago

Hey guys, little reminder that this is obviously fan trailer. Most footage shown is from fan mods and custom levels, and the intro is just a cool animation, I think the creator put a lot of effort into this, but sadly it isn’t real.

Flockts 2 months ago

Buy your caps here!

Joaquin Enrique Neira Chumacero

En ningún jodido momento aparece cappy

skiperoo10 2 months ago

This is way better cause of the graphics

FeR_ Mg
FeR_ Mg 2 months ago

Wea falsa, es una animacion 3d de super mario hecha por un fan y el remake de super mario 64 TAMBIEN HECHO POR UN FAN

Minerdoge 2 months ago

Looks kind of bad the graphics have a huge downgrade but this is only the announcement trailer hopefully they will make it better before they release it also it did not show very many unique ideas so I don't have lots of hope for this game and I might not buy it


Está chidisimo

Maximus Vergara
Maximus Vergara 2 months ago

puros videos Fake, sólo para generar visitas.... no amigo, asi no se hacen las cosas

PurpleWind YT
PurpleWind YT 2 months ago

Sorry to insult cause ik this is fanmade but this SUCKS.

Davide Cassarà
Davide Cassarà 2 months ago

Wow c'è il tre?

Joshua N/A
Joshua N/A 2 months ago

Fan game mod, I assume?

mr noob
mr noob 2 months ago


TheodoreAirjitzu101 2 months ago

Is this fanmade?

Rayan Almr.bloons td6lover

I thought this was real

SamuRaichu - Raichu show

This is so good! Great job this looks like it took a long time

fergus daly
fergus daly 2 months ago


Alexander Porter
Alexander Porter 2 months ago

Fake but nice try

The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔

I feel stupid that I didn’t realize that this was fan made

HyperLinkMC7 2 months ago

Stolen footage

Tyson Tails
Tyson Tails 2 months ago

me: i've been waiting a long time for this
nintendo: were not make this. it is a scam

Daniel Neves
Daniel Neves 2 months ago

you can see it's not real, but it looks really cool

PowerHaus 2 months ago

does anyone know the name of the main song in this video?

Sheila Gonzalez
Sheila Gonzalez 2 months ago

i love this

skid gaming
skid gaming 2 months ago

This is not made from Nintendo swich

Harry Perkins
Harry Perkins 2 months ago


Skye3 Yeet693
Skye3 Yeet693 2 months ago

On my god how did you find out

Aaron Coleman
Aaron Coleman 2 months ago

Looks like it’s gonna be a big game

Asher Animates
Asher Animates 2 months ago


Elijah Hughes
Elijah Hughes 2 months ago

No way...

Jam Brok
Jam Brok 2 months ago

Many of the gameplay segments you put in, shouldn’t be in here as it would make the “game” look boring

Mellegamer Alebo
Mellegamer Alebo 2 months ago

It’s not nice to lie

Patthecat 2 months ago

Ok I wish this was real soo badly!

JAH JAH 2 months ago

we all know this is fake

Tristan Bolaños
Tristan Bolaños 2 months ago

Really New

Zix Doom
Zix Doom 2 months ago

Lol you took parts from the real Mario odyssey

Super Mario Bros Gaming

I can't believe this is fake. The Bowser boss looked really cool.

Diego Francisco Flores Castillo

No hablo tacatacá