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Description Home Alone 2 Experience at The Plaza Hotel | City Cycle

Home Alone 2 Experience at The Plaza Hotel | City Cycle

Home Alone 2 Experience at The Plaza Hotel | City Cycle

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Polyluka 2 months ago

Trump: I have friends that went to the left at this lobby.
Trump: That scene went so good, like... bing bing bong.

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Ah yes, filming this whole place for a 2 and a half minute video

Vickie Harris
Vickie Harris 2 months ago

Didn't look like the same hotel to me

Mr.charles GG BLUME
Mr.charles GG BLUME 2 months ago

I didn't know that was Donald Trump 😲.

Azimbek Mahmudov
Azimbek Mahmudov 2 months ago

Супер фильм моя любимая кино привет из Узбекистана 👍👍😘😘

Lúcia Helena Pereira

Algum brasileiro? Amo esse filme!!

Variacom Studios
Variacom Studios 2 months ago

I loved it. I am also a huge Home alone fan and this took me down memory lane. So thank you for that. I enjoyed your video, so creative and just really cool. Thank you and really felt the vibes, I just Subscribed to your channel😉🙂

kelly berry
kelly berry 2 months ago

To bad u didn't do the Shower scene where Kevin puts the clown in the tub and plays his uncles Voice saying Get outta here u pervert or im gonna slap u silly. or the scene where They get on knees and say I LOVE U that woulda been awesome

İlkin Rəsulovv
İlkin Rəsulovv 2 months ago

Good 😂👍🏻

Abdullah Adel
Abdullah Adel 2 months ago

You so cute I love your video 😂😍🥰😂🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍

Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 2 months ago

Great video. I gotta say, The Plaza looked better in the movie.

Unlimited Mobile Gaming

Lmao… he laying on the bed with dirty shoes on show some respect to the hotel 😂

Victor Rooroh
Victor Rooroh 2 months ago

No Donald Trump: Not authentic 😁

Simon Norbert
Simon Norbert 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this video.

D W 2 months ago


修理固成 2 months ago

OK, where is the Mr. President?

Jerry R
Jerry R 2 months ago

Cool video

Ghost mysteries
Ghost mysteries 2 months ago

Lol, walking in the hall with your bathing suit on when there is no pool, I did not know that the pool was filmed in New York.

Inaworldoflove 2 months ago

This was good but needed so much more.

Bailey Provance
Bailey Provance 2 months ago

“Michael! You spent $878 on room service?!”

Solomon Burgess
Solomon Burgess 2 months ago

$878.00 too much money on that New York hotel 🏨 bill.

Jared Singleton
Jared Singleton 2 months ago

2:10 was James Earl Jones your driver? 😂

Davefilms345 2 months ago

40k a night that's insane, I mean seriously, what do you get for 40k except for a large room, I mean is anything included in the price. OK I just googled it lol, its a nice looking suite but I guess unless your wealthy il stick to a travel lodge

Н Н 2 months ago

Клас,дякую за відео)))

FatySimulator 2 months ago

I want to see a tour of the actual room Kevin stayed in

FatySimulator 2 months ago

This was actually a very good video

David Foster
David Foster 2 months ago

A hotel asking for $40,000 a night and not having a swimming pool, has to be the most outrageous thing I've ever heard of.

sleepy dank
sleepy dank 2 months ago

Look at the royal plaza suite now compare to how grand and Charming it usto be when the movie was filmed. The warmth the character the coloured the cosines the decor has been totally transformed into a lifeless colourless, room that lacks warmth. A far cry from what New York usto be huge contrast to the cosines and homely warming feel the old plaza rooms once had

gracilla channel
gracilla channel 2 months ago

looks like a more comfortable 1990's room

Nikola Koparan
Nikola Koparan 2 months ago


TheJjcczz 2 months ago

Hey if I had 120 grand to blow I’d get that package

Matonias 2 months ago

This is a bit gay

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Rajesh4cat 2 months ago

I love your video, But I wish you show bit more.

Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 months ago

Make hotels great again.

Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 months ago

That cannonball scene is in chicago.

Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 months ago

Donalds pizza.

Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 months ago

He gave him a gum for a tip. Never do that in real life.

wendell parks Parks
wendell parks Parks 2 months ago

Miss the 1992

Nguyễn Đức Anh
Nguyễn Đức Anh 2 months ago

My dream as i am sleeping tomorrow :
: Mr Nguyen, here's your very own, cheese pizza

Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes 2 months ago

Whats the price for a day?

wendell parks Parks
wendell parks Parks 2 months ago

Miss the 1992

277imperator 2 months ago

I had the recorder as a child. Didn’t call the plaza hotel. Did have fun with it though.


good man thank you very much, this is one of my biggest dreams

Kevin Eontrainer
Kevin Eontrainer 2 months ago

Props to the staffs there for playing along

milkdudder 2 months ago

2:10 "Your very own cheese pizza"

looks at pizza


Anonymous785 2 months ago

Imagine that he is kevin

Jessica Fallen
Jessica Fallen 2 months ago

Watch this movie in December

Anxious Ambivert
Anxious Ambivert 2 months ago

That pizza scene!

Beun007 2 months ago

Trump: down the hall to the left...

Wilfredo Algarañaz
Wilfredo Algarañaz 2 months ago

A Abril 2020 👏👏👏

Will 2 months ago

did you meet donald trump tho?

Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal 2 months ago

No pool in the plaza?

Praiseworthy Nobleman

40K per night?

YangonMovieClub Company

This is totally Cool but I am sure Plaza Hotel would be pretty disappointing for the upgrade since this video only have 30K views!

Erick Sierra
Erick Sierra 2 months ago

Was the Canada government triggered by this video to delete Trump from Home Alone? Either way, these deletions are why Bitchute and other sites are better than Youtube now.

Kee Allen
Kee Allen 2 months ago

I never knew that was trump until now😂😂 after all these years

Mercan pavurya
Mercan pavurya 2 months ago

Beatiful video

Hey U
Hey U 2 months ago

You forgot Rob Schneider as the bellhop.

X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD 2 months ago

Did he say 40k a night. Well there’s a small ass TV for a room like that

Chris Gemmell
Chris Gemmell 2 months ago

I wonder where the pool scene took place

SANCHEZMP 88 2 months ago

Man I really liked the video homie. Home alone and Home alone 2 are some of my favorites.

Greg Nulik
Greg Nulik 2 months ago

At least you handle it better than CBC, they whomp right now

J Shields
J Shields 2 months ago

Love that you're living out one of every millennial's dreams

Everything Little One

just wow


Wow awesome. Everyone come look at my videos. :)

Guffy Woofriguez
Guffy Woofriguez 2 months ago

May be pricey but it’s worth it ^^

Freedom Loving Loyalist

why do sound like a 40 year old

米玄律師 2 months ago

you should have paid the bill with a stolen credit card lol

Valentino Cule
Valentino Cule 2 months ago

Is it same room?

DWreck Vibes
DWreck Vibes 2 months ago

That Room Operator guy musta felt hella weird after your stay.

Anna Marfa
Anna Marfa 2 months ago

love it

Hain-Sing HSueh
Hain-Sing HSueh 2 months ago

Does come with being chased out by the staff in the deal

Complexxmusic 2 months ago

Watching home alone 2 while watching this 😂

ErectileReptile 2 months ago

Damn you even look like him as a kid

Beun007 2 months ago

MICHAEL YOU SPENT $878 ON ROOM SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

Beun007 2 months ago

Nice family...

Beun007 2 months ago


Cristian Perez
Cristian Perez 2 months ago

This editing is good af for a small channel, a lot of potential here.

ChrisMac2489 2 months ago

I have just leaned something new today

Ben 2 months ago

Thats awesome!!!

Akira 2 months ago

You're the best!❤