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Rosy Treasure
Rosy Treasure 2 months ago

Really love this card

Sandy West
Sandy West 2 months ago

Thanks so much guys, I love watching your videos and the banter between you both - oh and I love the cards the floral and the tear n tape ones with the gilt gold foil. Thanks so much. Sandy

Linda Van Gestel
Linda Van Gestel 2 months ago

I love al the cards what you both make.
I learn a lot thank you for shering it😀👍

Sylvia Maunder
Sylvia Maunder 2 months ago

Love the card and so interested to see the gilded flakes in use. Thanks Barry&Jay.

Valerie O'Donoghue
Valerie O'Donoghue 2 months ago

❤️ the cards

Jane Holmes
Jane Holmes 2 months ago

These are lovely💕💕💕

Carol Aston
Carol Aston 2 months ago

I have never used gilding on a card before - you make it look so easy and I love the card you have made Barry and Jay’s other designs and ideas with the gild. Thank you for the lovely ideas 💐

Brenda Crawford
Brenda Crawford 2 months ago

You made my day. Love watching the two of you and the kitties. Beautiful card.

deborah graziani
deborah graziani 2 months ago

Love spending time with you guys!

Marla Reames
Marla Reames 2 months ago

Great video guys! Believe it or not, I am in Fairview, OK, nw part right before the panhandle in the USA! I enjoy watching you. I am fairly new to this and I have been learning.

Kathy' Crafty Sessions

You guys are a ray of sunshine in a messed up world! #KeepCrafting 💜

denise colp
denise colp 2 months ago

This cards are awesome

Claude Tanné
Claude Tanné 2 months ago

Bonsoir les garçons enchantée de vous revoir.
Bonne soirée 🤗

Julie poindexter
Julie poindexter 2 months ago

Hello guys

Susan's Crafting Space

Gorgeous card Barry. Can't wait to get some guilding flakes

Krista at The Stamping Nook

You guys rock. You made my life easier by learning the tips and tricks with the foils and teaching them to me. =)

Joanne Melanson
Joanne Melanson 2 months ago

Love your cards

Annette Dubois
Annette Dubois 2 months ago

Great job love this card thanks

maureen sowerby
maureen sowerby 2 months ago

Another great card

Sue 2 months ago

Beautiful and elegant card Barry!
Thanks for experimenting with all the adhesives and gold leaf building flakes!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Debbie Sutton
Debbie Sutton 2 months ago

It is a stunning card! You two make me smile! You’re so fun to watch!

JoAnne Pitre
JoAnne Pitre 2 months ago

Very nice cards guys.

Nola Ventura
Nola Ventura 2 months ago

Jay got his money's worth with that hair cut!

Sherri Wildeman
Sherri Wildeman 2 months ago

That card you made was absolutely gorgeous ❤️ I love that guilded leafing. That suite is one of my favourites.
Beautiful job on your projects ❤️

Diana Mennie
Diana Mennie 2 months ago

Really looks nice. Like it

Connie Ulshafer
Connie Ulshafer 2 months ago

Beautiful card Barry. Also, the cards at the end are great as well. Always enjoy watching the two of you create

Steph Gibson
Steph Gibson 2 months ago

You guys give anyone who has lost there crafting mojo the talent to find it again,by making the most beautiful but simple cards.

Mandy DeHoog
Mandy DeHoog 2 months ago

You both are soooo talented and make me giggle but yet your professional. Thank you for sharing your talents. Your cards are beautiful. See you on Wednesday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sherri Wildeman
Sherri Wildeman 2 months ago

Yay I win!!!! And it's not Christmas ❤️ thank you so much!