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Ivan Gene Cross Entertainment

Hey my friend, when is the next video coming ??
Is there a update video coming soon ??

Euan Mort
Euan Mort 2 months ago

I'm sensing a sequel to this at some point.

Sodor Stories
Sodor Stories 2 months ago

Uploading again i see AWESOME

Trains 2 months ago

Arlesdale It would cool to see diesel 10 in you're series.

Awesome Thomas Fan 2008

A really funny episode. Moral of the story: Don’t try to put stone in box cars and tankers. XD

TheRedEngine 2 months ago

Wonderful Job with this, it feels like such a CGI move and adding Ada, Jane, and Mabel to this was just perfect!

Random bread
Random bread 2 months ago

I really liked this Episode keep up the good work

Guilherme Rossi
Guilherme Rossi 2 months ago

Well done! Great episode. I love the montage from 7:03

Malachi Scott
Malachi Scott 2 months ago

Awesome Thomas and friends woodrailway

Percy the little Green engine

Personally I think your the reason I continue my series I haven’t made a episode yet but your the reason I want to continue the series thank you thank you so much :D

MaxMonty1516 2 months ago

One of your strongest episodes by far! Thoroughly enjoyed it, man!

Paw patrol productions

Will be releasing a movie after this? Please call it: Thomas to the rescue?

James_red_productions 55

Amazing work!

BrakeVan817 2 months ago

Grea5 episode! Btw I love the part where the twins say trucks and you can hear a faint “Were coaches!” In the background!

Said The dude
Said The dude 2 months ago

you know is a good day when arlesdale productions uploads

Thomas Take n Play / Take Along Fan

Congrats on finishing season two of your series, and great story for the episode’s title.

Golden freddy
Golden freddy 2 months ago

Cool video dude

One Track Mind
One Track Mind 2 months ago

I know I did 3 comments already but wow this episode is too hilarous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

R Napoli
R Napoli 2 months ago

Bill and Ben are always being naughty

Useful Engine 11
Useful Engine 11 2 months ago

Another great episode man the bits Ada Jane and Mabel were funny. I can't wait to see more.

Tf11 Productions 2021

“Ehh. I don’t mind carrying stone. They don’t complain like our passengers do...”
9:09 “we thought these trucks would do the trick!”
We’re coaches!
Nice job! This episode was great!

Matthew Sgabellone
Matthew Sgabellone 2 months ago

WOO! He's back!
Great episode. Really enjoyed it

Michael Pham
Michael Pham 2 months ago

We know Exactly wat we’re doing
Famous last words

Angiethetankengine 17

This is the most Bill and Ben thing ever

One Track Mind
One Track Mind 2 months ago

Good personality's for the 3 coaches.

Thomas FunE3
Thomas FunE3 2 months ago

Great story. I love it

One Track Mind
One Track Mind 2 months ago

The freaking Narrow Gauge coaches as trucks 😂🤣🤣

One Track Mind
One Track Mind 2 months ago

Okay this is funny. I love the tanker part and the part with Bustrod hale being bigger then it looks 😂

Aarav Dhond
Aarav Dhond 2 months ago

Me:When will Arlesdale upload again

1 hour later...

Great Western 11
Great Western 11 2 months ago

I love this video! Keep it up

Saul Godinez
Saul Godinez 2 months ago


Merlin the experimental stealth engine

Amazing episodes

Nathaniel the lms jinty

Yes I’ve been waiting for another one of these episodes!!!

Kyle Pettigrew
Kyle Pettigrew 2 months ago

They never learn do they ?

FatBoyMB18 2 months ago

Can I Use Some Clips of Your Videos That I Have on My Youtube Channel Arlesdale Productions I'll Give You Credit, But If Say No I Understand

FatBoyMB18 2 months ago

Keep up The Good Work Arlesdale Productions
Your Videos Are Amazing

Jordan Mortensen
Jordan Mortensen 2 months ago

Bill and Ben are some of my favorite characters.🤩🤩🤩

That One Train Guy
That One Train Guy 2 months ago


lilsk8erx64 2 months ago


Syamsiah Densi
Syamsiah Densi 2 months ago