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Information Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

Title : Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

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Frames Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

Description Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

Eve's Christmas (2004) | Full Christmas Comedy Movie

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Priscilla Thompson
Priscilla Thompson 2 months ago

A Wonderful Christmas 🎄 Movie Enjoyed 😊😊😊😊

Joseph William
Joseph William 2 months ago

Really Love this Movie 😊😊😊😊

dolphin swims
dolphin swims 2 months ago

Wish Upon a Star, you probably wished on Sputnik, the dead dog in Space, Globally circling our Universe, no-one opened up his window, suffocated to death. It is like people think they are living in Etopia, and bad things don't happen. Or else, the Hospital Department is over medicating people.
Happy X, or Happy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE's. I don't mean South Africa either, couldn't find right spelling.

dolphin swims
dolphin swims 2 months ago

God does not exist in war. The Hospital Department probably sent you mad, in the first place, and Section 8 is just the hood, but bully for you, your life is wonderful, did the hospital department keep you drugged so you missed the war. It is called Genocide. The Hospital is fully responsible, that's why they blew up the hospital in Syria, it caused the war, drugged people, brainwashed people, bombed innocence people, it was horrible. Sometimes there is no home, just a big snow globe.

Pamela Wirt
Pamela Wirt 2 months ago

Great fun -- A joyous Christmas movie!

Michelle Rodricks
Michelle Rodricks 2 months ago

Exceptionally realistic movie, how we go along with life!!! Yup, except for the "wish upon a star"!

Da St
Da St 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing it! I always enjoy watching Great Christmas Movies though. 👍👌👏
An of course, I'm a subscriber!
Thanks Again Though.

Melissa Manaltag
Melissa Manaltag 2 months ago


Dona Sejdiu
Dona Sejdiu 2 months ago

Great movie I only wish everyone could have a star like that and have a happy ending with the one we love.😕😕

Too Cool To Be Frosty


musicman201047 2 months ago

Wishing on stars is USELESS.

Cathelina M
Cathelina M 2 months ago

Ok, this is one of the best movies. I smiled a lot.

Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 2 months ago

I wished upon a ⭐ to have a perfect 🎄 when I was 3 years old from 16 years ago.

Marilyn Halelamien
Marilyn Halelamien 2 months ago

guy here is so good looking!

Sandralee Gonzales
Sandralee Gonzales 2 months ago

I loved this movie!!

Tana S
Tana S 2 months ago

You can wish on a star. Just believe that miracles happen. My life has been a tumultuous 40 years. I have suffered from Bipolar Disorder since I was in junior high. Just recently, God has given me a new lease on life. I moved to a larger apartment, got Sec 8 housing after years of barely surviving financially, and my mental illness is stable for the first time in my life. I feel like a new person and can think normally. Do you all know how blessed i feel right now? I just finished watching this movie and it dawned on me how lucky I am to have a second chance. I'm 56 years old and feel like a 30 year old starting over again. Wishing all of you to never quit on your dream. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE HAPPY AND AT PEACE. My life is testimony that God exists and wants us to follow Him all the days of our lives until one day we will spend eternity with our Father in heaven. Make the decision to ask Jesus into your life and watch what happens when you do.

Merry Christmas to all and believe in the miracle of Jesus's birth. Luke 2:11-20 says, "Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you. You will find a baby wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger. Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men in whom his favor rests."

"When the angel had left him and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, "Let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has told us about. So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told."

Always remember the birth of Jesus Christ and the miracle that was Him. We are all His children and He is the Light of the World. "Come all who are weary and I will give you rest." Let God into your life and give Him your burdens. He will bless you abundantly with peace in your heart and rest from holding on to Earthly pleasures. It is when you Let go and Let God, do you finally have peace and joy you never knew possible.

God Bless You All and Merry Christmas. 🎁🎄⛪🙏💕

NaeNae W.
NaeNae W. 2 months ago

What Does That Say About My Life!!!! That I Love a Good Re-do Movie🤗😉😊Blessings To All

Davalla Robins
Davalla Robins 2 months ago

❤️🎄love this movie!!!Merry Christmas everyone!

nacer khamou
nacer khamou 2 months ago

why is it hollywood like to believe in their own crap..

lunatika 2 months ago

4:30 separated is NOT divorced, you fool. that just means he had a fight with his wife and now he's screwing around.

Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson 2 months ago

Best movie ever!! Thank you sooo much!!💖

AlinaTowers 2 months ago

Man, I had to go through a lot of low-budget, made-for-TV sap-stories to find a free Christmas movie on YouTube that was actually good. This one was good. I just hope she did learn to share, because it's clear he was a nice guy.

andrew097 2 months ago

You always get sad when your drunk.

Boss LE
Boss LE 2 months ago

The numberless velvet summatively behave because pike ultrastructually signal till a pushy glove. lying, freezing cereal

Valentine k
Valentine k 2 months ago

What a great actress Elisa Donavan is. This was a fun movie.

skeexix 01
skeexix 01 2 months ago

the over-acting killed this movie. I'm gone>>>>>>

dorothy jacobs
dorothy jacobs 2 months ago

Quite far fetched do not like magic

David Royer
David Royer 2 months ago

This movie has a HORRIBLE start - if you're like me, and believe in 'married, happily ever after.' It's a little crazy, but the end is worth waiting for. It really is a very nice family movie (but not for children).

C J 2 months ago

I love this movie. They were a perfect pair. Would love an opportunity to go back in time and begin again.

latesha kohn
latesha kohn 2 months ago

I love how they caught us up on how everyone else turned out years later

Sheridan Whippey
Sheridan Whippey 2 months ago

Not as good as some of the great Hallmark Christmas ☃️🎄 Films I have seen but for the comedy I give this Film 4**** 😃😃

Shon Fraser
Shon Fraser 2 months ago


Jenny Baboolal
Jenny Baboolal 2 months ago

I wish I could go back in time

Julie Reed
Julie Reed 2 months ago

What a sweet movie. Kind of reminds me of that that movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" The actress even kind of looks like a young Kathleen Turner.

Hege Thorsen
Hege Thorsen 2 months ago

a sweet Christmas movie 🎅☃️🎄💖 good V/A!! Thank you for upload 😃

Maria Flaig
Maria Flaig 2 months ago

I love the story......Happy yuletide seasons to all... watching December 13, 2020.....

Lynley Riini
Lynley Riini 2 months ago

Wonderful movie

Kathryn Rees
Kathryn Rees 2 months ago

one of my favourite 'no brainer' christmas movies

Camille Armento
Camille Armento 2 months ago

Beautiful movie, just what I needed. Wonderful seeing kindness and love.

Suzanne OShannessy
Suzanne OShannessy 2 months ago

Love the movie I wish l could go back to someone l loved

Georgia Ayers
Georgia Ayers 2 months ago

How fun and how funny

Betty Lou LaJoy
Betty Lou LaJoy 2 months ago

What was her Xmas gift to him at end of movie? I couldn't figure it out.

poison pixie
poison pixie 2 months ago

This was really good. ❤️

Mick Jarman
Mick Jarman 2 months ago

not seen it yet

Barbara Hendrickson
Barbara Hendrickson 2 months ago

Not sure I got this one but it helped to pass the time.

Harry Axe
Harry Axe 2 months ago

Interesting story. Simple, and well acted. O.K.

Harry Axe
Harry Axe 2 months ago

Why would a wealthy succesful person "need a second chance?" Does her breath stink?

Too Cool To Be Frosty

It's OK. Funny.

טלי סלמן
טלי סלמן 2 months ago

It's Tali That was a great movie that is nice that she had a chance to get her guy in the end

sts sts
sts sts 2 months ago

Great message! 😊

Nicky Dancy
Nicky Dancy 2 months ago

The guy tha plays Neil the lead character's...love interest(affair partner) is on Canadian tv show When Calls The Heart series...

Mayra Kop Jansen
Mayra Kop Jansen 2 months ago

Nice movie Merry Christmas to all🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄♥️♥️

Corrinne Adkinson
Corrinne Adkinson 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this movie.Very natural acting.

Bestes Stelophen
Bestes Stelophen 2 months ago

Love this movie

ana vasquez
ana vasquez 2 months ago

I really enjoyed it ☺
Still don't get the story...
Lovely thanks 😊

Marianne Z
Marianne Z 2 months ago

Cute movie! Not too cookie cutter. This actress and her female supporting actress have good comedic timing.

Haifa Abu salem
Haifa Abu salem 2 months ago

Christmas Wishing Star.. WOW. Perfect wishful thinking. Thank you for sharing !

Jan Basterfield
Jan Basterfield 2 months ago

What a great Movie 😊 loved the story line 💜

jeanne crowell
jeanne crowell 2 months ago

25:10 pickup window mistake, great movie for Christmas!

Maria Bella Maming
Maria Bella Maming 2 months ago

Wow nice..
God bless

Saharo Don
Saharo Don 2 months ago

I like the the way. how the actress to the actor .

Norman Nangca
Norman Nangca 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I love it. Merry Christmas.

Kacy-Kiersten Griffiths

I don't know what to say right now this movie is awesome I just love this movie thank you so much for making ❤

christina joyce
christina joyce 2 months ago

One of the must see in Christmas movies...,!!

Jeseitha Ragavan Nair

Awesome movie thank you very much, Wishing all lots of Love and Light, Merry Christmas, God Bless 💖🙏

Captin Test02
Captin Test02 2 months ago


Anna Belly
Anna Belly 2 months ago

The clothes girls wear are not of year 96' ! This Xmas movie is nice , spent a good time 😍

Sally Irwin
Sally Irwin 2 months ago

another good movie

Cheryl Burk
Cheryl Burk 2 months ago

I must admit maybe she didn't drink too much at the beginning she did but then. But it was a very great movie.

cheri amour
cheri amour 2 months ago

I Love this movie. She is such a fun actress.

Cheryl Burk
Cheryl Burk 2 months ago

I don't wish to be a prune but boy do they drink a lot especially her

Sandra ORZEL
Sandra ORZEL 2 months ago

If we could all just have one do over....

Helena Godoy
Helena Godoy 2 months ago

Gostaria que esses filmes de Natal fossem dublado em português para mim poder assistir Agradeço

Jacqueline Ransfield
Jacqueline Ransfield 2 months ago

love Christmas time, we celebrate birth of Christ , Amen

Meraki G
Meraki G 2 months ago

Nice movie! Who wants to go home after watching😥

saint clare
saint clare 2 months ago


Esperanza Yoshizoe
Esperanza Yoshizoe 2 months ago

great movie and i love this handsome guy

jqueen official world

I love Christmas movies who lives it too

Daphne Brooks
Daphne Brooks 2 months ago

Good movie 🍿 yeah

Jeanne Riley
Jeanne Riley 2 months ago

1:03:23 Catch the spelling error?

Northwest Olympics
Northwest Olympics 2 months ago

Fake life. Mgtow

simoliz03 2 months ago

Sebastian Spence is so handsome!

Nickeshia Litchmore
Nickeshia Litchmore 2 months ago

The movie remain me of twice in a life time i love this movie 🙏👌

Priyakumar T
Priyakumar T 2 months ago

wonderful movie

Sandra Radhay
Sandra Radhay 2 months ago


fitri situngkir
fitri situngkir 2 months ago

The movie so entertainiiiing.Really Enjoy it.Thanks for upload.Worth it to watch😊👍⚘

mary marie estalani
mary marie estalani 2 months ago

Wow....I wish I could back to 🙏🙏😍😍😍

Christy Hernandez
Christy Hernandez 2 months ago

Wonderful movie and great upload. Well done.

Χριστίνα Μαγουλα

Any movie with time travel I love and what I would give to travel back in time (80's 90's) and fix some things and live a little in those nostalgic times.😫😩
Great movie...😉😊🇬🇷

Bear 2 months ago

I truly enjoyed watching this Christmas movie. I hope everybody likes it as well. Merry Christmas to all . May you each have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Lady Iris
Lady Iris 2 months ago

Another great movie thank you xx

Tracey Jackson
Tracey Jackson 2 months ago


foxhillgal1 2 months ago

Really nice. Worth the time to watch.

Chris hamill
Chris hamill 2 months ago

Awful ...stopping the torture.

Hicunni Chandler
Hicunni Chandler 2 months ago

Good movie!

Stella Anthony
Stella Anthony 2 months ago

❤❤❤Thank you!

kattifame 2 months ago

Enjoy it, I watched a similar one like just 2hrs ago.

Just4 Fun
Just4 Fun 2 months ago

The Christmas star hung over Jesus. Not a wish, but a prayer to the One Who made the star... He will answer and change your life... when you give God control of it, in repentance for being your own god- making your decisions instead of letting Him, and accepting His forgiveness through the payment Jesus made for you on the cross by paying for all of your rebellion against God. He will give you new life He gained when He came back to life after dying- because death can’t hold God. It’s in the Bible. Look it up. He still does miracles. I’ve experienced a couple - not unusual things, but where the spiritual sets aside the laws of physics in the natural. 🙂

Miss Vee
Miss Vee 2 months ago

Love love this one!!!!

iuliana codreanu
iuliana codreanu 2 months ago

Blessed Love and Respect iuliana Codreanu Luton Blessed