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Riah Martell
Riah Martell 2 months ago

- We didn't buy this house, we rented it for $310 aud per week (3 bdrm, 2 bathrms, double remote garage, dishwasher, bus stop right outside)
- House is located in Baldivis, Western Australia (very affordable living here)
- In Perth they have a yearly "curb-side collection month" where you are allowed to put out any furniture/appliances out the front of your home to be picked up by other people who may want it (for free) or it can also be collected by the council if you are wanting to get rid of it at no extra cost
- All items that I mentioned "FREE" were collected outside peoples homes
- We appreciate the fact that we are so fortunate to receive all these free items

Barbara69 2 months ago

Westerner ! Yesss

Kuldeep Klair
Kuldeep Klair 2 months ago

Great home ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Marcha Gonsalvez
Marcha Gonsalvez 2 months ago

How did you get so many free things?

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Johnnie walker BLUE LABLE 700m botle for 70$ or 5000Rupees;
Shipping from Mumbai in 5 days all over the world.

allen Olorvida
allen Olorvida 2 months ago

Wowww I enjoy watching your house tour..kindly visit my house too in my channel

Ella Y
Ella Y 2 months ago

Your lovely house is super impressive ๐Ÿ‘ You have a great scenes to tell what's suitable for modern style even when you can easily get free, random, furniture! Is there any internet website that you recommend to buy cheap but modern style furniture?

shaktisinh parmar veersing

Price your home??

Indian Girl in Australia

Loveee the description you were giving...
Love from Brissy

U-Prox 2 months ago

I bought a security system MAKS PRO to protect my home, . This is the best choice.

aimee Merton
aimee Merton 2 months ago

Ooo im off to Perth on holiday in a few years! Would love to see more videos of perth ๐Ÿ’œ

Larry 2 months ago

Not a good idea. Remember, it's the perfect invitation for would be housebreaking thieves. Just saying.

angel fields
angel fields 2 months ago

Beautiful home Masha Allah

Airies Vlogs
Airies Vlogs 2 months ago

anyone interested can comment

Airies Vlogs
Airies Vlogs 2 months ago

Let us subscribe each other's that we can reach out to far away places.....mine is an educational video in English

Anpex Roblox
Anpex Roblox 2 months ago

I personally wouldn't buy stuff that's second hand.

THE BUTTER LIFE 2 months ago

Nice Home

General Ting
General Ting 2 months ago

I am so jealous
Like you make yourself sound broke and your house is bad and everything when you describe everything is free but your house is more modern and better compared to mine
How much was your house btw?

Yosua Chandra
Yosua Chandra 2 months ago

I like this oz home, it's hard to get this kind of wide room spaces with nice outdoor & also good park view here in Indonesia, so luck you there guys!

Kimberly Mae Buendia
Kimberly Mae Buendia 2 months ago

nice house! โ™ฅ๏ธ

Johnson Wen
Johnson Wen 2 months ago

the house must cost you 500k upwards


How much the cost of this house?

Mish Diary
Mish Diary 2 months ago

Nice House tour

Mish Diary
Mish Diary 2 months ago

Yaaaay thats amazing you got everything for affordable price
Here in Victoria
Its so expensive even the second hand once. Im also moving a house
And looking for a furniture
Im already stressed out hahaha so expensive

Elexus Taumata
Elexus Taumata 2 months ago

Love the house ๐Ÿ’œ

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