30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)



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Information 30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

Title : 30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

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Frames 30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

Description 30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

30 DOLLAR STORE ORGANIZATION HACKS \u0026 IDEAS (that you'll actually use!)

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ChicOnTheCheap 2 months ago

Hey guys! I hope these Dollar Tree organizational ideas were helpful. Thank you so much for watching and for your incredible support! I also want to say a big thank you to Megan, over at Glue Guns & Roses, for encouraging me to do this video. Be sure to check out her $1 organizational hacks and ideas, the video just hit 1M views! ​ youtu.be/BZ2Mvptz4m8 ♡ Sara Jane

Leanne 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. When I was teaching I used the various zippered pouches they have in the school supply section to store felt board pieces and other manipulatives for circle time. They are also good for storing puzzle pieces I would cut the pictures off the top and place it inside for reference.

DeShieka Wilkins
DeShieka Wilkins 2 months ago

Where do these FULLY STOCK dollar trees be at

smh ether
smh ether 2 months ago

Shot out

BTS x Army.13
BTS x Army.13 2 months ago

Bruh I only get things done at night wish the store was open 😂

Dana Sandouka
Dana Sandouka 2 months ago

can i use the dollar tree cooling metal rack as sink grid ?

Kayla M. J.
Kayla M. J. 2 months ago

Uh yeah..my dollar tree doesn’t have most of that stuff. And only have like 2 different types of baskets to choose from. Actually same basket, just ones bigger and one smaller.

bren manock
bren manock 2 months ago


Stephanie Hillman
Stephanie Hillman 2 months ago

Wow, just got some new ideas for my apartment!!
Going to a Dollar Tree today.

Renee Hill
Renee Hill 2 months ago

So smart!! Thank you!

Elaine Alissa
Elaine Alissa 2 months ago

The rebel wood acly sail because bomb bodily saw worth a wide-eyed cafe. giddy, holistic pillow

Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm 2 months ago

nice organization

krystal lanterman
krystal lanterman 2 months ago

Oh my! All great ideas 💡👍👌😀

Tameasha Janaye
Tameasha Janaye 2 months ago

My dollar trees suck ass in ks lol a lot of stuff you feature my stores don’t have or maybe the stuff sells out fast

Alice Noele
Alice Noele 2 months ago

If you take any picture frame with glass and just put a piece of white paper inside you can make a white board without buying the dollar tree one 😊

Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor 2 months ago

Oh that would be cut on the dishwasher to to say empty me I'm clean lol

Kandice Zaffarano
Kandice Zaffarano 2 months ago

New subscriber. A lot of these are new hacks for me. Can you do something for storage for craft supplies? TFS

Elli 2 months ago

Great Video Thanks👍

Gladys 2 months ago

thanks for sharing . Such great ideas. I will give a try looking forward seeing more ideas

Leny Morris
Leny Morris 2 months ago

Wowww awesome idea..

Juanita Atrisco
Juanita Atrisco 2 months ago

The dollor tree I luv that store bc the store is cheap I can’t buy any kind of stuff bc I have 50 bucks I WANT MOREEEEEE :)

Emma Lena
Emma Lena 2 months ago

I’m too broke to get this stuff right now :(

But when I have money oh boy will I be going nuts.

Rosie Kay
Rosie Kay 2 months ago

Those vacuum seal bags are good but you have to close the ziplock part with your hands first then use the zipper thing to go over it a few times. Then they work. If you just use the zipper part by itself it doesn’t seal properly.

Christina Leclerc
Christina Leclerc 2 months ago

These are great tips! Never put your jewelry in your suitcase when flying. Always put it in your carry on! 😃

ERICA 2 months ago

Where have I been? You are the queen of cheap but like your channel says Chic!!!

Colene Behag
Colene Behag 2 months ago

I'm rewatching this because I'm finally in the mood to organize!

Lindsey Greene
Lindsey Greene 2 months ago


Carol Sawgle
Carol Sawgle 2 months ago

You are awesome

R. Ramirez
R. Ramirez 2 months ago

That Dollar Tree stuff looks cheap.

Melissa Derouin
Melissa Derouin 2 months ago

Great tips! Thanks. One tip I have for clear ice cubes. Some of you may already have them, leave your tray filled to get to room temperature and then freeze.

doris ortis
doris ortis 2 months ago

I love the puck lights, they're great for closets or cabinets or any place you want to add lighting to.

letty 2 months ago

Great ideas. So creative.

Penny From Papa's Pizzeria

The fact that you listen to Hozier makes me love this channel more! Subscribed!!

Courtney Dor2Vintage
Courtney Dor2Vintage 2 months ago


Judy Meulman
Judy Meulman 2 months ago

Love this video....I saw it on YouTube tv and couldn’t find it on regular YouTube I was so frustrated but finally I found it! Thanks for all the great ideas ❤️❤️❤️

I Exist too
I Exist too 2 months ago

When using those hooks be very careful because mine tend to peel paint of of the wall

D 2 months ago

Great ideas. Thank you! Cute cat too.

Rachel Lapointe
Rachel Lapointe 2 months ago

I really like this show the best! Some of the other shows has too much explanation! It seems to go on,on, on, on,!

Catrina Partridge
Catrina Partridge 2 months ago

You are a life saver!! Just subscribed!! 🙏🏼💯

Ginger Zelidon
Ginger Zelidon 2 months ago

Love the car hacks, command hook hacks and putting some of the DT window cleaner in the small travel spray bottle to keep for use in the bathroom to clean the mirror. No need for that big bottle to take up room in the bathroom, right?! I know this is from last year, but love watching organization idea videos.

Brittany Tucker
Brittany Tucker 2 months ago

Girl thank you for a lot of these. I’ve seen some in other videos but girl yes I would have never thought. I’m a huge crafter and organized person. Thank you for the tips.

liveicelive 2 months ago

Some of these are really great...IF your Dollar Tree has actual products on their shelves! I find that's not the case in a lot of locations here in south Florida.

Savanna Levine
Savanna Levine 2 months ago

Omg I love those pocket folders for socks lol

Kelsie Ziolkowski
Kelsie Ziolkowski 2 months ago

Thank you for the teacher corner ideas and the time it took to post!! I always skip over that section in the dollar tree for some reason. Can’t wait to go back & look for some of these items!!

Judy Lake
Judy Lake 2 months ago

NONE of the 4 (yes, FOUR) Dollar Trees in the city I live, have as wide a selection of organization bins as yours does. It would be nice if even 1 of the stores was a super store.

Emily Stewart
Emily Stewart 2 months ago

Me at 12:30 with no money wanting to redecorate my whole house

Gabbie Brown
Gabbie Brown 2 months ago

my dollar tree has like 10 of the idems

Erica Rose
Erica Rose 2 months ago

Wow you’re resourceful and creative, thanks!!

brianne brooks
brianne brooks 2 months ago

Not me screenshotting this video 50 times and preparing to drop a hundred bucks at the dollar tree 🥴

but seriously, holy cow! You have some of the most awesome and creative ideas I have ever seen, and I watch ALOT of these type videos !

halo218813 2 months ago

4:31 I love your kitty!!!!!! 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻

Yolanda Stanford
Yolanda Stanford 2 months ago

Loved your ideas!!

I'm For Real
I'm For Real 2 months ago

Some great ideas, thanks so much!

Boerner William
Boerner William 2 months ago

The nonchalant probation longitudinally interrupt because greek thankfully stitch an a damaged halibut. voracious, teeny education

Patti Cake
Patti Cake 2 months ago

Best hacks ever!!!

June Charbonneau
June Charbonneau 2 months ago

I wish my dollar tree had the variety that yours does. The dollar trees in CT are awful.

Mute Kid
Mute Kid 2 months ago

Im glad im not the only one that feels like filling up the ice tray is the most intense thing someone can do

Blackbeauty 2 months ago

Some nice ideas, yet be careful with Dollar Tree brand hooks; the adhesive isn’t good so I always buy the Command hooks when they have them. Also, the small lights to use in closet or under cabinet—- use your own adhesive bc the adhesive makes the lights fall after a short time

Debbie Peterson
Debbie Peterson 2 months ago

I really love your ideas!

Callie Thompson
Callie Thompson 2 months ago

Okay so I bought the LED push lights and while, yes, they are super easy to use and plenty bright, they run out of battery pretty quick. If you plan on having them on for more than 5 minutes at a time I'd suggest buying replacement batteries for them somewhere else. This video was seriously a life saver though, my room has never been so organized!

Beverly Hamilton
Beverly Hamilton 2 months ago

My goodness...such useful ideas! Thank you!

Shari Williams
Shari Williams 2 months ago

My dollar stores aren't anywhere near as nice as yours!

Sherrie Russell
Sherrie Russell 2 months ago

Very very nice

Mallory James
Mallory James 2 months ago

I liked that idea of putting hooks in the side of the trashcan to place the handle of a drawstring bag. It looks neat

Lisset Sanchez
Lisset Sanchez 2 months ago

Where have you been all my life! Everyone needs a friend like you in their lives! 😂 Thank you for sharing. 👏🏽

Gianah Vargas
Gianah Vargas 2 months ago

question pls awnnser this what dollar tree did you go to

K Harris
K Harris 2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE your hacks! Found your video and channel today and all I'm going to say is your a God send to my life! Thank you 🙏❤

Lele Sun
Lele Sun 2 months ago


Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia 2 months ago

First step: have a dollar store in your location.. got it 😂🥺

Maria's Wickless Candles

Omg you love Scentsy too??? I loved it so much that I had to join lol! 🤣🤣

magdalin thivya
magdalin thivya 2 months ago

Location please

Julie Englefaris
Julie Englefaris 2 months ago

So many amazing hacks. My jaw literally dropped with the ice cube tray with a lid. GAME CHANGER lol

Rosalina Marie
Rosalina Marie 2 months ago

You are not helping with my problem of over buying at the dollar tree lol 😂
Love the tips !!

Ginger Hitzke
Ginger Hitzke 2 months ago

This is one of the best dollar tree videos I have seen

Larelle's Hot Hauls
Larelle's Hot Hauls 2 months ago

Someone needs to show the manager/owner at my dollar tree these videos so they can step up their game 😩😆

Cassondra Palacio
Cassondra Palacio 2 months ago

I love the vacuum bags from dollar tree. I do wish they had bigger ones

Christine Lanmon
Christine Lanmon 2 months ago

I love the calandar and car hacks. Your cat is beautiful! I have 5 cats.

Betobear Bear
Betobear Bear 2 months ago

Heak yeah ..love this .on my way now to dt lol

richalvarezfan101 2 months ago

Only 3 minutes in and this is the best hacks video I've ever seen!!

DeAnna Willis
DeAnna Willis 2 months ago

Love your videos! These organization hacks are so good! Got a super quick glance, but I really, really wanted to see more of how you had the items under your sink organized. Please do more organization hacks videos - please!! Oh and I love watching Glue Gun & Roses organization videos too! 😉

Pat Barbosa
Pat Barbosa 2 months ago

These were great ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

Lorri Garnes Maynard
Lorri Garnes Maynard 2 months ago

Always love your ideas and I value your reviews of products...those you recommend and those you don't! Thank you!!

Lynne Scaddan
Lynne Scaddan 2 months ago

The dollar shop will be like the uk , pound shop ...... sadly its temporary closed with lockdown 😪

Ann Layton
Ann Layton 2 months ago

My favorite is the hooks for the garbage bags. I'm going to try them on my small bathroom trash cans that I use the small plastic grocery bags in. The hooks should keep them in place.

Katie Elizabeth
Katie Elizabeth 2 months ago

This is awesome! Thankyou for sharing!

Kari Pansler
Kari Pansler 2 months ago

She is so creative ahahah. I would've never come up with some of these. thank you! Def gonna use some of these!

Mercy main, btw
Mercy main, btw 2 months ago

Omg you use scentsy??? I love their warmers sooo muchh!

Patricia Jordan
Patricia Jordan 2 months ago

Great ideas, as always !!!! Thank you 😊😊😊😊😊 Denver Fan (DF)

Niada Love
Niada Love 2 months ago

Hi chic0nthecheap you are cool

Hellnogizmo 2 months ago

I actually love their vacuum bags. I've never had an issue with them.

Bon R
Bon R 2 months ago

Amazing tips. I will use them all

Joanne Rios
Joanne Rios 2 months ago

I absolutely love your channel ❤👍 My favorite hack is hanging storage containers from a broomstick. Sweet! Thank you for sharing your ingenious ideas with us. Merry Christmas!

Janice Bradford
Janice Bradford 2 months ago

Dang, why didn’t think of that. Thanks for enlightning me. I’m ADHD senior, need any new ideas. Thanks.

Princess Ankasa
Princess Ankasa 2 months ago

So many ingenious ideas.... Corner garbage was genius.

Cindy Hutto
Cindy Hutto 2 months ago

So many great ideas...am watching for the 2nd time!

Essentially Carley
Essentially Carley 2 months ago

The vacuum bags have always worked well for me. I press it closed with my fingers twice and then go over it with the clip thing twice. No issues so far!

nievesgirl 2 months ago

Why cant I be that creative 😫 😩 Thank you YouTube!! And of course Thank you chiconthecheap for doing this type of videos!!

Mel 2 months ago

I tried the car trashcan. I love it! I pair it with the mini scented trashbags.

Simple Southern Moments

Thank you this was a very good video, thanks for sharing.

Jessica Hites
Jessica Hites 2 months ago

😆 You're resident hook checker is adorable!!

A Seal
A Seal 2 months ago

I've been using the large storage bags to store my crafting paper scraps for years, and yes I hang them with a plastic hanger, they are great and large enough to hold my 12 x 12 papers when working on a project. thanks for the tips.