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tjaart coetzee
tjaart coetzee 2 months ago

I know Corona is a reality and people must wear masks and be smart! But, my problem is the inhuman practice of locking up old people in old age homes. Why must they stay away from the ones they love and who love them? My mother, 90, don't understand this Corona and thinks we deserted her. She cries when I phone and wants to know why my sister don't take her home anymore, who lives 15 minutes away. I am 1000's of km's away. It is ridiculous and a violation of their human rights. If my mother must die tonight it will be alone and deserted! If she must die because of Corona after a visit it will be with peace, knowing she saw her loved ones. I will make everybody wear masks when she visits, and give her gloves as a way of being safe. At that age they need family and friends. For the record: She got Covid-19 at 89, and survived. She got it from workers or delivery people at the old age home, but politicians tells us they will get it while visiting their family!
They deserve to die with their family's love and care! Stop treating our old people like animals!

Earth Last Day channel

People use natural remedies
What's problem ? Immune system

Then make immune system strong
20 cloves garlic a day
100 GM's vitamin c a day
Castor oil chest
Neem oil

Rob J
Rob J 2 months ago

World hug days comin people its just a matter of time x

star morning
star morning 2 months ago

The top of the world’s covid-19 virus epidemic prevention is the paradise (Taiwan) that foreigners want to enter. It is also the refuge and epidemic prevention place for the presidents and CEOs of the world. It is the safest place in the world and a clean land for humans to prevent the epidemic. To cherish all these good things

Ah Hah Chuang
Ah Hah Chuang 2 months ago

In EU countries are hard to the Convid 19 because there are many countries and different govts. Some countries want lockdown and some dont. Some wear masks and some dont or social distancing. Mostly of them want freedom and human rights.


Let's go vaccine!!! I'm excited to see if it helps people those in need of it! 💖💖💖

brooke mckay
brooke mckay 2 months ago

100 dollars per week...crime will be out of control.

un J
un J 2 months ago
The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading across the world, and countless people are suffering. There is also the locust plague and floods. Do you think these are just coincidental occurrences? The Scripture even says that people will faint from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world. The day in which God brings His punishment upon this earth is this age because of the evil that people have committed

Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley 2 months ago

Praying more often... ❤ "...O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are expo sed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing." ~ Baha'i Faith

Sharoni Udugama
Sharoni Udugama 2 months ago

Jesus say every presidents saying Jesus is coming day 28..

Quinza Fiona
Quinza Fiona 2 months ago

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Quinza Fiona 2 months ago

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Quinza Fiona 2 months ago

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Quinza Fiona 2 months ago

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Quinza Fiona 2 months ago

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Leia Moore
Leia Moore 2 months ago

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Amalia Mendoza
Amalia Mendoza 2 months ago

Many Many People Dying Before Ends of 2020 The Only is Pray For Gods Just Like Ah God Bliss Are Home

Janet Groenewald
Janet Groenewald 2 months ago

What happened to the flu it really covid ??no world order..taking freedom away ..

น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยขยะ by Unclenui

❤❤❤ May you all be safe ❤❤❤

encetek 2 months ago

Such posts have a stimulating benefit in measures to be taken for coronavirus. I am waiting for my channel for current developments, news and interviews about other Covid 19 in the world. Healthy days.

M-line d.o.o A.P.
M-line d.o.o A.P. 2 months ago

Corona virus is a project manipulate with humanity....There is no an insult..

Sucharita Chatterjee Official

Top 5 most affected covid-19 countries:

SocialMedia Fever
SocialMedia Fever 2 months ago


Silva gold
Silva gold 2 months ago

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Yash Hanuman
Yash Hanuman 2 months ago

Our country eradicated that virus we are a Covid free country and that country is MAURITIUS....
PROUD TO BE A MAURITIAN... total lockdown's importance none of those countries are understanding...

Chief BoOM Gaming
Chief BoOM Gaming 2 months ago

The viruses can be traced throughout the stars constellation. Head can be a tail or separate. The cure is also found there. Just a small help

Matt. 24:13
Matt. 24:13 2 months ago

Covid19 breakdown
COV=certificate of vaccine
id= Identification
19 = letters in Alphabet A and I
A= artificial
I = intelligence
So covid19 stands for a vaccine that when you take it will give you a certificate of vaccination which shows you comply and do as told so you can be identified, tracked and traced all through computer technology. You can't buy or sell without it , work or engage in any public activities etc.
No where have we heard that oh yeah the BIBLE THE MARK OF THE BEAST.
Its here people wake up and turn to JESUS because the end is here.Do not take the mark!!!!

Sara Jennings
Sara Jennings 2 months ago

The times we’re living in right now are very scary. Many people wonder what will happen in the future. Do you? Please check out for all your bible based questions and comfort

Nhan Truong Ba
Nhan Truong Ba 2 months ago

The most important thing is to receive aids from the government, not to discuss between distinguished people.

Paul Hofer
Paul Hofer 2 months ago

The #Coronavirus will kill in September 2020 More than 90 Million People in the USA 🇺🇸 and Canada! #COVID19 will lead to street riots and protests and clashes and civil wars in Europe and Asia and worldwide! This pandemic will soon cause a finance collapse! #CORONA WILL LEAD TO CIVIL WARS AND RIOTS AND STREET CLASHES WORLDWIDE IN SEPTEMBER 2020! #Covid #CivilWars #BankCollapse #Nsa #CIA #ChinaUSAWar #IranUSAWar2020 🛑🛑🛑STOP AIR TRAVEL ✈️WORLDWIDE NOW, also Trains/Busses! CLOSE NOW ALL SCHOOLS/Factories/Airports/..... #SHUTDOWN WORLDWIDE #Lockdown NOW! Shutdown the world in #September 2020!!! A bigger Second wave of #Corona is inevitable! CLOSE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY now! #Covid Epidemic 😷 will lead to wars and protests worldwide SOON! 🛑STOP WORLDWIDE AIR TRAVEL IN END AUGUST 2020!!! ✈️🛑🛑🛑🚫⛔️‼️⚠️❌

Rubber Johnny
Rubber Johnny 2 months ago

A lot of people are being very selfish and irresponsible. I have stuck to the rules laid out by government .
If people continue to flout the laws you put all at risk you are not immune no matter how young andI healthy i know the situation it is bad all around but bad aint dead stay safe remember we all can catch it.

Dinosaurus Primatus
Dinosaurus Primatus 2 months ago

It is my complete identity romande in twenty-seven letters "To my epidemic till ras my rice", you could ask me if I am well, note one cannot write virus nor antidote nor Bat nor Pangolin, but the words Panda and Asia also masks can be made up with these letters, I have never been to People's China or West China or on a cruise or recently to Italy or anywhere other than Belgium, nor have I ordered a virus but Communist China despises me because I succeeded where no one had succeeded by carrying out the tag of the People's Republic of China, also we will find in these letters in particular the founder of Japan the Emperor Jinmu, being an emperor without an empire it's like driving a car without a driver's license, what do you think ?.

Min Min
Min Min 2 months ago

Stigma from people infected with CORONA virus will make the virus spread faster. Because it would make them angry and sad, they would want to spread the virus so that people could try it

HEESH WWP 2 months ago








Vera dustin
Vera dustin 2 months ago

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Mary Brock
Mary Brock 2 months ago

Okay, How about 300 a month for unemployment and 1200 a month and 500 for each child . There you go agenda

Warren Alvarez
Warren Alvarez 2 months ago

3:39 post-apocalypse is nigh. mad max appearing

Sigita 2 months ago

Aw happy nirthday hava nagiuika 31 always

Wayne Herman
Wayne Herman 2 months ago

More lies

Trevor Scully
Trevor Scully 2 months ago


Garrett Sheldon
Garrett Sheldon 2 months ago

We don’t have any official contact tracing going on here in America and trump is working on opening schools, I’m afraid.

Danny Buttle
Danny Buttle 2 months ago

North Korea 1st case of corona on the 201st day of the year event 201 the Jesuit order

ImPosTeR Blockade
ImPosTeR Blockade 2 months ago

China kept covid 19 hidden and they knew about it for weeks/months and they kept it quiet until they couldn't keep it quiet so basically China has killed civilians and soldiers from every country in the world

Ahn James
Ahn James 2 months ago

why don't you note that the guy who crossed over to north korea from south korea has a criminal warrant out for his arrest.
he was investigated for sexual assault. and he was tested to be negative of covid during his police investigation.

Branimir Kunac
Branimir Kunac 2 months ago


P 4M
P 4M 2 months ago

Yay I’m from Victoria
At least I’m not American though

Gergő Ozoray
Gergő Ozoray 2 months ago

Wonder how the virus reached North Korea, they've been living in quarantine for 70 years :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Ajay Rawat
Ajay Rawat 2 months ago

First case in north korea annnnnnnnddd its none now

Jarrod Wood
Jarrod Wood 2 months ago

ads every two mintues ????? thanks alot

KAILASA's Ma Nithya Ganga nanda

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Vladimir Olegovich
Vladimir Olegovich 2 months ago

Allegedly someone decided to come back into North Korea.

Aliece 2 months ago

Would you prefer a VENT??

Aliece 2 months ago

The government has given MOST STIMULUS TO SPECIAL INTERESTS For THEIR OWN WALLETS TO THE TUNE OF WHAT SHOULD BE 13,000 per stimulus per person!!!

Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 2 months ago

Doctors are the professionalism in medical science.

Sam W
Sam W 2 months ago

Countries on fire. Meanwhile Europeans, had to cancel my holliday.

Peter P
Peter P 2 months ago

It's not possible to contact trace all cases not even in the UK they do that. Another question is why scandinavian countries don't wear masks but then Spain has done everything including wearing masks and full lockdown but they are being treated like that?. In sweden nobody wears masks at all and I doubt they are contact tracing anybody. So please stop misleading the world. Spain is a touristic hub. Stop hurting other's economies for enjoyment.

Peter P
Peter P 2 months ago

The number of new cases in the Spain is in the hundreds out of a population of 46 million. I find it the UK reaction as a way to sabotage Spain's economy. Nothing new.

Everything With Azhar

Is it true that North korea has there 1st corona case?

Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter 2 months ago

North Korean President will explain one case as an anomaly, just as Trump had explained 15 cases in February as “something” to go away soon. The two have a lot in common except for the little detail of re-election which Trump is ready to fight North Korean style!

StopBugging99 2 months ago

It's "physical distancing" not "social distancing".

moxelle x
moxelle x 2 months ago

"in the past North Korea has sometimes mixed a bit of facts [..] with fiction .."
oooooh, you think ..??! lol

hoapres 2 months ago

People Die.

Get over it.

We should have never shut the country down in the first place.

c v
c v 2 months ago

This is what happens as soon as you open up travel, especially international travel.

Udar Pavarota
Udar Pavarota 2 months ago

Impossible. There can be no cases of coronavirus in North Korea as the country doesn't give any statistical data to the world.

U.S.A.F Colonel
U.S.A.F Colonel 2 months ago

Let’s hope it wipes them out.

jazzytmarie 2 months ago

Greedy bastards. Greedy Greedy. Our politians should be drug out and sta&#ed to de@th.

supermelodia 2 months ago

Look this English traveler lady using the mask wrong and loose and traveling and bringing problem to England. Geez. I think Korea is hiding # of corona. I wonder nobody leaves and enters the country? If this guy entered NK illegally, now the guy will be killed faster for entering the country and with corona. Some guys might even enter the country illegally on purpose just to contaminate NK because NK is cruel to the humanity. The guy might think. "I am sick anyway and let's teach this cruel country that abused my family and others". I tell you, what goes around, comes around.

Spartan7 2 months ago

lol what a lie! North Korea has more than one case! We are also waiting for Turkmenistan to announce there COVID-19 cases.

Julie Healingleaf
Julie Healingleaf 2 months ago

Sharing wrist germs with that club entry 11mi mark ish

Liam Hornschild-Bear
Liam Hornschild-Bear 2 months ago

Hey! We’re a small group of high school students running an online News/Opinion site from the perspective of high school students across the country. We intend to modernize the classic high school newspaper to a platform that allows students across the country to share their voices and opinions on current events without censorship. It would mean a lot to us if you checked us out at

Julie Healingleaf
Julie Healingleaf 2 months ago

I heard n korea killed that person that came back months ago so it's not first one they shot the person I heard

Julie Healingleaf
Julie Healingleaf 2 months ago

Stay away from busy at home

j b
j b 2 months ago

With a 99.82% recovery rate with covid19, this is the biggest SCAM of the century!

Julie Healingleaf
Julie Healingleaf 2 months ago

No cutting it there is plentry of money no one is hiring

Victoria Chan
Victoria Chan 2 months ago

I started to become startled and frightened every time cases go up in the United States. Lets hope New York continues to keep the virus in control.

Julie Healingleaf
Julie Healingleaf 2 months ago

The antibiotic is Clorithiamicin.
The nebulizer medicine is , and this is not the correct spelling of it, Budicinide?
Look up Dr. Richard Bartlett in Midland hospital, Texas

Greg Van Gaasbeek
Greg Van Gaasbeek 2 months ago

Google Bill and Melinda Gates foundation donate to media outlets. There's a 2011 News article from Seattle Times. Very interesting.

JB BlenderBreakdown
JB BlenderBreakdown 2 months ago

I wonder if maybe hydroxycloroquine works well... We'll just have to see.

Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 2 months ago

FINALLY North Korea got one soon they gonna blame US

Unknown User
Unknown User 2 months ago

Funny how there only talking about this Little virus instead of food that will be restricted in china and usa

Stephen Furr
Stephen Furr 2 months ago

I love DW News! As an American it's nice to get another view on the world, and I hope Americans and Germans can party again together soon. We are envious of the amazing way you quashed SARS-CoV-2 so quickly! :)

kelsey brown
kelsey brown 2 months ago

lol and the rest

Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson 2 months ago

Well I'm on my way
I don't know where I'm going
I'm on my way
I'm taking my time
But I don't know where
Goodbye to Rosie, the queen of Corona

EncomPL asd
EncomPL asd 2 months ago

NK is getting ready to burn the bodies and call themselves superior corona eradication.

Debo 2 months ago

Wakanda forever 😂

relentless FPL mavericks

We need to stay optimistic and fight

George 2 months ago

Only children that died already had real problems.

Kit Wright
Kit Wright 2 months ago

rudy gulliani is an ambulance chaser now..................................just like republican in general....

Matthias K
Matthias K 2 months ago

The host's voice sounds just like in an English class.

nemeczek67 2 months ago

The identity of North Korea's Patient Zero has not been disclosed. It has only been reported the patient is obese.

Hayley Marshall
Hayley Marshall 2 months ago

There is NO point in going on holiday this year. When the UK said we could go on holiday, I thought straight away that it would be a disaster. I can't even afford to go on holiday, but if I did, I still wouldn't risk it. God bless everyone xx

Commentor 2 months ago

Well f***. I am afraid this disease is a 1918 flu style, it will have to go thru our systems.

Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

🦇Coronavirus doesn't discriminate🙄?

Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow 2 months ago

apparently Kim must frame the virus as another assault from the imperialists, so it would be embarrassing if the virus came from China, so it MUST come from South Korea

Claren68 palmjj
Claren68 palmjj 2 months ago

Unemployment benefits make more money on unemployment than you do at your regular job $10 an hour minimum wage make America great again no more years for Donald Trump

Matthew Kisko
Matthew Kisko 2 months ago

Puts an entire city on lockdown for having 1 Suspected case! Wow lol

Mohan Sivasankaran
Mohan Sivasankaran 2 months ago

Do not blame WHO . EVERY CONTRY , AND COUNTRY MEN AND WOMEN must follow the directions provided by the WHO. That is the only to stop the spread of this virus.

Ginger Badjie
Ginger Badjie 2 months ago

What’s it going to take for all countries to stop non essential travel. Just as countries begin to get a handle on it, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand that people flying around the world is going to re seed it everywhere. People are copying Bojo dad and taking indirect flights to get around the rules. 🙄🥱

x zhou
x zhou 2 months ago

12:06 let it all hang out lol


5:00 THE FIRST CASE.. And someone from THE SOUTH snuck in to the North. Yeahhh. They've had Corona for a long time. This just means they can't hide it any longer. It likely came from China because trade has never stopped between the two countries whether it's goods or people. They just wanna blame the South.