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Growing the Big One - Hallmark Movies 2017

Growing the Big One - Hallmark Movies 2017

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Jocelin Hamilton
Jocelin Hamilton 2 months ago

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Jocelin Hamilton
Jocelin Hamilton 2 months ago

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Julia 2 months ago

An enjoyable subtly romantic movie! You can watch it with your children as it's clean.

Mayra Gimenez
Mayra Gimenez 2 months ago

Alguien sabe en donde escontrarlo en español?

Shoba Mathew
Shoba Mathew 2 months ago

If you are one of those die hard romantics - then go for it. I enjoyed it. Thank you

Joan L.
Joan L. 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this movie!

danielle jackson
danielle jackson 2 months ago

Simple movie and one of my favs

muskndusk 2 months ago

I don't play poker. Which of those hands won? Did he win or did she win?

bannyi Thakur
bannyi Thakur 2 months ago


Artlockercreation Poonam

Nice simple romantic movie... Predictable through out but enjoyable.

Kayona Bryan
Kayona Bryan 2 months ago

Hiii the show is lovly

Dr_Aegle Mira
Dr_Aegle Mira 2 months ago

Who would fix the door of your neighbour without any notice during midnight? And when was the lawyer planning to tell her about the debt? Thanks to grandpa's letter.. 😅😅

Dr_Aegle Mira
Dr_Aegle Mira 2 months ago

That swing reminds me of the one from conjuring..😜😈

Mireille Time
Mireille Time 2 months ago


Anthony Herro
Anthony Herro 2 months ago

Great movie

Monica Levy Tavares
Monica Levy Tavares 2 months ago

I won't continue watching this. She is too submissive to her job like a doormat. Boring film.

Maria Stratigou
Maria Stratigou 2 months ago

Μαρία. Στιούαρτ. Η βασίλισσα. Της. Σκοτιας

Vimita Biju
Vimita Biju 2 months ago

Watch it ....

Msizi Shange
Msizi Shange 2 months ago

I love hallmark channel what I hate is dat always I mean always ..we only enjoy last minute of the story

S Samyuktha
S Samyuktha 2 months ago

Enjoyed watching it! Full of fun!

Erika Thomas
Erika Thomas 2 months ago

Good movie bad chemistry .

Miss Wambui kiarie
Miss Wambui kiarie 2 months ago

Big ups ..hallmark

lyn reigners
lyn reigners 2 months ago

I miss shannon doherty, ever since I saw her on CHARMED, thanks for the upload

Mary J
Mary J 2 months ago

Good movie, surprising and interesting

Wuwulever Castro
Wuwulever Castro 2 months ago

Love the film... Except the actress.... Sorrry...

Anna Abayon-Enterina
Anna Abayon-Enterina 2 months ago

Good and an inspiring movie! Love it...hope you'll enjoy too. Thanks

Yallah Johanna
Yallah Johanna 2 months ago


Kate RH
Kate RH 2 months ago

Isn't she the druggie actress?

Anushree Shenoy
Anushree Shenoy 2 months ago

Ok , didn't enjoy the movie . Watched the movie in bits and pieces

manic hairdo
manic hairdo 2 months ago

So why didn't the creepy neighbour fix grandpa's lock weeks ago when he was asked? And who'd want to live next door to a junk yard?

Bob Mag
Bob Mag 2 months ago

Great film. One of the best romantic films. Nice subtle acting.
Marrige is the real romance. Where two people have that bond that other relationships don't.
There is a reason the grandma/grandpa had that romance for their lives. Guys when you find that right girl just go ask her to marry!
Marriage is not a certificate of government.the institution of marriage has existed before the.

hj cullen
hj cullen 2 months ago

Umm... the title? Awkward!

Wacheke Mburu
Wacheke Mburu 2 months ago

Aaaawe😍😍 this was perfect. I think I'd choose the guy too.

dianne hart
dianne hart 2 months ago

thanks for posting a great movie loved it nice to have a movie with an ending and no loss of sound

Annette Van Donk
Annette Van Donk 2 months ago

Wow what a dress for a funeral. It so like her the the Beverly girl :)))

b5ranger001 2 months ago

Nice movie.

broken - heart
broken - heart 2 months ago

i like her she is a good actress always watched their show before called 'charmed' and this movie is nice and fun to watch..

karma karma
karma karma 2 months ago

Done reading the comments.I think the majority won

Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott 2 months ago

Im no Shannon fan.....ill see how it goes. .....

josephine andon
josephine andon 2 months ago

This is really a good movie☺️ must watch ☺️

S Deee
S Deee 2 months ago

Seth change your hair!

Ina van Wijk
Ina van Wijk 2 months ago

This is a beautiful story. Please take the time and watch this.

Tissila Paranagama
Tissila Paranagama 2 months ago

Good not bad i managed to see the full movie - good movie.

Pastor Ally
Pastor Ally 2 months ago

that was a real joy, thankyou very much,

licar abarquez
licar abarquez 2 months ago

this is my fave hallmark movie very inspiring

Sharon Sheehy
Sharon Sheehy 2 months ago

Qurcky movie I like Shannon ,,,

Rushakiel Nina
Rushakiel Nina 2 months ago

Prue of Charmed☺

Cooking Zel
Cooking Zel 2 months ago

I remember her. Is she one of the cast of the series called Charmed?

Glyn Parker
Glyn Parker 2 months ago

Sweet movie❤ thanks for sharing ☺ 🖒

Hencon RB
Hencon RB 2 months ago

Such a nice movie!!!!!!!

Joanne Philbert
Joanne Philbert 2 months ago

Seth has a horrid hairstyle

Farry Ali
Farry Ali 2 months ago

This is the most stupid thing I ever see. Somebody just decides to use your farm to do the business show, comes and installs cams wherever they want, without your permission and invades your privacy and you just sit back and do nothing! I Surely the company has to pay to use the property or they conveniently left that out, since she would have the income for the mortgage and show will just have to end! dah! . Apart from that, the farm guy, wrong casting.lolz I didnt find his looks suited the role..urgh!

KCAT WIL 2 months ago

I see this movie is from 2010. I hope everything has gone well with her cancer treatment and hope to see her in something new soon.

Christiana Olayemi
Christiana Olayemi 2 months ago

Watching cos of the nice comments 🤣

Esther Joseph
Esther Joseph 2 months ago

Great movie.

Imsha imran
Imsha imran 2 months ago


Bluebeck2 2 months ago

Sweet story

Vyonah Ngando
Vyonah Ngando 2 months ago

A beautiful film but what's the deal with white folks and Pumpkins ??

Bluebeck2 2 months ago

Shannon Doherty hasnt aged much since 90210.

Avirtuousoman 2 months ago

They lied

Marren 2 months ago

Some people take their pumpkin growing to the next level, haha. Nice enough movie: throw in some inquisitive people, a bit of farm life and a pumpkin growing competition. I guess this movie is trying to show that sometimes a companion to accompany the dream job is perhaps the icing on the cake.

Ideffix_Cat22 2 months ago

WOW 💖🤩🤩😍🎶🎵⚅

Elaine S.
Elaine S. 2 months ago

Loved the movie. Thank you for sharing. :-)

JEGO 2 months ago


Bianca Ramdan Dennis
Bianca Ramdan Dennis 2 months ago

Beautiful movie. Always follow your heart.

Belle Elizalde Aguilo

I love the farm and also its a Greaaat movie😘

Anita Limbu
Anita Limbu 2 months ago

I heard a word "CONDO" in this movie...Please anyone can tell me what's the meaning of this word?.

Yasmine Dey
Yasmine Dey 2 months ago

Really cute film, but the chemistry between the two main figures was too comradely and not romantic ;)

Ashwini K Tripathi
Ashwini K Tripathi 2 months ago

Enjoying the movie a lot... Sweet movie...

B DE 2 months ago

Love it

Anne Ethe
Anne Ethe 2 months ago

Why would you be fixing someone else's door without notice or invitation. That was a put off .

Sylvia Legasi
Sylvia Legasi 2 months ago


Elizabeth Sipin Solis

is she from charm series??

Mutya Haifa
Mutya Haifa 2 months ago

..worth watching 😊💑

Manjeet Singh Mann
Manjeet Singh Mann 2 months ago

Very enjoyable movie,,, loved it so much.

mbazira merah
mbazira merah 2 months ago

Done reading da comments i think i should watch

guinevere69 2 months ago

Enjoyable film. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to upload this. I really appreciate it. Cheers

missthunderstormable 2 months ago

i enjoyed this one! thanks

Anna Kaa
Anna Kaa 2 months ago

So mister complains much... here is your comment ... it’s an awesome movie guys.... if you watch a lot of romantic hallmark movies about a girl who lives in the big city and then circumstantialy moves to the farm u might find it boring buuuut it is a lovely romantic story for all you romance sucker like me so enjoy

Anirban chakraborty
Anirban chakraborty 2 months ago

Brilliant movie. Must watch

Major Lorne
Major Lorne 2 months ago

love it....great match....& yes Kavan definitely has wonderful & sexy eyes

G F 2 months ago

I Love this movie!

globalman 2 months ago

What a cute film. So ali when there are no real bad guys, people trying to hurt each other. Ups and downs are ok but love the peaceful way everything developed.
On the reality level she could have asked for a pile of money to allow them at her farm. Also they would have had to negotiate those web cams, where they would be and only being on at specific times.
Thank you so much for sharing this film. Leaves one with a good feeling.

Nadine - Karate and Caviar

This is such a cute movie! Shannon Doherty :) :) I loved her in Beverly Hills 90210!

Jules Adoo
Jules Adoo 2 months ago

totally enjoyed the movie for my Sunday relaxer. Thanks for sharing,

Kristrea 2 months ago

Nice movie but not feeling the male lead

Becci Smith
Becci Smith 2 months ago

Yup - nice one. Thanks

marynoll caccam
marynoll caccam 2 months ago

good movie....

Caroline Wanjohi
Caroline Wanjohi 2 months ago

haha so interesting and funny. very homely movie

Elena Ravonu
Elena Ravonu 2 months ago

Its funny...nice drama queen

Bismillah I seek refuge and mercy from Allahswt is a fun movie🙂

Dj Airfire
Dj Airfire 2 months ago

wowwwww im falling inlove this romantic movie hahahaha so nice

Mpho Mofokeng
Mpho Mofokeng 2 months ago

Great movie

Nemo Namo
Nemo Namo 2 months ago

Good movie thanks for the upload

טלי סלמן

It's Tali That was a great movie I loved it. What a pumpkin can do to your love life.

Nancy Regio
Nancy Regio 2 months ago


Pauline WQI
Pauline WQI 2 months ago

It's 3am...but I am still watching this huge pumpkin movie....hehehe....
Thanks for sharing. ..

snowonder024 2 months ago

fun movie! thanks for sharing