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Yuri Gonçalvez
Yuri Gonçalvez 2 months ago

He is not what he seems!!!!

editor boi
editor boi 2 months ago

cool video dude

Daniel_JamesanMufc21 2 months ago

What I came for 1:54

Duran Duran64
Duran Duran64 2 months ago

I sure wish work environments were like that in real life - the boss accepts you if you are trying, but behind. Most of all, the rest of the other workers still accept you.

Bridget Binion
Bridget Binion 2 months ago

It's interesting to see how hot Peter Billingsley turned out irl.

Matthew Fuentes
Matthew Fuentes 2 months ago

Will Ferrell actually was a little scared of the jack in the box because the director was behind the switch and pushed different times on every take.

AJ Shafer
AJ Shafer 2 months ago

2:28 😂😂😂

Shrika Ankati
Shrika Ankati 2 months ago

Those toys get me every time...

Cody Higinbotham
Cody Higinbotham 2 months ago

2003: Jon Favreau directs this classic
2008: Jon Favreau directs Iron Man, kick starting the MCU
2019: Jon Favreau creates the epic Star Wars show The Mandalorian
Point is, Jon Favreau has made many masterpieces

Dayna Cooper
Dayna Cooper 2 months ago

I love elf and a Christmas story

Zippy Zepeda
Zippy Zepeda 2 months ago

So when said good job with making up that speech he kinda being mean to real special needs people

StacyGranger21 2 months ago

So that's what happened to Ralphie many years after he got a BB gun for Christmas. He became an elf

Figure 8
Figure 8 2 months ago

I made...85

That puts you 950 off pace

You’d think he’d expect that

Harper Craven
Harper Craven 2 months ago

How sweet was it that Buddy clearly was not cut out to be an elf but the elves still treated him nicely and with understanding

JoJo 2 months ago

I love this scene so much 😂.

Frankellys Soto
Frankellys Soto 2 months ago

It seems like Everybody else has the same talents expect for the elf

Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 2 months ago


Beau Jones
Beau Jones 2 months ago

"See Buddy? You're not a cotton headed ninnymuggins. You're just...special." Well that's reassuring. lol if he was truly special he would have been able to do stuff better than all of them. Hahahahhaha

Drew718 Brooklyn
Drew718 Brooklyn 2 months ago

The clowns laughter sounds like a hyena

Chad Brown
Chad Brown 2 months ago

Cottonheaded ninnymuggins? sounds too cute to be an expletive.

Alexandros Kyriakou
Alexandros Kyriakou 2 months ago


Kevin Wayne Ong
Kevin Wayne Ong 2 months ago


OGA GOLF COURSE 2 months ago


saenzfiction 2 months ago

Gotta laugh at the Jack-in-the-box in his moment of realization.

Edge Adapt
Edge Adapt 2 months ago


Landen Weaver
Landen Weaver 2 months ago

That’s the kid from a Christmas story at 0:43

FlorBunbury 2 months ago


Emanresuadeen 2 months ago

He said the elf N word, ninnymuggins.

MonguinAssassin 2 months ago

Was a bit in my teens when this came out, and still remember watching this in theaters with my sister as a silly Blockbuster event. How the blast did this end up in the "Classic" genre with A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original 2D cartoon), and Home Alone?

FYI, I was literally born in the very holiday season Home Alone was in theaters.

Khalid Sabri
Khalid Sabri 2 months ago

Of course he's human.

Khalid Sabri
Khalid Sabri 2 months ago

Special talent's.

Jack Rodak the movie guy

everyone is upset that Buddy sweared (Kinda)

when the other elf has sweared before in his past
he said the word
the F dash dash dash word

Jared The Animaniac
Jared The Animaniac 2 months ago


Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 months ago


Nelson muntz
Nelson muntz 2 months ago

You change batteries in the smoke detector
Sher did triple A's and in six months you'll have to check them again

Governor x84
Governor x84 2 months ago

Clown in the box malfunction buddy is writing broken. Clown oh no you don't!

the Earl of Oxfordshire

When your not qualified but get the job anyway.

Candance Linzay
Candance Linzay 2 months ago

We got a new pug puppy for Christmas and her name is Peekaboo, but her nickname is Ninnymuggins!

TheTsar1918 2 months ago

One of the elves is Johnny 2x4 from Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 2 months ago

Those jack in the box toys get me every time even though I know they're coming

Monster AsCanBe
Monster AsCanBe 2 months ago

Ralphy! You moved up in the world 😍😍

Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 2 months ago

Toy testing- where the "special" elves work.
Well, thanks for the promotion, "Mr. Simmons."

John Daggett
John Daggett 2 months ago

I could watch 1:50 to 2:32 over and over 😁

Henry M
Henry M 2 months ago

Ming Ming is played by Peter Billingsley from A Christmas Story!😁

Bruce Tharpe
Bruce Tharpe 2 months ago


Kitty's Flipout
Kitty's Flipout 2 months ago

Who else jumped when the defect box finally activated? XD

Dulce V
Dulce V 2 months ago

Buddy is an awesome Elf to fall in love with Jovie when he meets her for the first time they were just meant to be with each other and they even have a child named sussie at the end of the movie when they go to see Papa Elf at the North Pole.

Chibi Prussia
Chibi Prussia 2 months ago

0:24 The red elf with the cotton balls on his shirt is Randy from Christmas Story

Brian Arriaga
Brian Arriaga 2 months ago

elf you are os big

Brian Arriaga
Brian Arriaga 2 months ago

elf you are os big

Garrett 'McOuchies' Cummings

Two good scenes in one!  "Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins" and the Jack in the Box Testing"!

Itsss Markus
Itsss Markus 2 months ago

2:30 he was like errr stupid toy clown in a box