Little Debbie: Eggnog Cake Rolls Review


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Title : Little Debbie: Eggnog Cake Rolls Review

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Description Little Debbie: Eggnog Cake Rolls Review

Little Debbie: Eggnog Cake Rolls Review

Little Debbie: Eggnog Cake Rolls Review

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Dee Emerson
Dee Emerson 2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE these and I buy more than one box

Woken Ham8
Woken Ham8 2 months ago

Me and bro try them we don't like em taste like alcohol

Tyler Joseph Smith
Tyler Joseph Smith 2 months ago

I just tried these yesterday. Very sweet. It also bothers me that you guys are on opposite sides.

Tavaris Smith
Tavaris Smith 2 months ago

I brought these yesterday and they are delicious 🤤

KPinCA1 2 months ago

Found the candy cane cake rolls at KMart for $2. Delicious but high calorie

Jonathan Orenday
Jonathan Orenday 2 months ago

I haven't had eggnog in 4 years

lol21432 2 months ago

gotta try these

joey digiovanni
joey digiovanni 2 months ago

WOW.. I was SHOCKED how much the product matched the photo on the packaging! I applaud lil Debbie for this! A quick side note: I advise everyone to be CAUTIOUS when buying these. I recently bought this product and the price was $2.39? I'm guessing the tags on the back weren't free :/ LOL. anyway, happy holidays! xoxo.

David 2 months ago

After see the review, I know they may very sweet, but I wanna try it anyways, but I look at big lots, target, they do not have this one.
I don't know is may limited to some area, I live in south California.

MARK WELLS 2 months ago

Great review, Tami. Can't wait to try these ourselves.

Lila & My Dog Scruffy

Hi Tami. If these taste just like egg nog, then I'll just have some egg nog! LOL. Cute review and tfs. :)

Hayley Gold
Hayley Gold 2 months ago

i like how on the box the little debbie girl is just floating there menacingly

Mandy Dalton
Mandy Dalton 2 months ago

they also have candy cane rolls at kroger! in little debbie

Maggy Vaugeois
Maggy Vaugeois 2 months ago

They looks so good :o I don't think we have them in Canada :o

tortellini 2 months ago

I might have to buy another box of these I think they're that good! :D

Sharon N
Sharon N 2 months ago

Is it real sweet? I just bought the Strawberry jelly one's and I cannot eat them. They are sickeningly sweet and I love sweets.

noviceprepper53 2 months ago

thanks Tami and Kevin, Kevin's funny re favorite words - eggnog and cake and ice cream. Thank you Tami, I like the gift tags, nice of the company to put them on the box

Scottish Lass
Scottish Lass 2 months ago

I swear, my first thought just right before you said it, was amazing. I can't believe you could get it, in cake form. And you's said, it tastes just like it. PS, forgot to tell you, I saw online, that Asda (owned by the same owners as Walmart) have apparently got egg nog in store. But the last time I went, I totally forgot to look for it & didn't naturally come across it. So, I'm not sure. But I'm going to try to remember about it, the next time. I don't think I'll like it. But as I said before, I like to try all things, whether I like them or no, just to say I've tried it. Especially something that isn't common to us.

ghettomelody 2 months ago

I took a bite and threw the rest out... way too much nutmeg...

DarlingDarri M
DarlingDarri M 2 months ago

I love your channel, it's really growing too

Bruno Monteiro
Bruno Monteiro 2 months ago

i want to taste it!

Bargain Beauty
Bargain Beauty 2 months ago

Love these reviews

DarlingDarri M
DarlingDarri M 2 months ago

What does eggnog taste like? I've never had it

Ashley Weill
Ashley Weill 2 months ago

Wow these look so great!

Nikki Dee
Nikki Dee 2 months ago

Congrats on 18k Tami!!

jean norton
jean norton 2 months ago

Wow ill look for those.

AL Gonzalez
AL Gonzalez 2 months ago

I absolutely love the very short list of ingredients. I can't wait to try legit eggnog ice cream. awesome review

Lisa Millar
Lisa Millar 2 months ago

Just bought my husband some of these. He said they are pretty good.