The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020


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Information The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

Title : The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

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Frames The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

Description The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

The BEST fake Christmas Tree | Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Review | Elanna Pecherle 2020

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Martika Homes
Martika Homes 2 months ago

So happy to see this video I get a balsam hill tree every year and I was going to get this one this year but ended up get the Vermont white spruce and I got the by Fraser for last year and I’m kind of said I didn’t get this one but I did get them in Garlands and so in love so ty for sharing this video I no what I’m getting next year

Ivana Covic
Ivana Covic 2 months ago

Just throwing it out there... I have mine 3 years already and it's s still as good as new. And of course it looks beautiful. Happy holidays!

This RN runs on the DT

Can't wait for my balsam hill tree to come they are expensive but so worth it

Loriann Kerce
Loriann Kerce 2 months ago

WOW 🤩 thank you so much for sharing. Your tree and living room look sooo beautiful, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas❗️🎄😊🎁

AutumnAspens 2 months ago

Just saw your expanded thoughts.

Glad it was "nice" for something Balsam Hill sent you!

However, our experience has been WAY different.

We have been through TWO trees from Balsam Hill.

First one was 100% defective as the "trunk/pole" was 15 degrees off. Multiple branches "bark" frayed and not attached. Returned.

So the SECOND tree we got as soon as in stock a couple weeks ago......we wanted it to work......

HOWEVER, multiple branches not attached, 20+lights broken, top piece bent like someone stepped on it.

Customer service has been horrid.

Glad you got this as a "test tree" however our experience has been WAY less than stellar.

Second tree on its way back to Balsam Hill.

My wife and I will NEVER purchase a product from Balsam Hill again.

AutumnAspens 2 months ago

Were you paid for this review?

Jill 2 months ago

It looks so real!

RonoTron 2 months ago

Not to burst anyone bubbles here, but we've had Balsam Hill Xmas tree for about 7 years, paid about $750 for it. and after 5 years, all the plastic needles began to fall. Had to toss the entire tree away after 7 years. When we threw away this tree, all the LED lights was still working perfectly, what a shame. Beautiful tree, but they don't last a long time. Waste of $750 IMO. Next year we will be looking at a different brand.

amc 2 months ago

I've never seen fake Christmas tree beautiful like this one 😍

Kay Wapman
Kay Wapman 2 months ago

This video was really helpful! I have the exact same ornament set as you which I bought last year, and this year I wanted to buy my first artificial tree but couldn’t decide on which type. I loved how your tree looked with these ornaments, it’s so very beautiful, and it natural that I decided to order the Balsam Fir also. Thanks for making this, I kept vacillating between the different styles but your video helped me to decide that this would be a lovely choice!

Michelle ReNee
Michelle ReNee 2 months ago

I love your tree! It’s so beautiful ❤️

Ania 2 months ago

Are you not allowed to say ornament lol

Leighton Sprayberry
Leighton Sprayberry 2 months ago

I would get one if they weren't so expensive.

Guide to Ikigai
Guide to Ikigai 2 months ago

Felt like I was watching a tv commercial 😆So beautiful and inspiring! ❤️

Ксю Е
Ксю Е 2 months ago

Such a warm video 😍🎄 wish you happy Christmas and Happy New Year 🥳

Silvia Gutierrez
Silvia Gutierrez 2 months ago

So so beautiful

Lesley MacDonald
Lesley MacDonald 2 months ago

Every time I hear Paddy behind the camera I think its Jamie Dornan from The Fall 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Victoria Joly
Victoria Joly 2 months ago

This could not have come at a better time! I was just telling my husband and mum about these trees (plus they deliver to France YAY) looks amazing! Though have a question to all mums watching: I have an 18 month old and am worried about investing in this kind of tree in case she sabotages it! 😅 What is your personal experience with trees vs babies? ❤️

Lina War
Lina War 2 months ago

The links in the description box don't seem to be working?

Wendy D
Wendy D 2 months ago

Tired of the ads....unsubscribed!

Yana Posts
Yana Posts 2 months ago

I’m all up for early Christmas! 🎄 Are you planning on doing vlogmas this year? 💫

Kitara Burke
Kitara Burke 2 months ago

Very pretty! You guys did fantastic setting it up. It's all in the fluffing

Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson 2 months ago

It looks sooo beautiful! Olive’s little face warmed my heart!

Esther patterson
Esther patterson 2 months ago


LLR AWAKENING 2 months ago


Nasia Georgakopoulou
Nasia Georgakopoulou 2 months ago

Such a festive cosy family video thank you for sharing!!!

Darz 2 months ago

Looks so beautiful! Now I can’t wait to put my tree up as well 🎄❤️

Yency Martinez
Yency Martinez 2 months ago

Beautiful realistic looking tree!!!

Carla Murray
Carla Murray 2 months ago

I have a balsam hill tree too. Its a traditional green one and I love it. They are 100% worth it

Veronica Renn
Veronica Renn 2 months ago

I love it!! Also, your livingroom is looking beautiful! 🎄❤ We just purchased a faux tree, and completely underestimated how large it was. Tree topper? Don't know her. 😂🤦‍♀️

88lakeshore 2 months ago

Do you have a coupon code?

Lynn Fenwick
Lynn Fenwick 2 months ago

Noooo...its not too early! I have my tree up too. I bought a new one this year, a pre-lit tree like yours but flocked with faux snow. I love it. I had become less enthusiastic when it came to my old tree, putting the lights on, faffing and dressing the tree can take hours. I'm sure my neighbours are very unimpressed!!

april ryan
april ryan 2 months ago

I too have a Balsam Hill frosted tree. So realistic. Love my tree. Hope you all have a beautiful christmas and the children get lots of pressies from father christmas x

Matthew Carrubba
Matthew Carrubba 2 months ago

Love 💘, guys so much and hope everything is going well for you and your family and your Christmas tree is so beautiful and God bless you all and stay safe and healthy. Love 💘, 💘

RED xoxo
RED xoxo 2 months ago