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Kaushik 24
Kaushik 24 2 months ago

9:39 we all knew what was happening there, even michael.That's why he smiled

Kaushik 24
Kaushik 24 2 months ago

1:37 look at him!seriously look at him!! he's such a child with all smiley face looking around

Kaushik 24
Kaushik 24 2 months ago

I feel bad for Michael

Arxura 2 months ago

One of my fav episodes🥲

CRISIS CR3ATOR 2 months ago

Michael stopped jim and pam's wedding without even talking to them about it.He is a genius pretending to be a goof

Todd Janny
Todd Janny 2 months ago

6:06 Toby is gaming

Rhushi Shah
Rhushi Shah 2 months ago

8:59 😂

Eric 2 months ago

6:36 little things like that chuckle by Michael is what makes this show so amazing

Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 2 months ago

2:52 when youre in a party and your not having fun

Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 months ago

Really like seeing Kevin getting manhandled by his girl. 🤣

Nick 2 months ago

Creed using a discoball as a frontshield mirror is such a Creed thing to do.

Natti Hiruy
Natti Hiruy 2 months ago

when kelly does that thing on the chair(like deadpool did), what is that reference from?

Prro LOCO 2 months ago

Did anyone else just get Darryl as a Pizza Hut commercial? 😂😂

David Sumner
David Sumner 2 months ago

Aww, this cut out one of the best visual gags: Angela just walking under the limbo bar.

jgolden1309 2 months ago

8:14 Dwight gets me every time LMAO

Slurpee Is cool
Slurpee Is cool 2 months ago

This really shows that Jim is a great person and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings

Brady Grenier WWE
Brady Grenier WWE 2 months ago

Vid idea: Michael vs. Josh

Benjamin Portillo
Benjamin Portillo 2 months ago

“Also, this song is fantastic” 😂

Rachel Strode
Rachel Strode 2 months ago

My heart when Dwight said “surprise” 😇😇😇 he was looking forward to that all night 😄

Madhu Dath
Madhu Dath 2 months ago

that's right urine it is....

Dr Hubs
Dr Hubs 2 months ago

6:50 who is making love in the background?

Cecilion Carmila
Cecilion Carmila 2 months ago

The woozy yarn luckily prefer because snake bailly measure aside a yellow hen. kind, lively walrus

Bruh 2 months ago

Follow Christ he loves us all

Sebastián Rodríguez

I really feel bad when mike shows all that positive energy and he gets rejected into loneliness.

ttvYoDeuces 2 months ago

Who was Kevin making out with? 🤣🤣🤣

mkay !
mkay ! 2 months ago

i really want that microsoft office shirt. please. drop this

TB Bucs
TB Bucs 2 months ago

Who was Kevin making out with ?

Beatriz Lobo Rocha
Beatriz Lobo Rocha 2 months ago

8:36 i-

Alejandro Arias Torres


Kevin! what the heck!!!???

AJ Bocalan
AJ Bocalan 2 months ago

Moments like these are worth it in this show

Delvis Valdes
Delvis Valdes 2 months ago

Can we talk abt how creed walked out the bathroom eating a chicken wing 💀🤡

xxchris 2 months ago

Who are the people at 5:41

Markus Feliciano
Markus Feliciano 2 months ago

"Oh GOD, I hope it's urine." 😆

Tiffany Matthews
Tiffany Matthews 2 months ago

7:30 Go Stanley! Go Stanley!

Aditya Gaikwad
Aditya Gaikwad 2 months ago

Michael smiling after seeing Angela move to the groove! >>>>

CANof Whoopass
CANof Whoopass 2 months ago

Michael has Microsoft Office logo on his tshirt lol

mohammad humayun
mohammad humayun 2 months ago

Steve Carell is the Heisenberg of sitcoms

GeckoMangamin' 2 months ago

I joined in on the dancing. This just shows how sad and lonely I am.
But I don't care. These are my family, and family they shall be.

Nothing 2 months ago

when I look at these clips I cant believe that they turned Andy into a Roy, it makes me soo mad every time

Skip Bo
Skip Bo 2 months ago

thank God Michael Scott would never be allowed to exist in the real world.

CrIMson Red
CrIMson Red 2 months ago

Michael actually throws bomb parties. Tons of booze, dope music and lights. The only shortcoming is him. 😂

A Z 2 months ago

Did Michael just say Expresso?

J8 2 months ago

0:01 please, name of the song

Miłosz Siedlecki
Miłosz Siedlecki 2 months ago

8:40 what

Sushrut Sreepada
Sushrut Sreepada 2 months ago

For someone like me who find it tough to make friends out of non-daily routine, the office is so relatable because that is my only social life. There’s no way I would have “Friends” but I would have an “Office”.

Sanaatan Misra
Sanaatan Misra 2 months ago

7:06 God I hope it's urine' always cracks me up

MALIK AL RABEEI 2 months ago

Micheal is racist for thinking that the electrician is a terrorist

Anthony 2 months ago

lol creed has mad respect for michael and angela was the cherry on top of the ice cream for this episode loll

BoozeRideBeach BRB
BoozeRideBeach BRB 2 months ago

that immediate cut from the beginning always gets me🤣

soumya bhowmik
soumya bhowmik 2 months ago

"You can't steal what is legally yours"- Dwight

Aquilexs 2 months ago

whats the song of the beginning?

Lee M
Lee M 2 months ago

andy is always screaming lmao

Juliette 2 months ago

Erin's dancing is hilarious

Rey Reyy
Rey Reyy 2 months ago

“You should talk to Roy, he knows exactly how you’re feeling” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh Michael Scott 😅

Lilia Loretta
Lilia Loretta 2 months ago

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pedroSilesia 2 months ago


Anjelica L.M
Anjelica L.M 2 months ago

I love the fact that all of these adults act like children in some way

the drama
the drama 2 months ago

what's the name of the song in cafe disco episode when angela walks in to get some paper signed by Michael?

tyler armstrong
tyler armstrong 2 months ago

7:52 does anyone know what this song is called?

stephieirene1 2 months ago

6:50, who was that couple hooking up? I'm losing my mind.

Bap2 2 months ago

I love how Creed addresses Michael properly haha

shamus george
shamus george 2 months ago

Imagine being the cameramen when Jim is spilling secrets about his feelings. Like the pressure of knowing all that information

Jordan Bosque
Jordan Bosque 2 months ago

1:33 Song ?????

Ainsley Johnson
Ainsley Johnson 2 months ago


Fluffisaurus 2 months ago

6:06 I wonder what game Toby is playing... if anyone can figure out the controller or game, that would be cool!

Citlali Bon
Citlali Bon 2 months ago

Did anyone else catch Michael say "It's bitter than I imagined it"? That is what I said the first time I tried

Benji Car
Benji Car 2 months ago

Andy, “did someone change my name to Baskin Robbins?”

Subtitles, “did someone change my name to Bobby?”

Trea Traver
Trea Traver 2 months ago

what about the dinner PARTY

Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 2 months ago

I really admire Michael’s confidence

Sam Warren
Sam Warren 2 months ago


Lorenzo 2 months ago

Cafe Disco was legit

Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 2 months ago

I just realized that Michael is wearing a orange Microsoft Office shirt in the hotel party room scene.

Sam 2 months ago

Love Erin dance from 1:04-07

Harperthehunter 2 months ago

I like Oscars bobble head dance move.

Sid Malu
Sid Malu 2 months ago

The sweetest moment is when Jim dances with Michael and Michael gives such a sweeewt smilee. Aaaah-hhhh

sochyvonn nora
sochyvonn nora 2 months ago

When creed call him boss...

Lila Jaber
Lila Jaber 2 months ago

I love when they start to dance to YMCA it’s my favorite

Jane Adams
Jane Adams 2 months ago

I love how straight forward Michael is 😂😂😂 0:31

Jovany Barrios
Jovany Barrios 2 months ago

Is nobody gonna talk about how sweet it was for creed to give his disco ball to michale.

Julian Serene
Julian Serene 2 months ago

2:52 the girls gone wild theme song gets me every time lmaoo

Joker 2 months ago

All of the performances feel so real! Even the acward ones feel like that's exactly the way things would happen in real life!

Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma 2 months ago

It's so cute seeing Michael happy for Angela at the end

Jaime Jao Japana
Jaime Jao Japana 2 months ago

I really feel what michael felt when no one arrived at his party except jim. It happened to me yesterday.

Tony.Mac. Millions
Tony.Mac. Millions 2 months ago

Did Creed really walk out of the men's room eating a chicken wing?!?! He did...

831 blacksheep
831 blacksheep 2 months ago

Michael and Jim really do care about each other

Yash Dalal
Yash Dalal 2 months ago

9:39 Angela's foot speaks the truth.

Aidan Acosta Guerrero

9:00 "Hey! C'mon man, it's not even the Y!"

Jess 2 months ago

I honestly love this episode, everyone’s just vibing and having a good time

Koala de l'espace
Koala de l'espace 2 months ago

Café Disco bit is the most under rated one. S-tier moment, yet not as talked as many others

Matt C
Matt C 2 months ago


Amelia Bond
Amelia Bond 2 months ago

8:35 is peak Jim moment... 😂😂

swaraj acharekar
swaraj acharekar 2 months ago

Love the spirit of erin 😁

Bob Stevenson
Bob Stevenson 2 months ago

I never realized that Toby was playing COD at jim's house until now

Xale 2 months ago

NOBODY is going to mention Kevin KISSING??

Pink Jay101
Pink Jay101 2 months ago

Bro cafe disco is personally my favorite episode, literally everyone has a happy ending, and usually people don’t like being around micheal but to see micheal having fun with his coworkers also having fun is my favorite sight

Samuele Zoia
Samuele Zoia 2 months ago

Another highlight of Jim being nice to Michael at 7:45: "We should probably stop by. It would mean a lot to him"

LazyXNinja 2 months ago

8:37 so we ain’t gonna talk about Kev?

Anurvi 2 months ago

creed calling michael "boss" is so cute

ItsNoahScott 2 months ago


Khakiwalrus 2 months ago