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Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers 2 months ago

LOLLLLLL all time classic

mark Vito
mark Vito 2 months ago

Doo dah, can I interest you in a Christmas cookie?

No thank you, im diabetic

Uhh.. that dog won't hunt, my friend.. my real doo dah wasn't a diabetic ya, go ahead and take one


Keister 2 months ago

Such an underrated movie ngl

metaldaduk 2 months ago

Saw this for the first time this year and loved it. Should be better known than it is.

Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara 2 months ago

R.I.P. James Gandolfini.

Isaac Frost
Isaac Frost 2 months ago

I watch it today really funny awesome movie.

Ted Jones
Ted Jones 2 months ago

I love this flick.
Affleck is just a big goofy fun loving guy in it.
Different from his other roles.

Lena Mathiason
Lena Mathiason 2 months ago

Jeez that took a turn at the end there

Stefan Tomasi
Stefan Tomasi 2 months ago

This movie makes Dickie Roberts Former Child Star look like Home for the Holidays

Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law 2 months ago

This was actually a very funny film.

Macroplanet 2 months ago

this man directed Argo.

AggressiveNegotiator 2 months ago

Bruce Wayne is trying to relive his childhood.

Some Boy
Some Boy 2 months ago

Katherine Ohara, Kevin's mom❤️

Laura Marcos
Laura Marcos 2 months ago

Wait, isn't this movie like the one with Ryan Reynolds who's also got a younger brother and falls in love with a blonde? I've got the feeling that the executive of the film industry executives is like "this year we're gonna do movies with a clumsy guy who goes to his hometown for Christmas and have accidents in the snow and gets his balls hit by stuff and kisses a blond in the end".

World Changer
World Changer 2 months ago

She gave him Coronavirus.😭

Molly Martha Blythe
Molly Martha Blythe 2 months ago

This movie was so much fun to make. I was in this movie 💜

Igor Ivanov
Igor Ivanov 2 months ago

Best film ever. After " I will be home for christmass"

shadowflower93 2 months ago

Just Batman buying parents because his are dead.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Normal billionaire business.

RNMO 112
RNMO 112 2 months ago

It looks like it was made in the early 1990s

The Midnight truthseeker


violetguavapeacheé 2 months ago

Hey Rachel’s sister

Issy to Bizzy
Issy to Bizzy 2 months ago


Laura Broadwater
Laura Broadwater 2 months ago

250k r-r-really well ok then you can call me dad

Chris Milburn
Chris Milburn 2 months ago

classic trailer? :/

Jose Serrano
Jose Serrano 2 months ago

This was actually a pretty decent movie. It wasnt an awards darling but it made me laugh.

Viki Geanopulos
Viki Geanopulos 2 months ago

This movie is so funny..

Two-Face 2 months ago

Hey Mr Mosby

Ed Hartman
Ed Hartman 2 months ago

This trailer uses a piece from my CD, "Marimbells of Christmas"
For more information:

Owen Lister
Owen Lister 2 months ago

Batman ladies and gentlemen.

Spinazzola 2 months ago

love this movie

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