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Information DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

Title : DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

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Frames DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

Description DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal

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Divining Oil Designs
Divining Oil Designs 2 months ago

Gorgeous! Oh my God! You’re awesome! 👏

Karen McCall
Karen McCall 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this, thanks!

agnes Maina
agnes Maina 2 months ago

Thank you!!!! Merry Christmas from Germany ❤️

Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards 2 months ago

You are so thoughtful & kind. And so talented! Boy, your neighbor should love it!

Aashika Vishum
Aashika Vishum 2 months ago

Wow this looks sooo cool love it u are way better then sis vs bro

Jaqueline Estrada
Jaqueline Estrada 2 months ago

Beautiful basket

Beach Gal
Beach Gal 2 months ago

Could you make a Christmas basket for a father and son? Wife and mother passed last Christmas and I need something special for them. Any ideas would help alot! Your baskets are so beautiful!

Beach Gal
Beach Gal 2 months ago


Brenda Bratton
Brenda Bratton 2 months ago

Thank you so much, Very helpful!

Sharon Malloy
Sharon Malloy 2 months ago

Beautiful! What a really nice neighbor you are! I am inspired!

Designs by Connie O.
Designs by Connie O. 2 months ago

your bow is beautiful

Designs by Connie O.
Designs by Connie O. 2 months ago

very nice

Darlene Rustin
Darlene Rustin 2 months ago

Gorgeous looking basket. Can’t wait to try out my first basket. I hav been looking at a lot of your videos. I started two weeks ago looking at them. I always loved arts and crafts. I have done scrapbooking before but really need to get back to it. I fell and injured myself and down for 6 weeks so, I decided to. look at gift basket videos while sitting around. I saw a lot of videos but I enjoy yours a lot better. You are amazing Tracy. Much love

Nete Presentes & cosméticos

Amoooo seu trabalho e vc está me inspirando muito obrigada bjus

Teri Adams
Teri Adams 2 months ago

That's just beautiful!!!! Im wondering where do you find that large cellophane roll? I can't wait to try this

Gianna Troi
Gianna Troi 2 months ago

Wow, you managed to fit everything in. You're a great neighbor!! Merry Christmas.

JoAnn Gilbertson
JoAnn Gilbertson 2 months ago

Just beautiful thank you so much for sharing

Bambi 2 months ago

Lovely tutorial! I'm glad I found your channel. X

Heidi 2 months ago

I'm like 7 years late on this video yet your gift basket still remains relevant. Timeless gift basket. That looks like the perfect party pack for a Christmas or newyears eve with the fam.

Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson 2 months ago

what a basket like that sale for

Gabriela Rich
Gabriela Rich 2 months ago

I’d love to be your neighbor 😍 you did a fantastic job

pihen Max
pihen Max 2 months ago

most beautiful ..thank you for the tutorial .. going to have a go now

Sparrow Avenue
Sparrow Avenue 2 months ago

Good job girl. Really nice one

Tam D.
Tam D. 2 months ago

Beautiful job

Judith Jenkins
Judith Jenkins 2 months ago

So happy to see your face. You are truly gifted

Marquita Govan
Marquita Govan 2 months ago

im sorry can you please give the exact link for the double bow video? i clicked on the bow playlist and I didn't see the one in the video links or in the video in a video box. Thanks looks amazing!!!

Clara Bowling
Clara Bowling 2 months ago

What a beautiful heart you have! God bless you always 💜.
I always want to do some thing like that but, I feel awkward ?
They're a nice family. I just might do a Valentine's day basket.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.
Blessed be 💜

Angel Khan
Angel Khan 2 months ago

Awwwo so nice

tepitp 2 months ago

it's a beautiful basket !

Amber L
Amber L 2 months ago

This looks great! :)

Maureen Jenkins
Maureen Jenkins 2 months ago

Beautiful. The bow makes the basket. I would have loved to have seen you make it and attach it.

Nora Djanmah
Nora Djanmah 2 months ago

Wow! It Awesome!
Thanks for sharing.💜

Mary Kathryn Rhodes
Mary Kathryn Rhodes 2 months ago

Love all your videos! You seem like such a sweet and gentle person and I’m sure you’re a great neighbor! This is a great tutorial I think I just found my Christmas present for everyone! Thank you!

Alfreda Onimo
Alfreda Onimo 2 months ago

So beautiful

rosalba robles
rosalba robles 2 months ago

Thanks to ui have my own shop of gifts and baskets!!!!! THANKS❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

Lana 2 months ago

That's a lovely basket! Great video too, very well explained + executed.
Any suggestions on the length of cellophane? I might buy mine online and I'm not sure whether to buy a 1m or 2m roll x

Ella Wimberley
Ella Wimberley 2 months ago

Loving it. You do a beautiful work!

natalya romanoff
natalya romanoff 2 months ago

Awesome thanks for sharing happy new year 2018♡♥♡

Donna Ann
Donna Ann 2 months ago

I would love to get a gift like that

Nancy Davis
Nancy Davis 2 months ago


angelina angel
angelina angel 2 months ago

you can also use a peg to hold it whilst you tie it.

Iris Brown
Iris Brown 2 months ago

Gorgeous! Thank you for making this beautiful basket & breaking it down to achievable steps. Appreciate you😀

Nancy Davis
Nancy Davis 2 months ago


Shantelle Williams
Shantelle Williams 2 months ago


Sam Hizs ❤
Sam Hizs ❤ 2 months ago

where did u get basket from and what size???

Lesley Jaques
Lesley Jaques 2 months ago

lovely !! looks amazing.. thank you ;)

Dorice Roberts
Dorice Roberts 2 months ago

I love the gift baskets
have four kids and their families and I can give a basket to each of them

Karen Murphy
Karen Murphy 2 months ago

I like to use glue dots to secure some of the items . They work great and they peel right off of the items.

SweetMiaPie 2 months ago

<3 you are so beautiful and amazing at gift baskets!!! This inspired me so much! I love your channel so much!

Cass J
Cass J 2 months ago

Just found you on YouTube (Masculine card collaboration). Love the basket. I know your neighbors enjoyed receiving it.

B. Kim
B. Kim 2 months ago

thank you so much for this video! i'm making my first baskets this Christmas for my boyfriend's family. i'm super excited and your tips are awesome! 😃

Helen Hurst
Helen Hurst 2 months ago

Great Job...Beautiful

Camilla Griffin
Camilla Griffin 2 months ago

I Love you Tracey you taught me how to do basket now I am a pro at it thanks to you

Online Gifts
Online Gifts 2 months ago

Have you heard of La Bella? You should contact them, you are gifted.

Valerie Mottram
Valerie Mottram 2 months ago

I really enjoyed your tutorial. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

cin bober
cin bober 2 months ago


miankis williams
miankis williams 2 months ago

And hello by the way

miankis williams
miankis williams 2 months ago

Tracy where is the bow tutorial

Nadia White
Nadia White 2 months ago

Love the light green instead of the traditional hunter green in most Christmas gifts and decoration. the ornaments was an awesome idea beautiful basket!!!

Delsie Parker
Delsie Parker 2 months ago

I just wondered, your videos are great. The bows are really a game changer. I really love them thank you. Do you do well when you sold them.

Delsie Parker
Delsie Parker 2 months ago

Do you ever sell your baskets? I am thinking of selling gift baskets for extra money.

ITSLIAMLEWIS 2 months ago

this was so interesting to watch! i'm considering making baskets fir my family this year!

Hanna K
Hanna K 2 months ago

Wow! This looks amazing! You've inspired me to make my own!

JesusMySavior 2 months ago

It's nice. To make it a little more compact, I'd have taken the candycanes out of the box and put them in both of the mugs. :)

Wendy Krzak
Wendy Krzak 2 months ago

I want to be your neighbor !!😄. Awesome talent. I usually fill stockings and gift bags for my grandchildren as extra gifts. I will now fill gift basket catered to things my grandchildren like. Thank you for awesome ideas.

Linette c -
Linette c - 2 months ago

omg its geourgous!👏❤

BeautyByCynthia 2 months ago

Beautiful baskets I am trying to learn for my mother's day

Angie Woods
Angie Woods 2 months ago

So beautiful. I love to make baskets but not very good on bows so I will be watching the video on bow making. Thank you so much.

Toni Bissell-Venable
Toni Bissell-Venable 2 months ago

Its a beautiful basket. I think I might of opened those pretty candy canes and distributed them all throughout the basket. The pops of color would have been interesting. Love watching you put together a basket.

Shelby'sKraykray Girl

Liked subbed to u

Judith Harrison
Judith Harrison 2 months ago


geo2842 2 months ago

That's such a nice gift God bless you

Iva Briggs
Iva Briggs 2 months ago

Super nice basket.

Sheryl Medeiros
Sheryl Medeiros 2 months ago

Thank you

popcorn123466 2 months ago

where did you get the wrap for the basket?

Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis 2 months ago

Love your work.

Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz 2 months ago

I just made my first Christmas basket. Thank you so much for your tutorial. :) Happy Holidays!! :)

Joanne Young
Joanne Young 2 months ago

Wonderful and creative a brilliant way to gift the ppl you care about any time of the year xxx.

lizajfr 2 months ago

It is a very huge and generous gift basket :). Thanks for this tutorial.

Anjali Sethi
Anjali Sethi 2 months ago

its lovely <3

Kat Enfield
Kat Enfield 2 months ago

This is such a great idea😃👏🏻

Yasmine Morales
Yasmine Morales 2 months ago

You are very artistic and smart i would have never thought of that

Anthony Sabatello
Anthony Sabatello 2 months ago

This video is much more watchable at double speed.

Suzie Devine
Suzie Devine 2 months ago


Glad2bMe1 2 months ago

Your baskets are beautiful and easy to make. I'm definitely making 1 for each person that I'm giving a gift to. (6 people) I can't wait.

Ghinette W
Ghinette W 2 months ago

Very Beautiful this makes me want to make one for my family!!

mizzotis 2 months ago

Wow - this was a great tutorial. I am not the craftiest person in the world... so this really helped me to make some beautiful gift baskets. Thank you!

Muzaina Raja
Muzaina Raja 2 months ago

this helped me make my friends gift soooo much 
thank you

Gods#1princess 2 months ago

I love your basket ideas. You are so patient. Thank you so, so, much!!!! I just started creating my own, they are great love gifts.

Michelle Obie
Michelle Obie 2 months ago

This is beautiful! Thank you for making the video's they have help me.

Joann Porter
Joann Porter 2 months ago

Amazing! I would be thrilled to receive this.

SC29403 2 months ago

Oh my, just made mine tonight, and one thing I learned for sure is that you are an expert! You make it look so easy! Of course, I had to make my project more difficult by using a new faux woven wood milk crate (14"x13"x11") which is actually a really nice part of the gift. It was hard to "fan out" the goodies since all sides are vertical. I suppose there is a way to do a box as opposed to a bowl shape, but if so I couldn't find that video, lol. I kept referring back to your video every five minutes, especially on how to gather up the cellophane, fix the sides and tape it underneath. And yes, I found everything at the Dollar Store as you suggested. I didn't venture into making the bow, I bought one; maybe next time. Thanks for your help! You are a pro!

SC29403 2 months ago

Loved this video! Where can I get cellophane on a roll? Thanks

Mindless Crafting
Mindless Crafting 2 months ago

Hi Victoria! I get my ribbons from The Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pottery Barn, and Walmart. They all sell wired ribbon.

Victoria Bennett
Victoria Bennett 2 months ago

Hello-another great video.   Do you mind sharing where you get your ribbon?  I am finding many kinds but they don't have the wire in them.  Thank you!

Mindless Crafting
Mindless Crafting 2 months ago

#Diy  Christmas Basket for the Holidays! #tutorial  

Lehua Kane
Lehua Kane 2 months ago

Well done! Thank u! 😃

Susan Ritter
Susan Ritter 2 months ago

I am quite sure your neighbors will love it! It's gorgeous! Wow! How did you learn to do that? Amazing!

MommyLovesGiGi 2 months ago

If I need any tips on how to do a gift basket o go right to your videos you do amazing thanks for helping me with ideas