Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021


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Information Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021

Title : Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021

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Description Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021

Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021

Why the Red Sox will be better than you think in 2021

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iTalk Studios
iTalk Studios 2 months ago

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Javier Eduardo Martinez Cabrera

I got distracted immediately when I heard the soundtrack of star wars 😂

Jonathon Miller
Jonathon Miller 2 months ago

Reason 1: MLB didn’t learn anything from the cheating scandal and will enable Cora to SOMEHOW take a 4th place team to 162-0 and win the WS

john chase
john chase 2 months ago

The pitching is still very weak. Starting pitching hasn’t improved. Bullpen has a bit. Need to get rid of some of these pitchers. I think pitching is gonna kill them. It’s gonna be another year of having to out score a team every night. Can’t win when you have to score 6-8 runs a night. No offense can do that. In my opinion Eovaldi, Barnes, Weber and Braiser have to go. They have proved that they aren’t pitchers that will get you to October baseball.

PositiveEdge 2 months ago

the Duran kid looks like a hitter

力拔山氣蓋世 2 months ago

Maybe wildcard?
Key player is j.d.Martinez.he should hit strongly again.
Go redsox.

Bostonrican 508
Bostonrican 508 2 months ago

I’m a huge Red Sox fan

Snow Man
Snow Man 2 months ago

Who is going to hit for power besides Bobby Dalbec.

Cullen Webber
Cullen Webber 2 months ago

Love the Star Wars in the background

Val 2 months ago

Well, duh. The pitching, with all the returnees from the injured list and a few additions, HAS to be better than the train wreck of last season. That alone will make the Sox much better.

musicalmelodies 2 months ago

Red Sox will be that wildcard team that will take the Yankees to 7 games in the ALCS but ultimately lose them.

tony gilbert
tony gilbert 2 months ago

I sure fucking hope so last year was a trainwreck

Maher 2 months ago

Garret Richards was a very underrated addition

Jim Barfield
Jim Barfield 2 months ago

Still not shure about Pivetta.

Tomb413 2 months ago

top 5 offense in the league last year, If the pitching even remotely shows up they should be playoff contenders.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 months ago

I think we can be a wildcard team. Maybe my bias is getting in the way though.

Lawrence Terrell
Lawrence Terrell 2 months ago

As a sox fan I wanna believe they will but our bull pen and rotation has had way to many set backs we got rid of David price and his horrible contract Chris sale hasn't pitch a full season healthy the guy gets shut down too quickly we even had Nate evoldi who hasn't lived up his massive contract Mr. Rodgers aka Dave Dombroski sign him too we depleted our farm system for Chris sale giving up yoan moncada and trading the rest of our farm system when we trade for Nate Evoldi during the MLB trade deadline from Tampa Bay Ray's during Dombroski time as GM we not had nothing we went all in for a world series which we got but never thought about the future which is why we couldn't sign or keep mookie Betts if you ask me I think the Redsox might be better than Baltimore but as far dominate the AL East the blue jays have improved thier team rapidly and the Yankees still maintaining control over that division along with the Ray's being up there along with the Bluejays Ray's and Yankees only time will tell as a die hard red Sox faithful I do believe the process to us being back will take time but what I know is the Redsox front office will be careful who they hire to be GM

Raymond P
Raymond P 2 months ago

Red Sox have bad and injury prone pitching staff overall the hitting is good but the defense and base running is a not good either. Boston will go 74-88 and that’s if they try hard.

The All Boston Sports Fan

Ya keep Matt Barnes

Dylan Harnett Marshall

Their offense could keep them above water until Sale returns, at which point their rotation will be respectable. If Richards is healthy, he is honestly a decent #2. I say this as a yankees fan. But there's no way the second best hitter in the Red Sox lineup is anyone but J.D. Martinez, unless he is the #1 best bat in their lineup. He will bounce back big time.

0neshot 2 months ago

Bazzzy gonna win MVP

Lori C
Lori C 2 months ago

Yes, they will be better... better than the O's.
Your channel keeps getting better. Good for you!

Redsox Films
Redsox Films 2 months ago

hahaha, the red sox are gonna suck ass this year. Chaim Bloom is the worst deal maker ever, and that mookie trade was stupid

lincon janzen
lincon janzen 2 months ago

1. Yanks 2 jays 3 .rays 4. Red Sox’s 5. Orioles

CAMERON BEVILL 2 months ago

Your content has improved a LOT! Keep up the grind, already growing like crazy!

Dodger Records
Dodger Records 2 months ago

Turner to LA kid