Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!


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Information Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

Title : Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

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Description Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

Teacher Christmas Gift Guide!

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Phoebe McClain
Phoebe McClain 2 months ago

her:gift card to a nail salon
me: i have a boy teacher sooooooo

Siham Hbak
Siham Hbak 2 months ago

You look fabulous

reagan 2 months ago

0:38 just choose your favorite teacher;)

Melanie Vogt
Melanie Vogt 2 months ago

Very helpful information!! Thank you for your insight. Thank you for posting

Beth Atchison
Beth Atchison 2 months ago

I sent my boys on a mission to find out what their teachers favorite candy and drink was. I then put together a teacher movie night survival kit. It has there favorite snacks with some microwave popcorn as well as some codes for them to rent a few redbox movies and have a nice relaxing night in during break. They both seemed to LOVE it!

Pat Baker
Pat Baker 2 months ago

I like to give notepads with coworkers’ names with a nice pen.

Vimbo Vivien
Vimbo Vivien 2 months ago

Also - - other ideas: I got diffusers and essential oils for our team! There are 8 teachers, and you can find cute affordable ones on Amazon :)

Vimbo Vivien
Vimbo Vivien 2 months ago

I preordered "Little Leaders" (it came the other day - LOVE it!!!!) plus I follow Vashti Harrison on instagram :) Such a wonderful, meaningful book!

Mai A
Mai A 2 months ago

I wouldn't mind getting a mountain of chocolates and candy. What I love to get from my kids are handmade cards/gifts.

Brittney Lyn
Brittney Lyn 2 months ago

Thank you this looks great!

peachesandgradebooks 2 months ago

I preordered the Little Leaders book too! I’m waiting for my mom to send me my copy. So excited! Also, gift cards to bookstores!

Kathryn Surathu
Kathryn Surathu 2 months ago

Starbucks/local cafe gift cards are another teacher favorite. Another holiday/winter tea rec: Trader Joe's candy cane tea. It's like vanilla mint decaf green tea. It's so delicious!

If You Give a Teacher a Classroom

Ahh! I've got to have that Little Leaders book!

Kamaren Walthour
Kamaren Walthour 2 months ago

I pre-ordered the little leaders book as well and was in awe the moment I opened it. I definitely plan on purchasing another one as well.

History With Tiffany
History With Tiffany 2 months ago

Those Erin Condren mugs 😍

Michelle Gonzalez Torres

I start student teaching in January. Very nervous!

Queen de la Classroom

Thanks for sharing great gift ideas!

Darin Nakakihara
Darin Nakakihara 2 months ago

Did the girl with THREE planners just say she doesn't like to be "bound by a particular schedule?" Hahaha...oh Mrs. Forbes.

Eternity Sweetheart
Eternity Sweetheart 2 months ago

Great ideas! I found your channel not too long ago and I'm loving it 😍

Chelsye Alyssa
Chelsye Alyssa 2 months ago

Love your videos!!! Thanks for all the great gift ideas 😀💕