Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews



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Information Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

Title : Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

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Frames Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

Description Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

Better Homes \u0026 Gardens (Walmart) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

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Edward Adams
Edward Adams 2 months ago

would blue spruce and tinsel mix well with orange-citrus?

Catherine Chau
Catherine Chau 2 months ago

Is frosty winter nights a new scent as well?

Mariah Tan
Mariah Tan 2 months ago

Hello Teri! Do you happen to have a list of your all-time favorites? Do you have that listed down somewhere? I very much trust your expertise and am sure I'm missing something awesome!!

To others in the market for some wax scents, please do check out their website as well!!! Excellent reviews!! Every content you can find is just well-thought-out!!!!

I would like to say that I appreciate all the content that you have in your webpage, and in your channel. I love that you:
[1] Mention if the notes are authentic and fake/artificial scent. Super helpful!! I've fallen victim to the artificial air freshener fruity scent. Not that it's bad, but for my purpose it wasn't what I was looking for and would love to know that offhand.
[2] Mention your impressions on cold sniff vs melted
[3] Categorize scent by types. Helps if there is a specific note that could fall on multiple types. I like how you differentiated lemon as a spa scent and as a "foodie" scent
[4] Included notes from the brand
[5] Have defined metrics on how you explain throw. Gives me a clear picture what throw I need for my usecase.
[6] Transparent if you like it or not
[7] Compare with a similar scent if it reminds you of one, and very specific on the differences
[8] Mention how a scent could be better appreciated. Ex - mentioning about a scent smelling like cherry cough syrup but in a good way, or if a scent gets overwhelming at first you mention how it can be combined with other scents, not to mask it, but to help better bring out the scent
[9] Your videos titles/description are indicative of when the review was done - that way I know which is the latest.

And on your webpage, as a consumer and an IT person, I love that:
[1] Upon loading your homepage, it already shows the thumbnails of your youtube reviews, from the most recent one. This, as an end user, lets me know immediately that I am on the right website. There are channels directing to their own webpages, but contents aren't as straightforward. It sometimes confuses the user if they are even on the right page at all. It is common that a user will have multiple tabs open and second guess. And in that process, you lose the attention of your "visitor". Your page is minimalist and have let me scan all the info I would want as a consumer easily :) And because you only left the mandatory information, I've honestly scanned all your webpage contents. Everything is just easily accessible.
[2] Have a matrix/one stop reference of all the reviews you've done
[2.a] Looove that they are again sorted descending (latest on top)
[2.b] You have a content about other companies wax scent that they don't even have on their websites. I'm talking about their previous scents. A sample is ScentSationals. They just don't have it listed there. And when I'm trying to remember a scent, I don't always remember the name. It's great to have something to look back into.
[2.c] I've been oriented to other brands as well. I was looking into "maple" scents, and a quick ctrl + f (find) showed me which other brands has a similar scent
[2.d] Am more confident in checking other options from other brands because I know you have a review of those :)
[3] Search worked so well! I was trying to find your favorites - specific to scentsationals - and I've searched the keywords "scentsational" and "favorites"
[4] When you reference a "similar" scent in your reviews - you have the text hyperlinked to your review of those
[5] You have a "More <Brand> Reviews" at the bottom of each review. That is how I have explored the rest of your reviews
[6] On the brand page, you have an about which talks about the brand. That is how I discovered that Oak and Rye and Scentsationals are made by the same company

I have been hoarding candles from bath and body works as they have been the most affordable to me during their semi annual sale and is the extent of my "wax scent experience" and a lot I just end up not liking. I am no longer in the US, which means I have to pay premium to even get those shipped out to me, would be pricier to return, and you've put process on what I think as a non-expert/avg consumer to this are the things I should know about. I hope the wax scent/candle companies will explain their scents similar to how you do! Specially now during the pandemic, people don't go out as much and rely heavily on what's available in the internet. B&BW has been my go to because it's just a one stop shop for scents and is cheaper for me to ship out one bulk, than one by one. And the other candle companies just don't have the same amount of review like B&BW, and I need those to be smart about my purchases.

I came across your channel as I was on the market for oak and rye wax scents. I was in Alaska and there was a particular scent in my accommodation that I loved and it was only, as you've mentioned in your page, available in Fred Myers. Was difficult to find one - none of the scents are available for shipping. Because of you I've learned that Oak and Rye also has some overlap with Scentsationals, I've then learned Scentsationals have a website, and I've cross-checked all - I mean every single one of their scents available, to your review matrix. It made it easier for me to check what I'm looking for :)

Sorry TLDR. It takes immense work and dedication to document these one by one - you have a video, and a documented/worded/typed/proofred review in your webpage. I as a consumer appreciate all the effort you've done and my search/compare process easier. Thank you most especially for your passion!!

Julian 2 months ago

Can you make a video on your wax warmer collection? I notice that you have never shown the warmers that you use.

S.S Flower
S.S Flower 2 months ago

Thank you! I wonder why Scentsationals don't make holiday wax... I'm interested a some of these and some of the ones you mentioned at the end. God bless you 😊

Amber Sims-Armstrong
Amber Sims-Armstrong 2 months ago

I see a few I want to try.

Kristi Patterson
Kristi Patterson 2 months ago

YAY! I've been waiting for this review. Thanks so much!