CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller


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Information CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

Title : CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

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Frames CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

Description CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

CHARICE PEMPENGCO: My Grown up Christmas List at Rockefeller

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Ceazardo Monteagudo
Ceazardo Monteagudo 2 months ago


RobinB26 2 months ago


Y Hideit
Y Hideit 2 months ago

Too bad we won't be able to hear this incredible voice again.......Baphomet agenda won another battle.

Mother Jek Jek
Mother Jek Jek 2 months ago

Merry Christmas! 🎄😍💖💕

Chloe 2 months ago

Wow she’s so different 10 years ago

Rot Offgun
Rot Offgun 2 months ago

Happy merry Christmas 2020 and i still listen all songs of charice 🎄💚

I'm Jayson
I'm Jayson 2 months ago

Christmas 2020 and I am still here listening to my all time favorite song interpreted by the one and only Charice. ❤️🎄

Tom Trapal
Tom Trapal 2 months ago

December 24, 2020 and I'm still here. ♥

Andres Dolar
Andres Dolar 2 months ago

2021!!!Happy Holiday

Lulu Jaranilla
Lulu Jaranilla 2 months ago

I miss you charice, I'll always ❤you..

fredd CA
fredd CA 2 months ago

2020 sad christmas no gatherings 😢

Jimuel Masangcay
Jimuel Masangcay 2 months ago Hello everyone. Feel free to stream my version. Thank you

Link Cast12
Link Cast12 2 months ago

DEC 2020

eli nguyen
eli nguyen 2 months ago

2020 gang where u at?🥺 ahhs this song! will forever be one of my favs❤️

Matteo Padovan
Matteo Padovan 2 months ago

Time flies so fast it’s incredible. Not possible... TEN YEARS AGO. I have the same age of her and now... we are so changed! By the way big emotion on this super rendition omg 😢❤️❤️

John Alastair Barrion

December 2020 anyone?

idol GHO
idol GHO 2 months ago

It’s 2020 and we’re still here, missing the old Charice. I cant help but imagine how big of a star she is by now if she didnt... anyway i hope she’s happy,

Martina Stahl
Martina Stahl 2 months ago

I miss Charice with David. :-(

Ronn hub
Ronn hub 2 months ago

2020 like if your still coming back every Christmas Season to watch this

Chips Aguy
Chips Aguy 2 months ago

Who's still watching this in 2020?

All Good
All Good 2 months ago

I wished Charice kept her singing voice. 😭 But I guess it's her grown up Christmas list to change it. Still happy for you Charice.

K L 2 months ago

WOW this must have been an INCREDIBLE SHOW!

Alerts Camera
Alerts Camera 2 months ago

So sad that her career is now over. She should have kept her personal life quiet and continue to make music. We'll never get to see her full potential.

Hector Jay Lopez
Hector Jay Lopez 2 months ago

2020 ☺️☺️☺️ every year I come back to this video

Clinton Anugrah
Clinton Anugrah 2 months ago

2020 who is still watching?

manuelle sarong
manuelle sarong 2 months ago

Dec 9 2020 everyone??? Just me feeling the Christmas vibe with Charice's magical voice....

Emil Alarte
Emil Alarte 2 months ago


Kinabuhi Series
Kinabuhi Series 2 months ago

I miss you Charice! 2020 is about to end yet it felt like this performance a long long time ago😢

Linda T
Linda T 2 months ago

She is truly a rarity! This talent only comes by once in a lifetime! I am so grateful to witness her sing in my lifetime! She has so much control, strength, power, range, passion and clarity in her vocals. She is the one and only Charice! Love you even in 2020!!!

MOODSTRIKER 2 months ago

December 2020 ✅🤙🏼

B A 2 months ago


korogaru213 2 months ago

Can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Saw this when it aired.

Syuk Fendi
Syuk Fendi 2 months ago


Sam Vill
Sam Vill 2 months ago

2020 still amazing during covid19

man luxihu
man luxihu 2 months ago


The Beach
The Beach 2 months ago

it's Christmas once again. we miss you Charice....

Ernesto Valera, Junior

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And This Is Not An Harrassment Sir And Madam:
Thank You So Much More Charice Pempengco & David Fosters

Rovin 2 months ago

Its December 2020, I always come back to this video during Christmas time. It captures the epitome of Christmas, the cold weather, the festive lights, the spirit of winter. Who's with me?

C G.
C G. 2 months ago

We really miss u charice. ❤️

Sam Silk
Sam Silk 2 months ago

I'm a veteran singer but this run at 3:07 just broke my jaw.

earl javier
earl javier 2 months ago

When charice is one of the famous international singer waywayback... imiss u charice!!!!

Gerry de la Cruz
Gerry de la Cruz 2 months ago

The girl is gone to become a male. I wish he/she could still serve this kind of entertainment.

O AVILES 2 months ago

It’s November 2020 and started watching this again...

rhussellito 2 months ago

2020 who's stll watching?? Lalo na ngayong halos isang buwan nalang christmas na nakakamis🎄🎄❣️❣️

Khalil Al-Rawaf Esmail

No one could ever reach her standard.

B A 2 months ago

David Foster and Charish! Wow, totally awesome!

Ria Desierto
Ria Desierto 2 months ago

My grown up christmas list for 2020 is aside from the Covid19 pandemic to end, is you, Charice. Please go back to your original self. I miss u my dear. Please go back, please, please, pretty please? 🥺☹️😟🎄

Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan 2 months ago

This achievement goes to Charice, not Jake Cyruz.

Paterna Hollmen
Paterna Hollmen 2 months ago

i wish you remain charice.

Mimi Gutierrez
Mimi Gutierrez 2 months ago

I love this version of this song! I keep coming back here every holiday season!

Lits Otani
Lits Otani 2 months ago

Go charice

Jowee G.
Jowee G. 2 months ago

Nov. 2020 who's still watching?

Andres Dolar
Andres Dolar 2 months ago

2021 november still watching

JepJep 2 months ago

Sayang talaga si Charice. Tsk tsk tsk

Jervynne Leigh
Jervynne Leigh 2 months ago

No perfect Christmas than hearing Charice with a Christmas song.

Margarette Suriaga
Margarette Suriaga 2 months ago

Watching me right now i miss you so much charice lalo n pg mgpapasko. I love you charice♥️💜😭

zanz manuel
zanz manuel 2 months ago

2020 charice.. I miss this girl.

teofs hernandez
teofs hernandez 2 months ago

The best version..i miss you are one best singer in the philippines and world..

p. aivilo
p. aivilo 2 months ago

Listening to this song in 2020 makes me feel so emotional. Christmas this year would be so different. Hope this pandemic will end soon. 😔🙏

Randolph Val Palma
Randolph Val Palma 2 months ago

the best rendition of my grown up Christmas list. Charice nailed this! ♥♥♥

Mary Ellaine Parducho

October 2020

CJV KIARA 2 months ago

I'm back," Charice the Golden voice of All time!

CJ Bubon
CJ Bubon 2 months ago


Jona Fajardo Garcia
Jona Fajardo Garcia 2 months ago

Yung feeling na line up Yung name mo with Hollywood Stars. ❤️✨ #alwaysproudofcharice

Kim villamore
Kim villamore 2 months ago

2020 watching charice

Valor Channel
Valor Channel 2 months ago

2020 my "pampa-kalma" ♥️♥️♥️

Sam Vill
Sam Vill 2 months ago

2020 Septembet who is still in love with this song?

macky benj
macky benj 2 months ago

I know everyone is going through a lot during this year 2020 however allow me to greet you still a Merry Christmas. :)

W G 2 months ago

This will always be the best rendition of this song for me. Everything is just perfect.

man luxihu
man luxihu 2 months ago



why im crying?😭

Maciek Zgudka
Maciek Zgudka 2 months ago

Horrible and over the top. Hate it

Boss Aidan
Boss Aidan 2 months ago

September 14, 2020

janeth zuniga
janeth zuniga 2 months ago

2020 my fave Christmas song

Mike Karlo
Mike Karlo 2 months ago

SEPT 2020 and I'm feeling this vibe

bRyann MerCado Vloggz

Grabe sinabihan syang that's my all time favorite song nung isang host na babae. Galing ni idol tlga.

bRyann MerCado Vloggz

Sarap nya tlga pakinggang kumanta how I wish meron pa ring Charice na pwede Tau kanotahan ule

Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 2 months ago

I always go back to this performance of hers. The feels will always be the same

Mariechelle Gorgod
Mariechelle Gorgod 2 months ago

Christmas is coming 2020. Still watching this performance of my idol Charice,quarantine edition.

JPC Camera
JPC Camera 2 months ago

Still here, 2020 September 02. who's here? chasters?

AzuraPlayZ D
AzuraPlayZ D 2 months ago

September 01, 2020.. never get tired of listening to charice's version of "My Grown up Christmas list"

RONMAR 2 months ago

BER months, 2020. Who is watching?

Mar Fox
Mar Fox 2 months ago

Me still watching at September 1, 2020

Elcana Elic
Elcana Elic 2 months ago

His/her voice is gone when she/he sex change. It's bigger now.

Davidson Rivera
Davidson Rivera 2 months ago


Cherry Delavega
Cherry Delavega 2 months ago

August 27, 2020 🎶🎶
My favorite christmas song 😊

Rom Cab
Rom Cab 2 months ago

August 17, 2020 parang pasko na. This is one of the best version of the song.

Mama Miraflor
Mama Miraflor 2 months ago

August 13 2020 anyone!!?

Samuel V. Moreno
Samuel V. Moreno 2 months ago

I really miss her😢😢
But I love Jake as how much I love Charice

Daniel Dayon
Daniel Dayon 2 months ago

2020, Who is watching in this Pandemic Crisis?

Jess Entea
Jess Entea 2 months ago

miss this voice.. so soulful

Paulo Jacobe
Paulo Jacobe 2 months ago

I'm still listening even during this quarantine days. I miss this young Charice. :(

John Lambert Vicencio

Her voice, tone, timbre and all are all remarkable. She could have actually been bigger than most of the reigning artists nowadays. But it is his life and we cannot do anything about that. Atleast we have YT to rewatch her glorious days

John Lambert Vicencio

2020? Best part 3:00 most emotional

Ang Gamhanang Maldita

God, her outfit is 😍😍😍.

mark anthony bariquit

2020 June 23rd

Seychelle Navoa
Seychelle Navoa 2 months ago

I miss you so much Charice 😢

Siara Siara
Siara Siara 2 months ago

3:35 😍

Arvin Mendoza
Arvin Mendoza 2 months ago

Quarantine 2020.

castroo VLGS
castroo VLGS 2 months ago

She has all the ability and the chance to become a big star like arianna grande, selena gomez or taylor swift.
Some singers might reached a certain level of fame ONCE because their song became an instant hit but eventually didn't consistently reached the top because the fame really came from the song and not because of the talent, but charice DANG! She can make it on top! she is talented, adorable, and loved by many people and she might be the first pure filipino to be on that certain level of fame internationally something that most of the filipino artist targeted, to be on an international stage and to be known globally. You can clearly see her popularity in this video. I am a big fan of charice and I know that she is happy now being jake zyrus but you cant blame me i really adore her before whenever her videos popped on my reccomendations i automatically watched it and be amazed on her impeccable talent.
CHARICE i will be your forever fan and i can assure you that i will forever watch your videos and continue to be amazed.
JAKE ZYRUS I hope you already find peace and happiness, love and light