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Danielle Ortiz
Danielle Ortiz 2 months ago

Could you give me another link to the same kind of lights you used? I know I'm watching the video years later so now the link doesn't work anymore. Your tree lights look stunning and are exactly what I'm looking for so I would really appreciate it if you had the time to give me another link. Thanks

Carla Hernandez
Carla Hernandez 2 months ago

Looks beautiful!

Shelly Fansler
Shelly Fansler 2 months ago

Beautiful! Question? What brand are those lights and where may I purchase them? The link won’t work. Thanks!

Jesse B.
Jesse B. 2 months ago

Dear, you're making me smile. You spend hours if not a few days putting lights on your tree only to almost completely cover it after you hang all your gorgeous ornaments and sticks all over your tree which is breathtaking.

Dina lewsey
Dina lewsey 2 months ago

Hi Nisha, I have a white tree what colour lights would you recommend .
Kind regards

Diane Johanson
Diane Johanson 2 months ago

So much work putting lights on. That's why I don't get a tree now unless it's a pre-lit tree. Good job though.

lestyoubejudged 2 months ago

This is exactly how I do my lights every year on my tree, but we always get a fresh tree we cut ourselves, so it is much harder and I get all scratched up, but it is so worth it.

Jan Courtney
Jan Courtney 2 months ago

That looks great. Thank you for showing how to do it. I love the tree. Hoping to buy a new one next year. Have had ours for nearly 30 years. Looking forward to seeing the finished product ❤️🎄🎁🎅🏼❤️

Lore Calderon
Lore Calderon 2 months ago

how many lights did you use about

Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson 2 months ago

How did you get the lights in the top to the plug sockets on the wall?

Scott Newnham
Scott Newnham 2 months ago

It's worth all the hard work, looks just GORGEOUS! My tree will go up in a few weeks, so EXCITED! I love Christmas!

Trishanaclo 2 months ago

I don't think I would have the patience. I would not want to take it down after Christmas.

LD Juarez, Your Sparkle Coach

OHHHH! I absolutely LOVE IT! WELL worth the effort! Great job!!!!!!! What a beautiful idea. It looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

Dee 2 months ago

You do such a beautiful job on your tree Nisha,I can tell your a perfectionist like me & are particular in how perfect it should look!! AND great choice on the tree it's perfect for your spot in front of the window....xoxo Dee

Susan's Faves
Susan's Faves 2 months ago

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!! I have my tree up already. (Truth be told, it's been up since LAST year. I never took it down!! I wasn't able to put a tree of my own up for 5-6 years so I decided I was going to REALLY enjoy it. It'll come down between Christmas and New Year this year though.) I have two trees, one green and one white. The white one is up right now. I decorated it in gold and green. It came pre-lit, thankfully. I used to only put up real trees, they're super easy to get and inexpensive here in Michigan, but got tired of having to put the lights on and remember to water it.  My prior tree was a Martha Stewart tree from KMart. It was beautiful and came pre-lit and it had a rotating base!! It made decorating a breeze! I would sit in the dark with just the tree lights and watch the tree rotate. It was so beautiful. I loved it. Unfortunately, one set of lights stopped working and two branches broke. I did get quite a few years out of it and it only cost $100 originally. I certainly got my money's worth.Merry Christmas Nisha!!

Shelly Garza
Shelly Garza 2 months ago

Oh My Nisha.💜, I just love you😄.💜. I just also loved seeing your tiny toes , bare feet, and determined🎋🎀🎄 . lol. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful face, and your beautiful toes😄. you worked very hard, as all.💕 your tubbers so enjoyed. T. Y.😊 dear.💜. God bless you, and yours, 💜, shelly

Melissa55 2 months ago

It's absolutely beautiful. I know it was a pain in the butt but it's so worth it. It's stunning. Great job! Love, Melissa

GLORIA P 2 months ago

Lots of hard work Ms. Nisha, but, it turned out so beautiful!!
God Bless!!

Jennifer L
Jennifer L 2 months ago

Can't even IMAGINE your steadfast patience...I bow before you,lady! 😝😝very impressed

TheElfin24 2 months ago

Beautiful Nisha!! I love how you say "next year we won't have to do a thing"!! Famous last words!! Have you never had fairy light issues!!! Every bleeding year we have the same saga!! Why or why do they work fine, you put them away for a year, get them out and get it all sorted, decorated etc to find one or more out - wth!! Good luck with it hun!! xo Joan xo

xWESTTEEZx 2 months ago

Omg what a fantastic time saving idea! I am in awe & I thank you for making my future Christmas Deck day much more enjoyable haha xx

DonnaLisaD 2 months ago

I get pre-lit trees with clear and add colored lights as I have ornaments that I've collected over my life time and I enjoy using them so my tree is very colorful with lights and the ornaments too. This is THE way to do lights on a Christmas tree. xo Donna

Wendy Bee
Wendy Bee 2 months ago

The tree is beautiful. You are so patient! It is worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing how you put your lights on!

Anastasia Beaverhausen

It's a crazy tradition really isn't it when you think about it, having a tree inside your house, lol. I'm not going to bother this year so I'm living vicariously through you, Nisha x

RebeccasRoses 2 months ago

Your tree looks beautiful Nisha. I love the lights you chose. It is so much work but I bet you will be happy when you are completely finished it will be fabulous. I know if the lights go out you can take them off and buy new ones. The prelit trees you cannot take the lights off. I have had three prelit trees go out on me so from now on we only buy the faux trees that are not lit. I cant wait to see you tree in the next video! I hope you hands are ok! xo Becki

Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

Nisha what a beautiful job you've done :) I bet Louis finds it all very interesting lol :) Hugs xxxx

MrsLoretta 2 months ago

Very nice tree Nisha...Hugs Loretta

Cherri Ann
Cherri Ann 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!!

ORMORPHIA 2 months ago

Hi Nisha, I enjoy watching your vlogs as they are varied and not just in the car. xx

2 Orchids
2 Orchids 2 months ago

You are so sweet to watch Nisha! I'm loving your vlogs!! Hugs! Karen xo

mandymoo 2 months ago

All the hard work paid off, looks amazing x

Murraymonica 2 months ago

Omg u have the patience of a saint...that would tip me over the edge..lol looks Gud though..

Simone Cobb
Simone Cobb 2 months ago

Love watching NIsha, it looks beautiful !!!!

TheLaLa0825 2 months ago

So pretty, Nisha! I have zero patience for lighting a tree so we buy pre-lit, I remember it would take my husband 3 hours to string our tree, haha. Can't wait to see the decor! Xo

Elaine O'brien
Elaine O'brien 2 months ago

I hate Christmas tree lights, they always get all knotted up I end up buying new lights every year but with your idea I won't have to x

Tiff Saud
Tiff Saud 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍

doodleschucky 2 months ago

very nice! look forward to the next video :-)

trixiegirlism 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree. I love how there's just a hint of white at the tips without the mess of a fully flocked tree. Genius how you created your own pre-lit tree. Although we have a large vaulted living room I used to put up a 9' slim line tree so I wouldn't have to move much furniture. But now I just do a 5' foot tree on top of a table that is in my front window. It looks just as nice from outside. I'm enjoying your vlog type videos! Laurie

Kathy Allen
Kathy Allen 2 months ago

Wow you really shaped the tree out beautifully! It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it when it is finished. Did Louis help you? :)

TravelGril LoveOfAdventure

Wow what a beautiful job you did with the lights, I love the color of the tree it does look so real. I can't wait to see the finished tree! Good job Nisha...xoxoShelliaM

catmama54 2 months ago

Your tree is gorgeous.So realistic looking and so full. I love it.

Cheryl Doorbar
Cheryl Doorbar 2 months ago

You did a great job with the lights! The light strands are very pretty...they appear to have different size bulbs. I need to look for that style.

kathy scott
kathy scott 2 months ago

Beautiful Nisha! Well worth the time and effort. Thank you for sharing. Kat

Tara Gutierrez
Tara Gutierrez 2 months ago

Hey don't you buy a tree that has the lights pre placed on it?? It's easy and u do it in a minute!!

MimiG 2002
MimiG 2002 2 months ago

Beautiful tree. Can't wait to see it all decorated..How tall is your tree?

Marla Robinson
Marla Robinson 2 months ago

"we have realized the tree is enormous", ha!
Very pretty tree.

Raelene Labby
Raelene Labby 2 months ago

another very clever tip , courtesy of you! thank you

Sue Cox
Sue Cox 2 months ago

Hi Nisha, what a beautiful tree, its gorgeous.Bless your little heart for your patience, but worth it in the end. Cant wait to see it fully decorated xxx

Los vlogs De zuly
Los vlogs De zuly 2 months ago

Beautiful cant wait to see when is all ready ❤️❤️❤️

Jan z
Jan z 2 months ago

Determination, hard work and sore hands paid off, the lit up tree looks beautiful :-)

Angie Willcox
Angie Willcox 2 months ago

Nisha you are a lot like me ,I have to spend a lot of time decorating my tree, maybe two days and then some.This year I made my own Xmas ornaments ,it was all worth it, by the way you are doing a great job ,I know you tree will be beautiful.

Anna Emmenidis
Anna Emmenidis 2 months ago

omg Nisha. that looks amazing. you have a lot of patience.

The Mrs 22
The Mrs 22 2 months ago

What a beautiful tree and you did such an amazing job Nisha! Wow don't think I have the patience to place the light strands like you did! Great job! :-)

Nathalie (La Beauté au-delà de 40 Ans)

AMAZING!!! BEAUTIFUL!! Bravo! Big kisses! Xoxo Nathalie

Ruth M
Ruth M 2 months ago

Oh my goodness you are so patient doing this. We have a pre lit one now as I always hated putting the lights on. I have to ignore that they aren't put on the tree as I would and fill spaces with reflective ornaments. I admire your determination to do this properly and it looks lovely.

Stacy Angel
Stacy Angel 2 months ago

I had a 12 ft tree like this for 8 years it was so much work, but this year I moved to a smaller place and I have a 7ft slim. I love and hate it. It takes me an hour or so to do it is pretty but not like my last one. :(. It takes getting used to for sure, but it is easier.

Lori Gorman
Lori Gorman 2 months ago

Wow that looks like alot of work but you are right so worth it, turned out beautiful can't wait to see how you decorate it.

Lena Coogan
Lena Coogan 2 months ago

Wow that's a lot of work, all I would need is one hot flash and I would've thrown it to the ground lol , nice work Nisha🎄🎄🎄

Horse Mania
Horse Mania 2 months ago

Really good job, looks beautiful.

Karen I
Karen I 2 months ago

Oh my!!! I finally bought a pre lit tree last year!!! I can see yours is going to be beautiful!!! I want to wait and decorate mine after I see what you do!!! This is fun, Nisha! Thank you! Much love from Missouri!

Deb White
Deb White 2 months ago

Will you come and put my tree up please? I will decorate just don't like puffing it out lol

Deb White
Deb White 2 months ago

I don't use the lights on the tree. I have a white tree and I get all blue lights.