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The Happy Pear
The Happy Pear 2 months ago

To celebrate reaching 400K subscribers we're give a 55% discount to our, Ultimate Vegan Cooking Course. We've added the link to the description of this video. Thanks again everyone!!

Victoria B
Victoria B 2 months ago

Can I use almond flour instead?

UnMusical 2 months ago

For all the vegan stoners out there, some lovely munchies. And i have the feeling this two dudes know what i'm talking about!
Great job as always

Freakdancing 2 months ago

Going to make these today 😌🤗. Might just eat the batter tho

Bora Kılıç
Bora Kılıç 2 months ago

hello guys! thanks for the recipe, I tried it once and it’s awesome 👍🏻 here’s my question: can I use dates/date syrup instead of sugar? Thank you.

dolores tamez
dolores tamez 2 months ago

really, I've done the cheesecake and now the brownies and it blows my mind. And the best part, you get to taste the flavor and yet you don't feel sick

Parnian 2 months ago

Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for you guys! Thank you for another wonderful recipe! 💜

Emailgroupie ESL Education

Of all days I had all ingredients but I didn't see in time so I made sweet potato cornbread. Tomorrow!

Be the change You want to see in the world

I made mine but for some reason there was a lot of oil sitting on top and around it. I used Cadbury Bournville. Please help

wfglee 2 months ago

Good ideas to us

James McLaughlin
James McLaughlin 2 months ago

Phenomenal brownies, coconut oil makes a massive difference as opposed to sunflower oil. A must try!

Dannie Godfrey
Dannie Godfrey 2 months ago

Why would anyone give these guys thumbs down😕 There is literally nothing dislikable about them. Great videos and lovely guys!!

29- 0
29- 0 2 months ago

I love your amazing recipes! A joy to watch and learn from.

Nada AbdAllah
Nada AbdAllah 2 months ago


Love Vegan Soul
Love Vegan Soul 2 months ago

These look insane 😍 So so good!

Johannes G
Johannes G 2 months ago

I followed the exact instructions, but my batter split terribly and formed pools of liquid. Had to put it through my food processor to make it smooth again...any idea what went wrong? They just came out of the oven and seem fine now

Fiaah 2 months ago

These brownies are amazing! I think mine are even fudgier than the Happy pear! They are super heavy and awesome.
I made some substitutions, as I didn't have enough dark chocolate so I used half dark chocolate, then used hot chocolate (which I made into a paste/melted chocolate using a small amount of boiling water to dissolve) and also used light brown Sugar!
@Happy pear I'm so excited for when your new book is released, pre ordered and all 😄

Gemma Robinson
Gemma Robinson 2 months ago

I tried these out, I had to use chia instead of flax, and they are absolutely delicious but I somehow got the texture all wrong! They are so crumbly on the outside :(

Kaitlin 2 months ago

I almost didn’t watch this because I thought it was going to be full of dates like every other sweet vegan recipe. These look amazing!

Alya ‘Aathira Jasmine

any one in the uk know where i can get ground flax seeds?

Kunal Oswal
Kunal Oswal 2 months ago

How stoned are you guys?

도킹 Doking
도킹 Doking 2 months ago

Hi i'm korean baking YouTuber ^_^ Thank you for sharing this great video♡ : )

John FOOD VEGAN 2 months ago

Very delicious!. Nice too meet you. I’m vegetarian.

Eline 2 months ago

Looks absolutely fab! Can you use a nut/seed butter (like almond, or sunflower seed) instead of the oil? X

Nalini Gunawardana
Nalini Gunawardana 2 months ago

I love your recipe I got your first book a present but can you go a bit slow when you are showing thanks

Norma Jean Murphy
Norma Jean Murphy 2 months ago

Made them - they're delicious! 😋

n1lla 2 months ago

I thought these were going to be black bean brownies. I made those last weekend for the first time and they are pretty good. Will have to try these and see how they compare.

Vörös Medve
Vörös Medve 2 months ago

Had to smile when you guys were drooling over the batter!

KA 237
KA 237 2 months ago

Are you twins?

Carolyn L
Carolyn L 2 months ago

:( Mine came out like greasy sand.

Sophie Stein
Sophie Stein 2 months ago

Just made this recipe but used 2 regular eggs instead of flax eggs .. it is delicious !!!! So so good and definitely recommend making it 😍

johnaidan22 2 months ago

Sorry, can't post a picture ... by the time I got the phone, the household had snatched up the entire batch ... OMG! Thankfully on the way to get the phone, I grabbed one, which, by the way, was really grand! 😂👌

Annu Sharma
Annu Sharma 2 months ago

Could i use some cocoa powder as well in case i dont have enough chocolate to melt? The one i have is pure cocoa powder, no sugar etc.

Sam Morris
Sam Morris 2 months ago

I didn’t know you guys only ate vegan, and don’t live a vegan lifestyle. Icebreaker is a merino wool clothing company. Although they use what they call ‘humane’ wool collection practices, by buying that product you are funding the wool industry and exploitation on animals. Veganism is about the path of least harm and cruelty. That is a path you are not taking.

Melonie Burgess
Melonie Burgess 2 months ago

Thank you! Question: I only have cocoa powder. How can I use that?

Power in Prayer
Power in Prayer 2 months ago

"Gloopy" : technical term lol. love it

Solomon Kalu
Solomon Kalu 2 months ago

Oh my! This is amazing! Thank you so much guys! Stay safe! :-)

Gisele Nascimento
Gisele Nascimento 2 months ago

You guys are the best! Will try later. I’ll tag you on instagram! Thanks

Life of Aimée
Life of Aimée 2 months ago

Well done HP! thanks for this

jan macvicar
jan macvicar 2 months ago

thanks guys, no nuts, which means my daughter can indulge! Xx

James Robbins
James Robbins 2 months ago

Thanks for literally deciding what Im feeding my family tonight for dessert hahaha wow this looks so decedent!

Xi Zhi Low
Xi Zhi Low 2 months ago

you guys got younger!

Holy_Mess 2 months ago

I use chia seeds as an egg replacement in many of my baked goods. I have heard that soy flour will work for it, too; and can also be used to make soy milk at home (without the thickeners and slimy texture). I'm gonna have to grab some flax soon as well.🙂
Looks incredible! Thanks, guys!

d rabbit white
d rabbit white 2 months ago

Thank you. I have cocoa powder. So I assume that I can mix my powder with the percentage of sugar I choose, then add some plant milk or water until it is of the same consistency as the melted chocolate, or just count it as a dry ingredient and add appropriate amount of liquid into the well. Does that sound feasible to everyone?

pranav bihani
pranav bihani 2 months ago

@thehappypear Pls make vegan Jelly

Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 2 months ago

Love the way Steve says foogie!

Lynda Kirkness
Lynda Kirkness 2 months ago

The only sweetener I can use is agave syrup

Lindsey Macintosh
Lindsey Macintosh 2 months ago

"Its incredibly" description ever !!! Nice one boys, am definately gonna try this, it ooks Incredibly !!! 🤣👌😋

Anderson Queiroz
Anderson Queiroz 2 months ago

Awesome, I'm making it this weekend xD.
Btw, I've always eaten the cake batter, regardless of it's vegan or not. 😅

Radical⚧Robynette 2 months ago

Can I use whole wheat flour?

Muna Jedski
Muna Jedski 2 months ago

I wonder if cocoa powder would work in place of the chocolate. I have to convert measurements to U.S. (the only country that doesn't use metric 🤭). It will be worth it!

Caroline Denise
Caroline Denise 2 months ago

Ah this looks so good! I will bake it as soon as I can get my hands on coconut oil ❤ (right now all I have is olive oil... probably not the kind of flavour I'm looking for!)

SUPERBEIGE 2 months ago

For the love of baking, someone buy these guys a spatula

Jasmine Kern
Jasmine Kern 2 months ago

Can aquafaba be used instead of the flaxseed?

Katrien G
Katrien G 2 months ago

How do i buy the book living in the netherlands?

Katrien G
Katrien G 2 months ago

Tx guys. Can i use chickpeaflour?

Honey Bee
Honey Bee 2 months ago

I can’t wait to try these!!!!!

Campanula Rose
Campanula Rose 2 months ago

Someone appears a wee bit stoned. Maybe they didn’t mention an ingredient?

ono joko
ono joko 2 months ago

you look high :)

Ailin Gallagher
Ailin Gallagher 2 months ago

Going to make these now! I have spent quarantine baking and cooking all of your tasty goods! Next is signing up to your online course..thank you so much for all of these lovely vegan recipes!

PJ 2 months ago

Damn all these brownie recipes that contain no pot....

Jeanne Amato
Jeanne Amato 2 months ago

Watching you dudes is as satisfying as eating this fudgy heaven. Stay safe✌️❤️🙏

IvanIV05 2 months ago

So Steve is the master baker.

A R 2 months ago

is there a red velvet framework??

Pardeep singh
Pardeep singh 2 months ago

Super yummy 🤤 👌 thanks 🙏

Incredible Lifestyle
Incredible Lifestyle 2 months ago

Hmm...nice Content and video.... Yummy I will surely Try This

Serina T
Serina T 2 months ago

Hey guys,
how are you keeping?
The brownies looks so good omg

Yes 4 Meliorism
Yes 4 Meliorism 2 months ago

Wow it so tasty .try my friends channel #tastygoodfood. Too.

1024specialkay 2 months ago

fudgy brownies are my favorite things ever! I can't wait to try this!

BenWorkman AnimalFeeMre

Yes desserts are awesome: thank you!

S. Barnes
S. Barnes 2 months ago

I can't wait to try out this recipe.

Ella T.
Ella T. 2 months ago

Both of you are so charming and lovely! ❤️

Агата Энская

Очень плохое состояние кожи у веганов.... Сахар и угливоды которые они жрут просто тоннами компенсируя животные белки и жиры первым делом бьет по состоянию кожи и его тургору.... Процесс гликации разрушает коллаген)))) это жесть.... Особенно страдают сыроеды.... Они вообще ничем кроме глюкозы-фруктозы свой организм не питают..... Бедная поджелудочная.....
Вот уже и волосы терять начали из за гормонального дисбаланса..... Пока загибаться не начнут не протрезвеют от своего веганства....

Mostlysane 2 months ago

I think the fates have been telling me I have to make these.
I threw out my baking soda earlier in the week after realising it went out of code in 2016. I couldn't find any more in the shops so bought baking powder instead.
My local Sainsburys happened to have 2 bags of pain flour on the shelf yesterday. Thats the first time in weeks they had any. One is now mine.

I've trained to make raw organic chocolate and have some left from the batch I made last weekend.

They look amazing. I now have something to do tomorrow whilst I watch the world go by the window of my flat. Thank you :)

Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare
Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare 2 months ago


350g dark choc 54%

125ml coconut oil

80ml non dairy milk

200g white flour

125g Demerara sugar or coconut sugar

1.5 flax eggs (1.5tbsp ground flax in 4.5 tbsp water)

1 tbsp vanilla extract

pinch salt

1 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 160 C fan oven
Mix flax and water set aside to make your flax egg
Melt choc over bain marie
Into a bowl sieve the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt and mix together
Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan and add to the flour mix along with the soaked flax seeds, vanilla extract and the non dairy milk. Beat very well by hand or with an electric hand mixer
Add melted choc, beat again for 2-3 minutes
Add to lined pan (we used a 30 x 20cm pan lined with parchment) and smooth top
Bake for 30-40 mins until a skewer inserted comes out almost clean
Remove from the oven and leave until fully cool. By leaving it to fully cool this is when the brownie will firm up and develop its finished texture. This can often be one of the hardest parts of making a brownie but so essential is you want your brownie to firm up. Enjoy!

Gelbsucht 2 months ago

Do you both always stand on the same side? Otherwise we‘ve no surefire way of knowing which of you is which, so to speak.

mfeliciano671 2 months ago

I can’t wait to make this tomorrow!

Anna E.
Anna E. 2 months ago

Ohhhh, perfect timing!!! I am SO making this brownie tonight, will tag yous on Instagram later!! Thank youuuuuuu!!! Xxx

Nats Ducker
Nats Ducker 2 months ago

Guess what iv just had.... Tagine!! You were right it was delish!!
Brownies look yummy.
Thanks dudes ❤️

Annu Sharma
Annu Sharma 2 months ago

I'm so going to make it this weekend, I believe I have everything in my pantry. I have chocolate chips that I can melt for this recipe. Can't wait. What hashtag shall I use if I tag you guys on IG?

Stephanie Lange
Stephanie Lange 2 months ago

Right I’m attempting this tonight!

Ria Alice
Ria Alice 2 months ago

Definitely making this with my son! An activity to do with the schools off!

Delightful 2 months ago

I love brownies!! How many recipes are in your new book! You guys are killing it!

Linda Lim
Linda Lim 2 months ago

That looks soooo fudgy! Brownie points to both of you

Honey Dubey
Honey Dubey 2 months ago

Wow you guys look alike 😳

Kitten Se Dévoile
Kitten Se Dévoile 2 months ago

Im going to make these this week 🥰

Petra Luna
Petra Luna 2 months ago


Dar Fiddler
Dar Fiddler 2 months ago

Make a well in the middle

Fionnuala Murphy
Fionnuala Murphy 2 months ago

Oooooooooo I hardly ever eat sweet things these days. My dessert is banana sandwich or banana bread occassionally but I like watching along

That Vegan Muslim
That Vegan Muslim 2 months ago

Love that its such as easy recipe