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Not The Momma!

Not The Momma!

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Crystal  that danganronpa fan

This is 11 years ago ;-;
Its so creepy-
But cute at the same time 😩🥰🥺

jskd2953 2 months ago

A G A I N ! !

Riyan Sapkota
Riyan Sapkota 2 months ago

Not the mama

Pinky Mae Ipogon Aro
Pinky Mae Ipogon Aro 2 months ago

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fatima BAMANA
fatima BAMANA 2 months ago


floppa cat
floppa cat 2 months ago

Not your mother not to other

Samer Antar
Samer Antar 2 months ago

nirvana - Drowned in the sun

Parveena Summan
Parveena Summan 2 months ago

It is true he is actually not the mum

klasky 548
klasky 548 2 months ago


Boodee Thea
Boodee Thea 2 months ago

not a mama

POV: your a motral
POV: your a motral 2 months ago

Wow son of Godzilla looks great

Khalifa aljaberi
Khalifa aljaberi 2 months ago


Khalifa aljaberi
Khalifa aljaberi 2 months ago

I laf so hard win the baby sed not the mama

babyshowsftw adultswim sucks

Not the mother

meech lee
meech lee 2 months ago

1:28 😂


0:33 did he killed sinclair A.yes

RoyaltyOne 2 months ago

Back in the day

Agoti Dust
Agoti Dust 2 months ago

0:21 angel dust after alastor yells

Agoti Dust
Agoti Dust 2 months ago

Daddy daddy daddy not the momma

Sama Fuad
Sama Fuad 2 months ago


Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams 2 months ago


JediMcFly717 2 months ago

My Reaction To Moff Gideon

Joseph nunley
Joseph nunley 2 months ago


Red Impasta
Red Impasta 2 months ago

Not the daddy

Pinoyz06 2 months ago


Taniamarie Perez
Taniamarie Perez 2 months ago


Louiza Theodwrou
Louiza Theodwrou 2 months ago


João Victor Monteiro

I thing he’s the mama😂

João Victor Monteiro

This is so stupid bro😂
Omg bro

Joyce Work
Joyce Work 2 months ago

Dino babies be like

gtownbadass gaming
gtownbadass gaming 2 months ago

So funny


Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy


Michael Shea
Michael Shea 2 months ago

I love the baby Sinclair he cute

Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel 2 months ago

Can we all agree this movies special effects was ahead of its time.

Cyril Kpg
Cyril Kpg 2 months ago

What is that show's name ?

Enayet Chowdhury
Enayet Chowdhury 2 months ago


Paige Boigris
Paige Boigris 2 months ago

This was 4 months before I was born

Taniamarie Perez
Taniamarie Perez 2 months ago


John Erik Lopez
John Erik Lopez 2 months ago

Baby Sinclair: NOT THE MAMA!!!!

Danish Asyraff :/
Danish Asyraff :/ 2 months ago


Agus Widodo
Agus Widodo 2 months ago

1:30 is soo a plot twist LOL

Glamorous_ Jae
Glamorous_ Jae 2 months ago


Yane_chanidk 2 months ago

I like it more in spanish

Adan chavez
Adan chavez 2 months ago


Kahlia Turner
Kahlia Turner 2 months ago


Lourdes Rincon
Lourdes Rincon 2 months ago

Hahaha Dumby😂🤣

Htoo khant Kyaw
Htoo khant Kyaw 2 months ago


dinosaur squad
dinosaur squad 2 months ago


Nathaniel Hermanson
Nathaniel Hermanson 2 months ago

Earl at the very end is like I’m gonna take your shit away

CL0V3RR_!! 2 months ago

Why did i watch this video when i was younger

Abdullah alahbaby
Abdullah alahbaby 2 months ago

This meme is a legendary meme it is epic

Rainbow Star channel *ZEPETO*

Yes yes i love it😝

Banannana jojo
Banannana jojo 2 months ago

He so cute

Hannah Safiya
Hannah Safiya 2 months ago

Is kinnda funny and dramatic.🤣🤣🤣😂

AIMY 💜 2 months ago

But they are so creepy

AIMY 💜 2 months ago

I like the baby just hit the daddy its so funny😂





Manal Alshanbari
Manal Alshanbari 2 months ago

‘ ‘ daddy daddy daddy daddy NOt Da MOmmA’ ‘ lmfao’ ‘ “ X"D

burakcmnpyn 2 months ago

why is so creepy?

michelle plays
michelle plays 2 months ago

His face at the very end is like I'm gonna hit this little shi-

Syahirah Hani
Syahirah Hani 2 months ago

Not the mama

Cheryll Awan NIE
Cheryll Awan NIE 2 months ago


America CH
America CH 2 months ago


Floating Rock.
Floating Rock. 2 months ago

Ugh this show was my childhood

Gina Wachsmuth
Gina Wachsmuth 2 months ago

That character is a lot funnier than Elmo

Lithium 1995
Lithium 1995 2 months ago

These things remind me of those turtles from Spyro 2

Shuhai Huo
Shuhai Huo 2 months ago

Lol 0:11

Pink Dolphins
Pink Dolphins 2 months ago

Was not the mama a girl or boy?🤔

eowyn's creative world ツ

not the mama not the mama not the mama NOT NOT THE MAMA!!!!

Josie Savell
Josie Savell 2 months ago

Ah yes memories =]

Bailey Bruner
Bailey Bruner 2 months ago

Lol 😂😂 this show needs to come back.

Darrielle Hardge
Darrielle Hardge 2 months ago

This show looks disgustingly realistic- idk why

Bobby Gomez
Bobby Gomez 2 months ago

I like at the end he said daddy daddy then he said not the moms

ROSMAWATI MAMAT 2 months ago

I like that the baby said daddy and than NOT THE MAMa

KawtherAngel𓆈.• 2 months ago

Not The Mama!

Atalyah Jael
Atalyah Jael 2 months ago

Wait a minute did he just yeeet the baby

Terry YT
Terry YT 2 months ago

you do that one more time and ill throw you across the room!! :baby: Oh really? Smack with pan to see if he's serious

DTN Imagineer
DTN Imagineer 2 months ago

My little sister after seeing this video: not the momma not the momma
Me: what the

Alejandra Trejo
Alejandra Trejo 2 months ago

This show hits different once you're old

Lisa Kawucha
Lisa Kawucha 2 months ago

Chuck E. Cheese TV At

Faris 2 months ago


Jerico Delos Reyes
Jerico Delos Reyes 2 months ago

No Leanna Joie

Shaun Stewart
Shaun Stewart 2 months ago

Me thinking my dad is my mum then gets told how to say daddy then says daddy over and over then annoys his dad again by saying not the muma

Marissa Toleco
Marissa Toleco 2 months ago

Hahaha not the mama hahaha😂

picker piper
picker piper 2 months ago

Awwwwww he's cute

Bailee Harding
Bailee Harding 2 months ago

I remember for some reason we got on the topic of this show one day when I was 14 and my brothers were 12. I specifically remember looking this up and laughing along with my brothers because it was just that funny to us.

Dalicia Reams
Dalicia Reams 2 months ago

This is my favorite show

Gary Bourne
Gary Bourne 2 months ago

I love it when you said daddy daddy daddy not the momma🤣🤣🤣

Rosemarie Abrea
Rosemarie Abrea 2 months ago


vBarcode 2 months ago

"Not the mother, Not the mother"

I'm deceased💀

Hide yo kids
Hide yo kids 2 months ago

Daaaa deeeeeeeee

C Austin
C Austin 2 months ago

1:29 Not the mama!

Cec Williams
Cec Williams 2 months ago


Suhaila Hasan Mahira
Suhaila Hasan Mahira 2 months ago

Its so funny i can hold to laugh😂🤣

Jared Pinson
Jared Pinson 2 months ago

I was watching this at 3am