This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann


Dhar Mann

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Information This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

Title : This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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Frames This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

Description This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

This Teacher Humiliates A Poor Student, She Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann 2 months ago

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Cross Twins
Cross Twins 2 months ago

Hi Frist time watching your video

Ace Dubz
Ace Dubz 2 months ago

She seems like that’s really how she is in real life

alejandro Freddy fazbear world

So whats inside the rest of the packages

Kaden Ling
Kaden Ling 2 months ago

This made me cry

Shashi Tyagi
Shashi Tyagi 2 months ago

Come on guys
Teacher is just an actor Don't hate her 😘😘😘

Vaibhav Rana
Vaibhav Rana 2 months ago

This is very filmy. Nothing over here overlaps with reality.

Shubh Gupta
Shubh Gupta 2 months ago

Well , I was lucky I don't have teachers like that.
They are supporting in these conditions

Brenna Makundi
Brenna Makundi 2 months ago

I cried 😭

ilaxis_raid 2 months ago

Done"were not just telling story's we're changing lives

Alisson Velasquez
Alisson Velasquez 2 months ago


Sal Galvan
Sal Galvan 2 months ago

i m sad dhar mann be sad marim.

Terry M
Terry M 2 months ago

I laughed way too hard at this, that teacher savage😂😂

Terry M
Terry M 2 months ago

So many gifts and she chose the box wrapped in newspaper😂

Amily Alya
Amily Alya 2 months ago

First things first the teacher where's room

FaZePineapple Gaming
FaZePineapple Gaming 2 months ago

Great story

Abraham Ramos
Abraham Ramos 2 months ago

I 💘 you so much

Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 2 months ago


Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 2 months ago


Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 2 months ago

dhar mann

Asenathi Ngudle
Asenathi Ngudle 2 months ago

Little girl can act

Isaac Le
Isaac Le 2 months ago

Me after watching this: WAAAAAAAA

KronicDragons 2 months ago

These videos make me cry everytime

Elliot Rusnak
Elliot Rusnak 2 months ago

To be honest I would actually like the note better

TeRakaunui Davis walker

hi dhar man

Maw Tv
Maw Tv 2 months ago

Shut up everybody that saying your outfit look terrible that’s not that’s not nice whatever you wearing your outfit looks terrible now

Maw Tv
Maw Tv 2 months ago

What are you talking about you’re not even change my life is all your videos like I’m so sad

Family Tablet
Family Tablet 2 months ago

So umm santa is fak3

Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez 2 months ago


cris19c1 2 months ago


Summer Slime and toys

This teacher had a student in her class that was named Adam and he was A YouTube or so now he’s a YouTube or in the back then when they made us he was a kid

Summer Slime and toys

These are just stories are just doing it for so we can teach people to not be mean because it might be because like they don’t have that much money they don’t have food to eat at home and they can’t buy groceries so that’s why they need things to not be mean

Ely Foard
Ely Foard 2 months ago

I’ll be honest, y’all. I cried so much, this was so emotional 😭

Martin Halligan
Martin Halligan 2 months ago

I love your videos Darh man

shaaja mcclaren
shaaja mcclaren 2 months ago

part 3

Wave' 2 months ago

When your teacher knows where you live..

Jana Rei L.
Jana Rei L. 2 months ago

she was trying to say that she doesn’t have any money but ohhhhhh teacher interrupted her

Gabriel Estrada
Gabriel Estrada 2 months ago

My heart right is so happy for this little girl's reaction. I'm crying tears of Joy right now because this makes me so happy.

Asha Patel
Asha Patel 2 months ago

You’re the best YouTuber

Zayden Marks
Zayden Marks 2 months ago


Pump & Skid
Pump & Skid 2 months ago


Lamaa 2 months ago

good video! barman


The kid is adorable

Giada DiSarro
Giada DiSarro 2 months ago

Imagine getting mad at a child for doing nothing wrong

Hyaan Abdul
Hyaan Abdul 2 months ago

Anjelo have a hole in his shirt

Tloops 2 months ago

So you see...

Dodz Alivert Vertudazo

When that i see this video i cried 😭😭

Fathima Laeba Ali
Fathima Laeba Ali 2 months ago

Dhar Mann, I'm became one of your big fan.....💕🥺

Maire Saez
Maire Saez 2 months ago

such a nice Video

ARHAM MANHA 2 months ago


Mia-Maria Moutran
Mia-Maria Moutran 2 months ago

ok dhar Mann

Aviation101 2 months ago

I left the video with a huge smile on my face.

Sarah‘s Welt
Sarah‘s Welt 2 months ago


Michelle Franks
Michelle Franks 2 months ago


Yazan Alsoub
Yazan Alsoub 2 months ago

That is sooo sad I am crying rn

XxKåylå ClårityxX
XxKåylå ClårityxX 2 months ago

Has anyone noticed that the teacher has diffrent eye colors on each side?🤯

Mei Mei
Mei Mei 2 months ago

"Done"i want a part 3

Eli Martinez
Eli Martinez 2 months ago

I feel so bad for that little girl.

Archana Yadav
Archana Yadav 2 months ago

Maria is so cute 😍

Paogin Haokip
Paogin Haokip 2 months ago

Very impressive

ABS GAMING TV 2 months ago

Angelo is from jubilee I think

polish cow fingerboards

You were supposed to spend 20 dollars

amarjeet sehmi
amarjeet sehmi 2 months ago

It is painful to hear this teacher on social media with student who is poor. I have never seen or heard such a mean teacher in my 87 years of life.

amarjeet sehmi
amarjeet sehmi 2 months ago

Very awful, this teacher should be fired to insult poverty and poor child. Her responsibility is tech children to generate dignity, self management with resources and generate better and brighter vision in kids.

Lauren W.
Lauren W. 2 months ago

it’s true, you never know what someone else is going through. 💔

Bob Gagnon
Bob Gagnon 2 months ago

These colabs are so good. I'd like to see more.
Thanks, Guys.

Mousy go squeak
Mousy go squeak 2 months ago

Dang that ending hurts me in the heart, it's just so.. happy.

Chazz Ram
Chazz Ram 2 months ago

If she ever any teacher ever humiliated my kid like that I'd have her head on a pike...

Kasen Richardson
Kasen Richardson 2 months ago

I feel bad for the girl

Liams Channel
Liams Channel 2 months ago

this is so sad 😭

The Patterson Fam
The Patterson Fam 2 months ago

Her: *cries after reading note*

Ismah Khatun
Ismah Khatun 2 months ago

WHAT I DON'T GET IT ?????????

PouyanPlays 2 months ago

How did the teacher know where did Maria's house was

Clea 2 months ago

Dam If nobody did anything she would’ve got fired
This one is touching it’s very sad

Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly 2 months ago

That breaks my heart and makes me cry

Panda Lee Paint'z
Panda Lee Paint'z 2 months ago

New title bad teacher turns good

Austin Griffin
Austin Griffin 2 months ago


LIFE UNCUT 2 months ago

I almost cried when jeferries read that paper

Samyra Thurmond
Samyra Thurmond 2 months ago

Sis said “you were supposed to spend 20 dollars😡” like girll✋🏾🤣

hany zied
hany zied 2 months ago

The teacher is so men to the poor little girl

Ernie Walker
Ernie Walker 2 months ago

That was the saddest one I’ve ever watched ☺️😢

Mike Rosser
Mike Rosser 2 months ago

hi dhar mann

Glitch Trap
Glitch Trap 2 months ago

Teacher this is a worthless piece of paper

Me: OH when I ripped my homework ITS IMPORTAT


Ashish Srivastava
Ashish Srivastava 2 months ago

I just love your videos

ibuki mioda
ibuki mioda 2 months ago

wait but Maria did bring chips
light just took them
"I took a potato chip AND EAT IT"

Zack Playz
Zack Playz 2 months ago

Clap clap clap for the teacher

Alex gaming
Alex gaming 2 months ago

This was sad maria is cute daughter 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming 2 months ago

That paper could be $20 and the pen $10

Emily Leone
Emily Leone 2 months ago

This video deserves more and more views and likes😒😒

Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 2 months ago

Feels like an Indian Serial

Tara Costantini
Tara Costantini 2 months ago

Doesn’t have chips= end of the world, but all we have is pizza

Chirag Gomber
Chirag Gomber 2 months ago

She looks so short in age group as compared to the other kids.

Chirag Gomber
Chirag Gomber 2 months ago

Again insta regret man

AFKSG 2 months ago

this made me cry

2 months ago

Fulk the

Miraya Grover
Miraya Grover 2 months ago

This Story is heartfelt and emotional

Kanye Roa
Kanye Roa 2 months ago

I Didn't Realized this is sad when I clicked it! 😭

Layla_playz! 2 months ago

I love this so much its to sweet I cried

Liz Hon
Liz Hon 2 months ago

This is so poor maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan it so sad maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Darth Vaxxus
Darth Vaxxus 2 months ago

imma boutta yeet the dislikers of the earth . They are monsters