ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)



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Information ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

Title : ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

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Frames ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

Description ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

ranking twice, blackpink and red velvet stage outfits (only SBS Inkigayo)

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jooniverse 2 months ago


Twice: starting 0:58
Blackpink: starting 9:33
Red Velvet: starting 16:17
Surprise bonus at: 26:07

Charlyn Querubin
Charlyn Querubin 2 months ago

I think psyco is the best.. Red velvet outfit is the best

L M 2 months ago

Honestly Twice has had some good outfits lately. I love them. Blackpink always has super good outfits. Jennie always rocks!! Red velvet has a lot of good outfits too, but I think their stylist is playing safe.

Stella's Spell
Stella's Spell 2 months ago

Tbh, no matter how hard their stylists try to make them look unique y'all will never give them a break. The while thing about loop outfits ( a stylist herself said ) is that its over the top and the goal is to stand out on a stage.

ᴍɪʟᴋɪꜱʜ ᴋᴏᴏ

Nice video. But can I ask, which software or app do you use to do the voice over?

Shine On Me
Shine On Me 2 months ago

Twice is good at looking like a group, yall know what i mean? Like the outfits fit together

Rebi X
Rebi X 2 months ago

My fav for each:

KILL THIS LOVE - They were badass, but coordinated, and really fit the song

Red Velvet
BAD BOY - Do I even really have to explain this?

FEEL SPECIAL - They were all really elegant and very different from all their "teenager" clothes, and they were nice and coordinated.

Denis Lambert
Denis Lambert 2 months ago

Ywy3 and crab dance and lili film 4 Lisa is taking out twice and red velvet by herself

Denis Lambert
Denis Lambert 2 months ago

Is this a twice channel with all of there ugly little sister outfits no wonder why high fashions are killing twice black pink is going to put twice out of business I think itzy already finished old boring twice call dispatch and let me know when twice disband this year I mean I feel bad for the girls but black pink is killing them all over the world now even Japan now never even mind about China Lisa owns China now

Muniba Zaman
Muniba Zaman 2 months ago

is this a mina fancam i-

FABI RAHNA 2 months ago

BLACKPINK ..... goddesses of outfits....agreeeee???...here....

Ife Ruth
Ife Ruth 2 months ago

I'm just biased, but love RVs outfits

Aneta Omar
Aneta Omar 2 months ago

RedVelvet top outfits

Chocolate Shooky
Chocolate Shooky 2 months ago

Let's be Honest Twice is the Only girl group who was successful with their cute concept in Kpop 3rd generation
-They win song of the year with cute song Cheer up,Signal and What is love

Liba Liba
Liba Liba 2 months ago

Sorry but bps stage outfits really sucks

Purbasha Ghosh
Purbasha Ghosh 2 months ago

Honestly I love Twice's "What is love" outfits! Probably cause I love cute clothes~
But Jennie's solo outfit 😍💜

Ryujin's Shoulders
Ryujin's Shoulders 2 months ago

14:13 My fav Jisoo outfit so far (well besides most of her Hylt stage outfits)

Nanda M
Nanda M 2 months ago

For red velvet's outfits numbers 9 and 3 the only thing I don't like is that Wendy and Seulgi's outfits doesn't really match with the other girls

Nanda M
Nanda M 2 months ago

I think I like Twice's outfits the most. Almost always they have really pretty outfits and they match well with each other. I don't really like bp's outfits because either they're good or bad, there's no in between. And for red velvet I also like most of their outfits except maybe for those in zimzalabim era. They were weird and most of the times in a bad way.

bangtwice 2 months ago

Every group has its own style
But twice matches really with the era

Hyn Delasan
Hyn Delasan 2 months ago

Twice: school girls...

Paul LaRoya
Paul LaRoya 2 months ago

Yeah...Jennie Solo outfits tops all

Rose Kim
Rose Kim 2 months ago


Chandni Das
Chandni Das 2 months ago

Red velvet

Nur Aina Ilyani
Nur Aina Ilyani 2 months ago

Blackpink's outfits in the earlier days were very stressing me out (most of them), luckily now they have better stylings from top to bottom

Aisha Lindsey
Aisha Lindsey 2 months ago

I think blackpink are always showing their individual styles instead of as a whole. To show who they are as an individual.
Red velvet seem to change outfits when the concept changes.
Twice seem to keep simple cute outfits. I think you should do a 2020 update because their mature outfits are way better than their cute ones. Their cute ones are really simple and every stage seems to have the same fit just different colors. But their 2020 outfits are the best out of the 3.

Shayne Lopez
Shayne Lopez 2 months ago

Cheer Up SOTY 2016

Haplila 2 months ago


The BP
The BP 2 months ago

I'm so mad at 19:35 wtf, the song is super elegant but the outfit :///

Kaushal Rajput
Kaushal Rajput 2 months ago

Twice killed it in all outfits they wear they are queens

Imane Slimani
Imane Slimani 2 months ago

The stylist of bp is the best , she wear tham a ddefferent outfits not as others

xoxosalma 2 months ago

blackpinks outfits have been AMAZING lately and their stylist has been doing an amazing job.

sofia 2 months ago

k but like i feel so bad for lisa some of her outfits look like it was cut out from a curtain 😭😭

sumana 2 months ago

1 min silence for the old stylist of blackpink

Khushi Tiwari
Khushi Tiwari 2 months ago


RA NA 2 months ago

Me trying to choose which group has the best outfits

jooniverse: as bonus JENNIE

Me: ok, so we have a winner here

MonaJisoo_ot4 2 months ago

With Blackpink I see one member and I go like these outfits weren’t that bad but then I see an other 😶

sanaxxi 2 months ago


Asmaul Husna
Asmaul Husna 2 months ago

When its about style,outfits and fashion nobody can beat Jennie. She can make any outfit iconic no matter how the outfit looks like,pretty or ugly but Jennie's era make it hottest ❤️🔥

kqtiee 2 months ago

i just noticed

these cameramen are on crack

•Esthetic Beautyz•

My fav eras:
Feel special, the best thing I ever did

Red velvet:
Bad boy, physico

Stay, Don’t know what to do

•Esthetic Beautyz•

I’m looking at Blackpink, Twice and Red velvet comments and I’m like👁👄👁, like Twice has done way more concepts than just cute, they have done, sporty, spooky, summer, school like, power, girl crush, and colorful, I don’t get why people say that they only do cute concepts when they have done way more than that, just because they are cute that doesn’t mean the concept is cute. I get that red velvet is known for their concepts but Twice doesn’t only do cute

Joshua Sabacan
Joshua Sabacan 2 months ago


Joshua Sabacan
Joshua Sabacan 2 months ago


Syarifa Syafira Nisa
Syarifa Syafira Nisa 2 months ago

Twice : I like when they wear suit.
Blackpink : I love their bling bling outfit.
RV : I really like when they wear the same colour outfit. Especially Red and those black colour

twice voodoo
twice voodoo 2 months ago

“twice only has cute concepts”
oh boy you don’t know anything they have multiple concepts they just don’t focus on the mature side as much because so many groups do that
don’t get it twisted

William Maha
William Maha 2 months ago

Black Pink 👍

Ashlee De Vera
Ashlee De Vera 2 months ago

Honestly I prefer Lisa wearing a long sleeve / t shirt crop top because it emphasize her curve body

P Miles
P Miles 2 months ago

just popped by to say your top 3 for Blackpink are on point

Ningz Reshimiya
Ningz Reshimiya 2 months ago

Love twice outfits

Jk blackcard
Jk blackcard 2 months ago

You might have to redo this video because blackpinks hylt outfits 😭 and lovesick girls

Realyn Sabado
Realyn Sabado 2 months ago

Blackpink has the best outfits it suits their unique voices and style

Lorin Kw
Lorin Kw 2 months ago

Wow jennie clothes

Rayx1 2 months ago

You have ✨t a s t e ✨

Aprilia anggi Wulan sari

Jennie is queen fashion

Abigail Wong
Abigail Wong 2 months ago

literally don't know what happened to Blackpink's stylist

Abigail Wong
Abigail Wong 2 months ago

literally don't know what happened to Blackpink's stylist

Zachary Oneil
Zachary Oneil 2 months ago

The thing about blackpink outfits are they don’t go well together like one person can be wearing a cheetah print dress and the other shorts and a yellow crop top jacket like what I feel like they lack cohesiveness that’s the word

motagi 2 months ago

Blackpinks Coachella fits were chefs kisses👨‍🍳😘💣💥🔥

Angela Feng
Angela Feng 2 months ago

Honestly, all of solo’s outfits were super good

Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 2 months ago

The first few RV outfits were horrific 🥴 that’s not your fault though. Their outfits are very hit or miss. When it hits it hits hard(they have so many iconic looks from the sparkly dress to basically anything joy wears) but when it misses you get... zimzalabim and rookie era 🤣

Nuukunn 2 months ago

I actually liked Zimzalabim outfits. It was the only choice that could suit the song. They looked good in them, they were memorable and made people interested.

snowie soo
snowie soo 2 months ago

idk but for me twice's feel special outfits are the best it's really elegant especially those pastel outfits😭✋🏻

bla bla
bla bla 2 months ago

Hi I'm a once. Since Im sooo late, my favorites would be ICSM, More and More, Yes or Yes and DTNA outfits❤

Heather Wendy
Heather Wendy 2 months ago

Styling during AIIYL was awful

orbit 2 months ago

I love Twice's outfits

Linh Pham
Linh Pham 2 months ago

I relize that some Black Pink's outfits are weird but still look good on them. These girls are too pretty

Mirjam Köpel
Mirjam Köpel 2 months ago

I love how the whole crowd screamed SHY SHY SHY

Marina Ferrer
Marina Ferrer 2 months ago

Seulgi in rainbow outfit? too obvious

Dana Martínez
Dana Martínez 2 months ago

I hate umpah umpah's yeri's outfit, it did her body dirty. Zimzalabim outfits were kinda weird, but the stylist knew what they were doing

dhara agath
dhara agath 2 months ago

How you like that era was the besttttttt

Msprosita1 Msprosita1

They’re one thing I notice in this video and I’m not a once at all but why jeongyeon get the ugliest outfit

James Robinson
James Robinson 2 months ago

Are there any K-Pop ould like me who were wondering: "What exactly are those outfits?" when Red Velvet's Zimzalabim came out?

James Robinson
James Robinson 2 months ago

Can we all just agree that:

Twice's Dance the Night Away,
Blackpink's Ddu-du-Ddu-du and
Red Velvet's Bad Boy


Natalia Fernanda Vera La Torre


Esha Salvoro
Esha Salvoro 2 months ago


Esha Salvoro
Esha Salvoro 2 months ago


sparklebae _24
sparklebae _24 2 months ago

There is no doubt that our red velvet outifts are the best

grace hernandez
grace hernandez 2 months ago

twice looks amazing in white

Nasrin Kh
Nasrin Kh 2 months ago


Keri Agush
Keri Agush 2 months ago

for me 1.twice -likey outfit.Blackpink -hylt traditional outfit.Red velvet-sunny side up

ONCE and for ALL
ONCE and for ALL 2 months ago

Fact: Zimzalabim will always have the worst outfits

Blackpink Is the revolution

Is it only me or blackpink wears more stylish and beautiful clothes at their concerts

Christine Joy Romeo
Christine Joy Romeo 2 months ago

I think Red Velvet's Happiness stage outfits are the most iconic stage outfits that they wore.

Nadiya Shaikh
Nadiya Shaikh 2 months ago

i like blackpink and twice outfits

DRAG GLAM 2 months ago

Let’s all be honest Twice’ Style from What is Love is Iconic ESPECIALLY FEEL SPECIAL AND FANCY

Anna Tañeza
Anna Tañeza 2 months ago

Lets just be honest

Zimzalabim have the most weird outfits

m m
m m 2 months ago

16:01 tbh these outfits weren’t fair. Jennie’s was so beautiful, while Rosé’s was kinda basic and she also wore already a similar outfit but in different colors.

117 Manjiri Shinde
117 Manjiri Shinde 2 months ago

1. I think there should be Twice's Feel Special Purple Blue outfits they were amazing and my favourite I was really waiting for it in top 5 tbh
2. SBS gayo daejeon Twice Black outfits they all were looking Fire in those 2019
3. Mama 2019 Twice glitter cream outfits
4. More & More Twice white dance outfits
5. What is love and Likey Comeback stage outfits
6. TT 2 colour outfits I really love those
7.I also love Fancy outfits they were unique it had more colours and they all were looking Fancy
8.Cheer Up original outfits Purple Jacket and Black shorts and all other Jacket and shorts outfits

Mya in the making
Mya in the making 2 months ago

This made me realize that Blackpink’s stage outfits barely ever have the same style. Like the outfits never really go together in each stage and it looks like they just put random outfits together. This isn’t a hate comment btw! I really like Blackpink ❤️

Rima Ima
Rima Ima 2 months ago

Jennie 's solo outfits are gorgeous

Roses Rosie
Roses Rosie 2 months ago

I feel like the as if it’s your last outfits were either horrible or really cute lmao.

Glydel Erica Jalandra


Yunnie pink
Yunnie pink 2 months ago

Not hatung the video but kill this love 18. Better in 2 just my opinion

revathi 2 months ago

Now bp stylist has changed
Hylt stage dresses are really great

Mochi Bear
Mochi Bear 2 months ago


I'm just an ugly citizen

BP outfits for HYLT were awesome!

minhoEgayness 2 months ago

For twice’s outifts, as the year go by their outfits are getting better and better.

Somalata Cherukupalli

I found a way to identify Wendy she always gets ugly clothes this is how I identify her

bangblink N
bangblink N 2 months ago