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Title : GODZILLA Original Movie Trailer

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Description GODZILLA Original Movie Trailer

GODZILLA Original Movie Trailer

GODZILLA Original Movie Trailer

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Info Editz
Info Editz 2 months ago


Takshil patel
Takshil patel 2 months ago

Godzilla vs Kong super movie 🎥🍿 do that

FixFlx 2 months ago

If Godzilla va Kaiju from pacific rim

ComboGangYT 2 months ago

The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control



Let Them Fight

Princessoreo7890 2 months ago

Im realising they stream the trailer in feb

Devin Jones
Devin Jones 2 months ago

2014?! Already! Felt like this movie came out like 2 years ago not 7 🤯

Kiko Yao
Kiko Yao 2 months ago

1st movie trailer is horror type
2nd movie is Magestic ....
Gvk trailer is WWE-ish

Fuckyou_ 420
Fuckyou_ 420 2 months ago

When I first saw the trailer I thought they were making a horror Godzilla movie

Laura Degroat
Laura Degroat 2 months ago

You know I love how when one part of the trailer Godzilla comes crashing out of the water

BellaPlayz 2 months ago

im freaked out and im going to have night mars BUT I CANTS STOP WATCHING

Nedja Maria
Nedja Maria 2 months ago

Pai do GODZILLA moreu

DyreGamingz 2 months ago

1:02 is that c*m?

Heather Pothier
Heather Pothier 2 months ago

Is anyone else wondering why Godzilla is only showed once in here????

Nayely Ryker Bon
Nayely Ryker Bon 2 months ago

1:09 this is so inaccurate this godzilla looks like godzilla earth the back is so huge

AJ PL 2 months ago

Qrugkuti bpiyurfe

Renee Chihuahua
Renee Chihuahua 2 months ago

Objective find a comment from 6 years ago

MrVideo Live
MrVideo Live 2 months ago

2:17 really masterpiece

Vimlesh Anand
Vimlesh Anand 2 months ago

*A new apocalypse movie comes*
Statue of Liberty: My time has come.

Jesus Omar
Jesus Omar 2 months ago


Deniz oktay
Deniz oktay 2 months ago


Fanda Gamer
Fanda Gamer 2 months ago

Legends was see after 6 years

Låpəñ 2 months ago

And you are telling me that a monke will defeat it-?

Benny Tjen
Benny Tjen 2 months ago


Frannielpro Peña y Pimentel

Wow bro me guys

Whitty [Friday Night Funkin']

Team Godzilla

Criminal Dark gaming
Criminal Dark gaming 2 months ago

Who is watching after Godzilla movie Vs Kong😂

Valentin De La Cruz
Valentin De La Cruz 2 months ago

Si organizaciones
Juguete fncycjndjnehjrnckkkk

Natalia Ayala
Natalia Ayala 2 months ago

And this was the origin of a great legend: godzilla

Resul Dincer
Resul Dincer 2 months ago

Movi sren head

Jesus Contreras
Jesus Contreras 2 months ago

El chango no las pela


I watched the movie

Magali Diaz
Magali Diaz 2 months ago


Jose Manuel Rojas Carvajal

Yo no lo busque, me aparecio en recomendados.........

Aadinathnimal Aadi143

Old Godzilla movie trailer

JohnnyBoi_808 2 months ago

me in a mile run in school: I'm so tired, I cant run any more.
me when the world is about to end: 0:51

reggi the mouse dies
reggi the mouse dies 2 months ago

Arrive early

Bety Jimenez
Bety Jimenez 2 months ago


Kerem Şahin
Kerem Şahin 2 months ago


Brady Degroat
Brady Degroat 2 months ago

I love how in one part of the trailer Godzilla comes crashing out of the water roaring

Devyn Phillips
Devyn Phillips 2 months ago

A goddamn scary movie trailer

Jose Puello
Jose Puello 2 months ago

que nervios ya quiero q salga

LivingBread 2 months ago

I remember when i was a kid watching this trailer really give me goosebumps

The Wolf
The Wolf 2 months ago

nAcHo fRiEs aRe BaCk

Абдулазиз Шукуалиев

Зын зын кулпаш

Mosias Ferreira Soares

this movie is too cool

Aayan Fahad
Aayan Fahad 2 months ago

I. Ok

Silvi Handayani
Silvi Handayani 2 months ago


Fakhi Athaillah
Fakhi Athaillah 2 months ago

Not it's Godzilla 2014

Bold Gamers Official
Bold Gamers Official 2 months ago

Getting prepared to fight with Kong???

hello gamer
hello gamer 2 months ago

Why is scarlet witch in there

Yee 2 months ago

Wait it's not a horror movie?

Never has been

Monce Fuentes
Monce Fuentes 2 months ago

Ggggghvvcgggggggggghgy cgozxliiaa

Isaias ismael Alfaro
Isaias ismael Alfaro 2 months ago


Mega Gyraswamp X
Mega Gyraswamp X 2 months ago

This looks a lot like the kind of monsters trailer

Yasin Altun
Yasin Altun 2 months ago

Godzilla vs Kong

Mustafa Aksan
Mustafa Aksan 2 months ago

Çıkan ne

Decansamsung Lekkerding

This is fake trailer

Rit By
Rit By 2 months ago

Juggling gun naught chili knhjyhhuggghngg jong BBB km bunny I

Derick Jasiel Rangel Rodríguez

Alguien 2021 ?

jayz Playz
jayz Playz 2 months ago

Wow imagine irl all the bomb test were them trynna kill sum 😳😳

Victor De la Cruz Ramos

Yo viendo como ya salió la de Godzilla rey de los monstruos y va a salir king Kong vs Godzilla

NAMENOTFOUND dj 2 months ago

the original movie of the godzilla is in

jacob jr
jacob jr 2 months ago

This is fake news he just made every each movie to make it a trailer DISLIKE 1M PLS DISLIKE

Takshil patel
Takshil patel 2 months ago

Godzilla vs Kong super movie 🍿🎥 do that

Gabriel 2 months ago


Awang Mamat
Awang Mamat 2 months ago

1.40 a girl cry and a boy 😭 cry and shut a 🚪 door

MASTER. BEERUS 2 months ago

The film is 6 years old and still legendary

Zulu Gutiérrez
Zulu Gutiérrez 2 months ago

Yo viendo el tráiler el 2021

K¡หg ŁΔ!Ø
K¡หg ŁΔ!Ø 2 months ago

👉🏾Emocionante live in 🇧🇷👈🏾

Gage Gerbig
Gage Gerbig 2 months ago

What godzilla movie is it

My Channel
My Channel 2 months ago

They really looking like they can't see the 10000000 foot dinosaur in the water

African north
African north 2 months ago

Who else got this in recommended after watching Godzilla vs long

narayana pillai
narayana pillai 2 months ago

I think every line Bryan Cranston said in the movie was in this trailer 🤣🤣🤣

narayana pillai
narayana pillai 2 months ago

This was the only trailer that gave a very different vibe compared to other monsterverse movies 👌

Gumball_Wotersson 2 months ago

Its movie beautiful 😍!)

Fahri Ramadhani
Fahri Ramadhani 2 months ago

emang beneran

B Whit
B Whit 2 months ago

Lame as fark give me that 90s zilla

Pepperoni A pizza
Pepperoni A pizza 2 months ago

King Kong vs Godzilla
Like Godzilla comment King Kong

Tracy Nation
Tracy Nation 2 months ago

Excell ent. ♡ T.E.N.

Felipe Lima
Felipe Lima 2 months ago

This color palette and this filter from the trailer, should be the official movie



Preston Williams
Preston Williams 2 months ago

What happen

Santiago Alejandro Gomez Wong

Blasting new Footage in the Official new Trailer of GODZILLA !

leonardo gomes pereira

godzila e maior que isso po

letuan tuan
letuan tuan 2 months ago

làm cho đáng sợ nha

Alok 2 months ago

Con cặc youtube cỡ🏫

Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 2 months ago

1:08 godzilla coming out the water like that is horrifyingly beautiful

itsBuffKid TV
itsBuffKid TV 2 months ago


Gael Eduardo
Gael Eduardo 2 months ago


Archie Russell
Archie Russell 2 months ago


Ignacia Díaz
Ignacia Díaz 2 months ago

S bebes. JVC sjshwfwhh levcwnjebe. Mejor es

BiLL1X 2 months ago

Вот она, настоящая годзилла...

tian subroto
tian subroto 2 months ago

anaconda ki movie 2021 2022

King Abdul Aziz Almukhlis