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Title : TOP 10 Hallmark Movies of ALL TIME

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TOP 10 Hallmark Movies of ALL TIME

TOP 10 Hallmark Movies of ALL TIME

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Binge Now 2 months ago

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butterfly tae☆♡
butterfly tae☆♡ 2 months ago

All is 💣❤💯

Rosie Debevc
Rosie Debevc 2 months ago

The Lost Valentine Christmas at Graceland Crown Christmas Royal Wedding

Grace Lee
Grace Lee 2 months ago

I love Hallmark movies...some of my favorites... The Christmas Card, The Lost Valentine, Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Fallen Angel, Autumn Dreams, Straight from the Heart, Our House.... too many to mention

Vivienne Cooper
Vivienne Cooper 2 months ago

Christmas Magic is one of the movies I wish they would show in the Christmas lineup like the Christmas Card. There are three on your list that I'm not familiar with. Think was interesting to see though🤔. Thanks!

Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson 2 months ago

Love seeing country wedding on this list. Love what Jesse Metcalf is in.

K A 2 months ago

I do I do I do. Sailing Into Love. Bottled with Love. The Secret Ingredient.

Cathy Timko
Cathy Timko 2 months ago

Love this movie!

rita rabaa
rita rabaa 2 months ago


Jeannette Kroeger
Jeannette Kroeger 2 months ago

Many of my favorites are on this list ❤️

mikentx57 2 months ago

I think anything is an improvement as long as they quit doing Hallmark Standard Plots 1 and 2. What are plots 1 and 2? They are the retelling of the same plot over and over and over. 75% of Hallmark movies seem to fall into these two plots. With most of those following plot #1.

Plot #1:
* A woman is having dinner with her boyfriend (who ALWAYS looks very much like s slime-ball finance guy) at a very nice restaurant in a big city (always in a big city). She is under the impression he is about to propose to her. Yet he does not.
* That night or the next day while still devastated over the lack of the proposal. She gets word that she most come back home (always to a small town). Because one of her parents is in trouble or has died.
* Right away she runs into her old high school flame. Slowly the old feelings come back for both of them for each other.
* Just as they really realize that are falling in love again. Her boyfriend from the big city shows up and right away shows he is a bigger slime-ball than he first appeared to be. Finally she tells him to hit the road.
* The woman and her old bf kiss (in Hallmarkland this is the same as being engaged) - THE END

Plot #2:
* A woman lives on her family ranch / dude ranch or farm, usually a pumpkin farm that has been in the family for many decades. But sadly the place has fallen on hard times. They are very close to defaulting on their loan and losing the place.
* Somewhere in a big city (again big city bad, small town good) there is a big developer corporation that somehow has found out about the family's place being in dire straits. The CEO sends his own son to the small town where the ranch/pumpkin patch is. To buy up the place ASAP so that bulldozers can get moving on building their next 1200 room resort.
* Of course there is conflict between the two over this. But he starts to see the appeal of the place and of her. In the mean time his dad is calling a few times asking his son has he bought the place yet. Time is money, yada.. yada.. yada..
* Finally seeing he has become very twitterpated (Yes it is a real word and if you are the kind of person to watch Hallmark movies. Then I am sure you know where it comes from). The son calls his dad and tells him if he could just see the place then he would see how magical it is there and why they should help the woman's family keep their ranch. If they are in Montana maybe it is a dental floss ranch **.
* At the very last minute before the family has to sell the place. The dad shows up in his limo and it takes just 5 seconds to see the magic of the place that took his son half the movie to see. The dad agrees with the son to help save it. Finally the son and woman kiss. Marriage and babies is assumed to happen as the credits role.

[ **extra points if you get the dental floss ranch reference. ]

Streetrulz 2 months ago

The Christmas card what is my favorite movie of all time for Hallmark, you also have one of the worst movies hallmark ever made Mr. Darcy I change the channel

Natty 41
Natty 41 2 months ago

My favorites are the magic of ordinary days and Christmas lodge

Marsha Aubuchon
Marsha Aubuchon 2 months ago

One of my favorite is signed sealed and delivered I thought it was so sweet

Art Speakman
Art Speakman 2 months ago

Silver Bells with Anne Heche and a Season for Miracles.

Carl Cauch
Carl Cauch 2 months ago

You forgot one of the best ever, What the Deaf Man Heard. This movie draws you into the main character and wish the best for him, and in typical Hallmark style he gets it.

Norma Smither
Norma Smither 2 months ago

You nailed it with "A Lost Valentine!" Why has that not been on Hallmark in such a long time? Also, "The Magic of Ordinary Days" is another great one, which has nit been on Hallmark in some time. A Crown for Christmas, A Christmas Love Story, Operation Christmas, Christmas at Pemberley Manor, A Bramble House Christmas, are just a few of my favs. I have never seen #9 that was mentioned but would like to see it. Hallmark has such great movies and is one of my favorite channels.

Bryan Byars
Bryan Byars 2 months ago

My favorite is The Spirit of Christmas with Jen Lilley and Thomas Beaudoin. Well, any movie with Jen Lilley!

starwars518 2 months ago

The Christmas Card is my all time fav holiday movie

Nancy Murray
Nancy Murray 2 months ago

These are all favorites of mine too actually. When I think of all the hundreds of ones that I love, I never seen a Hallmark movie I didnt enjoy, the ones I love most are The Christmas Card, Christmas Magic, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and The Lost Valentine.

Natasha Olsen
Natasha Olsen 2 months ago

I watch hallmark movies to just enjoy. It is my decision to watch (and sometimes my husband does too if he wants to spend those moments with me). For those who do not enjoy this type of entertainment there are many other choices out there to choose from. I just don’t get the negativity however. Why the thumbs down when one has a choice to change the channel or choose to do something else. Hallmark, thank you!

Kathy Bonito
Kathy Bonito 2 months ago

A bride for Christmas & Journey back to Christmas & THE Christmas blessing

Terry Campbell
Terry Campbell 2 months ago

Christmas at Pemberly by far the best Christmas movie!🥰

Ellen W
Ellen W 2 months ago

Me hearing topic of each movie: Oh, that sounds interesting.

Me after seeing/recognizing movies clips: OH, that was a good one!!

Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence 2 months ago

The Christmas Card is my number one movie in this group. I have watched numerous times, and bought the DVD. I watch it every year at Christmas.

Klaus Brechmann
Klaus Brechmann 2 months ago

My favorite absolute favorite Hallmark Christmas movie is A Christmas Secret.

JV Smith
JV Smith 2 months ago

What is the criteria for being on this list?

Shilohlaine K9
Shilohlaine K9 2 months ago

I have loved Hallmark Movies for years even though it's the same plot, the same love stories just different people and places. For a long time my favorite was The Christmas Card. I recorded it and left it on my TV year round then I bought it. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be watching Hallmark Movies seems as though some of the 2021 movies have lost there Wholesome Family Friendly Ways. I'm very disappointed in Hallmark and so are many of my friends and family. Doesn't seem like there are any movies left to watch with Family Values! Too Bad, We Could Always Count On Hallmark!

Alei Dixon
Alei Dixon 2 months ago

I watch The Christmas Card every year at Christmas time. Also, The Magic of Ordinary Days is wonderful.

Anna Hutchinson
Anna Hutchinson 2 months ago

A crown for Christmas is a great movie

The Desert Lounge
The Desert Lounge 2 months ago

Hallmark is kicking Hollywood's ass by removing the bigotry toward small towns which is in EVERY Hollywood movie that show people from the middle of the country. No croooked sheriffs and no creepy diners where they give tourists bad directions...

Lorretta Lewis
Lorretta Lewis 2 months ago

The Lost Valentine, WATCHED IT SO MANY TIME AS I'M A HUGE FAN OF Jennifer love Hewitt

Diana Moody
Diana Moody 2 months ago

Three of the movies were my favorite, too. I don’t care about those newer ones.

willalilyfairy 2 months ago

Im sorry but all these are more current so I dont thing you can claim of all time there are older movies are better than the lower 5 ...they maybe good but mot the top of all time and to suggest they are is crazy...a lot of them were more male oriented watch list... Whete is Sarah Plain and Tall...Or Christmas in Conway...your not even close

Eloise Walker
Eloise Walker 2 months ago

Loving Leah, Magic of Ordinary Days, A Season For Miracles, Home By Christmas, A Very Merry Mix Up,, A Shoe Addicts Christmas......❤️❤️Hallmark station

Phillip Peterman
Phillip Peterman 2 months ago

My favorite of those listed is the Christmas card. One you did not address is the one that deals with the veterinarian student and the fire fighter. I don’t know the name of it but it is in my top five of all time favorite movies on Hallmark.

Mary Cassidy
Mary Cassidy 2 months ago

I like the oldies better. Little john, Ellen Foster, follow the Stars home, the summer of Ben Tyler, Loving Leah, In My Dreams. The Makeover.

qwerty 2 months ago

The Love Letter, Loving Leah, A Christmas to Remember, The Christmas Note, once Upon A Christmas Miracle, Journey Back To Christmas. Of course, Lost Valentine and Color of Rain are 2 of my favorites. I could list a tone more of
My favorites.

Robert 2 months ago

Not a bad selection, especially #2 and #3, but I find that "Once Upon a Christmas Miracle", "November Christmas", and "A Dog Named Christmas" should be tied for #1.

Steve Bayt
Steve Bayt 2 months ago

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Larry Massey
Larry Massey 2 months ago

My Favorite is The Christmas Card, I watch it almost every time it is on. My # 2 is Operation Christmas.

Healthy over 50
Healthy over 50 2 months ago

The Lost Valentine makes me sob every time. Wonderful movie!!

wclaurence 2 months ago

I was watching Autumn Reeser in 'A Country Wedding' and my eyes were riveted to her.

Mortimer Brewster
Mortimer Brewster 2 months ago

With all of the Hallmark movies I've been watching over the last year, I've only seen four of these. Not sure how that happened.

songbird989 2 months ago

I actually received Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Write Before Christmas for Christmas!

operagroupie 2 months ago

There are two or three here I’ve never seen and I watch all the time. I don’t think there is much chemistry between the couples In any of these shows.

Jeannie Crouse
Jeannie Crouse 2 months ago

Several, i like Holiday for Heros you did menchin. A Nashville Christmas Carol, Holly & Ivy, The Angel Tree, Chaetau Christmas, Two Turtle Doves, USS Christmas, Unlocking Christmas, Time for us to Come Home for Christmas, The Christmas Doctor, Winter in Vail, The Secret Ingredient, Fashio ably Yours, You're Bacon Me Crazy, Country at Heart, A Homecoming for the Holidays, Yhe Mistletoe Secret, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Picture Perfect Christmas, A Christmas Duet, The Beach House, Love of Course, Wedding of Dreams, Season for Love, A Summer to Remember, Flip that Romance, Forever in my Heart, Truely. Madly, Sweetly, Love, Romance& Chocolate, Wild Hearts, Love, Fall & Order, Summer Of Dreams, The Last Cowboy, Mending Fences, A Christmas Melody, It's Christmas Eve, Christmas Everlasting, Christmas Bells are Ringing, Christmas Wonderland, Finding Father Christmas, A Veteran's Christmas, The Christmas Note, Christmas at Graceland, Engaging Father Christmas, Marrying Father Christmas, The Bridge- part 1 & 2, Memories of Christmas, so msny more good ones plus the mysteries are great..🙂🌷

Vivian Hoskins
Vivian Hoskins 2 months ago

Will Cameron Mathes be leaving Hallmark

Vivian Hoskins
Vivian Hoskins 2 months ago

Lost valentines is my favorite too.
Mama say it time to come home for Christmas, Christmas under the stars, time for you to come home for Christmas

Jana Whitens
Jana Whitens 2 months ago

I didn’t like the character Danny in Love On The Sidelines. I thought he was an arrogant, narcissistic jerk. All the others mentioned were good.

Deborah Small
Deborah Small 2 months ago

Totally disagree

Cheryl Reinell
Cheryl Reinell 2 months ago

Never seen #9 before

Binge Now
Binge Now 2 months ago

What would your top 10 Hallmark Movies Of All Time List look like? Which ones did we miss?

paul80026 2 months ago

Remember Sunday is also one I'd add.

Anne B
Anne B 2 months ago

The Magic of Ordinary Days.

Sharon Moore
Sharon Moore 2 months ago

I agree recent script writing is on a downward spiral. Also feel new actors are just reciting the lines with very little good acting.

Maria Bautista
Maria Bautista 2 months ago

How about Hallmark’s top 10 wedding proposal scenes?

Kathy Best
Kathy Best 2 months ago

For me, anything with Ryan Paevey, Cindy Busby, or Antonio Cupo (my favorite 💖) will have me watching!

Linda Adams
Linda Adams 2 months ago

It was perfect!!!

Deb Richards
Deb Richards 2 months ago

I've got to say this list was very disappointing. I have rarely watched a Hallmark movie that I have disliked some of these choices definitely prove the old adage "oldie but goodie" ... just because some of these are more recent I would much rather watch the several older movies again and again before I watched 3 of these!

Sid Johnson
Sid Johnson 2 months ago

Why doesn't hallmark channel show any Christian Christmas movies?Christmas isn't all about santa claus. Jesus is the real reason for the Christmas season.

Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas 2 months ago

1-2-3-4 are spot on as top ten Lacey is amazing and Jennifer love Hewitt in the lost valentine is truly amazing especially with Betty white

Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas 2 months ago

While 7 9 and 5 are good movies I wouldn’t rate them as top ten sorry as for 4 heck yeah even this movie made me cry

Donna Reitler
Donna Reitler 2 months ago

A Very Merry Mix Up is my favorite by far. Definitely needed to make the list.

Laura Brooks
Laura Brooks 2 months ago

Christmas to Remember/
Lacey Chabert’s movies/
Autumn Reese’s Movies. / also
Help for the Holidays(actors/Actresses?)
Red headed gal...=💕actress ..antique clock/ Christmas

Judith Ryle
Judith Ryle 2 months ago

I love mr farces but can’t stand Cindy busby in it. I don’t like her voice or attitude. Ryan deserves a better costar. I meant mr darcey darn tablet

Steve Bayt
Steve Bayt 2 months ago

There are so many hundreds of great movies, that having any type of top 10 list omitting hundreds of others is absurd, they re all tied at number one.

Anne DeWitt
Anne DeWitt 2 months ago

My favorite Hallmark movie is Miss Christmas!!

Tom Walker
Tom Walker 2 months ago

I love Holiday for Heroes surprised that it is here though

thelookuplookdown 2 months ago

Don't agree with "Christmas Card", very little emotional involvement from female lead...

Sandra Biscarner
Sandra Biscarner 2 months ago

I love all of these movies, but there is so much more to Hallmark than (where most votes fell) Christmas. These movies give hope, love, feel good, the thought that romance is still out there somewhere.

Linda from Iowa
Linda from Iowa 2 months ago

The Christmas Card ❤ My fav.

Reitta Fields
Reitta Fields 2 months ago

Yes my favorite movies of all time are the Mr Darcy’s movie and Country Wedding!

jamielth velasquez
jamielth velasquez 2 months ago

Yes al ones I like

jackiesnowangel 2 months ago

I liked many of the movies you mentioned. I would add The Christmas Ornament. That was a great movie and should have been spun into a series.

Nadea Sid
Nadea Sid 2 months ago

Subscribed 👍👍👍

ML 0909
ML 0909 2 months ago

its a good list But add Christmas with Holly, a Godwink Christmas Meant for Love

Phillip Schumacher
Phillip Schumacher 2 months ago

A Godwink Christmas, A Veteran's Christmas, It's Chritmad Eve, Love Under the Rainbow, Just My Type, Christmas With Holly, A Christmas to Remember, The Christmas Secret, Snow Bride. These are a few I like. Yes, a few Christmas movies, but that is Hallmark! There are host of others that are very good! Many on the list I liked and saw. Hallmark does not disappoint.

Jeannette Stogner
Jeannette Stogner 2 months ago

You nailed the #1 spot! The Lost Valentine is one of the best movies I've ever seen! Betty White gives an absolutely brilliant performance. I sob every time I watch it. 💕💕

TerryAnn Maes
TerryAnn Maes 2 months ago

My favorites always involve royalty. I don't know why.

James Strum
James Strum 2 months ago

I do however think to Christmas card is the best you can't pass up Ed Asner.

Suraj Dave
Suraj Dave 2 months ago

Great list as always Binge Now!

Mary-Jane Lewis Lewis

The first one you talked about as no. 10 was one of the best I’ve seen. I saw 2more on your list but am not good at remembering what they were called but also enjoyed. I’m going to go back and see what non9 was as it looks really good

Cis Clooney
Cis Clooney 2 months ago

I like this list.

One fave: Flip that romance

James Strum
James Strum 2 months ago

OMG you named all three of my favorite Christmas movies thanks Hallmark viewers,your only missing the one about the woman who lost her husband in the service and the man rents the garage from her and he's a solider.

Haifa Abu salem
Haifa Abu salem 2 months ago

All on my☆☆☆☆☆ list. Thank you for the reminder .

Alice Purim
Alice Purim 2 months ago

The magic of the ordinary days.

Gi Lu
Gi Lu 2 months ago

Loving Leah. The magic of Ordinary Days.❤️

Mary Oliver
Mary Oliver 2 months ago

There are some good movies here. I've seen several of them. You missed a few goodies, though. I loved the one where a teacher took a group of students to space camp.

Karthik Kamath
Karthik Kamath 2 months ago

"The Memory Book" is my favourite

neha srivastav
neha srivastav 2 months ago

Where to see new new Orleans valentines movies

Mary Lair
Mary Lair 2 months ago

Those are not any of my favorites!

June Mitchell
June Mitchell 2 months ago

I love love on safari should be on that top ten i also love colour of rain love on the side line and lots more of them. I home on lockdown and i enjoy Hall mark movies

Ruth Snyder
Ruth Snyder 2 months ago

So many of those titles are not on utube and tons of utube movies are labeled as Hallmark movies and in reality the movie is full of drama , violence and is Not a Hallmark movie. Movies you just ranked # 4,7and 9 are not on Utube. I live outside the contiguous USA and I adore Hallmark movies. Yet Hallmark does not allow me to subscribe to them directly because of my location.
Please advise me about both issues and if you can assist me in finding #4,7,and9 and other Hallmark movies that are truly Hallmark and on utube. Also many Hallmark movie downloads on utube in addition, are lacking full sound throughout the movie and many have endings that are absent. Makes it not worth watching. Hope you can help. I just subscribed to your site. Thank you

Sally TIBBETTS 2 months ago

The Christmas Waltz withe Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp is the best movie .>

Iignore Repliesfrombores

One of my favorites is
"Back When We Were Grown-ups."

Donna Richert
Donna Richert 2 months ago

The List Valentine and The Color of Rain deserve a top ten nod.

Elsa Sonora
Elsa Sonora 2 months ago

Should have included A December bride. One of my least favorite is unleashing mr Darcy. I dislike any movies that try to resemble Jane Austin’s books!

Mary Hudson
Mary Hudson 2 months ago

YES to all of these. They are so good.

Rebecca Helms
Rebecca Helms 2 months ago

A Christmas Card, Holiday for Heros, and A Country Wedding, Unleashing Mr. Darcy The Christmas Waltz, my all time favorites.