Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme


A Blessed Home with Kimberly Davis

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Information Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

Title : Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

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Frames Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

Description Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

Decorate with Me | King Of Christmas Tree 2020 #kingofchristmas #decoratewithme #nutcrackertheme

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Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

Your tree is beautiful.

Carmen 2 months ago

Hi there, I love your tree and it's the traditional color theme. I'm doing my green flocked artificial tree in gold, black and red. I will be decorating it starting tomorrow! I can't wait because this year my color scheme is different than usual. I want it glammed up!

Dorrett Edwards
Dorrett Edwards 2 months ago

That tree is beautiful Kim well decorated.

Gina Birch
Gina Birch 2 months ago

I love your nutcracker and your Christmas tree is absolutely stunning.

Inky Fingers
Inky Fingers 2 months ago

Beautiful tree. I also decided to do a red, gold and green traditional tree. I haven’t put up a tree in years but with all that’s going on in the world I felt this was a good time. Tfs

Karen Deneen
Karen Deneen 2 months ago

I love the nutcracker theme decor! Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Tfs

Betty Àllen
Betty Àllen 2 months ago

Hi Teammate
Everything Beautiful
Xmas Morning
Your tree
Your nutcracker
Your Garland
Your ribbons
Your flowers
Your lights
Your ornaments
I see my gift under the tree
Keep up the good work
Keep it coming
Thank you

Tammie Currie
Tammie Currie 2 months ago

Beautiful tree! Uh, but why aren't u playing Chritmas music in the backgroud???

Daniela Silvestre
Daniela Silvestre 2 months ago

Love the tree. Beautiful 🎄😍😍😍😍🎄

DollarTreeDiaries 2 months ago

Beautiful! I love the gold leaves. Tfs 😊
Happy Holidays 🎄

Yvonne Correia
Yvonne Correia 2 months ago

I love love love your Nutcracker, he's so special and adds such a festive cheer to your home. Your tree is phenomenal🎄👌👌👌 I can't wait to get mine up now, I'm so inspired by your decorations, can't wait for the house tour

Charlotte Duran
Charlotte Duran 2 months ago

The tree deco colors are pretty! The nutcracker theme is going to be awesome! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Tfs

Krystal MJ
Krystal MJ 2 months ago

This is probably my most favorite decorate with me video I've come across. I love that you explained what you we're doing and talked while you we're decorating. Your tree is gorgeous and you gave me some helpful tips. Also that red lipstick is beautiful on you. ❤️

Shawni On the Spot
Shawni On the Spot 2 months ago

Oooooh turned out so Gorgeous! I love Traditional Christmas colors too. Your tree looks very Festive & Cheery, thanks for showing the process! Blessed day!

Ayanna Marshall
Ayanna Marshall 2 months ago

I am doing the same color. I love the tree but I would like to see a different topper. God bless you and your family.

Wanda Deas
Wanda Deas 2 months ago

You pulled a good traditional color scheme this year for your tree. Even the nutcrackers blend well you are very talented.

Cheri Ringo
Cheri Ringo 2 months ago

Really love the colors, I don’t really have a theme but I’m thinking about buffalo check and I kind of like winter wonderland theme help me out what do you think can help me achieve that look . Love everything you do look forward to much more

curlycurly004u 2 months ago


Alice Cordova
Alice Cordova 2 months ago

The Christmas tree came out so beautiful. I always decorated my tree traditional color’s love the nut cracker. T FS

Jayne Brandon
Jayne Brandon 2 months ago

Your tree is gorgeous just like always I can't wait to tell when you have the annual playlist of everybody enjoying their Christmas decorating and that nutcracker is crazy gorgeous and I'd like the green and red and whatever else got going on very pretty I love it in cooll that you're hubby is into it too can't wait to see the whole deal see you...🎄❣️👍🤗

shonta dwyer
shonta dwyer 2 months ago

Beautiful! Love the ribbon! You definitely get in the Christmas Spirit! Thanks for the inspiration!

G-ma Dee
G-ma Dee 2 months ago

The tree is beautiful


Your tree is Beautiful! I just love those poinsettia clip on's ,I have quite a few myself. I usually put up 2 trees but thinking about doing just one this year ,I'm still debating!😂 Enjoyed your video!🎄

Nikos Choice
Nikos Choice 2 months ago

I ♥️the Christmas tree 🎄

Sherly Millender
Sherly Millender 2 months ago

That is a Beautiful 🌳 i 💘 💘 it

Carolyn Pritchett
Carolyn Pritchett 2 months ago

Beautiful Sis!! Love it 😍

Sherly Millender
Sherly Millender 2 months ago

Hey yes i am New

Nancy Ivy
Nancy Ivy 2 months ago

Beautiful Tree Kimberly❤️❤️❤️❤️

PegEgg Eggleston
PegEgg Eggleston 2 months ago

Your tree is fabulous - so beautiful. And keep the nutcracker inside - he is too precious to put outside. I've looked at him for years myself, but can't do it yet - I need to have a nutcracker fund. Tee Hee (fund my nutcracker page). Your are a great artist. Thanks for sharing and continued success. Love PegEgg

Anita Ford
Anita Ford 2 months ago

Red green and gold with nutcrackers all of my favorites! Seriously.

Daisy Butler
Daisy Butler 2 months ago

I got nut cracker 2week ago Daisy New Orleans

Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 2 months ago

Diva D good job on your Christmas tree it's beautiful. Don't forget the skirt . I too love Christmas

Sheila Sparkman
Sheila Sparkman 2 months ago

Love the tree and theme. Dollar general has cute nutcrackers that would make great ornaments

Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell

Nutcrackers are a classic I am liking the traditional color scheme Kimberly.

Jazigreen Decor Style

Kim, it’s simply beautiful and gorgeous!! Love all the ornaments and nice nutcracker. Now youre tempting me to start decorating mine. I still have all my fall decor up. I probably will use traditional colors. Tfs🎄

bertha bbdiva
bertha bbdiva 2 months ago

Kimberly I’m inspired and I can’t wait to see the kitchen you are my muse so so adorable beautiful and happy holiday season god is so good we all should be happy. I’m inspired gurl diva vibes ❣️👑👑

Jackie Anderson
Jackie Anderson 2 months ago

At first I was like nutcracker?? But sis that tree is beautiful. Thanks for sharing Blessings and Love to you and your family..

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 2 months ago

Gorgeous. I’m doing mine neutral again this year. Last year was our first time ever having a 6” tree 🌲

Marie Angeles
Marie Angeles 2 months ago

It came out beautiful. I know your grandson will be mesmerized . My style is glam, but I love the way your traditional tree came out. My home was very traditional as a child, but I never as an adult. Food for thought.

Creatively Ms. Me with Stephanie

Loving your nutcracker theme.... I'm doing forest green, silver and white in formal living room area this year..

Life with MaryAnn & Joe - (Joseph Cinque)

Hi Kim, the tree looks beautiful! The nutcracker is just so special, a child's dream come true, and us adults too! I especially love your theme. Yes you are right, we all need the comforts of home. Safe, warm and cozy filled with the love that is lacking for each other in the outside world. Be safe, stay well.

Barb Jones
Barb Jones 2 months ago

love the Christmas tree

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 2 months ago

Hi from Sydney, I love the nut cracker and want one love your tree.

Cynt's House turning a house into a home

Beautiful beautiful traditional did an awesome job....Tfs

JuPiter D
JuPiter D 2 months ago

I love your decorations! Also I love your channel! 😊

Ann Byer
Ann Byer 2 months ago

Your tree looks amazing, very full indeed. You make it look easy.❤️

Marsha Anderson
Marsha Anderson 2 months ago

I have collected some nutcrackers ur tree is beautiful I am doing the traditional whimsical colors this year

McBryde’s 4 EVA
McBryde’s 4 EVA 2 months ago

I like the nut cracker also. Oooo your husband should make him our skin tone I know he soo could do it. Love it

Alberta Timmons
Alberta Timmons 2 months ago

Change your topper

Barbara 2 months ago

The Nutcracker Theme is awesome ! Your grandchild will be in awe🎄

Danielle The Domestic Scientist

I like how you tuck the ornaments into the tree. I will try it when I do my tree this year

DIY Design By CCW
DIY Design By CCW 2 months ago

Your tree is stunning! I can't wait to see your Christmas home tour. I know it will be gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.

Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

Your tree is very pretty.

Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

Hi Kimberly.I have that same Nutcracker but I got mine at a store called Roses.Mine is in wht gold with silver I also got the big Christmas bulb they both light up..It was on QVC before..It’s called Kringle Express.You won’t believe what I paid for it.It was $59.99 for the Nutcracker & $ 19.98 for the Big Christmas Bulb.Hello I m still excited.I might go back & get the burgundy red with green next.

Carol Belfon
Carol Belfon 2 months ago


Rayeana Robinson
Rayeana Robinson 2 months ago

Beautiful tree!

Loretta Living
Loretta Living 2 months ago

Very beautiful tree and I've how you decorated the tree. Yes I really enjoyed your decorations. The golden tin man is lovely and in the right place.

Cindy Roberts
Cindy Roberts 2 months ago

Love everything that you did to your home. Please keep your nutcracker inside. So many evil people steal decorations.

Norma Smith
Norma Smith 2 months ago

Diva I luv ur tree, it's wonderful, I am just like u luv christmas.

The New HouseWife01
The New HouseWife01 2 months ago

Im doing burgundy, gold and emerald in formal living room. Family room tree plan on doing blue, emerald and gold. bedroom tree is already done I use buffalo plaid:

The New HouseWife01
The New HouseWife01 2 months ago

That’s a stunning tree! I love the traditional colors as well as they give the are more cheerful. Tell hubby that nutcracker is awesome! I can’t wait to see your home all decked out this yr😍

Fred Jack
Fred Jack 2 months ago

Hi sweetie my name is Elizabeth beautiful Christmas tree love it.

Fred Jack
Fred Jack 2 months ago

Hi sweetie Diva my name is Elizabeth love ur beautiful decorate idea's and beautiful home sweetie and Happy holidays and God bless sweetie.

carrie davis
carrie davis 2 months ago

Great job! Can hardly wait for results, knowing you. Lol I’m doing gingerbread/ candy cane in kitchen and family and gold and creams in the living room. Tfs blessings and stay safe🥰👵🏽👍🏾

Decorating with Barbara

Beautiful Kim, and thanks to your hubby for the color inspiration. It turned out great!

PorshiaJaz 2 months ago

Ahhhh I assumed before you had even said anything that granddad had purchased that nutcracker for the grandbaby. For a second I thought that ya'll were going to get Santa back but you didn't. Love the decor as always and thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Haynes
Cheryl Haynes 2 months ago

I’m using the traditional colors. I love your theme

Cheryl Haynes
Cheryl Haynes 2 months ago

It’s beautiful

Pat Furniture Boutique

Hi Sis, Beautiful intro your tree came out gorgeous love all traditional colors. Love nutcrackers. Iam a traditional girl yessss. Have bless one Amen 🙏🎄👍❤

Delisha Tillman
Delisha Tillman 2 months ago

I am doing a navity theme and using the colors gold silver and white. I also love the colors of your tree and the nutcracker

Robin Harris
Robin Harris 2 months ago

Hi Kim your christmas tree is so beautiful. I like that Christmas tree.Were is your angel tree?Have a great week.

Lady Cinnamon
Lady Cinnamon 2 months ago

Thanks for taking us along for the experience, love the nutcracker and the tree is beautiful..great job cant wait to see what else you do 😁💖🎄tfs

stanley jones
stanley jones 2 months ago

kim just beautiful.......can you do my tree.? [LOL]doing a tree is work,thanks for sharing.

Michelle Hoggard
Michelle Hoggard 2 months ago

Love that you let hubby join in with you decorating.

Blessed On The Boulevard with Lemita McCarthy

Your tree is absolutely beautiful!
Love it! 🥰

Wanda Everette
Wanda Everette 2 months ago

Your tree is beautiful. The traditional color will always be pretty. I'm doing candycane gingerbread for grands. Be bless.

Toni C
Toni C 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! I love the traditional colors. I am doing black white buffalo check with a pop of Rose Gold Pink.

Monica Dickens
Monica Dickens 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, and yes, ma’am, adding several more Nutcracker ornaments will top it off perfectly! The baby’s going to love it! ✅

Merlin Nel
Merlin Nel 2 months ago

Beautiful tree Kimberly, hubby did a good job with the nutcracker stay safe my sister God blessed

Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful Kimberly! Those are the exact colors, I am using this year (adding black and bling) Thinking snowflake theme. I hope mine comes out as beautiful! Love the big nutcracker!!!

Glam Elegant Living
Glam Elegant Living 2 months ago

Hey Sis!! OMG girl are you going with golds and green? I must say I was expecting reds, lol!! Beautiful color combo you chose! Can you believe the gold girl in me is now switching up and not going with gold! lol. I guess we both want a change, lol. I'm going with traditional red, white, and silver!Yes I'm like that too love switching things up! Loved the nutcracker! I must say I enjoyed this very relaxing video and a great special treat to my day! The tree turned out so beautiful! 🎼🎼🎼lol Hahaha Sis I know how you felt with your hubby changing up the plan, lol. My hubby changed my glam to farmhouse for fall & I had to work it in, hahaha. Hey it's about the family & we can always glam it up some other space. lol. You made it glam and beautiful though! Well done!! COngrats! You are blessed to have a grandchild! I can only pray someday! lol. TFS! Many Blessings! Hugs and Love!💎🍾☕🛍🎁 💎🎄🍾💕💎

girCecelia McDonnell
girCecelia McDonnell 2 months ago


Doris Noyes
Doris Noyes 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous . . JUST AS IT IS!!! I really like this; your best work, Kim!!! The Nut Crackers are cute; as you said, a few more would be good. Your tree really goes well with Mr. Nut Cracker at the entry. LOL. Blessings! Doris @ San Diego

Lynda M
Lynda M 2 months ago

The tree is gorgeous! I love the nutcracker I have a large gold and cream one in my foyer that greet out guests

Darlene Jones
Darlene Jones 2 months ago

I've always wanted a nutcracker but just never purchased one, yours is so nice and you have the perfect spot for him. Love the traditional colors on your tree as well.

Ann's Decor
Ann's Decor 2 months ago

You did a beautiful job with the Christmas tree. Well done!👍🏾👍🏾

Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith 2 months ago

Nice 👍 ❤️ the nutcracker..

Stay blessed

Marquette Raphael
Marquette Raphael 2 months ago

I constantly tweak my Christmas decor until the day after Christmas! I love seeing untraditional Christmas decor but I am a traditional red, green and gold person! However, this year I’m gonna do a second tree I the dining room with blue decor! Your tree is beautiful...thanks for the inspiration.

summer cater
summer cater 2 months ago

I love your tree can’t wait to see the final home for Christmas tour.

Mehri T
Mehri T 2 months ago


Rena Rodney
Rena Rodney 2 months ago

Beautiful decorations blue and silver

GG FAISON / Loving Home Decor

Hi Kimberly I am loving your tree. Your hubby has done a great job in his quest of finding his likings for the decor process. I too love CHRISTMAS!!, thanks so much for sharing, sending Blessings and Hugs your way.💗💗💗

Lori Coombs
Lori Coombs 2 months ago


Elisa G.
Elisa G. 2 months ago

Beautiful tree. Loving the traditional colors and the nutcracker. Looking forward to seeing the full tour. TFS. 😊

Kirsten Forrest
Kirsten Forrest 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL!! You don’t need to do anything else to the tree 🌲. I used the traditional colors last year, red, and green in my kitchen. And I’m using the flock tree in my living room. And those colors are blue, pink, aqua and silver. I use those colors last year. Can’t wait to see the finish look. Thanks For Sharing.

Latosha Hawkins
Latosha Hawkins 2 months ago

Beautiful, love the Nutcracker! TFS, God bless you.

Andrea Mason The Queens Court

Hi Sis, the Christmas Tree is absolutely beautiful, loving the nutcracker ornaments, all the ornaments are so beautiful. The nutcracker that your hubby brought is so cute. TSMFS Blessings and have a lovely evening. Love you Sis💖👸🏾🍁🍂🙏🏽😘

popcorn123466 2 months ago

I'm doing 3 trees. My office tree is 5ft it will be pink and gold, my living room tree will be gold, white and silver, and my husband tree in the man cave will be sports themed. I love your tree can't wait for the final reveal.

Decorating Ant's Place

I Love your traditional red and green Christmas tree Kimberly!!! I've done mine red and green for the last several years!!! The gold accents are perfect!!! I'm looking forward to your Christmas series!!! 🎄🎄😊😊

Angela Ewing
Angela Ewing 2 months ago

Very Very Pretty Tree