BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain


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Information BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

Title : BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

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Frames BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

Description BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles \u0026 Emma Chamberlain

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elise 2 months ago

i feel like this group was lowkey toxic but i miss them

Its Me Rahil
Its Me Rahil 2 months ago

I keep coming back cause the twins quit.... :(

Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter 2 months ago

I feel like if tattoos gummies didn’t ruin this, james new “squad” wouldn’t even be here, which is fine by me…except larray add him to the sister squad and it’s heaven

Quackity's brick pile

This has to many gay parts also what the heck was 36:36 😶

calcimi jiraldu
calcimi jiraldu 2 months ago

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Nabila Dalilla
Nabila Dalilla 2 months ago

I miss sister squad

Isadore Fagin
Isadore Fagin 2 months ago

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Little Trickster
Little Trickster 2 months ago

Learning what James did I'm happy they're broken up...

Mikayla Hackathorn
Mikayla Hackathorn 2 months ago

the first clip of james was filmed on my birthday... :)

Lola Cox
Lola Cox 2 months ago

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sydney kuncl
sydney kuncl 2 months ago

does anyone feel like grayson lowkey had a crush on emma

sydney kuncl
sydney kuncl 2 months ago

6:36 look how ethan looks at emma

Sienna Harvey
Sienna Harvey 2 months ago

Emma opens James present: (Gasp) ThIs- WhAt Is ThIs?

Sienna Harvey
Sienna Harvey 2 months ago

Me on my 624th time watching this:

Noice, I miss the squad

David Torres
David Torres 2 months ago

I think ya should stop blaming tatti for this "Friendship" ending

Shato0ta Alkubaisi
Shato0ta Alkubaisi 2 months ago

Tati is a bitch

Lindsay Newman 2025
Lindsay Newman 2025 2 months ago

Emma:it’s a rhinoceros😁😂

allen roth
allen roth 2 months ago

bro can james charles be my santa

Maria Bell
Maria Bell 2 months ago

we never got that camping trip :((

Hannah Jett
Hannah Jett 2 months ago

21:41 "Kinda like I wanna go to prison for some odd reason but get out" Damn that foreshadowing.

Lia Rose
Lia Rose 2 months ago

James didn’t age well.....

Bianca Beaudin
Bianca Beaudin 2 months ago

this is my comfort video

lainey 2 months ago

Is this anyone else's comfort Christmas video?

Regina Figueroa-Tovar

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Keslie 2 months ago

I miss the sister squad

lee lee
lee lee 2 months ago

here again after james is cancelled, dolans quit and emma is the only one succesful/thriving... :(

panchan 2 months ago

maybe it's been years..since i genuinely smiledddd

Eva Ashworth
Eva Ashworth 2 months ago


Maria Marinova
Maria Marinova 2 months ago

2021 update: emma would wear the fortnite shirt now

RAMA CHOUDHURY 2 months ago

Thanks tati for ruining this friendship for gummies

Imran Kassam
Imran Kassam 2 months ago

ok but picture this friendship without james and w larray instead

Martie 2 months ago

i love how james is the only one with make up lol ;)

Anja Wakefield
Anja Wakefield 2 months ago

Emma looks like the little sister of 3 older brothers its kinda cute

shara rachel
shara rachel 2 months ago

looking back you can definitely tell this was their last video together there was so much toxicity

cindy lou
cindy lou 2 months ago

oh to have a squad that buys each other thousand dollar gifts like every month ...

drakhos 2 months ago

“Tati ruined this friendship” y’all say this with your whole chest as if that’s what happen. They weren’t friends already months before Tati did anything.... but honestly as she should she was right about him :)

somber 2 months ago

emma is on so much coke/addy and nobody is talking about it in the comments

Ananya Daga
Ananya Daga 2 months ago


Grace Law
Grace Law 2 months ago

Me and Grayson have the same obsession with nutcrackers😂

Luke Prest
Luke Prest 2 months ago

who else is watching in april LMAOOOO

Kizune Wolf
Kizune Wolf 2 months ago

Sister camping trip

Monica Weidman
Monica Weidman 2 months ago

at 21:40, "kinda like how I wanna go to prison"-James 2018 WELL YA KNOW WHAT JAMES? YOUR DREAMS MIGHT COME TRUE!

Emma Keller
Emma Keller 2 months ago

here i am again.

blackrobin6460 2 months ago

Ok but james was kinda sus during this whole vid

Loved By You
Loved By You 2 months ago

This is freaking thoughtful, and a great example of how friends should treat each other. They neverike throw Diggs or make each other feel bad it's all just playful, immature and sweet. I love this.

mango_gamergirl natherson

Yup james likes Grayson

mango_gamergirl natherson

Who thinks james likes the twins

em1ly _her
em1ly _her 2 months ago

i heard a beep

Harry_is_husband HUBBY

it’s been a while since I smiled🧍‍♀️

Jae 2 months ago

Who is here April 21 2021

Beril Yavan
Beril Yavan 2 months ago

ıts april 2021 and ım here..

smn 2 months ago

Omg, it's so coool,
Pls do moreeee

Brianna Leonard
Brianna Leonard 2 months ago

I miss them so much

Brianna Leonard
Brianna Leonard 2 months ago

ill never forgive Tati

Emma w
Emma w 2 months ago

james talking about ethan: he’s my best friend in the whole entire world
james talking to ethan: close your eyes bitch

loveleah 2 months ago

emmas gifts were literally the worst

jayla 2 months ago

this video hits different after everything that happened

chloe hahn
chloe hahn 2 months ago

its literally april 2021 and i still refuse to forgive tati for ruining this friendship.

Lauri G
Lauri G 2 months ago

James gave the best gifs 😍

I want Friends
I want Friends 2 months ago

is james gay

ava vischer
ava vischer 2 months ago

graysons gift to james : fucking piano, graysons gift to ethan : an entire skate park
graysons gift to emma : mug n some spoons
talk about inequality :/

Jiskayz Sports
Jiskayz Sports 2 months ago

emma chamberlain is very over acting :|

Ashu 2 months ago

I barely got over the one direction split and then I was hit with this, some things never stop hurting

Gia Lira
Gia Lira 2 months ago

it 2021 and when Grayson went to the store and I was about to say put your mask on and then I check the date and its 2018.

micaelasebaton 2 months ago

James is not only expensive with his gifts but he’s very thoughtful. He really takes into account what that person likes and needs and their little comments that they said throughout the year (how he remembers that is beyond me). He’s so sweet

Tia Corn
Tia Corn 2 months ago

Y’all need to get back together for the holidays this year. Like personally I miss you all being together. It is such a vibe. Please get together for the holidays please please please. Or anytime sooooooon Thanks.

francesca lol
francesca lol 2 months ago

I watch this video atleast once a month

Aanandini Paul
Aanandini Paul 2 months ago


dead mosquito
dead mosquito 2 months ago

i still love this video and always come back to watch it :(

dearsyddie 2 months ago

this is my comfort video :’)


2018 memories:same gurl TwT

anu 1
anu 1 2 months ago

i wish if they are going to be friends again.....😪😪

Amara Bates
Amara Bates 2 months ago

emma the entire video: tHis iS sO cUTe!!!

Ande McNew
Ande McNew 2 months ago

The amount of times I’ve rewatched this video

Avery Kraus
Avery Kraus 2 months ago

Dolans quit
James is canceled
And Emma is giving in her huge house

panchan 2 months ago

im here after james holding myself accountable video...when james said he wanted to go to jail maybe he will soon hahahahah

Xoxo, Kenz
Xoxo, Kenz 2 months ago


Josie 2 months ago

who else watches this every Christmas as a tradition...

breanna kelley
breanna kelley 2 months ago

36:23 emma is meeeee

Ky_🐞Noir 2 months ago

Emma: wHy wAs tHaT sO rOmaNtiC?!
Me: I was thinking the EXACT same thing😂😂

ashley - jui wooz
ashley - jui wooz 2 months ago

grayson: "to next year, we're gonna have a great year next year" 42:59


Bettina Young
Bettina Young 2 months ago

Hold up- James turned straight for a second...

Trenton Sholler
Trenton Sholler 2 months ago

If anxiety was a person it would be Emma.

breanna kelley
breanna kelley 2 months ago

9:45 is it a barbie car😂

Gioia den Boer
Gioia den Boer 2 months ago

i have never seen someone more excited to receive gifts than Emma

Aly 2 months ago

22:49 lol

Roblox.master UwU
Roblox.master UwU 2 months ago

James has the biggest crush on Grayson I have ever seen xD

Z 2 months ago

They should do this again for Christmas

Ryann Equestrian
Ryann Equestrian 2 months ago

Pretty sure a least 1mil of the views on this video are from me re-watching it

Sam Khan
Sam Khan 2 months ago

Grayson and ethan talking hugging each other
Emma: why was that so romantic lol 😂😂

Robin Sery
Robin Sery 2 months ago

22:50 hahaha hahaha Grayson’s like “not to closeeeeee”

Miss ñøbøđý
Miss ñøbøđý 2 months ago

2021 and Emma still uses that machine she she must really love it

Mila L
Mila L 2 months ago

I can't believe this friendship was ruined over a 40 year old woman and stupid gummies

Leah Ellis
Leah Ellis 2 months ago

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Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart 2 months ago

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Destiny Drumheller
Destiny Drumheller 2 months ago

this isn’t my first time here , awe my heart 🥺

Jiya Manchanda
Jiya Manchanda 2 months ago

awww you guys this was too sweet 🥺💕

Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart 2 months ago

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saman waseem
saman waseem 2 months ago

Want this duo back

2 months ago

larri saved emma and james bc he was friends w both of them, he’s also mutual w the dolan twins so why doesn’t he bring the sister squad back ?! we all would praise larray and we would have the sister squad back ! the quote on quote new sister squad will never be able to top the og sister squad :(